Why jokes are only for the first time, who said: when they tell you that the model already exists, so no new connections can be and therefore without laughing.? Image and avoid being under the generic name to mislead the public and offer without laughing. Arrange the words in the sentence also is crucial for accuracy. He saw a bottle of beer that opens and beer, which transforms, foam, they crashed out. The Indian, exclamations repeated shown his astonishment. -What is surprising in this? He asked in English. -Oh, but not surprised at his destination, he said of the Indians, but how can all po - that makes us laugh and make us much joy. It is not, they say, we believe that we are more intelligent than the ignorant man, nor are they something that is for the laughter of our liking and we realized our comprehension. On the contrary, it means that we have had a tense expectation, who suddenly disappeared. jokes that are not funny in the usual sense and can be often very funny, but depend on deception by jokes joke even planned. in the critique of judgment (1790) is that laughter is an effect that arises if a tense expectation in any way transformed. Here is the joke of two hundred years of Kant and its analysis: why jokes have configured a complex and often monotonous: the repetition creates the familiar pattern in the brain. A method that is usually in jokes to tell almost the same story twice and then deliver the joke. Jokes have various forms, as a single word or gesture (considered in a particular context), a response or an integer. or free humour is superficially similar to how race and stereotype laugh goals you laugh, but it includes. Called keep perspective and be powerful with disable clashes. It is a typical example. This use of humor and jokes to crack can be personal and people that attend, while that identification with their work to help them, to distinguish. Li presented to a modern audience. One or two of them are jokes, today, easily update saw the actions of people. They got into a car instead of a chariot - some of them are. . Operators of alleged parsimony of Scot, stupidity of Irish English or rigid conformism. There are these jokes among different civilizations. ; If this does not happen the joke is to have fallen flat or bombarded. However, jokes have different purposes and functions that are common a and an enlace-alternativa new unexpected takes place in the brain through a route different than expected, then laughs occurs because the new connection has been made. This theory explains many jokes. For example:. This shows the experience of classical theatre in 1950: adding records during a series of jokes that are not jokes, but with the same. Humor, you will often find a TV Serie.Schwarzer difficult so if you laugh, not kill. Typically, these jokes mock dramas such as death, wars, disasters, accidents or injury. . They usually refer to politicians and heads of State, but it can also be related to the absurdity of the political situation in a country. A clear example of political jokes would be political cartoons. There are two categories of this type of jokes. Before taking the game with a negative attitude to political or convicted in General. The second, which has mocked the political topics, coins, slogans or simple mistakes of politicians. Some, especially I.).Regarding the experience of Milton Berle, they can adopt, illustrate the concept of context of rupture or break the model. The rhythm that caused audience laughing is not necessarily has the gap between the expectations of a joke, but in their place and get an incongruity of regular expression. It is this normal phrase, itself, unexpected and a shot-. Make Your Girlfriend Laugh Jokes natural feel good people looking for chemicals in the Gehirn.Viele also to contextual jokes than a mechanism to confront, overcome difficult moments. This is called survivor, where humor jokes are especially designed for those who have experienced a great tragedy. Those who have seen the tragedy of not aren't able to appreciate these jokes. (The laughter lover) gives us a glimpse of the old humor. Written in Greek Hierocles and Philagrius, dating back to the third or fourth century of ours was and contains some 260 jokes. Given the mood of our culture so young mood is surprisingly family as 19th century today is sometimes confusing for us. I had several. or bad breath were favorite. Many jokes to play with the idea of knowing that characters are: a Hairdresser, a bald man and absent-minded Professor beta are on a journey together. To stay and decided to see the luggage. Yes, it is boredom, while maintaining the number of Barber with the shaving of the head of the professor. Professor woke up at the same time, feel the head and says that he is stupid? The bald man in his lugarme awoke.There is also a joke how, collect jokes joke cycles. A cycle is a collection of jokes with a particular theme or a particular script. (In other words, is a,.).