Hi, I m ’ 15 years and only 45 kg. I hate my body and get my legs and muscles, because I have a feeling of insecurity about my body mass, when all my friends I have a fantastic body. Please help me and can not ’ t expected when I eat much fatty foods. If you are naturally thin, then mass weight gain makes it absolutely crucial in your healthy muscle mass approach, rather than the weight training program probably will get much. The purpose of this article is to explain the basics of a good weight gain diet and then let's see what specifically, if you could have more than one day of rehearsal dinner. First, something is heard before … CaloriesThe, consume more fat or muscle enough, weight gain consume more energy than you spend. There is no escape from this basic law of human anatomy regardless of explanations, listen as the opposite. It is true that some of us have the metabolic rate faster than others, but that just means that people need to eat more. The basis for any regulation of weight gain should be nutritious. Love all the reviews here. (more shit) In weighing plasterer Pierre 13.1-5-22:00 ″. I easily 3 litres of liquid Cosume per day.(without beverage concentrates, take water from the cells to dilute the juice) and more than 4000 calories a day. Work 8 hours and smoke. don't go to the gym and I … smoke say that 9% getting a fat body and pulls a muscle head should 4500 … CAL/day at a rate of 25% of fat, 50% protein and 25% to consume carbohydrates. the body needs fat to produce any chemical processes of the body needs to function, and the brain is just fat …. So basically for anyone that smallpox 2 x weekly meeting until the local gym nor above it will make one tht, misleading and understated organ lead Ernst …. no job smoking, Pierre up to 15 and then press crushed as a tax … instructor and also try not to laugh, see the people, the poor form of exercise using training methods of training too poor and too long. Ernst is the only way for 40 minutes a day, 5 times a week. MO = Forelegs and forearms – = TEU and calves and stomach Friday LVL = sea thighs and biceps pecho-do and prejudices. before testing the agonist antagonist muscle tension. train a muscle so far from other muscles and the form with the mirror!(only the muscles that you can see.) I hope this helps. Train people! Hi the theme looks all muscular, physical tone varies and is essentially a ‘ JOCK ’ (God doesn't allow it).All 65 kg have no weight … weight problem is my goal, because it is categorized as a normal ’ weight ‘ Unterstutzung. bitte can keep this topic, to help those who are underweight and problems with weight gain; Let s bodybuilding ’ to separate, because it is not directly proportional to the weight gain.Not to be confused with exercise, all people should be so or participate as … thanks. As I said I did and WINS!If you need help, I am more than happy!Please send me an email –. Do a good job, while “ 02.30 minutes sessions a week ”, idiot. Work for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from ’ m nor does mean voluntary or most of the time in the rest of the Week. a widespread suggestions Sie entire page based on assumptions, full and you can see how the shit, I'm not crazy. Completely changed my diet and try usually reach 3500 calories a day and I'm going to ask for more time to work this week, so I can add two hours, the suspension of the meeting, on Saturday. I ’ View, that over the past five months and until now I live very strictly ’ vista took three kilos and I n ’ View whatever happens more strongly than larger or t. get aid for your nerd rage on the Internet. Hi Cory, in your shoes I often – to eat and go to the gym, but never more than 55 kg (I ’ 5 feet 5). Then, I asked the help of a personal trainer, who taught me how to train correctly and won 54 kg 61 kg in May 6 months, what makes a great DiffSi who can afford, is the best way to pay some personal training. If not, maybe a couple of things can happen, if you must:-tun much more with the exercises, especially her legs because the muscles bigger. Squat and deadlift is a must – can really ’ t gain weight half give these two exercises-pull-ups for up/up-slow Strip and plunges even more a train down significantly, while their movements, for example the weight upwards, if it drops, 4 seconds slower. That is, I do a lot of characters more easily than before, but who cares, the gym is not a place where you measured how much weight to lift. -Pause between the series must be rigorous. For example, the German volume training where they already do 10 sets of 10 reps, the effectiveness of the training you should not 60 seconds between systems regardless of the degree of fatigue, feeling or commitment. It has a timer to people tend to relax an opportunity too among the SetsGood. Hi Guys was leo juice this entire blog I have exactly the same, very lean summer lean for a while, but now ’ vista set up a mass is food and heavy lifting, as starter – 3 gm 4,000 calories, proteins, 200 per day and then, after a month of eating an extra 2000 for a total of 6000 Caloriesproteine 300 – 5 g per day – 8 7 Caloriasgm 2000 400 protein to giornosta by pressing the button to increase the sale of wholesale food and wholesale and helps him coz protein is added to their daily dose of you after the shape that is 100% ’ grow protein may have a repair action muscle bundles of WHT and how many proteins need carbohydrates, then after 45 min dinner quality in the stomach. More importantly, it must be true, why aren't you saying 4 u-gym 5 times a week and not their real gym urself food loads I have the Mojo to do, when you walk into a gym day u go lift u WHT a diary and what is the weight of each package of u. time to go take a long time but ’ s. value trust me, what is the key to eating and heavy lifting. And nothing more than a sparring partner isn't necessary coz, if you go to a decent gym, always get a person, try to reason evident anywhere more difficult than a burden, but also for.! Everyone has a different chore WHT training for anyone else, so it might not work. But the key to mass Gettn eats big big elevator and make sure u like sleeping in rest of quality, that is when the body develops dream whn u. Train WHN u needs rest and your body gets whn u sleep. In this sense, I have a couple of hours to wake up and hit the gym don't hesitate to delete an email. Hi, I'm from the India, I have 18 years old weight rolls around 49-50 kg and my height is 5 9 ″ more fat to win in my body, I can recommend the … which can ’ t 5 numbers-6 meals a day, but you can eat 3 meals a day! So if you can make a filtration therapy for me would do so … send me an email, so I know that someone read my comment: d but thanks for an amazing post on its Web site. Hi there Alex, personally I think it is possible to win such an extreme amount of weight for Ectomorph, I also (even if the science is more complicated, in fact each metabolism is different and can even mix of ecto-meso-endomorph as 70 30perc Endo Ecto and others). I remember my grandmother/vacation, stay at home for two months and won a jump had 12kgs breathtaking for me (and really welcomed also). My opinion can burn quickly, but with the background (which enter into the philosophy of yin and Yang and affects many things, actually) law of balance), we can also quickly.And Cory, mentioned that you purchased, and also difficult free weights, working with their ’ King can't win. I ’ decirte … natural machine of the human body is amazing, perfect for all situations, it is time to adapt to respond, if you just take into consideration. When you say weight 15kgs and purchased, ’ among the works of all time, half the year and then your body has adapted ’ vista, your power, cut, so 15 pounds gift ’ t does now every challenge. And guess what? That's poor ’ let me do it. Basically a muscle works with micro cut to break it, you eat protein, your body repaired these discounts with protein = muscle is increased. If you ever managed to cut, observe a small (really small:)) gain ground on SCAR). And the muscles working exactly even. They need to start their place, the river ‘ with proteins, em can rest and repair, and then rinse and repeat over and over again. But! As the body adapts to your muscles ’ t earned with these damaged weights are accustomed.? You have to download more. The ’ 's said to hypertrophy (I hope that writing is good), should their revolts in the range of 6-8 repetitions, and 8 times average 15kgs up, but more weight, say 20 kg, however this maxim 8 reps to do, so I'm not ’ to working position again, because the muscles are dog-tired. He understood? No Yes how much you know about this, but I was in the same situation as you and do some studies on this, and I remember you saying that you n ’ t know much about strength training (when I was there, tired as hell) ’.) Good advice: take the handlebars, sell and buy a ticket for the gym. Need much weight, weight and cost a fortune, if you want to do at home. Compound exercises, which makes the muscles more at work, as opposed to these weights. If you chemical ’ during inspiration, take a look at heavy. ’ tea all animals again, why? They included only exercises like bench press, squats, dead lifts and a bad patch, go through the door. Last, but first of all, as all those who work and who knows, the game will tell you, the ’ 's really don't repeal, but the food that makes the difference. Dare I say also to collect food 70perc ’ s and 30perc. Healthy living (if not, screw you have there, I smoke, and demons, they also live), (which is very important), feed this hell of iron game, when you get to the gym room, follow this six months, perhaps a year, and I can assure you, these b * TCHES ’ won t be able to, their views on its side. Good luck BRO ’. I m 5 ’ 10 ’, 33-year-old man who was a 122 14 115 years to 33. This year I had a minor surgery and exit. Since Feb. I won nearly 35 kg. I read on this blog of cyproheptadine. I talked to my doctor and I think many income through them. Now, this is not a magic pill, but it helped much appetite and desire for the first time in my life I've ever had in fact.Also try the regime GHOSH. Basically there is a milk drink liters of water per day for 30 days. Trust me, it must surely. 14 day trial too. Also try the Stronlifts 5 X 5. You can be, do and faster than you think. I tried everything and the weight that never did like things from the top grade. Good luck. Hi Guys, haha another update since May 2010, I lost the weight I've gained. But not to say ’ 's still discouraged. The reason why you stop me because I weight no real choice in the matter. He spent 60 kg (145), all 73 kilograms (161 pounds) this month. I did what you said to Pete again.OK, this is simple, you have to eat and eat well and not only that. Be good in food preparation to organize your kitchen chicken and pasta or rice ready yesterday. Solid objective 6 meals per day! Eat many carbohydrates, high contents of proteins and fruits and vegetables. Good profit, if you begin to do this regularly you will find your appetite increases, want to eat their food. I am hungry!And train hard! go to the gym 3-4 times a week, in addition to too. The body needs time to recover. But if they grow in gymnastics, like any questions rep. Coming to the gym with you, make a friend, a companion is located. So you can ‘ ’ observer. And that an observer is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do for your country gain weight! Tell the person “ press ” and helps increase this last representative of you to your limit.Set of goals is not impossible, to establish ‘ attitudes. ’ of “ in 120 lb. and I want to so soon in the coming year to 160 pounds. ” is not the way to do it. Say the place “ I ’ I will try and eat 6 times per day every day this week. Would gladly repeated record eating habits, which continues on a long-term basis. I'm going to make sure that I don't go to dinner not to play Xbox or TV. ” and when you ’ view over this week to prepare for next week. Everyone falls, but return to ride the horse, and try harder next time.In any case, to why I currently 63 kg lol Cuneo. I was doing physical exercise and eating, as I have already mentioned. I have a crazy 13 kg … but not hear it up! I thought you were. The problem was my situation. I was offered a job that I paid a ridiculous amount of money per week, but the catch was 7 days a week, the night shift. I there was no word of a lie, as 6 thousand per week! But I can't eat and which could be trained and the year to come, I lost everything. Value for money, but in hindsight I know would be 80 kg + now, if I hadn't taken the job.The lesson learned, re-assemble the horse! I just started, I and the new formation will be massively upward. And will update when I do!It's not too hard to believe skinny friends good luck that I was there, I did what nobody thought it could be, the only thing that was embarassing I denies the possibility of good.Steve Ireland. . If it is difficult to find the weight challenging enough energy, without feeling constantly full. Don't worry, you can, very easy! So how many calories burned? Now, it's probably a way to separate those who asked the question. Based only on your weight and age, others take into account lean mass and has the most complicated to say every bit of activity during a typical day. It is a short article at the bottom of this page that contains formulas that calculate calorie needs. Explains briefly the basal metabolic rate and why it is important. To sum up the calorie count, not funny, and this is not something that in the long term. If you have set up, food and energy prices, to, your ideal weight you instinctively know how to consume each day. ProteinThe should eat proteins wondering how much lively debate among bodybuilders, nutritionists and scientists, as well as promotes. We leave the discussion for another article dedicated to the issue of protein. For the time being. I just know that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) recommends 50 g of protein per day for an average adult and the World Health Organization (who) 56 g organization. But for the average Westerner. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein intake is 0.5 g/kg or g/0.36 lbs body weight. A person would have to meet their 140 RDA approx. 51 g to consume. Scientists admit that athletes and bodybuilders will need more but caution is advised, up to 1.5 g/kg or 0.7 g/kg bw. However. If you speak with most bodybuilders, much more will be at the top of this post. And have some convincing arguments. Secured when in reality even in a minority individual relations bodybuilders through time credible research. Some sports nutritionists, trainers and many buttons ideal weight gain diet should contain up to 2 g per kg or 0.9 g/kg protein. Looks great, but don't forget, they consume more calories than the general population, and calories must come from somewhere. Nutrients originate only from carbs or fat? This is probably the best thing to do all three. What protein so important? As regards the strengthening of weight of protein amino acids. There are a total of 20 and 8 essential amino acids must be food. Bodybuilding increases the need for amino acids and breaks down existing muscle, if not enough weight gain diet. Without enough protein and more particularly, the strengthening of muscles is not possible of amino acids. Good sources of protein include fish, fresh, canned, cut lean red meat, chicken, Turkey, low-fat yogurt and low fat ricotta, egg white, soy and powdered whey protein products. Weight CarbohydrateAny diet that has earned much carbohydrate-containing raw name. Just because you do not increase the inclusion of protein that should be forgotten or even limit your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose and glycogen in the body is the only macro-nutrients that can nourish your body with a source of energy-essential for any type of training. To win good sources of carbohydrates, weight diet include whole-grain bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, couscous, fresh fruits and nuts. FatCertain fatty foods are essential to their well-being and their ability to support the weight. A gram of fat contains more than twice as many calories that 1 g of protein or carbohydrates 1 g. A tablespoon of flax seed oil contains a large amount of calories, like a banana, for example, thus increasing the diet makes sense incorporating the good fats in your weight. What is good fat? Without too much detail about fats are how fat is divided, you consume monounsaturated fats, flax, sunflower, safflower and some raw nuts and cod liver oil is available in olive oil and lawyers and polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are members of the health professions to talk. And for good reason. EFA is Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega 6 Polyunsaturated fatty acids, fatty fish several times. In addition to one of the numerous health benefits that play an important role in building muscle. In short, a weight diet with fish such as mackerel, tuna and salmon (just to name a few) gain or added to a product such as flax seed oil not only will contribute to increase muscle mass, but more alive. FrequencyFinally food, forget to eat 3 big meals per day with some appetizers. The best approach for an effective diet weight gain, eating 5-6 small meals per day. Disconnect three hours so you stomach completely Digest every mealtime. If your goal is to consume the 3300Kcals one day would make it larger than about 700kcals meals and 3 smaller meals, the food of 400kcals 3. An example of this, see one of the following items. One last point before graduating. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables. They are the richest source of vitamins and minerals (especially antioxidants) as well as the consequences of weight gain and health. The above mentioned items have the biggest impact on your level and the rate of muscle and weight gain. Important, there are other factors that have not, as well as cholesterol, alcohol and vitamins and minerals, fiber and water. very important for your health. Now that a good base of what must understand a diet of weight gain that can use this article as a starting point to achieve their goals. HM, just had problems here, silver ’ s, where the fun never ends. For the moment, I have enough to follow this ’ to death eating routine, but who won ’ last forever t. what I meant focus only composed the opera is – squat, bench, terra rosa.? In addition, don ’ you forget, everyone has genetic limits, if you ’ once a child, by default can be ’ t Disables into monsters of 150 kg. But I'm not saying that the big ’ t see:) If you want to become a ’ which must burst squat in your routine, because the legs are 1) muscles in the body and 2) produce more testosterone. It is no surprise that the ’ s a saying “ is coming from ” legs. I find it strange that the comment types weighs 140 kg a thin man need “ Council ”. I have 24 years, 5 7 ″ ’ large and currently weighs 115 kg. It was still not more than 119 pounds in my life, and there are times when slid up to 112 lb, try. I purchased weights and bar curling and began to work twice a week. I started a draconian regime of full dough, good fats and many other foods, in different areas of the suggested weight. Nothing works and I am ready to resign. Girls are not attracted to me and it is difficult to carry my self-esteem and my quality of life help.? Hi, I am a man of 53 kg. And 167.5 cm tall. At the age of 19 years. I really want to take the weight, because I am thin, regimes that can help me with my problem of some food to share. Thanks a lot. I have 30 years and I have 4 ″ and 11 ’ weighs £87 – if I have luck. I wanted the weight of high-speed p90x Protien. I another tip please. I'm tired of being over weight, and everything that my doctor told me is the food! Since high school, my goal has always been my weight was received up to a healthy size over ” “ ’ ’ 11 ″ 5 m and weighted level school between 150 and 160 kg. Person was the strongest pound-for-pound a weightlifter in high school, and even if I turn it on, I was in my weight-lifting equipment. Eat lots of protein and vegetables, but never go to the amount of calories the “ more ” the need for weight felt satisfied. Although it was strong for my size, I was unhappy. I tried the powdered weight gain (Tru ground) in my 3 meals a day and a few pounds grown. I have not recommended. I also have a good metabolism that is 1000 calories extra little difference. Just twenty years hit, rather decided and really weight was enough to win the methods and, ultimately, the success of the research. In the 1920s, when I started, I was a mere 155 lbs. What I did was a complete change in lifestyle. I started very early each day 05 and prepare a breakfast with: Cook potatoes is lightly browned in oil 3 hard boiled or scrambled eggs, 2 oz. of whole milk, butter and crackers 2 fruit usually an orange or a banana. For lunch and dinner a large wheat bread sandwich 13 Turkey, ham or beef, a large portion of coleslaw or potato, fruit juice, whole wheat and 2 large biscuits more pasta or vegetables dinner meat (beef, ham, Turkey or soy), 2 biscuits or 1 small slice of cake (without enamel), whole milk, mashed potatoes or apples. Later in the day would eat wheat biscuits with fish (tuna or makeral), yogurt, cheese, fruit, cold pasta salads. About 3500-4000/day average daily calories were. In 4 months I went to 187 pounds from 155 pounds. I'm working on 6 days per week, but not the bombs, gym or weight, pushups, situps, empty and other deferred car weighed down. I think the main thing is that the weight gain supplement helped me protein and carbohydrates from eggs, meat, pasta, bread and whole grains. It was very difficult to eat a routine, as much as I have, and I do sometimes to follow the slides. I had several weeks or where my 187 kilos would be up to 180 months, increasing also the lowest that 170, 175, which is very discouraging, because I'm working very hard to gain weight, but it's doable, but ’ s is not an easy task for people like me with high metabolism and ’ m, which you likeIf you re ’ Castro read and even the weight for the fight. But I know you can, ’ is a lifestyle choice, it is ’ the end of hard work and need little exercise succeeds, but nothing. Then take the fork, eat more protein and carbohydrates and more importantly, stick to it. The amendment won t ’ instead of at night, a week or even a month. In a few months on the scale to arrive and find your hard work if I pay the balance tilt + 20-40 lbs, you will know, I was working! Mr President, I have 19 years. weighs only fatten 40 kg and is my size 5? 5 I want to earn more fat in my body.I am a genius and suggestions for me in my class, which also gives a lot of girls i food, many people but not solvent, out.sir graduate ’ plz help me out. give me good nutrition, the fat, I will be grateful you. also for some tips to increase height. Hello, I am 40 years old, 165, top male and 43 kg Waight, a diet that you can please all planes of the day what to eat at every meal, so that the ideal size and Waight?All RegardsShah. Well, I have quite irritated my article via email with people who take questions, such as the weight. I ’ everything I said, search and it works, I tried it and it ’ true – I gained 3 lbs in 10 days if he could follow, ’ d now is much harder, my problem is that she needed money, because the food itself costs much. I ’ m type Ectomorph, just like everyone here, is 183 cm and my weight 69kgs now, so I know what ’ as. After reading, do your own research, see ’ ll ’ true, false otherwise. The body needs a certain amount of power to maintain your weight. Each ’ energetic needs are slightly different, ’ ri is based on age, gender, type of metabolism that help your — > BMR (bmr, amount of energy necessary for your system to operate properly without problems, like moving your body and others) and other sources of energy is used in everyday life (such as the ArbeitSchule, Jardinagetravailler with weights and any activity here the name). So, it means that, in order to keep this amount of energy Muscle Gaining Secrets Diet every day, the weight is different for each, not that everyone was so active as the days (hard manual work, fitness, workout, practice nearly all day at work). The average man should consume less than 2000 calories per day. But none of you are average men and women. All suffer a fast metabolism, burn more calories than the average user, that ’ 's why things like a pig and win nothing, while the other observing in the fridge and it's heavier than 10 kg. But not ’ depressed t now-n ’ > t really how fast the metabolism, can delete any or weight for catch, just needs to know how to eat and what to eat (this is important). If … can be ’ s says that once again ’ a typical type ecto (the women were little lower energy requirements, but also, however, you must follow the principle also s ’), who comes home from work or school, has some of the events, then go to bed for some Z's ’ the sum of all these activities (bmr) ((, zuder unterwegs Arbeit/Schule) Retourcertaines activity trips as perhaps training sessions and Z ’ s – your body needs energy to maintain even during sleep) creates space for 2500 kcal/day – if I said, Google calorie intake Calculator (note that everyone has this Calc ’ s show something different) (, Soupconnous ’ ri als ein nicht Arbeiten mit's genauen Betrage). Would you keep your weight you have to eat 2500 kcal/day.? If you want to lose weight (I think here the person), should eat less – usually about 500kcal less. If you want to win, you have to eat 500 kcal more. You can eat more if you want, I did and I really want to ’ shit t care, say that it's not healthy to win more than 5 kilograms per month is – hell ’ m unhealthy things to do much more attention, as ’ ri projects, we also 300 kcal in addition consume if (from what I've heard) 800 kcal more eventually. Then – if your average daily energy requirement is 2500 kcal, must consume the 3300 kcal, they say, to win 5 kg per month. It was somewhere around 3100 same crib and I still have exploded into the sky as Apollo. And here is the big problem for all of us – think that you eat, but ’ t. My average day was a large breakfast, something and then a big meal before going to sleep. When I changed to breakfast, lunch, dinner, ’ not – enough. You need the power of all time, so your body has won ’ t burn everything and you have to save. (!) Breakfast, lunch, snack, sense, snack, dinner eat 5-6 times a day and if you ’ can ri, however, another somewhere between what do this? OK, now for the most important part of the – is ’ is not really so easy to consume 3300 kcal/day. The ’ deal is ridiculous. You should eat where? ((1) Sie ’ evil 5-6 Pro Tag Essen ist eine Große Hilfe und müssen 2) to eat high calorie foods. (Here I have my part, if they are already, let me know). What are meat, milk curd, eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables, fruit, pasta, potatoes, rice, oats, bananas, cereal, nuts, seeds, olives, avocado, oats oats, cereals, raisins.? Whey protein and whey (the first being cheaper, these are good if you ’ re work). Yes, we re now ’ probably surprised, it seems that a healthy diet. In fact, it is. You can lose weight or gain. At least in our case, we want to ’ have meat around the screws we have lawn care ’ as … and ’ is everything people. It was on a Web site, count calories, you need only add, during the day, but ate my ’ in my mother tongue, and then ’ t understand it, jack –, always ’ me m, that more of them on the Web. Good luck!. IN 18 and 90 pounds on a good day and ’ m a girl. I was reading this article and say is that refers to men, but I want to take the weight. Surprise! I am a woman who wants to be a branch. I tried a while back, take but the doctor only has my parents told me more food, which I did, but I ended up feeling completely when you vomit if he ate. It was so bad, he couldn't walk or do an activity that I like to abdominal pain without nausea. I wonder if it should go ahead and take the figures in this section and sections connect and give gross weight another appointment, or if there are some minor tweaks that should be from ’ m a girl. Thanks a lot. He was well aware of who was going to ” trade “ Finally, when I bought my bar, a few months ago I decided to me, a heavy bar as well as to change my routine and the proverbial Hill climb. Has made a significant difference in my overall strength to the point where with only 90% of my training. If I'm going to go and use free weights, both at the same time use only (and I never thought it would be possible on the first day) and I feel very well. Definition and weight to win up to ’ View 4 pounds of lift and my arms, chest, but, since my first day defined abs and look a bit more when I started. Has recently started to incorporate into my leg workout routines, but n ’ t too crazy with them from ’ m me rhythm and avoid injury. Who is it that says “ forget large amounts of weight, only to gain the strong ” gave me the idea.? N ’ t matter if at 120 pounds up to ’ m and has a toned physique. Of course, this article does not speak with the weight, but only ’ has the financial resources to buy food need extreme weight gain. Having said that, n ’ t, discouraged and just eat potatoes and ice removed all day. I ’ vista changed my diet and a lot healthier to buy food. Although I ’ t afford to buy, what should probably win, 50 + Buy books now have a healthy person. Thanks to all ’ s. Council, I know that if I continue, I'll be where very soon. Mr 19 years old and IAM my size is 185 cm and weighs 60 kg and my body is thin, and I want that fat from my body please give me a summary of good nutrition. ,,.