I have good news this week! Scholastic bought a number of copies of the body in the Woods, the first in my new series. Girl, Best seller academic and stolen was the girl who had to die, thus m ' hope that this book meets the same fate.I have the idea in April 2012, when a friend said that the youth was a volunteer with the sheriff of Multnomah County ' the costs of search and rescue. All SARS is our local SAR do — find lost people the — desert, but it is unique in two ways. Initially, an organization focused on childhood all. Adults can voluntarily, but you can ' t leadership positions are elected. Secondly find approximately 30% of what these guys evidence at the scene of the crime. Tests that have been found attached to it, it gives help to solve dozens of murders. The more I have learned, I was sure, I had found that it had long sought: a realistic hook for a series of secrets among teens. Young volunteers of approximately 300 hours of training. Meet the lights every Wednesday night until the weekend once in a month. I went to training with them and more recently a man as they call it surveillance, i.e. If you follow somebody a title. ' has ' a true art and the only track that can have someone be small like a broken branch or a few grains of sand on a sheet. (I told the people in my school of Kung-Fu that I learned in the way of a man and another woman said: ' Oh, don't ' 't worry, can someone set up!). Don ' t know ' very successful first saw where always begins: in the library. I have books on search and rescue costs. I have bought a few books (which are expensive, although it will not t ', the larger than a book.) Do ' t understand why manuals and many others more expensive.)I interviewed the girl, which was voluntary, and she taught me everything in your pocket and your person to use when called SAR. After signing a check for criminal records, I started to learn, including an orientation session, where he made notes to himself and talked to people. But the best thing I've done, Acquintance by Jake k do, was a 20-year-old boy volunteer SAR had since he was a teenager. And many volunteer SAR, SAR is Jake ' passion for s. but ' are also willing, 1 million emails to answer questions. And slowly, I found my way to a story. in fact, I found my way to the ideas for the stories of a dozen, but I already have one and it worked. First: the body in the forest. The best Kung Fu seems sometimes, what the worst idea. When closest to the man holding the knife can better or roller in the direction of the person behind the knee Sie.Nach teaching that Sifu asked me how many books he had written and how it has changed the process in the course of time. The answer was published 17 + 2, but not yet published 1 medium 4 + 3, I wrote until I release I wrote after left, but never found a home (were not mysteries or thriller, which could explain why). Perhaps).This corresponds to 27 kg. Which explains why now I can write a book, in a compressed timeline, and without a clear idea of where it is always ' to retire. Do you write, more, learn more about writing. And they will attack more or to do Kung-Fu, you know confrontation or Kung Fu then in the bone marrow, depth of thought. Trust in the process. As I was in my current job, the young man, who needed this character Jason trucker optimized their output. And I could write and paranoid twisted or talk with him about his ex-wife, who might have killed his old friends, but could could not write t ' write the two parts of the chapter. Refused to go, although he said that in my plan that this must not happen. And I say realized I had to listen to my characters. Since it was impossible if this crazy Jason Agi, which Heather intended, had demanded the guys for a week, no matter what custody arrangement. In addition, ' do t have argued that it is true. In another ' s. and throat once relied on my instincts and I stopped thinking and that the book must follow my plan and write it immediately. Make your boot Butterfuly, as well as in the discussion and thought makes me what do these starters fresh butterfly and many ways to do a lot of other things and never lost.Daily or at least once a month, I m, always the best ' of Kung Fu and BJJ / writing. But I think that ' ' n This will never be as good. I think I've grown up and things would be more static. Because I ' View married for 28 years (and ' always higher). It is almost seven years. I thought, more or less the same things.But all estatico-este is the ' takes place.Nora at the beginning, this week is the first anniversary of the death of my mother '. I think that theoretically it would have known that my mother was going to die. But it was my life, it got there before me.But when he died, it really rocked my world. After the death of my father in the year 2003, we had close friends who speak every day by phone.I spent the last three weeks of his life with her, then what you have chosen in the Hospice. I spent is not exactly what is many hours in quiet house while that really do not sleep in her bed was. Clocks marking in unison, before the other, back on.Towards the end of the purchase of the Hospice nurse had diapers, and then MOM told me that at this time when I needed them, wait, are not ' to t. And then we both laughed. It was fun and strong. The last sound that has made was a laugh, after my brother told me that I have tried to kill him, collapsed as the bed, which had been drafted under it in your room.There was much laughter. I ate and ate ate French fries, ice cream, frozen strange grocery outlet meals. And he was hiding in my former room or clean the bathroom and cried. I went to the course with tears in the Gesicht.Als died, he was the first person I wanted to say.Knee in March, ran arms to my course of Kung Fu. And then I tried to return. But my right leg hurt that someone had put my knee back. (The class is not that everything hurts.) And then, a pain to have the leg down. When the time does not ' I am not sure how it would go to Detroit, to sleep through airports in the bed of a hotel and a ton of school visits. I did, but since my leg and knee were not good.When I went in March to the PT, I was told that my insurance would cover 77 visits per year. I laughed. Who needs 77 visits? I don't know who should be requested at three or four. the leg pain? Not my computer bandwidth as I thought. The sciatic nerve impingement. On the other hand, after a couple of sleepless nights and much, much of PT Sitzungen.Und n ' t is administered by month day six or seven years. When I tried had injured knee still to some extent. Questions, when he could walk again ignore the wrinkled nose, tips for the elevator by swimming or riding bike or maybe join the market or if they are really lucky, perhaps running on a track of padding. I had log thousands of miles per year in my neighborhood and I want to change row '.Recently, I had an x-ray and an MRI. Started, questions about the resonance. And then I wanted to no. ' t. arthritis in the three compartments of the right knee. Moderately wounded two. More serious behind the kneecap. But my doctor told me that both knees the same seen in x-rays (which were new to me and are not good news), as well as who knows? And saw with knees to the bone with bone, cartilage, completely missing persons, where n t ' Schmerzen.Ich made the mistake of above knee. I just m ' 55, so I thought that the response does not ' t be bad. But it turns out that I have ' m close to the bone with bone. I.e. PT and my doctor talked, poles for trekking and hiking sticks, and also the replacement of the knee joint. Only only I listened to it because mentally she was curled in the fetal position. Later, I m ' I think that it is wrong. Me ' m, all exercises, supplements any anyone has ever proposed: ginger, turmeric, fish oil and vitamin D to move freely, juice cherries acid and pectin is dissolved in grape juice.And I'm not sure that ' ask the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kung Fu. Because even if you replace the market for the race, I'm not ' Tai Chi for martial arts is more active.Work at home ' View, I had the opportunity, from home, work as of February 01, 2008 - formerly worked in a shared cabin or office and a book per year (though cooking, education, exercise, maintenance of home and the Ms. Eng. I learned that is always a bad thing, is also a trick to activate the Crappiness). To a large extent, this my husband has at home a check every two weeks and laying on of hands allows our health insurance.Working from home is a real luxury, and sometimes a loner. I'm talking about me. If I feel tired, let me ' me a brief NAP. My husband works llong hours, while ' went home for more than 12 hours at a time.But Friday is the last day of work. It has ' graphic design is an independent. Fortunately, our son will use your room as the University Office in Los Angeles, so that he can have an office and me. But what they are talking about? Be on me when a NAP? Are we going to have another crazy? It knocked at his door, and she responded with a dazzling grin that said that she had enjoyed little critical sleep. The inflammation is gone around their iris, leaving the blue and bright, that he had learned to love. Luminous affection behind this eyes Indigo made his heart lawn. Liked when he saw him — that I had at the stars in the sky, with a snap of the fingers.He loved its Mornin ', said, pulling the Red long hair in a ponytail. I'm ready for the date of our puzzles. What is the order of the day? Aelyx rose a new pair of shoes that had borrowed memory. If you have changed, you will discover it. their boots, the already in the sierra. But — 'take this Paar', said. They are better. If you say so they sat down and then a new beat only boots and tried to put his foot. As it was expected, not too far left. Is there something there? above the Apoh fell boat dumped in several Green stems. Collecting, he studied with narrowed eyes. This is a sort of alien?, celery surprise, said Aelyx of both hands to the smoothing effect. A week before Christmas to celebrate!, OK. Ivory face furrowed. But with the vegetables in my boots, what do? He shook his head in it. Smart, was the love, the relationship of their own free will. In the children of the Earth his shoes on the eve of Christmas the vegetables, then leave them at the door of a reindeer. ' Papa Noel pink lips, the curvature of the smile. Course on this subject? Of course, as I have said, indicating their laces. Hurry up. What Letterblanket FroidMon? «», To choose, fenced. It was not his feast day, sound. The biscuit-shaped one for your family name. You have to eat the night before Christmas, but we already have the sweetener, anyway is not a cookie. More like hotcakes. Love ended up tying shoes and ran into the hallway. Sounds good, but I have not the slightest idea what you're talking about. They took out a lot of imitation VISCUM album from the bag. You know? You must kiss me if I have headshot.Mistletoe, smiles. He raised his hand over his ponytail and moved enough to put a problem in your pulse. Now realizes. Finally he began to wonder if he had bad a word in their use of the Internet. But when face cycle both arms around his neck and pink face, his closed top lip soft touch their minds for everything except the exhilarating feeling of mouth against and the tip of the tongue. He groaned and opened immediately. Spicy citrus complies with his head, his body, his blood heat while exploring and warming one another at that time said. He soon found a better use of his hands and fell to the ground the GUI. The first half of this year, was incredibly productive. It is a book on 19 February, began on February 20 and this book to write a second book on June 1. Each book was delivered the best book I wrote once, by the respective Publisher.June 1st I ' sees progress in a new book, but not on the level of the course of the first five months of the year. I was distressed, but then I realized for the first five months of this year sucks. Lie awake nights, making the calculation, divided by the number of words that had yet to always write fewer days, I had to write these words. I have worked in the evenings and on weekends. I have written in hotel rooms, on airplanes and in the car passenger seat. I wrote about the holidays. I wrote when I was in the hospital while Kung Fu Misdianosed was prejudice.So, no, I ' t to repeat, but don't want to try to write more. «But as says Yoda.» Or not do. There is no proof. some things that work for me:. This week I m ' talk to thousands of students in Missouri. And I think that the main message, which is not by it ' t read, write or research. Te ' do not give their dreams about the topic.Not ' the best writer out there. Buts--and this is an important but - I have one of the most difficult stains. I believe that most things in life, are as important as I started writing talent and Hartnackigkeit.als, I took a class with two namesakes Tom and Jane. Two writers were better than me. (Actually as a unit used to describe a character, I borrowed a couple of times by Tom frame). The two approached some agents, and both received letters of rejection.At least the latter heard both and was in writing.The fact is that these agents do not ' t really power, Tom Jane n say or ' have good authors. You could say it was that not these books first of all.The only person who really made the game, the game can take Act or write or dance, or what is also always.It had four times in my career when it seemed that it could never published or reissued. I still have a big fat file stinking sadness, that reached briefs/press. It is likely that there are more than one hundred letters or notices with the word not in this file. Not not not. Or at least it is not 'the' answer. I kept pushing, new book written, veterans of search optimization, many tips and suggestions on how it could.So, if really like something, is difficult!(When I spoke at the school in February, a teacher came to me later and said that they have heard I decided to go to massage school). Alexis, Nick and Ruby are very different: Alexis has dedicated his life to the mental illness of his mother and Ruby wants to follow only their interests in a world not their arrogance by Nick has Eccentrics hide their fear, not enough. When three teenagers to join the search and rescue of Portland, the County Sheriff are connected with the search for a man with autism, were lost in the forest. On the other hand, find a corpse. In a relationship forged in danger, fear and courage, the three forces bundle to find the murderer — daughter one of them can hit.In the following series: blood will tell. as a way of giving readers access to exclusive bonus of their autores-hardware preferred:. and surprisingly win prizes! This hunt was not only access to exclusive content from each author, get a clue, also for hunting. Aggregate indices and may at our price and one lucky winner received from each author a hunt of the book signed on my computer. Play fast: this competition (and exclusive bonus material) will be online within 72 hours.Go to the page of the treasure hunt to learn about. There are six competitions underway at the same time, and you can enter one or all them. I am part of the blue team, but there is also a red team, a team gold, a team of Orange, to win a red team and a British team for a different set of autographed books.If you ' know more about hunting, the links to all the authors involved and to see a list full of awards, please go to find. Last week I shot in the final version of the next book in the series. It was the title blood will tell. the amazing thing is that I think that it remained the editor. I think that the last time that happened 10 years ago. In friendship and blood, Nick, Alexis and Ruby are on the road, to be member of the search and rescue of Portland — and be friends. If a woman is found dead stabbed, his so-called team to prove to search. Suspicion falls on a child lives in Nearbyr, clumsy child, knife, how the school collects first - person shooter video games and violent scenes sketched in his Notebooks: Nick Walker. As the evidence against his friend Monte, Alexis and Ruby need to decide where his loyalty — even if we put them in danger. ,,.