I wonder if anyone knows if the Rhogam shot will be given with lidocaine. This is my second pregnancy and didn't feel numb legs half just before 2 hours and my hip and my. I remember the last time, but I know that sometimes they mix in lidocaine injections to prevent pain. Anyone know or this experience? Hi all, I am new here. We have discovered that we had hoped that the July 2. Baby number 2 for baby # 1 for my boyfriend and I are '. DD is 6 years old and very happy to be one big sister. We live close to the city of Richmond, Virginia (a small town called Chester) and very happy to learn the connection with other mothers coming out! I have plates wrote in his blog and the message with the DD pregnancy use and enjoyment of the experience, would do it again! Hello! I am a disaster almost 34 weeks with my second, which is a type and my skin. I have severe eczema relapse in all parts of my body, and found it infections by Staphylococcus anywhere. It's really horrible. It had in desoximetasone, but it works very well, so that for the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I would like Clobetasole, which use (local) is a super strong. I am also antibiotics for this week trying to solve the Staphylococcus. I feel very uncomfortable with steroids, but I understand that they're trying to heal, before birth, also will make him a little not full of staphylococci and everything. Well, whatever it is. What, in my opinion, the wonder really that you know something? Improves after the birth. How long does it take? And if anyone here has had a steroid use Clobestasole pregnant? What happens during breastfeeding? Really, really would love to use it is not very long, but I still have anxiety for MRSA in the hospital because of all mine and yes the skin lesion is hard. Thank you for any information you can give me! It has ' for almost two years, I was an active member of this community. It feels like it was yesterday that I have my daughter, but I ' be 2 in December. ' I'm back here, because for fear of pregnancy ' ' my husband last month and decided to attempt # 2. Had inserted me the IUD an RP 10w, which I removed in June. After removal, the awareness-raising method was used for the fertility of the OPK more ' to prevent pregnancy. The ' fear ' because I thought it was ovulation or two days earlier than expected and we lay early in my fertile window. After the birth and weaning my daughter become like clockwork, but I use to track my cycles always an application my cycles. They have a medium 30-31-day gift ' t really know what month last happened, I had a positive OPK ' strong for 36 hours, and can tell you what I found on the Internet, 12 hours after the first positive ovulation occurs. But I think that this n ' t really until closer to the end of this period, ovulation, taking into account the fact that the FA came exactly 31 days. I have this Vascillating two weeks between the hope of waiting a BFP and the prospect of a BFN. I ' I had fever 6-month-old baby, but there are many external factors that have been put on hold. These two weeks have helped put things in perspective and then provare.in in all ways conscious decision. This gift of time ' want to become obsessed with for the TTC. It took 7 cycles to conceive # 1. I know that this is not ' as long, but you know, when again ' in the Middle, feels like an eternity. I n t ' in contact with my cycles because now are (or), but it was letters BBT and followed with OPK CM ' and usually very anxious when it came to waiting for two weeks (and obsessive 10DPO test AF). ' I m hope will not be so long, for the second time, but I don't want to ' my hopes. I think that ' just curious to know what other ' experiences were to conceive # 2. The only track that IRL is a colleague who has been designed, not always by default, Hey it's the first hit of 1 and 2, I know, a bit of me, I'm trying to understand a 38-year-old woman. I had an abortion in December, pregnancy was a surprise, and now we are looking for really. My partner is eight children of a 38-year-old man, is in good health but many beer drinking, cigarette smoking and Topf.Warum I have PCOS, I am a girl of plus size and have my period just because I am on metformin (for the less what my doctor supports), we are looking for a dose low of Seraphim/clomid I have a last menstrual cycleUnfortunately it didn't work, but that was not in the position, give me an infection by yeasts. I think so. I don't have no control no ricotta like discharge and abnormal. But the parts and the Mia was swollen, painful and itchy. One of my friends suggested insert the test stick dip a finger and turn time and check the drain and there was a small download. I went to the Pharmacy and propose, only the outer Canasten relieve me cream, because not so it seems, that it was still there and gave him and I felt better, to use the next day.Fast period of one month and here I am back, sore, slightly swollen and raw with one itch less but has not returned to discharge with the progress of the test strip. Then it receded in the cream, but wonder if tablet, or just use the cream? Or I have to go to my Dr.?I have no Serafini/clomid can increase the risk of Yeasties, but is that possible? I am fertile in the middle of my ups 10 tag and want to I Pregnancy Miracle Tm Free Download have but not sex, will the bad more fun, which is? suggestions anyone? Is it yeast? Is Seraphim/clomid? should I care? Am I going to see my doctor?.On a side note each Serafini/clomid use? If you have and how many rounds did you do it? With the first pregnancy I took a course in 5 to 10 days and was immediately pregnant, but abandoned. I have a different doctor and he made me take 3 to 7 days and I am on my second round (first one did not work). Do days make a difference? * Published in VaginPagina also * community. I had done all my first blood prenatal tests on Thursday and yesterday, the results on the portal are available. My red blood cells, platelets say volume and hematocrit were a little low, but it actually ' m were the results of the branch Leberenzyme.Mein 70 (normal range 15-41) and my old is 141 (range 14-54). I did some research on Google and I found that sometimes occurs in the third quarter and with HELLP or cholestasis. In any case I am mainly looking after ' if someone had this similar results and idea, why? I m ' I do not know if my doctor did as fast as I, because the laboratory in another building. ' Call me, if you ' it is a big problem, but it won t be ' until Monday, I think.ETA: I'm 11w2d ' and this is my second pregnancy. It is regarded as high risk, because I had high blood pressure before pregnancy, among other things. For this reason, my OB had me high risk OB. I had my visit on 29 and I also had my scan Ultrascreen NT and at the same time. At the end of my appointment, said high risk OB I get monthly growth analysis, because they are drugs and want to make sure that your child develop properly. And why there is a family history of heart problems on both sides of the family, the child is an Echo.Fetal Riskieren you between my regular OB and OB alto, basically twice a month. And more than other events that do not have a child.I believe that this type of feeling as two doctors at the beginning of things, is not just in case, that something is wrong, such as the development of pre-eclampsia and will, I am seeing a child each month using ultrasound. The office has huuuuuuge wall to control so I do not see on the small screen too small, is impressive.Genetic analysis, it is also not known what? My appointment card says that my visit to 20 and then visit after fetal echo. If I, Ultrascreen, makes things but I already googled was thus understand what that means.I am almost 15 weeks, so I am almost 17 weeks at my next ultrasound.I have had blood tests to see if they carry something like cystic fibrosis and other diseases, but they are well. And I am AB +. I think it's funny, because my friend O-, that the receiver and the universal donor. I am currently (33w5d) in the Hospital (writing on your mobile is a disgusting) diagnosed with Preeclampsy (edema, bp, and rich in protein in the urine) fortunately laboratory returned more or less clean except for a few tips for stomach flu (was meant until I had cramps in the stomach HELLP and all those things).This is my second pregnancy and previously was completely hassle-free, so I am so on top of my head.So far, the baby is fine and is well developed, but actually afraid to deliver Ceasarean early. would can someone out there with a similar history offer some happy thoughts?(Excuse the potential errors. I am a German English is not their mother tongue, and lanzo ;-)) written about headache. I started June 2008 and before the 5 weeks of pregnancy, to escape this time, 40 was my HGC levels and two days later, when they were tested again, were at 10:00. I was told that he would do things that naturally progresses and I not ' that needs a further check, I stopped bleeding five days later. A week later, I have a pregnancy in full daylight, only test if he would come back with anything and is negative. 22 have had sexual intercourse with my partner and first thing this morning, I took a pregnancy test and it was negative the day taken only two pregnancy test positive.Now to my question. It is likely to be ' m positive result in a test of pregnancy 10 days after sexual intercourse, because I m pregnant or ' abortion is on the left side of the hormones in my system? I find it ' useful information online and my Dr ' me I up to seventh. What I puzzles, is the proof that I recognize only 25 and my HGC levels were the last 10 I tried it, but I think that it could be concentrated, only with the morning urine? Thanks in advance for any light can activate this gentleman.(Cross posted at VaginaPagina). I am currently ' 40 + 4 patient VBA2C with # 3. I m ' practical Sclerando at this time. I had my first NST, which was very good today. Be ' only comfortable there. My induction (found that Foley) is scheduled for the afternoon of the 9th and 10th of April I will be 41 + 5/6. While I am very happy / ' thankful, always I have suppliers that are willing to let me go, as this gives me the best opportunity for spontaneous, more coup attracts, the more afraid of ' m. not to learn, and that your first choice is the Foley catheter. I know that it should be ' rated discussion and as this is the best doctor AVAC + in all State of Texas, but still. Ehhh. I was induced with my first and it was so traumatic (after 40 weeks exactly), that induction is the fear that induce for me in the first place, much less a method, ' they are not very familiar with Mr. Lea on this subject, but I wanted to light in a totally natural way (with the first, which involved the doctor innecesariamentelograrian.) Expanded to 10 with any medication). I m also ' worries me, yet the section and lack of induction. Don ' t ' I think I can do it, not with a period of 2 years climbing like a monkey at this stage of pregnancy. Is not ' is a painful hole in my body! Don ' t not ' what ' looking for here. US ' trying to View all. There is nothing. ' I m 0