The use of force is an integral part of a ' work of the police, especially if the detention of suspected criminals. a dispute, which the police should protect you and other threats, but what is often called in question is a ' assessment of the threat of the agent and the level of force selected to counteract the. As a general rule, the strength of grade must be adapted to the nature of the threat, which led to their use. : Includes at this level, the use of violence occur, sealed or recording as a brachial stun technique or other motors strikes at key moments, which has a moderate injury.FourPepper jet plane, batons, Tasers. If the suspect is violent or threatening measures extreme, but no mortal should serve to put the suspects under control or affect an arrest. Before moving to this level, that is, assume that the physical measures less tested and found inadequate. Pepper spray causes significant tears to the eyes, like a palsy temporary of the larynx, which means patients, to lose respiratory. Contact with the side of the door the combustion of solid fuels. Pepper, thought in popularity over the years effectively so that the police lost intoxicated by its inefficiency, particularly in people. The typical light is a round stick of variable length and consists of wood, aluminium or plastic / composite materials. A stroke can freeze, so officers do not affect an arrest, a combative person with a stick. Impact weapon commonly, which are today part of the PR-24 and the folding of the police staff. In my opinion, the most effective is the options available in this level of the Taser. The spark of an electric shock high-voltage Taser at very low intensity (50 000 volts). The darts of fire two Taser in the toddler, was related to a suspect at a distance without contact. These devices are easy to carry. They are easy and affordable. Training is not necessary and can be effective in persons under the influence of PCP and other drugs that do not respond to stimuli. It is particularly useful to control violent behaviour are not criminals, such as persons with mental disabilities or under the influence of psychotropic substances.Level five lethal. It is a measure of the force, the police of many resource of continuity of the policy of force and the latest procedures, acceptable and effective were added. They have developed lethal weapons for the police, military and corrections offer an alternative to lethal force. Do you want temporarily disabled, confuse, delay or prevent an opponent in a variety of situations. The riots, prison disturbances and rescues of hostages have been used. Lethal weapons are valuable: lethal force is not appropriate. Lethal force is justified and available backup power, but can be less subject to the attacker. Lethal force is justified, but their use can be side effects, such as causing fatal injuries or viewers of the property and the environment. Six actual murderers. If you have reasonable grounds to believe that it is a threat of peace suspicious death or serious injury to the officer or others justify the use of deadly force. (see, a statement from Pat a weakness that will fly the selection process). See the interviewer, knows what is good and bad ' ' and we constantly strive to improve ourselves, to develop and take advantage of all that you do. > What the best person for this job? This is the ' you want to be a police ' application - and the opportunity to make your case for you the best candidate ' ll find. To prepare for this issue should begin by identifying, if you decided to police work is your dream, and what created this desire. Your first sentence should define this dream, when it happened and why. I always wanted to be a police officer my father and his father were officers and I ' View would enter its traces. No matter what their reasons to the solid rock in the mind and heart, so if you begin your response your passion for the clear choice. A from there, as demonstrated by the interviewer ' that I should prepare myself for an officer. This month of may related events processes - education, employment, security volunteers, works with a police service - or find some work items that are related through the observation of work specific police and how confirmed its interest in these articles, making your choice of a career in compliance with the law. The latter can be something to think about, but it is worth. Would you like to convince the interviewer that a career as an official objective of the police, we are committed at all levels of their faith. Prepare objectives: identify the ' ' if the decision to be a leader. The things that say that this work of decision, to identify the life experiences, mentoring, etc., continue your request and create the journey in 2-3 sentences. Identify the skills that show as a candidate: computing, CPR and first aid, training and mastery of a second language. Roll everything in a single paragraph, briefly this briefly. Faith, what you say. The sincere belief will make a huge impression after your response with the interviewer. > What can you say about this position? This is where your research the position and the Department will make a difference. The answer seems obviously given, introduces the rattle of the location of the qualifications. But if it does, will lose ' a good opportunity, the interviewer with his determination, knows how to impress all the picture. Send your search for information on the situation and the Department to discover. Stress that you wanted to know about the community this position would be, therefore, expanded research on the Web site of the city, a visit to City Hall, etc., if you ' a resident of the area used this fact to show that you are connected to your personal history with the community and serve as official would be honourable. Preparation: Objectives of research, the position, the Department and the community. The level of interaction with the community and create a set of describing to believe that this interaction. You understand the philosophy of ' departments, including in its response of the police.? Show the interviewer that you were enough motivation for the post and the Research Department - and demonstrate that their appreciation of both. You will be asked many more questions, but should be confident, capable, intelligent responses if the investigation, to study and prepare. Oral jury ' police ' issues and trial or situational, the police is a necessary evil, we must do it by selecting the oral consideration of the Council. Once more the preparation is the key to success, but they also have a lot of common sense to give an answer. The departments that represent and interviewer are looking for candidates who think on their feet, well developed decision-making formulas and genuine enthusiasm for the police. Situational questions allow a candidate all these elements li shows how someone prepares for a police career. > Ticket or no ticket? Location: Discretion is reserved for members of the police for the observation of the offences or a warning. Give me some examples where a warning would be appropriate and why. A person who suffers from a health problem, which makes it difficult for them to lose control of his vehicle, or in your vehicle. The person knows the immediate pain or confusion due to health problems and is able to adequately respond to the signs of fire or traffic regulations. A person from another State can protect not left because of the unknown with the clock in the region or even transformed into a one-way street with traffic (but there is no one to prove the fact of traveling in the wrong direction). The person can be lost, travel under stress / tired or trying to, signs, instead of watching the results closely. Department of politics of tolerance of acceleration, has no previous injury and admits, distracted by something only happened as a water leak in your home for lunch or received tragic to find news, etc., the person working under his usual time for a reason. Instead of a citation, a verbal warning is further voluntary compliance with the law. the determining factor is common sense and the capacity of the crime, given the circumstances. Your answer may seem, according to the circumstances, knowing the need of mankind in the process of decision making and the community of the opportunities for service with compassion. Domestic errors > location: response to a report on the noise and the sounds of the fight against the coming of a House with another agent. The two officers are equipped with shipping and approaching the House of check-in. What is the next action? Look, listen and assess the scene. Approach brings home, waiting for more signs of a disease. Go next door (behind closed doors, the dismissed officers). Cut, was identified as a policeman and say that the door will be opened. When the sounds of a battle, cries, breaks windows, screaming - felt that a burglary may be necessary to prevent accidents. If you answer the door, if anyone is injured and medical call reinforcements if necessary. The elements to determine the State of mind of each one and search for weapons. The beginning of the call to the nature of the work the case determine the level of threat, etc. and when the situation can be resolved, or if an arrest, must be to keep the peace. Internal struggles are called extremely unpredictable and often dangerous. Weapons are often involved and parts of one or both, mentally upset, drunk or high – and still very emotional. Neighbors can generate another dangerous element in the mix. Once more in these response actions dictated by common sense. Avoid a train wreck: stop, look, listen, then take your and the security of all parties to take into account before acting. > Light, siren, faster than a ball flying situation: there is a need of a police officer, as an emergency vehicle light and siren and speeding. What kind of situation is this disaster? Need official aid called radio theft armed in course/pista-accidente with several deaths or serious injury, tested, means a life-threatening situation, and common sense says a speeder to stop or drunk drivers of emergency response, beyond that of the media light, siren and speed. > deadly violence >: resistance to the arrest, an offender of traffic at the desired stop agent wants with a knife. Is the use of deadly force justified? Yes, deadly violence against agent uses the suspects. Common sense says that the threat of a ' priority of official life is the original step that started the police response. Common sense will dictate more policemen, the threat of deadly force official to be official security safe and sufficient control over a situation. All the ', otherwise ' questions serve as adequate proof of police procedure, taking into account the fact that a candidate has this knowledge is not possible. On the other hand, you want to show the possibility of events in relation to common sense to act with reason and not go into panic or excitement of the trigger of the decision to allow the interviewer. Use your good advantage career experience. Remember how the agent responds to different situations and what precautions were taken to ensure the safety of all involved. Shipyard look to see the Police Oral Board Weaknesses problem, make sure that you understand all the elements involved and the interviewer asks you of course. Listen to me. Don't you think that you know what you are prompted and the sunset at the point before the question is completed. You might want to repeat the question in his response: I think that face deadly resistance to respond with deadly force force was justified or I think that situations that justify an officer responds as a rescue lights and sirens and speeding. This simple tactic reinforces a question in your mind and to demonstrate to the interviewer who was listening. Prepare the si Council oral segment: take a tour with an agent of the comments, questions and discussion watch. Departmental policy, study, as much as possible, therefore, that their answers match more political agenda agenda. A formula, the development of the strategy process - like to call it - as a way to constantly serve to prioritise the measures. Learn how to identify the first action of common sense in all situations. Formula to classify the practice with everyday situations, until it becomes to assess its approach to second nature, events. ' Are nervous. You will be ' Err. But if you show that common sense is a concern for coherence, the concerns of security, making formula and a genuine enthusiasm for the work of the police - ' at the head of the peloton apart. . Or does not respond no and one person dead. For this reason, one of the most important tools that may lead to any oral advice is a deep understanding of the continuity of the violence. Open or close the door on his career in law enforcement. Having said that, we reviewed the continuum of force to do so.Do not forget that the strength in your response is determined by the situation. Police allow continuous, a range of energy alternatives, the level of force feedback in a given situation. The continuous force is divided into six main levels. Each level is flexible as the need for changes, how the situation has evolved. It is common that the level of force to level two, three, and in a few seconds, avoid stress and is the review. 100% guaranteed! » oral preparation of Board of Directors of the police organized a more oral boards of three to five people before Poker feel and professional human resources composed by members of the police (the police, the officers, detective agents), the municipal administration. What follows is a radical change, which will change your life. Change recovered at the top of the list, wants to hit permission and the fast-track law career. First step in their preparation is to learn as much as possible about the Department and the city. From the website of the city. Get an idea of the ministries of the community, news and events, events and cities. A copy of the annual report of the city. The annual report is full of information that you want to include in the budget of the statistics of the police in crime, calls for service, arrests, etc., read more information that most of its police officers receive a few pages. Then, you can visit the website of the police. The site of the police, followed by the police for an easier Google or Yahoo! Search by entering the name of the city. Analysis of Web site. Climbing in the recesses of the Mission of the Department of development of ' police chief ', community vision of the political police, research, implementation of traffic patrol office, Centre of shipping crime analysis and filter traffic for security, to name a few. Discuss with members of the Department. Choose your brain. What the ' one day, and turn and typical cemetery? What types of calls to respond, always more often? Is a mainly residential area the city? There are many companies, or a combination of both? How many ' ' hot spot such as 7-11 ' the s, banks and schools.? What is the diversity of the Department? Some even know these things, I give points of reference to answer oral questions Council. Do a ride along. Many police departments allow civilian pilots. Careful with what you say approved alongs to your round, a candidate of the police. Although I personally never mind of a civil patrol pilot (she ' still a pain) have police candidates drivers appreciate. You ask her if you often get an OTF, teacher is, many pertinent questions. Departments often limit the amount of time that a civilian can drive, so that you can enjoy. continue as much as possible. When it comes to say, ask questions, make sure that the officials look, listen to the radio and it is responding to calls. Respect the priority of the issues that his office. There are breaks, if the employee only if drive - ' your questions to break the silence and often welcome. All that it can be learned. It is his first long trip of them real can open the eyes, according to the load call. At the end of your watch to the agent for your time and your questions to answer. If you create a relationship with the actor, you now have a friend in the Department. He or she may also be a good word to get together. But now you can not only that, the long journey to the Board of administration by the oral route. For example, if you have problems such as how to prepare for this position?, we can something (in collaboration with other examples), I have five hours on Friday with Evans in the tour. We responded to several calls, including a pre-emptive strike of sex and a bar to fight an actual flight, a breakdown of the vehicle.Not only the members of the Council are enough know about the statement of the Ministry ensures a long journey, but ' ll extra points with them. Points that could make the difference» Board oral police :-) Questionsthere ' no crystal ball is saying that ' will be getting questions during your conversation, but many are classics, ' an opportunity up to 95% of the Group - and with a solid preparation, which can each quick thought As.Une: run don't forget an agent? When is connected with him or her, thought to ask, your interview? Agent probably gives you some ideas about the interview and what you can expect good candidates Department. Staff. nothing beats this type of information what kind of questions are classic ' '? ' I'm happy questions: say > itself.East ' is not a problem at all - this is the second ' ' first impression. If you haven't done so well with the meeting of entrance at the opening of the talks, this is your chance, this store instead of the nail. And if ' t port provides a solid response, ' be a fight long and hard for the rest of the Interviews.Um that make clear the interviewer does not know their colors, music or your favorite food groups. The interviewer wants to know is who wants to be the police. The professional response should show Sie.Die, has attributes, see the work of the police: his intelligence, his enthusiasm trust and commitment to the goals, strength and Zuverlassigkeit.halten and studies that your short answer (90-120 seconds), precisely defined (inventory and forward) and easy to follow (so say feeling and).The objectives of the preparation: create forces to identify and encapsulated descriptions of them.Identify the two things that you do well and how relate to its broad base of knowledge that applies to the work of the police directly in the work of Polizei.Identifizieren. 2-3 projects, identify exemplary commitment with determination in the face of adversity and flexible attitude.Details targets of a lot of work that well thought out response will come naturally to you and you, as it has relaxed, preparations.In this case or any questions, try to answer essentially right - followed up with specifications that are in support of their claims of their resistance, like the first time, because the forces are related to the position and the service. They do not offer any negative information independently, or in the answers. as you can see the > future, say, 5 years?(O: where you see your career in the next 5 years?)To indicate that you have a life project, which extends from your interview, you need to answer this question, that no doubt their commitment to their new leaves have aspired to the profession and the Department, which announced the official launch.The answer must be concise and continues his predictions for professional growth through the search intensifies responsibility and success in this extension of the obligations that happened to fight. It is anticipate the future as a place more accountability responsibility and implementation implementation of the objectives Erwartungen.Vorbereitung: identify the Department is planning needs and adjust your answer about his future with realism reflect advertising opportunities. Note that ' ' lateral movements within a Department can also be considered as the initiative on the diversity of learning skills.Be honest, respect for the profession and Don ' the potential of light or desire, a round, from the police to be highly qualified. > What you feel are the greatest strengths?This question, or a very close, are without a doubt you asked in the interview and their second chance is the first question, the impression of driving - if it was positive. If you thought that not ' t do well, so this question is your response your opportunity for a Waffenstillstand.Wenn will consolidate all first second I thought it was brilliant, and I would like that this opportunity to house its best attribute set around what you do ' s in the heart of can trust them. Draw a direct line between the best, the position and the Department, focusing on the benefits that will take you to the best two. This is not the time that boast or forum time, but rather a moment, an opportunity the presentation of exemplary character and reaffirm your qualifying relative.To prepare: choose 2 items that are inherent in the best skills your police work.Choose the best, create statements, to make things better their resources and bind the Department for reasons that the Association benefits and demonstrate their qualifications for the position link.Use the formula of presentation information once more: data from fixed media clearly give the force that unites its police staff. Good and you ' at the base of the third towards the House and an excellent result. > What you feel are your biggest weaknesses?It is usually good to ask the most difficult of all the candidates. Try this bad and negative fill who knew that lagoons interviewers there was no.Firstly, this is not in ' if the nail biting or ' of ' is one of hundreds of foods, which is bad for the health. This is not the weakness of the two '. To this question strongly to handle, as if it is your heritage. What features or attributes that you have, that you feel are not t ' realized the positive potential? What could be in contradiction with a smooth operation of it or of its behavior in the past?These are the simple things. Look for don ' t ' for all ' ' problems. Looking for oddities of personality, leading shares, it could affect the work of the police. An example would be that they tend to be impatient. This could mean that sometimes the boss, don t give ' situations and people full time to develop, or quickly to make assessments, which then requires adjustment, if additional information is available. Impatience is a simple negative and a little down, but in this case, it is valid, honest weakness can be inserted in its response and doesn't hurt. He is simply saying that you feel impatient, sometimes with people who seem to have strong values and commitments, by supporting their actions and situations that can cause. Not respond but immediately in strong words as the conscience ' ' weakness leads to other people and events to change you. Examples of changes that should be ' that you've learned to his critics, not directly, but one constructive critique of the other give your idea and not you see your feelings. You may notice that you have new ' stronger in us as well as all over the world and the use of tolerance as a balance in his life worked. Your answer should indicate that you know your ' ' ' weakness and ' View of special efforts to improve and make a balanced and productive person. Don't apologize for your particular weakness. Not too much to explain or insist on this. State efforts, demonstrate their improvement if it is possible to add a provisional statement (i.e., impatient/demanding standard = high) and close the response with the safe body language. Sometimes, the simplest is to discover, you think that a weakness that you use for comments from his family when he was a child. You were stubborn ' ' (stubborn) a? It could ' to find when it was attached to the head not ' (dirty) t. Or you had your head in the clouds (imaginary)? These are all internal personality, characteristics, and how to see the world, see and be represented by impatience in the previous example. Prepare objectives: identify a ' movement ' you believe in weakness and may present with conviction. Write your response indicating your definite weakness and transitions of their improvement efforts. You have this implementation of flows naturally, as if you and weakness are old friends and ' control ' is a proven process - for you a second nature. Positive extensions of their weakness, are directly related to the work of the police to identify. This question, must, like everything else, put on the neck and the flat square according to the particular circumstances. Do not hesitate, his reaction. Do not avoid the problem. It is not yet a self-critical comment or declare that they have weakness for ' humor '-will be considered only as camouflage. And the most important thing. Presence of the OneOfficer level. The mere presence of a police officer in uniform or a marked police unit often enough, a crime in progress or avoid this judgment of the majority of the climbing situations. Without saying a Word, the mere presence of a police officer can crimes through the use of the language of the body and gestures to deter. This gesture must be at the level of professional and non-threatening.This force is still the best way to correct any situation and if possible. TwoVerbal level controls. The use of the voice that usually the desired effect can be used in combination with a visible presence. If stop you, do not move., educate a person!, listen to me, lets see your identification, or is under arrest. Voice commands will resolve the situation almost always together with their mere presence. The content of the message is as important as the behavior. It is always best to start slowly but with firmness and not threatening. The choice of words and the intensity can be increased if necessary, or use commands overview in serious situations. You can avoid the combination of words in combination with the presence of an agent for defusing a tense situation and the need for a physical examination. Training and experience improved ability to communicate effectively with all that he or she comes into contact with an agent from police.Commande of ThreeEmpty at the level of the hands. Certain situations where only not reduce aggression and words. It is the time of police officers participate physically. It is a measure of control by police officers without the aid of weapons or equipment offerings. It has two subcategories hand called, empties the soft and hard techniques with empty hands. In fact it has two elements of the oral Board police. The first part examines your personality and why doing a good COP. The second part of the oral Board involves the type of scenario questions to test your judgment and problem-solving. Here is an oral opinion could provide typical question: an agent of the aid application in a family dispute that lose control. When you get home, you will see the official applicant's argument for a male subject on the ground. The issue is at the top of the agent trying to hit him in the face. What and why? Why do not you know that the continuum of force is essential if you want to properly answer this question. Each question in this type of situation translates your knowledge about the continuum of force. It depends on the possibility of a governing body by mouth with a passing grade. Oral Board members want to know what procedure will take you in a given situation: how the mind - you won t ' about reacting. ,,.