Hello, Pat, people actually get a seat in the first row to the build and one to create a niche site. People need to realize that money online through the establishment of a branch with these types of sites surprisingly light Verstand.Aber ’ Grand to show her that it might be able, which go through steps and them starts today your website niche. What great and my 10 years online marketing is.?Never seen someone alive actaully go through the stages of the process of change. Keep up the good work brother. now, many people are looking at you. The TrafficColeman signing “ “ ”. Dixon –, that I saw today, thank you very much for your support and good luck wish for your niche site. If you need anything, just let me know. Hooray! Excellent resource, Pat! Wow. I'm no ’ plan of the niche blogger and Don t be ’, but I know that many of my readers in this track and I hope that even more. No doubt you're going to call ’ here. First of all thank you very much. While I n t ’ looking for a niche website set up, I learned a lot about my WordPress blog set up. I will, because I am curious. The site is very useful, the duel of the niche site is great, but I never a single post in every place, that is so easy to follow and so full of incredible Informationen.Lesen reviews, is very easy to see that great things that many people to help.Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work. Hello PatFirst time display and wanted to thank me. Thanks for a great blog and shows his thinking and processes. I found your site a few days ago, and it seems that you visit every day. I had a lot of points and ideal, from your post. I have this niche of several website, but she broke down, to go to the next level. Connect with low traffic and low income. I started a niche site to play the challenge. GOOG luck with your site and brings us to publish his work.Oh is great your podcast. Hi Pat, I personally ’ m playing with this model on my niche website and had gotten up to a bit of trouble look like yours. A request can be too detailed, but I ’ want to see really shows a summary of the settings and preferences of your homepage and blog, how they do it. Thank you, Adam. The ’ closest friend m, by reading the two 6 Duke … more what I want by ’ m, look at a dirty movie or something.This would allow a man to see amazing reality! LOLI cant wait to start to ’ a niche sites you really are BRO … brother of Daman. They want your valuable opinion about something, that something confuses me?I am not a blogger, but working on it. Now available to go, Samurai (MS) (thanks for the recommendation on your blog) I got my “ 777 ” list and now I'm in DC on keywords work digging. ¿(SI keinen me Equivoco, El procedimiento es como sigue: 1) enter one of my keywords, we will for example ’ your security officer training ’ ‘ example2 (SGT)) keywords / s decision on my niche in my main argument SGTWhere are always confused: when I say I have a niche? IE: It is a niche, a niche within the larger object ‘ ’ training. In fact, from the point of view of the hierarchy could be this aspect, from top to bottom (certainly not a complete list, try to explain my point of view): training on the training – training — security guards (perhaps more possible reduction) and then, if you know that you have arrived in a niche? You don't go ’ ‘ ’ training ‘ security training or ’ instead? SGT the: knew specifically that is the niche ’ ‘, i.e. ’ where do not have a niche below.Is not common English, I hope that I've seen him clearly, what I mean.Thank you in advance for your reply, Pat (and who wants to answer).Best regards from Greece, David. Hi for your website, but it's enough to learn PatNew to go all your blogs in one. Great! I really am this duel of the niche, and I am glad to see how it goes through the following steps. It has a new niche of the site itself (,) home title: this is the title that appears at the top of your browser on the homepage and in the bright blue letters on the side of the results of the search engines (SERPs). I entered my password twice for more punchy (title and slogan), but you have to be careful here because the keyword will penalize your site.I like to use the rule of 2 max Max 2 in its title and 2 maximum in the description.Description: This is the paragraph that appears under your blue links in the SERP. Many people use this plugin does not ’ and not on this function, which leaves very strange description of the research, which included sometimes random sites. Give a detailed here and don't forget to include your most important keywords again. I have also a secondary keyword that you give a little more about the relevance of the scalpels (title and description) are so far, with the industry (security services), what (i.e., get more traffic) not optimized the people in the SERPs, so you can see more effect to optimize for keywords only, to capture the attention of people, also ’. Sometimes a series of site # 3 are more traffic than a # 2, simply because the copy is better.From time to time, and then now check my copy of changes in Google may be different than what you see above.Home Keywords: Keywords in the metadata (your site) are less important these days. The weight was taken far, since many people only enter keywords in their metadata and keywords, not to scale ’. However to first and foremost must put the primary keyword in their expression, followed by a secondary key words related to your House you know is looking for.Very important plugin Google XML SitemapsThis helps to a certain type of file used by the Google robot to create ’, which analyzes the content of your website ’ enabled for the appropriate indexing on your System.Einmal, there are ’ ready ’ – don't have nothing else to do. Interesting work Pat, me ’ m I'm watching with great interest. Especially eager your niche ready to see website, remains but worried about the control of the quality of its products. To meet the majority of questions you wrote article has some very large areas of the answers everything can be considered to be exact. Keep definitely, ’ can t wait to see the next episode! Hello, Pat, appreciate all the information that you want to share on your website, is really amazing. Thank you very much. I have followed everything you say to my niche site. In addition, I have a question, I live in the Mexico and I want my niche in Spanish and English, what is your opinion? Do you have one for each language? Thanks for the additions on a niche site to start. I'm trying to follow this process, but I'm having trouble finding a niche with EBS do not sufficiently competitive. I am new to the site and started, your throws pod # 1 listen! Listen on your way to the class really helped, my thoughts and this site is invaluable. Thank you for your hard work. Hi Alison and Andy, ’ I top a new niche to put and the criteria of the Syon used, the website is quick and easy. Once you have activated the plugin, you can simply create a new page and call privacy policy and give the shortcode [Syonpolicy] ‘ ‘ in the editor to publish and a privacy policy, Google enough for you! So has the option of CS & T, is the same, but with a shortcode [Syonterms] ‘ ‘ hope it helps. The theme of your site (what one sees, that it can easily be confused with a different look), is very easy to configure.I have ’ I changed the theme on this blog (smart passive income) 4 or 5 times before finally ends and that I liked, but that a ’ Nice is that it millions of 1,000001 themes available (free and paid), so that we ’ one that suits your needs is essential.I found an awesome free theme for my niche sites. Hi Pat, chose the theme, to its niche very well measure. I'm excited to visit, once it is on your Web site ’. Its quite surprising that are outsourcing their content and do it yourself. I had bet that you are already very busy with your other blogs. I wish him all the best and look forward to your next updates. I love their duel niche Web series. Basically taught me to create my sites and has helped me tremendously!I hope that you do ’ another day. rich in content/niche websites is usually relatively easy to find and start to – the challenge is always new content so that it greatly attract enough traffic from search engines. Unlike a blog monetization of niche depends on creating optimized content Web sites so that you can rely on, to carry organic traffic over the years. Since my first pair of me then but the rest of the contract. The best way for me is to get most of my investment of time and money. good luck and hope to see how it is. “ Because I don't know anything about this niche, I'm in the same place as those who use my site. For this reason, I think I'll let, know exactly what people want to know, and how you present. * ” this apostrophe is gold value. Its a good point, a large number of cover should be. A beginner may be beneficial, especially because the most niche filled by the beginner. Another great post. I have ’ already decided my niche exactly according to the process and getting ready to start, to create a website. Pat, thank you for all you do! Hi Stacy, we hope, you will enjoy your niche site. I ’ view many built and loves. You can also say it has saved lives, in any case, good luck and I'm ’ more than happy to help if you have any questions and of course, Pat is too busy to help you.You may have heard in his early success, Leo. Creation of domain and hosting, WordPress blog, it starts the plugin and download the theme has a total of approximately 1 Stunde.Stellen contain the necessary studies for the subjects that perhaps another one in the Web site, 1 hour.Each blog entry, I have previously written ’ red (shown in the above figure), drove about 30 minutes to 1 hour, then maybe 4 hours extra time.= Total number of hours 6 Stunden.Es could not stop with the blog-post-ve me already written ’ and work on the creation of backlinks, but I want to really in this niche hardcore go see ri ’ much more than 4 or 5 post of the blog and what some of them do not ’ completely connected with the representation in this area of training. I want to see from the site (i.e.), of course, because that's what works ’ better.In relation to the costs, everything that I paid him up to this point have been the domain and the hosting package, which runs $6.95 per month. What is the current theme, you use it twice in your niche market? I've just found this and I read all posts and it seems to me that you have modified object Simplefolio wrote from the outset. ’ n t for some time, because I ’ State view focused on some personal projects –, but I have to say that this challenge has really interested me. I have a lot of niche blueprint ’ skip view with WP and I wanted to ’ m really glad that many things that I've started are ’ things ’ implementation in their challenge of the re.I thought the ’ would not work, because I was not ’ t enough, so to put it in the background. Discover – work.Thanks to this, because now the ’ have confidence about the articles and entries in the blog. Hello, Pat, was your videos 4 minutes on your last post fantastic. I've created just my first niche site. As you said, that I have also installed these links! Thank you!. Hi Pat, post major as follows. I bought recently profit instruments describe a blog (or almost) the same way. Works on my first Dutch niche blog, no experience at all. Aside from my personal blog. ’ am curious to see how that will work for you. Thank You for sharing. Hello, Pat! I just started my first website of the niche, which is also the first site ’ view began. ’ I was capable of, multiple Web site according to your instructions, but I ’ m with the get of the header to fight and well defined cursor. I Simplefolio me using theme and question, if you any advice or where I can find instructions know the topic Simplefolio to learn. Thank you for your good advice! I have ’ not sure if you can see this blog, I've seen ’ ask about the ’ hut t react, but it's going. I found the site visits and it's so new, SimpleFolio that isn t ’ theme available. I question m ’ if you downloaded the theme? If so, send it to me?Many thanks and a very good site! Correct path! I accept your challenge! Yes. I'm late, but I'm taking the challenge of 12 October 2012. I'll be the advice that list (and Tyrone) follow your files into the niche market duel as faithfully as possible. I'm super pumped, fear and suddenly overwhelmed. I look forward to a site to build from scratch. Also our sites in a critical area are specialized while your site is about market Samurai keyword research-based my field site choice something randomly made up. I Google, keywords, something in my heart, said a cause to find. I hope that with the use of any strategy, list you the files I can overcome the barrier of the keyword domain names and even people help and making passive income. We will see. Anyway, I think that you gain experience, will be worth the penalty to create a website from scratch! Keep published! Smile, Stacey P.S. disclose my niche a little later. You know that if Google penalizes from multiple locations including niche shared hosting accounts? Especially if they have many links from the same sources. Hi Jean – thank you! Very nice! And even if you think n t ’ on how to make a niche blogger ’ things are of course ’ talk, no matter you can what questions, what they do online, anyway, is what fast! – Thanks Adnan –, but ’ m not trying, all links to this Web site by niche here on this blog, then put n tilt t ’ pay one.! As you can see, you change the URL. Hi Pat, this is a fantastic post! I'm very motivated, in the niche of my personal site there, you rock! Thank you, that you select a lot of information about the origin of the site, including information about your plugin. I have ’ going to overcome our current SEO on my website and get it optimized for soon. A new tool for keywords and inspiration for new jobs is always welcome - good advice! # 4 wait. Thank you very much!. Hi, Pat. Thanks to your information I m ’, finally my first niche website this weekend. The website is very informative and easy to understand. I don't have any ’ he pressed without your site and you could be looking for always. Thank you very much. And I thought that know everything you need to know to create a blog. I did not know that it is a easy privacy policy plugin. Thanks for sharing and I went ahead and cash had installed campfire. Fascinating to see your progress of niche blogs. How often we publish in your niche blog? Once a day? Twice in the day? I think that you should also think the frequency of your post. This will help to define the goals in place.After the great and look forward to reading more!Christina. Excellent blog, Pat. You have a new follower. I'm starting a new niche site, so now my most important goal is to: 1. Add as many messages as possible in my ’ s tried, such as a title and tags in the niche. 2 create you 10 or 20 Web 2 mini blog blogger and WordPress3. Make an additional CONTECT is tagged and linked to my main niche site. 4 rotate some articles and you add the great directories article on the subject. written, is my plan good?Kind regards. There are hundreds of different ways to set up a niche website – know, but ’ to explain my point of departure you show, below since you ’ by easy to follow and not ’ t require much know. If you add something, ’, that people do not realize this process, appreciate your insight in the comments section. Hi Pat, I think, that I can no t ’ this blog. Too much. This is a great post. Many of the details and the number of the agreement. Will continue to these plugins on my site to test and I want to create a niche site shortly after his step by step instructions.Pat thank you. Hi Pat, thank you! Also I am building my first niche site to this Zeit.Ich follow his advice and the advice of some German bloggers make a niche site duel this time. Andreas. Hello, pat, has ’ inspired me to start my blog niche. (Me ’ ya mi Nombre de Dominio, Comprada Hizo mi Cuenta WordPress, Descarga el plugin y show ’ me CASI listo para publicar mi primer m = blog) Yay! I am happy. I have a question. Exactly, how I have my privacy policy at the bottom of my blog, can I t seems to understand, ’ = (I ’ view the plugin installed to close the page, but I still think not of the place where ’ would be the check.) Thanks again for this, an inspiration and motivation for me! You Rock =). Hi Pat!Some have, how I stumbled across the site from another site a couple of days. ’ Haven t come many website read. But ’ have read the first three places in the challenge of the niche. And I have to say I think the ’ is very interesting.I just started studying at the University for the first time and I ’ view thinking about something similar in the last 2-3 years has made. I thought that if you are not working, it would be a very rewarding experience and a small income on the one hand (this is important for – cause as a student ’ don't have plenty of time to find a part time job) in other words: I am ’ your kids to write all this in detail. ’ I learn a lot, and maybe can not directly related to the niche of time ’ - Sitemap - basket manufacturing. Haha. Great post Pat. ’ View, which I never understood how people niche sites as well as ’ of great to read the messages that take part, what you're doing for your niche site. I think that you make a contribution, because every step is a good idea, because I personally find it much easier to understand what you do, if I have a massive 3,000-word article. Hello, Pat, I love your new design of website security guard! It is easy to ’ loan and is good. I have ’ m came up behind her and my team are in it. ’ Here is my new video about the mistakes that I made, and here is the new ’ ’ view chosen niche as well as. ) just at the same moment, the challenge, so started had I ’ m want everything that I learn how to use my own niche! You can ’ wait for the next update to read … on the other hand, there are now articles published by Mark Mason, suggesting that it ’ is written as a joke? Hi Christel – impressive! Good luck with everything and don't forget, that, although the first use tool does not work on ’, ’ have the tools and know for a faster installation and ’ re forced to hit a homerun. It is always hot, Pat! I admire your ability to make these places facts and back to cope with ’ only your website niche. Incredible! Your niche site is unbelievable, you ’ – want to kill him.Thank You for sharing.Michael. Privacy ” “ easy – they have and I'm going to check in any case. WP is an excellent choice for use. It seems that ’ re on the right track with your niche site. Hi does work on my niche websites PatJust.In this article proves to be a niche find and finds a niche of market of keywords, apart from everything else helpful.Impressive content, a friend. The things are ’ re created its niche is much easier to find.Thank you, my Freund.C, Pat, therefore ’ State view to guys who are looking after a couple of weeks now and has decided to try all things marketing niche. ’ I'm sitting here reading and rereading everything you are. Thanks for the instructions and tips. It is amazing how ’ do not know, for ’. Do (i.e., provided that it measures, so that you do not have a privacy policy?) (Man, I wonder how long I have to ’ my toilet on the screen appeared, not to mention that you!) Here are ’ for that day when I get to the 9-5. ’ has also started a beautiful site and a well chosen niche. And the wok you do beautifully! I wish you all the best! We did indeed committed here my friend. I like the page, many amateurs make the mistake to do this niche websites display antispam and poor quality. Though I have learned a nice page for the research by Adam Short to make. Pat, I noticed that you use for your accommodation BlueHost. Recently, I took a look on the purchase of a self-control. I stopped because of this problem. One of his signed options? Backup sites the most SITELOCK security and domain whois privacy service. I am interested to know whether necessary or unnecessary additions are the thesis. In the background, the I to explore and strategy in the early stages of creating a sustainable WordPress niche blog. Who has useful information please answer or send an email. Thank you in advance!Sean P to find out what kind of questions type of people search engines that are connected to your computer. That would not have much impression ’ the numbers along with the questions, but you get some good ideas for this kind of content people want to know. ’ Here is a screenshot below. Another great post. Do you think that make sites for niche PLR articles? Do you think the article on the work, or do I have to invest time to find material and write? Big argument Christina and ’ by ’ I ll cover in my delivery to the next, but I'm a post per day for a period of time or even more with content that I know not to undersell pretty quickly. I think that will increase my rank and authority in this niche have faster if I published less frequently. More about this! Thank you for your support! I the site liked niche videos, but at the end of the video, they me accused of “ here on the top button. ” the button is on the screenshot above, but not in the live version. Power hard to follow and good flow. I enjoy the competition and learn a lot. Awesome podcast also. To meet this challenge, I m ’ all write me.You hire people to create content for you push (and should in some cases probably) but I want to write, and because it is a theme really worries me ’ (it came from my Pasiones problemas - niche-selection method 777 concerns), so I ’ it is possible to produce content, looking after Menschen.Weil I know nothing about this niche m ’ as same as those, to use my site actually. For this reason, I think that ’ will know exactly what people want to know and like you send to them.I'll talk more ’ with the content in a next blog duel niche market, but just to give you post an idea, and from there as it came with the content, simply create a list of questions, concerns and issues that perhaps could write.Others come from common sense are some based on more detailed analysis of key words and some caused by Forschungsnahe Wettkampfstätten.Cool resources: can be used. Hi Pat, the idea of writing a large number of jobs on the basis of queries for the database keyword some t n forgot she wasn't, the ’ with my site, but I m ’ I am glad what you did.My position is a little different in his time, because I'm at the time in the building of the website ’ it is really to master ’ m willing to invest the time and create the same content.The most fun, is, in fact, it would be now more profitable than my marketing blog. LOLSergio. ’ ll, must use the same method to your website ’ here is a screenshot of my niche theme: SimpleFolio. This phrase can explain a little more in your post Pat. until then “ it is probably strategically and sprinkle the site with AdSense, because I know that the cost per click is very high, at $2.32 per click. ” what is a high cost per click? The appreciation of the difficult niche to clarify all the love. Hello to all. My niche site starts a real site look! My advice: always with the work and will surely meet. Pat, thanks for everything! ’ I can not wait to learn how to get visitors on a new Web site of Mr. generate opinion ’ secret sauce Sara of successful blog niche. (The term to read secret ingredient ” “ Maren Kate on ’ site and blocked).Rush to Pat. A very complete Post.Ich ’ view a niche blogs created in the last year to see if I can win some popular keyword. I think that in the transmission of a ’ will his advice to follow. ,,.