If you, find you on the Internet a number of companies and the Cryo-Jet CO2 system, I have to say that House can be seen on Amazon and eBay their consumption patterns, professional templates, with which. Although there are many very good models of the market today by many companies offered. China is many models, in fact, here you will find Chinese models are a cheap imitation, before one Professional, that the Chinese have a good email marketing campaign search and the real RS model. Some are Cryo are jets decoded from a template, which is called a professional Jet produces the look with other vacuum parts made in China, reproduced. They bought, and if you try to copy. They were behind this very similar parts but no design. No unknown reliability to design. When Copia-Gatos-all models of CO2 in the air cause frozen. These models have shoot such defects in certain patterns of China only for DMX 3 seconds at the same time, others have much less cryogenic and other problems with freezing and then not turn it off completely and gas leaks. So it is best you compare the models and test of comparison and don't go with the cheapest. There are many, such as a car smoke consumer Halloween at K-Mart and compare them with a professional model and produce professional concert. There are no American DJ lighting and then Pro high-end lighting. Reliability in patterns take years to discover this reliability. Our models more than 10 years to work. We have special effects programs for pro sports teams and companies, and device should work as expected every time. We recommend only the brands that we use tried and tested in the course of time. I can assure you that Cryo-jets are the professional model designed by engineers test and are labeled and electrical equipment wait for CE (UL) approved postage stamps are the workhorse of the industry. I am for approximately 20 years and Cryo Jet all come and go. We deliver with Cryo jets Disney Parks if you want to call best professional model. 813-689-6269, established that the steps, that I am an end user as a professional special effects artist. . Hanson ProSystems, was how many other companies from foreign manufacturers and unscrupulous attempt with well-known brands and innovative products, to produce illegal versions of spare parts for our products. With Visual and functional properties related search similar to like a bargain price but not of the same quality and performance of our products of Hanson ProSystems Pro System Fx Demo binding.Before you ask these fakes, we evaluate you check the following benefits of buying an authentic product of Hanson ProSystems: original drawing from years of experience, we have feedback from customers and colleagues, such as research and experiments in the field of the different needs of the profession of high-quality components compatible with better functionality, usability, performance, quality of light, Spezialeffekt.Autorisierten dealer network, we have a network of distributors in the continental United States and abroad. These operators are committed to our brand and help your products taste, so can a better decision to purchase.Counterfeit products can be difficult to distinguish from our authentic versions at first glance, however, it is right to identify serial number and stickers with the logo of the quality control and of course the quality of our products just a product warranty Hanson Pro system HPS, certifications FCC.HPS-CO2-JET Jet DMX static. a State of the art Cryo-cryogenic Jet and effect systems with Construidoen in DMX, which are inflamed and appear to look like fire or ice. Cryo color to wash the entire scene. Now with the movement of 180% for the animatronics for CO2-Cryo type jets. In collaboration with the best brands of cryogenic systems without a Toolbox FX Cryo committed field to get the job done. As long as we can. Cryo tents, Cryo-mist and springs are created using tanks of carbon dioxide. Cryo springs are atmospheric effects that the impression of thick white clouds and dense fog. This effect is created by the reaction with moisture in the air by liquid carbon dioxide. The result is a dense, white fog in the vicinity. Cryo Jet CO2 effects are pretty spectacular, but safe. A Jet Blaster kid or Bazooka Cryo can appear so dangerous, but they are actually quite simple vectors. A flow of CO2 Blaster is a self-employed which flows 30 metres more Cryo feet in the air condenses. This is used to the effects of the cloud snapshot, which is often seen in movies or concerts, also can the temperature to lower the release in the crowd. Temperatures can drop in just six seconds. . Smoke/fog dispersed quickly effects feathers of the steam really, the cryogenic technology used, which has the chemical formula for the use of liquid carbon dioxide CO2. These camera systems are the ones, who saw in concerts, sports teams, the scene, to see who broke in a plume of smoke and disappear immediately while and appear in various places around to the Bühne.Kryogene special effects technician can help you, in your lesson you see amazing night schedule event or a Congress. Because we use many as professional brand CO2 dry ice machine systems to make your perfect event. SafePlumes CO2 dry ice is a particle of steam (fake smoke) without special permits. Don't smoke and have no fog. No influence of the smoke detector. An interesting fact about Cryo is not smoke or leave residues. Pancho immediately scattered and can reach up to 40 m. The CO2 of any changing white fog light effect. Œuvres need it areas of high air humidity of 60% or less than 40% moisture, better, unless you are a visible effect. A group of a few hundred creates a good amount of humidity in the room. With external weather with high humidity and a temperature of 72 + excellent results. Sprays liquid nozzle condensed C02 in the atmosphere caused the ambient humidity in fog. Nozzle sprays liquid up into the air, causing moisture in the environment of cold fog condense. Don't smoke and have no fog. No influence of the smoke detector. The Co2 plume works well in places such as the East Coast and States such as Florida. The most popular such as the States of Arizona and Las Vegas, the effect of cryogenic have less influence. In my experience the mile affects high city of Denver radically Cryo-Jet plume for a very small effect, attitude. In fact, in Denver, Colorado Jet CO2-special, so it is not recommended.The manufacturer and the model is better for you.Would the Blaster, called more Co2 emissions and strong special effects of global model crested. Which is the best for shows and when you need to activate or hide a person to bring a large object such as a provision of a CEO on the stage. These can be suspended until best DMX, downwards it relay is.You want the most versatile screen, hide or mount template that a marriage or I need just a little low noise with multicolor LED and Hanson ProSystems light make service by Sigma, global co2, but if want, more DMX Hanson with relay problem, or a gala dinner, DJ unless your best bet. Hanson was the Cryo-Jet and looks and feels different. The perfect 5 times. Second shot, because not sell backpacks sale use or use the package, because the tank with safety CAP decorated his cock and if I find it on the ground and off tank valve can not over 2 1/2 blocks as a reservoir had a turn for a rocket has confirmed this wall 2. No other industry would allow it to move in a factory as a risk or to travel safely to head. Then, if the valve, the gas out of the opening, the resulting in a particularly dangerous situation in the crowd, causing an explosion, but a stream of CO2 than expulsion etc. could fly,.