Sometimes recipes cooking Don ' t must be difficult or complicated to put great flavor punch and the new variety to their regular menu. Recipe of the week ' assessment out. That came in my mailbox. This book is full of information about the adoption of a Protocol and paleo recipes autoimmune jam. I was happy to find some recipes to control. . with a selection of delicious and nutritious leads. In addition, this book is the grain with inventive recipes and call is completely free!In this book, there are more than 200 delicious recipes, paleo followed auto immune Protocol (AIP). This means that no nuts, seeds, eggs, cereals, vegetables and spices, dairy products, vegetables, Solanaceae, additives or Ole entries. sugar and processed vegetables dies is much more than a cookbook. There is a chapter completely change your kitchen, pantry and even processes of thought for the success of this scheme. There are plans of meals, shopping and data lists to follow entries in the FODMAP diet.In addition, there is a chapter on basic foods that should have all the dining rooms of paleo in scope, as well as tips on reading labels, index of recipe, Riss-Out Guide and my favorite, the Director of food, ideally are not good for you, and that may be fine for some people about this book DiƤt. dasForse Yes does not explain many basic kitchen and even the language of the Recetasasi that all novices in the book to read and can be immediately a success. The book is encyclopedic, as paleo approach with a lot of dishes accompanying, advice and general knowledge with ease.Best of all, recipes are budget so friendly like reports and focusing on foods rich in nutrients and high quality - all about paleo AIP Protocol. A good result.In addition the entry of food of truth in this book have something to chop and believes that everyone can enjoy! Take this banana and plantain fried Apple, I - were swallowed up, until he could say. for ’ complete s treat many important aspects of the paleo-AIP. If you suffer from an autoimmune disorder, you definitely have this book handy for reference. It is full of basic, scientific information technology, returns and if you have any questions. You can read my opinion. Attention: I have a copy of the approach paleo cookbook without considering the obligation. Really love the book and I wanted to share with my readers. ,,.