I started reading this for a school project and I have to say this is the best book I have read for a long time. It was very emotional and has a very good message. ’ Can t help but I agree with Morrie ’ Can s. ’ philosophies Called t lie, at the end, giving too much away. I liked the message he had. Need people to enjoy the important things. Don ’ Do you worry about these things, that technology. & Rsquo; I'm not sure, because it is based on true events, who else, gets me or something, but this book really I was really emotional to people I know who have left and how much he taught me. I think that East little was Mitch Albom I understand when he wrote this.I highly recommend this book for people. Is a good book, and I think that anyone who reads it. 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful. This review has been helpful? A constant theme of death is a book about life Tuesday with my old Professor of Mitch Albom novel actually. This is a true story of what happens if a Conrtacts depth and brilliant Professor SLA of deadly disease and how one of his students aged with him eventually remained.This book is very personal, because Mitch's voice proves their deepest thoughts and more personal. In addition, the main character and the writer share a name. It really gives off a sense of being. Morrie was a professor at the University of Mitch Farvorite. When Mitch about Morrie learns the disease, the meeting starts every Tuesday to talk with him. Mitch is so excited by Morrie ideas and thoughts about life, it feels no time because I was a student at the University, Morrie. At the beginning of the story, Mitch has suffered more for their work and the money his wife or be a good person. I met Morrie and is not so much to answer the phone has time to think about life and now writes for the success of important novels.Morrie offers advice on life, love, forgiveness, wants and needs nothing, need for Mitch to talk. As it is narrower at the end, OK. Slowly, their disease is that you lose control over your body. Firstly, he cannot walk and cannot loosen her arms and finally eat solid foods, until it is just a useless piece. You don't see it that way, however. It is a pity that you did not. Want to visit with him his problems talk about you. Sometimes it seems that Morrie has an answer for everything. Don't like the way our culture is a race. He believes that people should be slow and take time to live life. I think this is Morrie learned and the most important lesson that anyone can learn more important than Mitch, lesson, read this book and the most important lesson that anyone can learn from reading this book. This book exude a feeling sad and depressing, however. Take the heavy topic of death and maintains a very bright tone. Life is too short to work from it keep running. Take time in their busy lives to read this book. 10 of 12 people found the following review helpful. This review has been helpful? Our history, the last DaysThis one man who is gone is preferred in the school and its teachers. The boy named Mitch and his favorite Professor named Morrie. Mitch is the narrator of the story, and everyone has done a great job in the description too. After Mitch leaves the school and pursued his dream as a writer, falls into a show where you see Morrie. We have the story told that Morrie is when diagnosed, and one is incurable disease. It was time to live, by Mitch decides to visit and spent the last days with Morrie. Now you are in the course of history, and is an interesting read. Morrie drops some powerful gems throughout most of history and in my opinion, it is definitely worth reading. The parameter is at home by Morrie and Morrie was Professor at Brandeis University. There are other characters in the story. You have the interviewer for Ted Koppel's Nightline. Peter (Mitch's brother), Janine (Mitch's wife) and Charlotte (Morrie's wife). Everyone has an important role in the history and not a poignant. I think it was very exciting and I really liked it. 1 of 1 people found this comment useful. This review has been helpful? At one point in our school a teacher who had a large influence on the way we think and how we live our life had most of us. A gift, that now, after so many years, with the Treasury consultant know about this re-learn lessons and divided, when we were young.? Mitch Albom had that possibility. He spent several months, his university teacher, visiting Morrie Schwartz regularly larger life in the last year. Tuesdays with Morrie is a tribute to the man who best seller Albom of so much. ,,.