The Mozilla Firefox browser contains a block that prevents websites to open new Windows without your permission. With the lock activated. Pop-up blocker, built-in Web browser, for protection while browsing the Internet, avoiding the dangerous Web pop-up or harmful. Pop-up Windows can be annoying if you surf the Internet, which are negative content and advertisements on the road, what you really want to see. In addition, pop-up Windows, but uses sites to open new content, without the original page. Mac browsers have pop-up Blocker which contents happen to keep pop-ups. This option can be enabled and disabled is enabled or disabled. Mac Computer doesn't come with antivirus software or pop-up blocker embedded Web, but there are dozens of third-party programs. Safari is used on a Mac in most popular browsers, but there is that you can use other browsers. Every browser has preferences that can be Pop Up Blocker Disable On Mac set to block pop-ups. The position of the pop-up Blocker settings varies depending on the browser and browser version. Below find a link (use discretion) that will help you determine if you have a pop-up blocker installed or enabled the pop-up. Once you open the link pop up to 10 Windows. If you don't have something to block pop-ups or a potential problem with Java. Check the Windows taskbar for security programs, that has a pop-up Blocker such as ZoneAlarm, Norton Internet security and McAfee Security Suite. Icons for these programs are usually in the lower right corner of the screen next to the clock (see below). Try double-clicking the icon for the program to the top of a window, in which you can change the configuration of the software. See the software documentation to find the pop-up Blocker. You can pop up or enable spam blocking by inserting a check mark in the appropriate box. To disable all functions, remove the checkmark in the field. ,,.