Put on a temporary basis in my Office for port forwarding/experience. Everything went well. Aside, and he came to start the implementation of the cameras in the correct position. I went to admin on DVR, and seemed to have forgotten the password. First of all, I tried to remove the battery of the coin in the thought of a PC, to decimate the default configuration. interesting, reset DID until 2008. But still, he can not enter. Leave it for hours, still no luck. MonoPrice said 020818 is root password, but it has not working (from the recorder to a VGA monitor connected) or the Web interface. Looking on the Internet, I found out the applications, a temporary password, the date and the clock to create some digital video recorders. Tried it and it still does not work. The book says that it runs embedded Linux. Advice to your inbox immediately access on? Is how attempts to take the password then the case closed and for how long? I Telnet to the IP address of the box and you didn't want a no connection to the message port 23 (interesting-I have a static IP address, and that was only once look and reset a 2008) are also without the stack of the pieces, keep the clock Setup, IP, etc, where I find the paperclip reset the hole?Trying to recommend anything, not even I reset the factory settings. Could you tell me which was pressed upwards with energy and power? I hope t ' Accordingly all models but if Don ' instructions work Sugeririas. I the tour and the reset button ' work, but don t love ' I main manufacturer password XXXXX, wait 20 minutes, but it was worth the wait. Now, it's all good. Thank you very much for the possible practice evil, not ' t to the end. This is probably the last time as I help from your Web site to ask. ,,.