First, a warning is displayed. I am a male senior, a semi-retired obstetrician, whose usual prize for literature is CNN and military techno thriller. Never seen in a novel, except perhaps for the junior top in a tale of two cities (or was a classic?) But after the recent furore about fifty shades of James, I decided to give taste to this genre.The protagonist of the book is Anastasia, who has sexual intercourse or touched. I had to suspend disbelief social and sexual naivety of 21 years with this, but I think that this meant a vulnerability that makes it more attractive as a romantic heroine. They need neither his long relief, and soon she has orgasm after orgasm under the impulse of its dominant partner, Mr. grey. They burst in my age, my arthritis read only in sexual gymnastics of Ana. And for some reason I thought their contract genital warts. Soon however endless orgasms of pyrotechnic Ana looked at over and over again watching porn: after a while let me bored and yawning. In other words, it is a contagion of the final package; and when taking viagra, my determination to persevere to stiffen.James is its ability to arouse the sympathy of the protagonist. I wanted to know what happened to Anastasia, and who presented a convincing quality of page's change history. James is a brilliant writer. His dialogue is crisp and lends his prose, well tested paragraphs. Can I take considerable experience of the author in any case, an erotic novel again? Probably not.But so am I. I enjoy erotic and much of this book, which had to try, but I'm five chapters and just don't listen. This should be much more impressive, that I have seen, writing in a major release. British author sets pseudonyms (such as) in the State of Washington's United States action. There is no reason, which apparently is his knowledge of America who read them at sunset. But the history of the whole person is full of Britishisms. As many American students talk about strollers, someone on the phone, ring or choose a smart to take leave backpack, do you know? And the geography of the sounds of the author as a founded Northwest drunk and ended with several parts in the wrong place.And, oh, the repetition of repetition.and Wiederholung.und. I am convinced that the author refers to a computer that has macro to insert one of his limited repertoire of facial expressions, whenever you need. Depending on the search for my Kindle, characters roll their eyes 41 times, Ana it 35 times lip bite lip Christian curiosity up to 16 times, Christian cocks his head to the side 17 times, drawing you my eyebrows and lips 15 times a whopping 50 times to increase. Add this reference to the 80 anthropomorphic subconscious Ana (eyes and purses his lips rolls, by the way), reviewed the 58 references to domestic goddess Ana and Ana 92 to say oh shit anyway (which can be intensified depending on the gravity of the circumstances, shit, shit shit last double or triple). And it is the only part of a Trilogie.Wenn I wrote, so I have a pseudonym trop. Comme would use some other commentators, terribly depressing is that it would be a runaway success, and the film rights is expected to sell up to $5 million. There are so many talented writers in the genre. and eroticism, erotic even more if the author has a mastery of the language and to care about the characters. Examples of the trilogy written by Anne Rice under the pseudonym a. n. Roquelaure, beauty or stories by Donna George Storey or Rachel Kramer Bussel. Remain in this triple shit. * Update *: no more thanks to many other readers, the time of execution of their most disturbing choice records wasted in the masterpiece. After their suggestions with my Kindle always useful search function, I discovered that Ana Jeez said 81 times and oh say 72 times. He blushes or 125 times, including 13, 6 red stripes and Scarlet-Crimson are empty. (I can't imagine). Ana presented Christian 13 times and there are 9 references to Christian Chapel, eyes, long index finger 7 and 25 for heat (including four repetitions of the epic, sentence declarative, is a terrible heat.). Boca Christian deep 10 times in a hard line. Mother of character 49 199 times times and whisper 195 times (not only someone speaking?), climb on/in/out 21 and 34 times smiles. Christian and Anna also 46 times breathing and experience 18 breathing problems that suggests the doctor the need for a quick response. Finally, look a little symmetry, our hero and heroine Exchange smiles and 124-124. On the contrary, the front seems, remarkable for a woman on the brows, intense, amazing body, has delicious, consumption, noisy, violent and terrifying and exhausting orgasms on almost all sides. It is the only one who can possibly describe the phenomenon. A bad social experiment to understand better, the national dumbing of America. There are so many people that you appreciate this book? Broke into pieces 1 million (a bit like Ana during a marathon of orgasmo-realista) whenever attention getting this ridiculous book. Redundancy is outrageous. Running not only the lips immediately her face or hair of the Christians eating wonderful Ana no fall between the toes constantly. The only purpose that this book could be used (as opposed to a bonfire of wood) is a consumer game. If Ana is empty, take a drink. There was an outbreak of poisoning by alcohol, and then the rule must be struck back, drinking coffee, when the author always uses a Saint by any means.My breathing problems to think about a college student of 2011 has no email address and does not refer to only computer, it never possessed, the unit. Hosted up to the point of being 21 years old Virgin without e-mail, but in the list, a monstrous sadist, beaten into submission to grant with a tyrant. And orgasms every time the wind blows in your Richtung.Ich knows that that is not designed to entertain the literary geniuses. It was a pleasure to read for people, there is nothing wrong. But I personally wanted to throw the book in the bathroom at least twice for each paragraph. I don't understand why so many people, that is. I finished because you spend money on this. Not continuously, because I can not across Ana flashes, surprising to find wheezing, marbles, whisper, or your balance.My God, can check out climbing and find something worth reading in the way and vacuum and climbing. Oh my! What is a waste of time. I am surprised by the success of this book. Although I am not an avid reader of erotic literature I read some and everything that I have read it is much better that that, is ridiculous. If you want to buy this book, here's what the book, if this helps you make a decision: take Stephenie Meyer writes clumsy, awkward and low resolution select four or five maybe hacks. Roman Romance readers can see the form of writing is the worst of as the two levels of the worst novel Harlequin, have read ever. -Fügen have added you to a heroine of Stephenie Meyer-esque, a woman so annoying thing is hard to imagine how someone even less dominant and extremely rich, sophisticated, smart with experience is never the slightest interest in it. As Bella in the twilight novels is Anastasia essentially only a figure, a completely white, which cannot keep the women themselves. Isn't that funny ca, mama-es - love - has smart aint ambitions, goals and beliefs very boring, than their parent by default problems me and divorced.? In fact, Anastasia is nice, but this time, it seems that the genus. -Fügen some sex scenes, clumsily written and mostly inaccurate, exaggerated a lot of information about BDSM. (Sofa, then, the sex scenes in a lot of boring dialogue and the field where nothing irritating to read e-mail messages to another person is consisting mainly of e-mails of protagonists to another?) so can at least one indication that there is a history, and that the problem of the book includes not only a bad Erotik.Mein BDSM book of bad quality, with all the, what I have mentioned above. My main problem with the book is surprising how the story and characters are. It is very few experienced around DOMs who engage with the submarines not trained in this way. It has very little DOMs Christian resources they need and want to be partners, does not start, no matter what fascinating (not) leave almost as much experience and expertise of its partners to buy can usually need much experience bring someone of his level takes time and effort and quickly became very annoying. I would like to warn women that actually might be interested in this type according to a dominant, now that you are looking for the book Cathedral reads generally not worldly submarines experts good intentions have life someone style slowly and buy their cars and computers. This is something that people avoid any inquiry.I do not know. I think that when you reach some women in the warm House and punishment or spices, has its life in the bedroom, it does not. All men probably received some impressive experiences a temporary enthusiasm of erotic BDSM-lite. But what is authors of literature erotic, tragic beyond outside who have worked for a long time that actually have as they write is never rich or famous as the woman who is this book, very laborious wrote all kinds of unwarranted attention, to obtain without a good reason.?If readers are really interested in BDSM erotic novel, the subtext of value are built wrong without veil, romance, I highly recommend the series of la Belle au Bois dormant Anne Rice under the pseudonym of that.n. Roquelaure wrote. The first, which is used here in the sleeping beauty, for Amazon's Kindle available. It is also much more creative and much better written as this book (and therefore much hotter). What 50 grayscale, eliminate love or hate it.? I have read the Cometramonto spontaneously after a friend recommended, then you don't care that it had not involved know for working in BDSM. My first reaction was to what the heck?, I have to say clearly was not a surprise, because not satisfied, still was 50-75 pages?So here, change the book and I found fascinated by the relationship between Ana and Chris. I've found a potential in their relationship, and it was the idea that gray enchanted soul. Which resist to the women who have to feed a subliminal tormented soul? I tried to look behind the BDSM and found myself doing more comfortable with their relationship. The chemistry between the characters is clear and responsible for power, explicit scenes, often made me blush.The story continues, they grow in two books I've already read because it is frankly a pleasure to read. Read the book, it is not for the accuracy of the literacy (for those, literary novels of Bronte and Austen read as), but by pure read another thing that's romantic, erotic and fun in one. I recommend this book? Yes, if the opening of sexuality, relationships and ready to read as a novel fan is exactly what. All the elements of the story are on par with twilight, it is worse for adults. I had the author been sex? I think that she has, as she is apparently married. strange. However, there may be some erotic moments, passable, but different. God help you. Snoozeville. I hope that enjoy reading about how this girl bite my lip unbearable breakfast eats, treats of a hair tie, dress asks lent to a friend through their eyelashes (?), tea, emptied his back arches, red, hot drink, etc., I know because at least three of these things in each. The only. Page. It can be infinitely naive (Yes, even), but also in a bad mood, with condescension intellectual, return to the comfort of shift of the author. It is so terribly empty and misspelled, it becomes.They are also obviously capture, that the author has strong week on geography and the record of America. It's that long list of serious deficiencies need to be corrected. Mentioned in silence a minute of every dead British composer and author Christian Mühe in the first four chapters of this Stoff.Sollte the? The principle of this character makes no sense. a billionaire self 26 years ago. When I learned of this book, I was told, something along the lines of a student your feet support older, it swept away with a BDSM fantasy. But no, the characters are just five years away, and is a billionaire ~ ~ ~ who needs only a therapy (honestly that it would accept a millionaire and billionaire is simply an insult).? Actually never ran, with the exception of the beginning of the book. And once again an arsenal of some six different things, again and again and again and again. Always in contact with the face of Ana, tilting his chin, said that eating, panting, move the lips and eyes, touch your hair, hair, appears unexpectedly. His eyes are gray and I will never forget it! Chinese tales. BDSM is frightening to say the least, and it seems a strange attempt at shy away from eroticism. It is not my idea, but if it's yours, I assure you that it does not disappoint you to be. All this is terrible. If you thought that it was good literature, then you must stop all read together. There is no hope for you. Get your man a sandwich or something as well.I am disappointed, this parody in its entirety to read. I had literally nothing more to do, and that costs money (although I suspect that my time is the most valuable currency). More than anything, I was curious and I fell into the trap of its popularity. Honestly, I'm not an avid reader, but I can only assume that it is not much worse than FSOG. I have Harry Potter Fanfiction, which is a thousand times better than that. really does not say much. I can not yet, contact words as I am surprised, much less to buy these books in the list of Best seller New York Times exists. I do not know what to do this woman by James L e., I had and you have your confidence? You must have the nerves, because she apparently thought I write this shit was a good idea. There is also a special place in hell for this Buches.Meine editor goddess internal developed fifty shades shit show my lip and rolled his eyes. Then I ate pancakes. FOIL POUCH. Where to begin? I learned from this book is connected, but when she finally, reviews fall games of first place in the New York Times list hunger bestseller, thought that it would be time to give him a book. My friend, wouldn't. It was poorly written, the characters are poorly developed, so that you don't like, what happened to you and even if this were a kind of eroticism that there is nothing in this sense erotic.? To tell you the truth, it is so boring and unimaginative, it is ridiculous.Those who have said that this book is in essence to change the recasting of the penumbra, sex and the name of the character are quite right. However, it seems that it would have done a better job writing this round. What beautiful, Ana is clumsy, a mother who has more marriages and lives in the country, has a parent, the stoic, was never interested in a type up to Edward. UY, i.e. Christian and would do anything he wants, even if it goes against what you want and believe. Edward/Christian are essentially the same person as colors, allows to play BDSM, carton, (and very bad) and insist that he is Lord. called Ana interior monologue (all domestic boredom of this goddess) is being abused and over-the-top annoying. Informed immediately when Christian wants to fight, though he knew that she is afraid of it. Ana and crosses Christian interaction and relationship violence on tasks as dominant/consensual subject, with their inner goddess decisions not desired. and I'm sorry, but I think that you recent graduates in 2011 was a bloody email address to Christian bought it a computer, so it could conduct research into 'Lifestyle'? If the author already had not lost my job reeling attention with dialogue between Ana and Christian, that was embarrassing, cringe, there she was.Run, do not go away from this garbage. I downloaded the book on my Kindle, because it was the best-seller list and had an overall rating of 4 stars at Amazon. I wish I had the time, read some of the comments made. It turns out that I am using the negative.I found vampires think about twilight, as well as some whips, less bright. Here you save each time (SPOILER ALERT): Sobald.Ich am Ana. They are clumsy and naive. I love the books. Dig this type. You may not like can you. It is rich. I question if he is gay? His eyes are grey. Super grey. Intense grey. Intense and grey. Serious and grey. Super grey. Black and grey. [Add 100 + more ways to gray eyes here say]I Reverend I. I hold my breath. I have been there. I have a new breath. And he was out of breath. We have both the heart palpitations. Reverend me even more. I have breath. I think that my genitals are a couple of more times. Reverend me even more. I'm sorry, that is, more money. I bite my lip. It has much more hiccups. More breathless. More blush / flush. Biting lip more. Still breathless.The bad Ende.Die: an interesting concept is a novel. But the story is weak, the pace is slow and clumsy, characters come through as complicated schizophrenic, a coup de coeur and problematic youth and erotic scenes, alternating the penthouse is painfully shy and over the age of 13 romance Forum and something that looks like it was written by a. Now I've read through some of the criticisms and I must assume that people were easily disturbed or released Tickle. I can't imagine what the fans this compare when they describe it as well.The good: good portfolio. ,,.