What happens when the phone is locked. I forgot my password and can't unlock. When I went to put me to the test safe for ever. But I have a 710 and Lumia always when I put the battery (seconds), rotate and push the button and the volume button does nothing! Ok, maybe I don't really know what HTC, but these instructions on your page, can be used with my Lumia 710? And if not, please tell me how to unlock my 710 also iff, h. d. factory settings! If you have forgotten your unlock code, you have to restart the phone. This is the purpose of the code, to protect your phone. Use a code or do not keep this code in a database password software even better. Reset varies in steps of a phone with a combination of mobile phone manufacturer and model. If these steps do not work, if I see that phone instructions (there is usually one of the last in the table of contents) or contact the manufacturer.Sincerely, J s when I turn on my phone, it asks me for a password. I forgot, so my phone idle ' t leave me another thing to make emergency calls. All I can do is reboot. There is no way to bypass the password, which is the idea behind password protection. Here's how to reset most Windows Mobile phones HTC: disabling the phone do. Because the phone is not responding or freezes, remove the battery and replace it after a few seconds again. Phone HTC droid Eris has block to force a password to access the system. This safety feature protects your data from your phone and if you've forgotten your password, you'll need the phone to restore access. The HTC droid factory reset utility Restores your phone quickly built the original state. Perform a fast repair droid phone may be necessary, if the screen does not respond. Is the Motorola droid phone. Made with hardware HTC smart password repatriation procedure very easy Sapkota lang POH Ang MGA Larawan as.HTC smart F3188. :( I ’ do the hard reset., I already removed the battery and it rolled down Preesed + Send key for 10 seconds, but did not take anything, not even in safe mode.,:, and.