If you have employees, make sure that you have a number of employer identification of revenue service wishes to receive and register with your state tax office. Employees can also secure and paste it in your State or the application as required by some employers. Staff without legal action is illegal and can result in severe penalties and fines. Thanks for the comments of our editors of this article. Please fill out the following information so that we may be able to direct to the Publisher of small businesses in a fact or typographical errors in this story. All fields are required. Always use a written contract that specifies all the details of their services. A contract can protect you and produce their business disagreement. Do not pass under the radar and make sure that you do not attempt to or connect your business, although they do not need customers. You can find personally held liable for damage or theft, appearance, and the burden of proof is in his hands and after that often times will work without supervision. Look for those who perform works of quality for all cleaning jobs. His reputation is the best advertising and marketing. 2Contact step your business insurance and by the stick of contracts of insurance and bonding. Insurance and liability, not only seulement vous covered property damage, but may be needed for commercial cleaning products in some States. Ask yourself, the need for insurance for your vehicle and, if necessary, by order of the Government or insurance. Reading:. Step 1Obtain of the company to activate its City Clerk and a certificate of registration of its law of business administration business tax or tax. In some States you can define commercial detergents as entrepreneurs, an additional license or permit. Make sure that the State Department is not forgotten. Matt McKay began his career in 1999, writes articles and training programs for a national company. His work has been in various materials for private companies and online publications. McKay has experience in entrepreneurship, training of personnel, human resources, technology, business and music. Start a business at home with your own vehicle for cleaning, economic instruments and office supplies. Offices, commercial cleaning, also called the cleaning of offices and other divisions typically includes after hours and blankets, clean windows, suction and cleaning, toilet and other items and services described in the cleaning contract. Creating a business plan, registration and ensure your business belong to the first time up and bonding procedures may be required by some States and companies. Step 3purchase the equipment and cleaning supplies. Equipment and supplies will vary depending on the type of operation, but in General, a vacuum cleaner, MOP, garbage bags, towels, sponges, sponges, buckets of cleaning, chemical cleaning and cleaning cart. A local printer, including letters, flyers, brochures and a magnetic Board for your vehicle 4Buy printed marketing AIDS, if you want to use one. You can visit or send these tools to potential customers for your cleaning company. You can see the small newspapers and sales visits to local companies. ,,.