He writes: when I bought a Vanagon WESTY neglected 89 3 years that I have which is sufficient to transform a reliable daily driver and family campers. Rico is informed on all aspects of this caravan. A short list of the works that were to include rich: new alternator; new compressor air conditioning and loads; bearings of new wheel and shock absorbers; Replace the clutch cylinder; LPG valve replacement; Canvas pop top paint and new; Dometic refrigerator repair; Reconstruction; Electric reconstruction of the head and the new gasket. All rich has worked very well and reliably. Rich recommends practical and affordable solutions, and they came from their best to find the parts and repairs to ensure quality. I trust them to BS not on what needs to be done.Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: anonymous 09.01.2011 wrote: I myself have a particular problem. Make things in my car, but pay for this beloved time. When I got the Bill was shocked, but only paid.The problems I had with this store: list of articles, that he thought it might be a Service job. Lapse. Low cost fähigkeit. absurd optimize based on time, in part. For example, wire set spark plug 1/2 hours. Try less than 2 minutes of my time.Their hours seems reasonable, until you get to the registration (if you ask) took the time to do the work.Store rating: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: 05.27.2010. written: I have only my 69 errors it and did a job around the engine. After reading the comments of others, I was a little nervous, but I would say this. I have all my work. Called and I said my problem and asked what he could soon me and told me that it was a week. Then I told him that was my daily driver and told him I enter and work the weekend. Their prices are 1/2 of what other stores have a fee. I only say positive things. Engine mounts, gaskets, cooler and oil release new clutch installed everything for less than that was mentioned for the release bearing is installed by all businesses in Salem and the type of friendship. Very RecomendShop rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 10.anonymous 23.2010 writes: I took the bus for a TuneUp and ran to get. I landed work, he penetrates me and help diagnose the problem from the outside. Brakes, squishy, so I changed the master cylinder. I had no brakes and tow the bus 30 miles from home, so he could go through the brakes and fix the incorrect work.Store rating: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: 02.07.2007. writing: How can the best miles and his team anywhere? All units is the VW and ready to show you how to avoid VW, that exist to ensure the back broken with them! What store did you? Bus 66 exploded a engine and have that amazing things about miles and his team. It is also called for to ensure that they return home safely managed and tips for my bus, I'm leaving great press for many years. (and for some children after each oil change valves) Thanks for everything, including miles! GO TO HALF!Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 10.04.2007. written: I agree. I had the rear car twice for the same problem. I lied to his final hand of sales staff when buying the car. Repeatedly says no is a dog's former owner and I've never been this issue. When he brought home and sit under the saw, there is a dog all over hair. The worst of things. Heavy mould pourrait problems that led me to my children who had problems with breathing, and who cares. Offered lemon lemon trade. Save time and money and buy somewhere else.Store rating: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: anonymous 07.23.2007 wrote: my Passat 2005 re Reese for service and almost no failures ever, had to return the car, because they do not properly repaired. Yes, they are very friendly and Nice, but because the car is greater guarantee low, look for some twenty other Shop Shop.: low AverageNot RecommendedReport date: 05.01.2007. Anonymous writes: I had heard, was a renowned store, Bill had Trafton. Now, this is Steve, the owner himself is Steve imports in Portland. I have my 91 Vanagon there each week for 3 consecutive weeks, you paid for the repair of a loss of coolant on my first visit. I sold a new pump water, replace the bolt and clamp, liquid cooling and pressure test provided in the ras on the Bill. When he came back with the same problem and had to keep coolant. Finally, I was told that none of the mechanics of a hand, some think that my problem, so would not even Steve is by cheque. Steve, the owner, called me directly, but the reception was person (Daniel, which is very nice, but not mechanics) is called to say that Steve said that rarely had this problem and the only thing that could be done to broken. The funny thing is that during the inspection before buying, taking advantage of not paid they saw no problem with the loss, he said, was not his head. They have too much money and time for the updates that do not work, so instead of confidence to this shop at the factory, have my losses and elsewhere, have faith. I hope that the word to those who sold this company obtained another someone a year ago, then all previous comments in a different direction. Long rated Gluck. Shop: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: 04.11.2013. written: Halsey for several years and have only good to say. Willy is one of the most competent, once I talked in some parts. I think I'll quote memory numbers could.Service, always have bad for me. Fair pay and sometimes more fairen price, details, if it was my bus in large things and loads and will not have to call before all of this, what I wanted without me.For Tom, it can be a little cocky, but he knows his stuff and does not treat me as an idiot. More negotiate with you, he gets the best. Hi, not stretched on her Dr Phil good to do? I love it and I have not had any problems with him at all. I will him to repair my car, you recommend not life and leave me with a warm fuzzy. What is my priests.Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 08.09.2008 Anonymous writes: highly competent and chained. They seem to do a good job, but the staff needs more breaks, follow with soothing. You were so defensively was classical and difficult to take things seriously. I will not go back, even if the work was well done. Which should be 30-year-old need then that everything was good, not my problem.Store rating: AverageRecommendedReport Date: 05.01.2008 Anonymous writes: used parts store had an excellent and saved me $ install it for free. Give to try his mechanics.Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: October 12, 2007 Anonymous writes: Halsey work on my principles of 80 rabbit diesel ~ 3 years OK. The location is also useful and more MAX (public transport).But I had problems twice in existing services and now I have confidence.I paid $300 + a (fuel problems). Leading to the House, was less than three kilometres before the crash on the highway with the same problem. You don't have to pay for the first offer to pay transport service yet, but it took me $400 +. The Department is very good. Service may be debatable. BummerShop review: low AverageNot RecommendedReport date: 10.25.2007 anonymous wrote: this shop is not recommended. I have my VW with a problem and a link between them. Store rating: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: 06.20.2007. Anonymous writes: I have my ' 83 is the diesel engine to create. My van is there more for three months until he recovered. Head gasket was twice over the next year. Have honored the first time but the second time, said I had to leave it overheated and the upgrade of earnings for a period of one year. Six months later, she has lost on the road and pulled the car around the city. I did my research (on this page) and brought cars and Hanss, stated that the Chief was usurped in the engine which had, and many internal components were not correctly rotated. Two fields was poor and the crank had to be replaced because it was the poor job for the first time. I am currently trying to recover the money that I paid BC say motor racing cars, and more, as well as the Court is going to end.Store rating: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: 05.21.2008. written: Nick did a great job for me over the past 8 years. He is competent, friendly, fair and a little further for you. In the past has his way: find the spare parts, which is much less expensive than again, talk me through repair tips when I was broke and spoke on his way back, proposed remedy which might just make unnecessary repairs, who believed were necessary. I am convinced that the work and others sent to your store. Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 07.07.2006. Anonymous writes: in the left part of my brother in Phoenix, or rather on the road to the crater lake, Vanagon Westfalia began on our 1987 sentenced inmates brakes. Sufficient to determine who I did get out of there with my brother, it is the main brake cylinder. Not even from his home to manage, I called the owner of a local Vanagon and automotive Alan recommended by Ashland. Alan it might fall in the morning, so I have a lag of the van it down and did a good job. It seems mostly cooled by water Vanagons work (8-10 of them in his garden, there were when we were there), but asked what could be done.Note: no credit cards. Shop no review: AverageRecommendedReport date: 08.18.2012. written: we have our VW Cabrio for repair. The car went well until it becomes too hot. At this stage, could take. After the payment of $423,50, we have cash for the garage, to solve this problem, the shape of the car to drive. Unfortunately, US planes already paid when we discovered that the car was flowing is more. Now works at a great melody of service. It works poorly. There's no electricity. Strong smell of exhaust gas. When we, thousands, the garage owner asked him to solve the problem, said that he had not touched the engine, but it could solve this problem. I was not ready to go to other commitments with us. Be careful! For the first time in my life (and are over 40 years) filed a complaint with the better Business Bureau. I have never seen this bad service, said such dishonesty and service poor customer!Store rating: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: 07.19.2007. write: these are the big boys and I recommend their store. My Westfalia 82 engine was rebuilt in a store in Seattle in March and has an intermittent problem with exhaustion. More than three stores had a crack, and despite several hundred dollars and a few new parts, the problem persisted. About 1500 miles, a holiday of 2500 metres, the problem started again and has always been very strict. We call it miles, when we were about 30 miles away to see if he could take a look at 5. He called one of his mechanics when we arrived and there seems to be about 3 hours for all the work. Finally, found a few minor issues with some and a faulty probe II temperature. We have this House and this is not a problem for the last 1000 miles. The problem is finally solved. Fees were very affordable ($ 150) and miles gave me a tienda-T-shirt to start! This is a great store and clearly know your stuff. Inform a friend of this store for people to Eugene and Springfield area and anyone who goes through the city need service.Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 05.27.2011. written: kept Tony my VW bug is at the old time. When I first got my Beetle 66 him, was working in his garage at home and plans to open a store. What struck me about it. and I gave up, was his honesty and excellent work. I called the Messiah of Volkswagen and was someone not to touch my car, after my Mechs. I'm just in Oregon, after an absence of 13 years, and I am pleased to see that the German Autowerks is back in business. Tony, I see getting there, although I have no vehicle.Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: August 12, 2007 Anonymous writes: I have in my Vanagon WESTY 84 for a leakage problem, k three kilometres started a restoration in another store in the area (not included in this offer). Another store refuses even to admit that there's a problem, even if it was truck, cooling liquid bubbles every time, when I'm on the road. Tony took his head and where the fumes were blowing in the tag and chasing coolant. Put it back together and there was no problem. ICH for almost a year, I'm happy with his work and the ability to listen and their prices are reasonable (in relation to the vehicle-is not cheap!). Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 05.10.2007. writes: I have a bad experience with the child Tom Garage was also good before my salary of $1400, I received no name (must be protect my purchase with a credit card!) Was rude and I wanted too once purchased only Vanagon, had work suspended on top is not already in the 1. or gear 2 ° taught adapted tits! I said and after 2-3 weeks so that you get used to it (it is 200 miles), but it seemed to me that, from where I bought the Vanagon and pay for it by storing an inspection before buying. I told him that I was not alone, until it all organized and said that would not be until later. He said he was convinced that it was my driving style. The next day, let the owner of a Vanagon trying to mount and could not only once or twice and told me it was terrible. It's terrible that even the thumb on the condition of the engine and transmission of this car and how your young mechanic has taken me in charge and van hoist above and below the car, the transmission has been that a disaster run! The boy mechanic said that it escapes all Vanagon Trannys so and that it doesn't mean anything. I have no name after the purchase and that you would well before! Store rating: AvoidNot RecommendedReport date: 08.01.2004. written: according to VW, which my wife and I had been years (1981 Vanagon camper), who quickly discovered how much it is difficult, anyone found this great finally working on an engine of the air transport agreement. We needed an alternator. First of all, yes finally quoted $450 to replace the alternator said that a job, he knew that it was not difficult. After thinking for a few hours, I have cancelled my appointment and set to look for someone else. Then what an alternator for $150 bought and paid a local farm to install $60. I thought I was getting one, until I tried to go there to retire and could not find. The really unpleasant truck hard, ran some gas exhausting and could not move without dying. Great!Finally, I called after the appeal of certain areas of work. I was tired looking, so when I called and told me that Yes, that works with VW, I thought that this would give the opportunity to all comments not available online, but. Chuck has long been only a few months in the business. From the first time spoken with him by phone, I feel as a good guy, honest, sincere and simple needs and the car will cost.It originally was for me a good deal on a trailer my truck to get to your store. I am very busy with work, I can give my key in the driver and without worries. He had a long list of things that I wanted to Fix and heard and does not seem a problem with one of my needs. How got my appointment could hear, use a calculator to add it, everything was so I knew that he could only release numbers on me. The next day, he called me with an update and I could tell you several things, need to check, I had already thought not. Heard again the computer, because it gave me an updated offer. And if I can add that the quotes were pretty good compared to what I thought it would be. In end, found the battery shop destroyed my computer, a lesson to make it work in my van not repaired by a person, VWs. repair the major part of the long list of things I've had to look at, and which has not been repaired for my choice, because it was very honest and bother for me at this time there. Held all the time, that my car had no more than a few days pass without an update of communication. We now have our careers are going well and we had to go to a mechanic qualified and honest, if we need more work.It is also a work of restoration, our vision for the future of our rating Vanagon. Tienda: date ExcellentRecommendedReport: 03.26.2010. writes: it has been moved from Santa Cruz, CA, Bellingham, WA all my stuff packed in my gills with van and was the starter in my Subaru EJ22 powered 86 last Syncro engine finally go. It was about one kilometre along a dirt road in the national forest of Florence of the North and South of Yachats. Emigrated on the highway and has shown a truck followed up to my camp, shooting on the main road and give me a type of trailer button. Yachats leads, got my iPhone and went directly to the Oregon Roadhaus comments. Justin shop is, you called, I told him that my situation and was able to plan the replacement in the afternoon from three hours. What kind of activities can do! And used the entrees of Crown condition that correspond to my budget. Has shown in his garage and finish while working with other guys had my Eurovan diesel bike bikes on improving access for repair and to say will leave a little cold for the first time on this day at all. I had to pick me up by the starter motor to its platform and try to see which would work well. Work out, so I do not have my plates of surf and Cartopper to remove and even at the beginning of the continuous rain on trucks. Three hours later, I had a new starter in the car, in order to maintain a core that has never left me a few screws so I give the old hex heads on my feet now are of the correct size (used to remove a huge PITA). Just to see how save it, I called a garage then get offers for the same work. Huy! I am happy that I will not like that. I used an old friend of the University of Portland tonight for dinner and I was quite within the deadlines with my move. Highly professional and competent, what else can you say great experience? If I lived close I think that you work for future engine and would return.Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 05.04.2012 anonymous wrote: apart from the trust.Are recommended for a guarantee of labor force and a gas Syncro accepted in your store. To make a very long story. Justin may want another job, I said yes and the journey began. Send the warranty after the warranty after the distribution of the best parts, we have a few more questions. He was able to return home, but broke out again on the road. Justin could not believe that this situation was completely crazy. Then the problem in chat, told me it might take me home, to solve the problem. Return to home with me! In other words, what makes a very good thing. Complete with all shows diesel, we recommend that you take a look. Super cool, very reliable and always makes sure you are satisfied!Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 03.10.2011 anonymous wrote: good and very reliable. Diesel is your passion and you know who entered and left 1.5 engines for all TDI. If you are a rabbit, a ' 78 06 Passat or Vanagon of WBX necessary transplant TDI, these guys are very good and fair. 1.6 TD many regions, many parts of the A1 motorway and many things VW autour. They are also experts in biodiesel/SVO as well and are skills combo here like a good deal from the early days.Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 07.31.2006. written: just say garage without name is the new owner to start. Tom grumpy OLE is totally out of the picture, and the service is excellent, now! I love Dave and miles. I am saying good things thereon. We have worked very hard to make me happy. My old engine Tiico launched a main camp and name no. garage is happened to have one, Chris Torlasco always sells. (good luck). I decided, even with the negative comments here to the test. I'm glad that you haven't! They are behind these well informed with much experience VW and history. You left a new gearbox and clutch, as well as Tiico and new brakes all around. I think that they are taken into account and that it had a problem with my O2 Senser on the way back. (she had just transferred from my old engine) I know that she was going to test because I called him, kilometres out of the game. It has been good to me for several miles, and then had problems. You can give it back to me. and in a Bosch O2 for me for free. They do, but they knew that otherwise, it would be bad for them. The problem is solved completely. Support really do their job! However, I recommend to these types of. Please give them a chance to rebuild his name and reputation! Thank you very much! Store rating: ExcellentRecommendedReport date: 07.07.2006,,.