Is that occasionally you insects in cauliflower and broccoli, which are already on the market. But if you find something, heads cut to remove the leaves and parts of Woody. Enjoy water and salt after being cut into pieces for 30 minutes in a solution. I use 4 teaspoons of salt per litre of water. Enjoy and keep broccoli or cauliflower under water permanently. Insects will float to the top. Drain, rinse and proceed as follows.Closed BroccoliSelect and tender young stems with compact heads. Remove the leaves and Woody parts. Separate counts in the sections of practical format. Treatment against insects, if necessary. Nor the flowers of 1.5 cm in diameter are divided in the longitudinal direction. Cook broccoli, blanched water or steam. Boil water for 3 minutes; Start the time water burns as soon as the water back to a boil. Broccoli can be steamed in steamer with good results. Bleaching of steam, use a container with a tight fitting lid and a basket of food at least three inches above the bottom of the pan. One or two inches of water in the pot of moulding and water, bring to a boil. Place the broccoli in the trash in a simple layer of steam quickly on all parts is supplied. Cover the pot and keep in the heat. The number of steaming time starts when the onus is on the upper part. Cool broccoli blanched quickly in cold water. Change the water and absorbs heat from the broccoli. It will take time for the fresh broccoli to whiten. Dry completely before the Pack. They can be placed in plastic or the plastic bags and freezer containers. Only the quantity that will be used both in the same bag as moisture causes freezing broccoli together as a package. You can avoid this problem unique gel or flowers of Spears on a platter and packaging the broccoli and then frozen. Free space on the disk is not necessary. Remove as much air as possible from the package seal and freeze. The name CauliflowerThe means cabbage cauliflower flower - an indication that is a member of the family. The most common type of cauliflower is white. In recent years was developed by green cauliflower Broccoli Cauliflower. Although either in the form of a white cauliflower contains chlorophyll like broccoli.Select the leaves of cauliflower with compact and creamy white curd with a color bright green, crisp and firmly connected. A few small leaves, which act through the curdled milk are not quality of.To freeze the cauliflower, cut 3 minutes in the water, which contains 4 teaspoons of salt per litre of water into 1 inch pieces and Blanch in water. Fast, cool and drain. Excess water, which provides, in the Cauliflower will keep cell walls break down. Pack in freezer or containers in plastic bags. Free space on the disk is not necessary. Before packing, drained cauliflower in a single layer on trays placed and frozen. Do not freeze the cauliflower in a single mass, if fixed parts are before putting in a bag.Canning OptionsThere are scientific methods for the preservation of the broccoli or cauliflower as Plains homologated vehicles. Because both are low pressure of acidic foods must be maintained. Temperature highest canning pressure that would cause the product softening a measure which is not acceptable. Broccoli and cauliflower; Not like marine cauliflower pieces adjustable.Cauliflower and marine cauliflower add vinegar increases the acidity of the product, it is certainly in a bath of boiling if possible. Vinegar also reaffirms the cauliflower. Find a marine cauliflower recipe. You can control this recipe heat added by adjusting the amount of pepper. This recipe is suitable for the production of small Brussels sprouts. ,,.