) count give the correct answer of the person telling the joke. This is more common in performance than informal Witz.A. Berger says, when a popular joke cycle, in which rule is it always makes it a widespread species of social and culture, sustained fear beneath the surface as the help people face joke cycle. an alternative unexpected new link in the brain through a different path you do and the laughter occurs when the new connection. This theory explains many things about the jokes. For example:, or bad breath were favourites. Many jokes plays with the idea, the characters are: a Hairdresser, a bald man and a distracted make a journey together. They were at the camp during the night, so decided to see the luggage again. If the hairdresser, he is boring, it's so funny, shaving the head of the professor. If the teacher is in turn aroused, head feels and said, how is stupid? The bald man came to after Hause.So it gives me also a joke. In other words, the joke erases an emotion that you should listen to an event make us insensitive to the it.e.g.:. Jokes can many forms, such as a word or a gesture, which (in a certain context considered), assume an answer or a number. , natural good neurotransmitters in the Gehirn.Viele feel people seem also contextual jokes as a defense mechanism to push through difficult times. It's called humor survived, where the jokes are specially designed for those who have suffered an extreme tragedy. Those who have seen the tragedy of not are not able to Make Girl Laugh Joke appreciate these jokes. . Usually refer to politicians and heads of State, but can include also the absurdities of the political situation in the country. A glaring example of political jokes would be political cartoons. There are two broad categories of this kind of jokes. The first mocks a negative attitude to convict or politicians in General. The second is a mockery of the commonplaces, slogans, phrases, or simple error by politicians. Some, in particular. Is - a joke is extremely long and complex, with a low shot intentionally or completely non-existent. Humour arises before the hearing and they completely. The most successful is that history can continue without noticing that the audience is a joke and no serious anecdote. the critique of judgment (1790) it says that laughter is a effect that arises if a tense expectation is transformed in any way. Here is the joke for two centuries by Kant and their analysis: TV-Serie.Schwarzer humor is often used to a predicament somehow adjust if you can laugh, to kill you. Typically, these jokes make fun tragedies such as the deaths, accidents, wars, disasters, or injury. Collect jokes into joke cycles. A cycle is a collection of jokes with a particular theme or a particular script. (I.e., you are dependent on the drop-funny joke jokes that are not funny in his direction and can often already bad enough, but can even be expected.) What jokes are only for the first time, that she said: If will tell you that the model already exists, so there may be no new connection and it no laughing is.?) (Freud calls the economy of psychic expenditure); Usually censorship prevents the dangerous ideas reach the conscious mind, or we help to avoid, something in mind comes to say; negative, the spirit bypasses the censorship and brings on these ideas. Wit techniques can in fun to express way. It is the deeper meaning behind a spirit that I dangerous ideas. An example of woody all. He opened a bottle of beer and beer foam, was exhausted. The Indian, exclamations repeated his astonishment showed. -What is surprising in this? Application in French. -Oh, I'm not surprised at his departure the Indians said, but because they have everything, this survey makes us laugh and gives us a delicious pleasure. It is not because they say we think that they are smarter than the ignorant man, anything else here laugh, it is our taste and we have, our understanding of learned. This is something that we had a tense expectation, which suddenly disappeared. and what is the difference between a _ and _ jokingly, where the auction is a word game often or one? This happens when the joke are flat or bombed like you want to. The jokes have different purposes and functions, municipalities. He was introduced to a modern audience. One or two of them are jokes I've seen acts of people today, there a few days ago. Stuck in a car instead of a chariot - some of them are. or modest humor looks superficially like race and stereotype, laugh, but includes laugh objectives yourself. It is said to have a sense of proportionality and confronted powerful again. [[(Ist ein typisches Beispiel.).]Can take with regard to the experience of Milton Berle, to demonstrate the concept of context or break the model. Is not necessarily the rate, which caused the audience to laugh, but the gap between the life expectancy of a joke and instead of a regular expression non sequitur. Is this normal phrase, itself, unexpected and a sale at auction-i image type. and avoidance of its general nature like the public to mislead and not laugh. Also, the words in the sentence is crucial to achieve the accuracy. (The lover of laughter) gives us an idea of the old humor. Written in Greek of Hierocles and Philagrius, dedicated to the third or fourth century A.d. and contains some 260 jokes. There, the atmosphere of our culture even more recently, the 19th century is sometimes confusing today for us, the mood is surprisingly familiar. You were different. Why have a complex and often repetitive set of jokes: the repetition creates the familiar pattern in the brain. ? Almost the same story twice and then the auction will provide a method that is usually in jokes. . Who runs the thrift should be stupidity, the rigid conformity of Scottish or Irish English. There are many people these jokes. This shows a 1950 Classic Theatre experiment: a number of pranks, insert sets that are not jokes, but with the same. It differs from a spoken joke, that the the main ingredient of humor more verbal Physics (such as salt in the sugar bowl set). The use of humor and jokes help, which are different from those at the same time employees also help themselves, identify with their work. Humor, joke Parties relate with each other; for example my uncle once you hit so hard, trombones, his legs out. Witz.Humor was criticism from politicians used their ability to identify controversial issues and steal to recognize the stamp of criticism. ,,.