Not to be a handyman, a good strategy is to not set focus, what you have to offer, can be quickly an SUV and master of nothing and this which can affect Wachstum. Aus think that the perspective of consumers. How many times you see brochure for marketing, promoting the services of a local cell man, who claimed to be an expert in everything from the installation of drywall from the pipes, repairs and so on.? Now, these craftsmen can leave their efforts, but it would gain from more focused on one or two things well, the reputation for itself and its optimization of marketing message.  That a strategy is why: will focus.Identify your niche, the disadvantage of being a handyman to find their place and their strengths in this niche.  Creation of a niche for your business is essential for success. Let's say that you want to be billed and the day of the free writer. As you know, there's a need in the market for a reliable and worthy of trust and manufacturers of art - and value and quality customer-specific price point are constantly willing to pay well.Now can simply advertise their services in an independent market, anywhere on the map to choose how much and each company for each client. But to identify and win your niche customers who appreciate their services, quickly create niche and on his way to the success of the business. Find CustomerIdentifying destination and find your ideal target customer is a process that only a few companies can afford to go a bit wrong. A few simple steps can help you on the road and are discussed in this guide SBA here:. Beautiful ideas Caron. I'd like to emphasize that, a little more on their objective of customers to find the part. In my experience this year, I have seen many people / companies small, believe that target their customers. Long ago, I interviewed a point of view (what is now one of my reviews) and told her of their customers. His work was linked to swimming pools, but could not understand, strangely, it was your product all over the world. In the first place, said than any of its clienteles objective, but later interviewed him, we realized that their customers were people in more than 50 years, had a lot of money and their profession was in some of the following categories: medical-politica showbiz people - famous industrial player & EtcMaking a rough character of your potential prospects allows you to save time and money in the end. ,,.