We cannot think that using the baby diagnosed with dangerous food allergies, but it has one big advantage is that Jonathan and I have been dining; We had to learn how to read the labels to be creative when you cook (peanuts are not difficult, but recipes for baking and roasting jump without eggs) and ensure that the different ingredients and recipes. We then Cook now. Is also part of the community school for girls for a very practical reason-that food allergies by Alex. When they started going to school full time, the first year that I was not comfortable that you would be able to even the table, surrounded by peanut butter sandwiches and carrots with Ranch (has serious allergies to peanuts and eggs) for safe diving. So I took advantage of the school which can accommodate volunteers policy lunch every day. in Exchange for cleaning that had Tables between lunch periods, I have an eye for Alex, when they ate for lunch, to educate, as she has learned to moved away also very accessible from your allergen. Die over, makes me every day at school. Know teachers Alex, I will be there for lunch and many times, I query I am buying insurance is known for some of the ice in the classroom or the Director asked my entry into the bag EpiPen mother or Erdnuss. Als at home that I can win a lunch table, experience and credibility on something, which in recent yearsas a mother and a career goal-supporter of food allergy has become an important part of my identity. and I found your post very interesting, especially in relation to the emotions at home with older children and toddlers. I wonder how it will develop, as my children grow and eventually go to school every day my feelings. I can't imagine too! Nate believes that complete works as our children are older, but I'm not *, * weekend tournaments/sport and long time with work at home, free activities. We are going to see. Amy love post how it works and how things change over time. Enjoy!. . In other news, I got a new Breastpump from Medela, then I studied finally with my medical insurance coverage. It turns out that this new pump has a strong engine bad compared to my pump Hygeia who very often almost five years. I.e., moved the first time that I have this new pump eyes almost out of my mind because my nipples almost out of my body were divided with his power. Until you have no more milk this new pump with motor-asesino: 7 ounces on my first attempt. Yes! I only have one car or battery, adapter, so I can use it in my work.In addition, due to numerous suggestions you dear readers and readers, appointment, officially I breastfeeding for Tuesday with the consultant. I brought my cousin is a LC an email, but you tell me, I can do no harm. VOR allem, because I want to wear for a sweepstakes that the tongue or the lips, to judge, because I have no idea if their Frenulums are normal, despite my constant delving into the mouth and search on the Internet) Maybe this is our answer on his shit of gaining weight slowly to care and love for … bottles, or can not. But I'm very curious to what he has to say on your bar, the mouth, the bottles and our plans for the fight against this barrier nursing. I think maybe this nomination a bit about how hard to push, give attention, because surely I couldn't hear now urge. So far we have not had any formula bottle at home, one in asylum gives every day that there is. So dilutes a fool of this crazy milk pumps, but trying to catch the stock in the freezer, and I feel SUPER thin spreading me. Then, someone has to give. I hope that this goalkeeper, is, but I'm not my breath. Take one day at a time, and my best wishes to give, without sacrificing my mind (a). Since changing my thoughts and my feelings of the mother at home for his senior year, my mami's deepest moments of guilt because of concern that I expected, my daughters make the goal more.My life revolved around them for the rest of his life and had no problems with that. Suddenly, I feel the need for something else, and I fear that this change is not for them is correct.Because of this belief, for several months, I wasn't there is the idea of integrating a more traditional work. Focus instead should I try to build my own logo and other things from home, to work around my goal as a mother in the home.But I recently had with the two girls in a serious discussion of what are the most important things in their lives to me for a part. Both were that she was very mature and he told me that his conclusion is that there are times to volunteer their lunch, they want to bring me the book fair and I want to be there at the time of sunset. According to occasional deviations from norm-which here and there once dinner might be lost, if for example I have a meeting.Jonathan also spoke on the plate. It is important to be happy for me and made more responsible for welcome home tests in words and deeds, that you are ready, have more work.With my family I felt much better these conversations. Understand that writing is important to me, and I want to salute me because I want to. How are expectations, I was surprised by how you have changed my feelings, because my kids are older.The best choice-for me it was very good until I have kids and while he was the education of children of pre-school age, on average Gung-I wasn't always very I have in my belief, being a mother at home. I've never had the illusion that the mother at home was the best option for every woman and not the porter's judgment on other women's decisions. But it's always been very sure it was the best choice for me, a housewife and mother.Because of my own safety in this belief was somewhat blind to how they changed my feelings, because my kids are older. I always knew growing up and less prone to me, but I think I know a sort of amorphous, sometimes in the future type of understanding. Now, I'm amazed at how more concrete and in your face, I have about the importance of the independence of my children give me my career. I'm surprised at the vehemence of my feelings of being a mother at home isn't enough for me, I need something outside of my family I defines.Something that was really sticking to me, especially in these months, it is very reassuring that the normal election, make the right decision for you and your family right now in life and then a few years later his own feel another option for you and your family disagrees. everything simply because my choice was convinced that to be good for My Six Pack Life Free me, when I had two small children at home mother does not mean that works is a mother with sons becomes. In terms of features, I in our family (me as a housewife, he as a father) and Jonathan to play, is very similar to expect life to my children. and I really enjoyed it. I liked it, we will know with the House, the children of ten years and I like the good luck Jonathan are content to live for us. . Eat pancakes and waffles with Bacon, fruit and muffins no longer as a breakfast for dinner, or let the girls have for breakfast a couple of days and then freeze the rest for breakfast, that I am the first, which tells you that it is tough and difficult this season of our lives, and I think especially to children 3Ho around his head fights to keep out of the water. But if breath to see a step back and really in October and keep in mind that every season seems short if it disappeared, I realise is that life can be crazy at the moment, but I am foolish embrace. I could feel spread thin and slightly fringed, juggling the needs of others like me. But the leaves change, the temperature drops and this strong smell fall there is for us. You mad to embrace. Immerse yourself in the season. Sure, until you forget to breathe and feel life more organized a day for change.And after spending too long looking back at this season's picture might seem like asking, as wild as it was so beautiful. I think my biggest goal for the fall of this year will give me some grace, cut yourself and everyone at my turn, a little loose and the wave of change. Also, I really appreciate these beautiful leaves, until they seduce and white thing replaced the month after month after month.Thank God for October. An advantage is still my position, I have the opportunity to be part of the community of my children. I am at school, all the time, I'm a friend of the parents of his friends and I sympathise with their teachers and headmasters.This is something that is important to me because I liked my mother, a part of my community, the school, when he was a child. I believe that my presence at school of my children to feel help instead. I like that I saw every day, if I forget them for lunch and a summary of what happened the morning-first time alone, withdrawing at the end of the day. Like, get the reins of the school, even in non-school hours, because they put me for a breakfast or a closing of the book right. ,,.