The original cave man diet is comparable with paleo it diet, nutrition, and food of the Neanderthals. It is the basic principle of nutrition. The paleo diet is trying to imitate during the Neolithic period, mainly cereals, vegetables and other agricultural products in the food intake of our ancestors, that are not food, drinking. These foods are not in their natural state, but must be cooked to convert toxic substances in certain matters and to be digested. On the other hand is that paleo-diet focuses on edible food in its natural state, that would have been available for the low-tech hunters/gatherers. Paleo her diet is a low carb diet, similar to the Atkins and South Beach Diet. In contrast to diets but advocates of diet paleo to not count calories or carbohydrates. It maintains, rather than a simple warning for the right kind of food course fee total protein gain energy, reduce consumption of carbohydrates and lead to improved health and longevity. The statements are however not undisputed and several studies that linking Mediterranean and Asian food with health and longevity, vegetarian. Scientists confirm that there is enough evidence about the relative proportions of plant and animal foods, humans are the Paleolithic diet. Paleo her diet is based on the idea that people should eat foods that ate our Paleolithic hunter-gatherer ancestors. Paleo diet contains. The types of food that the paleo diet are meat, particularly fish, lean meat and meat from organs such as liver and kidneys; raw vegetables - especially root vegetables like carrots, but potatoes. Nuts, especially walnuts macadamia nuts from Brazil, almonds, peanuts or not and cashews; Fruits and vegetables, fruits of the forest in particular. The paleo diet promotes food that our ancestors ate before the introduction of modern agriculture and the food industry. Supporters of the diet. Paleo diet is popular in part because of the growing awareness of celiac disease. Although many versions different from the diet. Paleo diet is certainly not a new idea. Arrival in the attention with the publication of a book on the subject of Walter Voegtlin 1975, its central concept is to mimic the diet of people, that old age between 25 and 50 thousand years lived there during the stone. Voegtlin said significant advantages are associated with what he said, it was the content of proteins low in carbohydrate and diet, the ancient. His plan is sometimes as the inhabitants of the cave, the Paleolithic diet and Hunter - and nutrition regime. Proponents of the diet paleo continue to practice and found a little by the emergence of other diets equally low. Use a recipe, which can be refined carbohydrates and eliminates the syrup of sugar and creamer hit. Paleo. The request of the proponents of the paleo diet is that the human body for thousands of years with relatively stable food sources has developed for hunters/gatherers. Wire time adapted to these foods and respond to its optimum. They argue that cereals and other agricultural products relatively recently in humans were history and that they simply isn't very well managed by the body, as well as suffering, but they are not as nutritionally beneficial as the traditional food from the stone age. The paleo diet not any rare or temporary instrument, should an immediate weight loss, but rather a shift to sustainable lifestyle products. The proponents of the diet claim leads to a gradual understanding of the ideal body weight for a person, the maximum health and athletic performance. A study in the July issue of the heart that cardiovascular Diabetology reported that the paleo diet improves glucose reduction and cardiovascular disease risk factors. Paleo her diet is based on the theory that Neanderthals healthier and more durable that the common system of value added tax consumes a diet eat today. The Paleolithic diet trying to fix the habits of primitive people, makes about 2 million years. Also it could. The paleo diet is a diet without starch, gluten, wheat, dairy, fresh and free from legumes, products which allowed many people to lose weight, health benefits. Diet paleo / primal is based on the principles that govern the lives of millions of years: eat lean meat, fish and fresh. Paleo diet is nothing new under the Sun. Also known as hunters and gatherers, Paleolithic diet or simply the cave man. Inspire the Paleolithic diet, paleo diet or the diet of early humans to see. The diet revolves around to believe. ,,.