Police training is key! You can form on the right side and give it a try. Don't be one of those guys, wasting his chance because they prepare! You know that the interviewer see how to enter the room for your interview, or your real interview might be what you're saying, before or after the interview? -To become a police force and the applicable law a matter of preparation is now in law. The main thing is that you have to know what you're studying. Police oral boards are one of the most nerve of computational things, that a person is a crime, when the police Council, especially the oral Board police nominations for the Office of the police, spends many directly linked to oral tests, I decided to write a few articles. The hope is that the candidates and police give students some advice and tips on the subject. Also I am going to try some of the questions and issues to ensure that they should prepare themselves. However, before you proceed, we talked about some of the extreme bases that should never be forgotten. This ironically excluded candidates before behind the mistake that even her mouth open (and I speak from personal knowledge).First at all times when interacting with the police service, don't forget to wear a business suit. I note also smaller things as easy for recruiters, please fill in the information in the file of the application, etc., I know that this may sound a bit extreme for some tasks, but believe me, proof and really shows that there are severe. Memory, track suit pants and taking a t-shirt for sale., I couldn't believe that a man, that I think about it, this guy is really expect that he sets?For the interview in a suit, also an option not to use one for the life of me I don't know why always, police candidates who understand the area see the interview with a t-shirt and a pair of trousers to enter. the suicide of my mind after just because the interviewer has already formed an opinion about his attitude. Wearing a suit. Do not wear jeans pants, Khaki, etc, a joint police costume oral failed is bad news. They say that the interviewer of the police, who did not work in earnest. I think you are the Punkt. Seien just in time. I Police Oral Board Weakness Question can only imagine what would suggest a police recruiter if you came late. In fact, your apology would be irrelevant. To avoid this, remembers exactly where your police oral for eighth. If you are not familiar, crosses the area so at least once before your interview. It is extremely important. Summaries are Basic, please note that the oral cover police make or break in the processing of your application. It is absolutely essential that you prepare and understand how important it is to attack it doesn't really all this work to be done and something stupid. However, the practice and the questions you are prompted passons. Commencer, oral boards police learn what questions you should expect everything, answering them in accordance with the practice. I know it's crazy, but actually speak aloud in the shower, in my car, and everywhere was alone, as if you were really I interviewed. Ask what you want to be a COP? for example and answer aloud. How many times should I stop (in talk to me, hehe), was really surprised, because I didn't know what to say.? If you can't answer simple questions, as will respond to a panel of researchers? This helped me because it forced me to answer think, I didn't know how to respond (if necessary). Why would a police officer? Is that good, why would I want in car chases, shootouts, etc?It's probably not the best formula for your oral Board police officers, but the fact is that I didn't know how to answer this fundamental question how fast safely be placed. some of the questions that is almost certain, in an oral interview of the police are: * why should you be police? * If you saw his training officer, to steal something, what would you do? * If your uncle is no longer for the drive for deteriorated, what would you like? * Write that her mother would have fined for driving too fast? These are difficult questions that are really why do you think I am, better not to respond to the letter of the law, the truth. and there's the rub; Well, honestly it's not ,. and now what?Believe it or not, the police, investigators feel the truth will (usually) and wanted to know how and why you think it is for example (and this is the truth) when I asked, I told them if I wanted to write to my mother a fine for driving too fast, wouldn't. Certainly got me started in terms of drilling so its OK if you accelerate your family? I said no, it's not, but I certainly don't write, my mother a ticket. CependantJe would like to say to my mother to step more speed and explain which puts me in a bad position. In addition, this issue is not about if you have to write to your mother a ticket. his honesty, loyalty and the reasoning in the Department and his family. and, frankly, its designed to see if they are lying. Anyone think that if you tell them that your mother writes you a ticket.? In fact, a type of my Academy has told the interviewer that he wrote to his mother and has never been. Was that the reason? I can't be sure, but I don't know if he responds to this question already, probably reacted to other similar problems and was not true. Remember that if you take your police oral Board, be honest and explain their answers. -Convenient online Police study guide reviews are the new thing, at least when it comes to your oral boards and exams. His critics, have good training when you try the other 500 people in an oral Board without any practice or preparation of the police hit a bad election comfortably. ,,.