You can choose between free or pergola plans to buy. Get free maps of the Internet and actually find a wide variety of models, including covered pergola plans. Find multiple images with different styles really good with the plans of the tree, you have in mind. The best thing is that you can choose your own design, materials you want, color, style, etc, everything is just friends. Payment plans or the pergola acquired once for professionals creating a design that can last with special attention to detail. It may take more time, because it gives his consent, and if something has changed, you want to do it again. It is only what you want, your pergola plans. You can own pergola plans, as you can see, or that the professionals do the work you want to design. The budget, which, to know what you really want and what you would do better to look at. So start decorating your home and begins at home with the pergola plans and have done for many people even more to the cult. If you add something companies want to beautify your home, a pergola is an interesting idea that should be considered. It would be much more, like if you can build it and then allows you to save a lot of money, they did others. Also require that there is not much time has been made, because you need only one or two weeks. But, before you continue your pergola plans, here are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing you need for your pergola plans to do is to obtain information on deliveries, as well as zoning in your area. You have this information by your building Department. You can this way, saving time and money, when it is time to look for their provisions and shall pay the additional costs that may arise if you follow the rules of your neighborhood. The next piece of information Pergola Plans Deck which stands for your depth pergola plans should know the Poles in the ground. This is really roads and places have different terrains. But generally. long in the floor 25 messages must be excavated. To make sure necessary depth to your position and plans of the pergola, this Department of the local Assembly with the acquisition of information, can you same questions, you can mount of building regulations. When you select the type of wood for the construction of the pergola that you think, sure that he and ground contact pressure. This special type of wood is treated with chemicals to make it strong against termites and decomposition. You can choose your home wood and the meaning of the plant what you want for your pergola, which is suitable for the style, how they are treated. A good choice is the Cedar, which can last for a very long time save money. Can an alternative less costly is pine and easily customized for a color that you how to reach and very easy to cut. For those of you already built a patio, or perhaps a solid even ground by applying your pergola plans. One option is direct to the cement and posts on the ground. Another option, which could do with concrete is clean drill a hole and put a metal mounting pole. On the other hand, you have created, you could get temporarily you plates of Pierre's messages on the soil and killing make Basoli. When it comes to covered pergola plans, you must know how must be the beams and joists. For pergolas, bar more than 12 ', 2 x 10 wood is recommended, even if in reality 2 x 8 for work. Then, you install the joists of the longitudinal axis of the pergola. Four full bars are needed, they are on each side of the posts. How should the beam must be at least 12 behind the bar and 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 wood. Consider, then arranged on beams with spacings from 16 to 24,,.