It is dairy products can be taken or not, this mini snacks are good me one of the best I've ever had in fact. I was skeptical, safety test, which had a funky taste either. But I hurt elsewhere. These chips are made of a delicious semi-sweet chocolate perfectly, children and adults of Liebe Ich (at least in my family) that are (not to mention allergens) mini-chips, because nobody is other dairy free mini-rastello, available on the market. Makes the bag last much longer too. Does not say why, but also in regular use in recipes that this larger bag bite us two times while the TJ (and the bag contains more than 2 ounces). So, for me, is the difference in cost. Thanks to all my readers for my blog Facebook site to give a little love! There are only 200 “ as ” today. I'm doing my recipes on my site if it ’ bis new s and give something also updated through my week of kitchen. If you ’ like my recipes by email to …. Thanks to the experience of the CPC that followers of the price they gave me! I had never heard of the price, but after reading this story, feel HonorĂ©, get! The ’ is always good to hear positive comments in my recipes and I know people hear …. The new site is online! I moved to my view ’ hosting because you should not use the “ WordPress ” on the left. I hope that gives you some of the latest news and recipes! And if you do ’ t already, of course, sign up for the live broadcast via e-mail!, etc.