If you have Radionics-Psychotronics-Orgon looking for hard core technology in the right place. The new machine of Thunder-tech incredible radionics. Not only old mill power/Orgone devices of Radionics, which has always existed but hybrid Psychotronics HPT Orgone is famous for combining geometry sacred scalar wave magnetron technology + engineering + models of wave form of vibrational energy technology = ultimate Radionics Psychotronics. Now we have that can help us different energy residing in the essential operating systems, also called metaphysical powerful instruments and tools, the Astral, spiritual, or hyperspace. Finally, with these unique tools, we have access to this subtle energy the existence of plans where we manipulate design and make our requests, as an artist takes a white canvas and paints a picture, to create a scene. In this case, we create a wave of energy or thoughts in the form and print in this essential ' very fluid environment that you can play on the physical plane. As a master shaman we now have access to these higher energy plans, in particular the existence of create, design, and edit our wish. It seems that the magic not if it is really much easier. Now we have the technology and understanding of the subtle energy systems to realize our dreams. These tools and instruments are the keys that open to other planes of existence and allows the average person to enter the doors and one to be creator. Be the life of the artist, the Astral plane is the screen where you're free, design, build and build to manifest their own thoughts for you in the here and now. In this chapter, we find more fascinating facts about the spirits of the devil, the demons of witchcraft, pretending to be dead too late. (1) to disclose, that are very often wrong, stupid and trivial. (2) are totally evil, mean and hateful. (3) are quite rude and disturb all ready to be a student. (4) understand, people who kill animals and hurt and kill people. (5) it is extremely dangerous to see a spiritualist or spirit, so that you can damage your body and your mind. (6) to terrorize, poorly and often kills those who support them. Why then someone of the spiritual world is dressed? Is the feeling which makes that exists. These people expect a share of this power to win. But the power remains with the spirits - and is one makes to control the mind and body of men and women. Rather than to win, I hope that those the plunge into witchcraft and evil Arts on Domino together! You are trapped and demons as they are today in the possession of them depressed, cruel and hateful. In addition there are something like white magic no such thing, that it is safe to do. There is no such thing Comobuen all spirit are Angeles de Satanás nasty and cruel as his master. All news of the demons, who are very often wrong, stupid and trivial. Don't bother to go hear, much less the great danger which leads to make such contact. Despite the countless hours of the alleged statements that most of the spirit 'News' is unspeakably boring, pointless, meaningless. Most of the targets researchers complain that most is patently absurd and contradictory of foreign communications. By the English physicist Sir Oliver Lodge [Yes-dedicated spiritualist even], slander, distortion and bad news has written off during the transfer, were the lack of credibility of communication claim, are highlighted from the spiritual world. . Realized disappointment was no doubt present in all phases of the history of spiritualism. «Actually spirit printed magazine that there is medium (2 May 1874), with a letter, no cure for the spirits of lies?, p. 36, Leroy Edwin Froom, spiritualism today.» One of the most alarming of the racket in the media is totally, that some people put their lives into the hands of the less educated, emotionally unbalanced people to maintain a direct connection to the sky. Decisions as a medium in the rule of business problems, marriage, called indicates whether an abortion, sexual performance and the intimate and important issues to improve. That their spiritual, moral and monetary health on the game is these questions from a medium a shocking, but quite accurate description of the material. -M. Lamar Keene, psychic mafia, p. 22. You are very rude and those that are ready, students are constantly annoying. Prominent spiritualists complain all the time, that they often by intrusive spirits of demons (Sir Oliver Lodge, Raymond, s.) XI) are undermined. Stainton Moses, an other spiritualist, in the teachings of the spirit, warns against the enemies of God and man that evil spirits are (p). (243) in another book, tells how a different lot of rush of spirits, is eager to try, to communicate with the life (the identity of the spirit, p. 16). As a result, there is fraud and manipulative evil, spoiled, cunning and deceitful (ibid.). It is not a healthy image. But here are a few of the ' Frucht ' suites in spiritualism. Today-Leroy Edwin Froom, spiritualism, spirits s. 36th is evil, mean and hateful. Sir William Barrett, who often, Travers Smith took part in experiments with wife, goes further and say depraved communication casual interspersed with obscene and profane language ' (the threshold of occultism, p. 250). Another writer said that the 'Evil' messages are often followed by mental harm to the environment (Mable c. Robertson, port on the side of God, foreword). Others write the spirits that inject and designed the environment (tar Purchas, spiritual adventure of the merchant, s. 218-219) drops. This result is of course from the bottom. -Ibid., these evil spirits, people kill animals, hurt and kill people. Murder after murder with fashion [session witchcraft and spirit], the murderer had to admit openly linked, police or journalists, who worshipped Satan. Increasingly, the writing is the sad proof of human and animal sacrifices. -George Vandeman, psychic Roulette, p. 100. The cult of Satan has deep historical roots. Known as Satanism, manifests itself in different ways. Black magic, magic white, called MISA Negra, aspects of the culture of drugs and the offering blood all have links to Satanism. (On the track of witchcraft, Roberta Blankenship explained that the two girls, both Satanists, for them as part of his initiation ritual written): had to go to a graveyard in the middle of the night, walking over a cross and faith in Christ to denounce. Then he was a ritual, and the blood of the animals had the girls to drink, who had skinned alive. -Roberta Blankenship, witchcraft, p to escape. (1) in April 1973, found the body of a young 17 years, Ross Mike Cochran, abused, mutilated outside Daytona Beach, Florida. A short story by the Associated Press, said that was the judgment of the police, that Cochran died the victim of the worshippers of the devil, in a frenzied ritual of sacrifice. «» Lynn McMillon, Professor of Oklahoma Christian College, relationships, a variety of Satanism are mainly the sex club, to beautify the their orgies with Satanic rituals. A different variety of Satanists use of street drugs in their Riten. - Lynn Walker, supernatural and occult makes, p. 1. It is extremely dangerous to see a spiritualist or spirit, so that you can damage your body and your mind. Dr. Franz Völgyesi, a great doctor visited once spiritualist phenomena through a medium called Lazlo services. In the manifestation of spiritualistic influenza wrote in the middle of activity, Volgyesi: Lazlo suffered great misfortune, illness and emotional disorders. Led many of the men, arriving in him in search of guidance from spirits to the suicide. Then he and a friend decided to commit suicide. With their arms around each other Lazlo filmed by two of them in the region of the heart. The girl is dead, but again. . After my experience with Lazlo, I left work and research, which is already in the world of the spirits. It is very dangerous. -Franz Völgyesi, the soul is everything, s. 289. obsessive fascination is more frequent and heavier because the person completely fascinated. The spirit that dominates and takes to paralyze possession of your trust and judgment. -Allan Kardec, what is Spiritism? P. 95 - 96. Dr. Merrill f. Unger, author of four books on occult and demons wrote: mental slavery and oppression traffickers are occult, but also its duplicate is awful to consider. -M.f. Unger, demons in the world today, to recognize s. 95. psychology and Psychiatry, the negative effects of mental activity in the eye. Symptoms of a split of personality after negotiations in the occult. Psychiatry defines resulting noise as media psychosis. Ebda, s. 59. Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, a lawyer who has created or edited several books about occultism. This wrote: there is a correlation between negative occult activity and madness. Psychiatrist European l. Szondi showed a strong correlation between participation in Spiritism and occultism, on the one hand and schizophrenia in others. The tragedy of most witchcraft, demons and practices, calling it, that those who have these activities refuse them, to confront the fact that the it is always for the worse. What the last Fausto never satisfied and pay you has not received with blood at the end.? - Montgomery, principalities and powers j.w,: the world of the occult, p. 149. This obsessive claim [the person of the spirit] is always this very evil spirits, which neutralized produced wish, completely free will, a physical limitation. Sometimes it is on simple unpleasant impressions It causes sometimes disorderly as screams and inconsistent words or offensive gestures. -Allan Kardec, what is Spiritism? p 96. Dr. Carl Wickland, MD, physician, researcher and spiritist consumed in psychology. . It has become a recognized authority in the field of Spiritism and occultism. . Life of Wickland was similar of Emanuel Swedenborg, 18th century famous spiritualist. Swedenborg and widely practised spiritualism Wickland warn both issued updates about its dangers. He said that a large number of unexplained suicides due to the influence of the spirits, have. Some of these ghosts are their victims animated by a desire (Wickland, thirty years among the dead, p. 132) to pursue. -However, they are harassed their supporters. In his experience, this Spiritism often observed Causaaparente madness, varying degrees a simple mental aberration up to and including all types of dementia, epilepsy, hysteria, melancholy, neuroses, Kleptomania, idiocy, suicidal mania, such as amnesia, functional brutality, atrocities and other forms of crime (Ebda., p. 17). In fact, his book is dedicated to whole tracts of land in the influence of spirits on the promotion of suicide, criminal practices, drug use and other unwanted activities. Many cases of heinous murder research shows that committed crimes against innocent people under the control of disembodied spirits (Ebda., p. 116). It is not only in its assessment of psychological occult practices Wickland. Some authorities believe that a large percentage of the institutionalized in psychiatric hospitals induced could suffer from mental disorders due to occult practices or demonization. . Cited Mr Koch. . Christian psychiatrist believes that up to half of the prisoners in the psychiatric clinic shadow rather suffer from oppression as a true mental illness. . Roger l. Moore, psychologist of religion in Chicago Theological Seminary, note the disturbing parallels between the paranoid schizophrenia of the occultist very concerned and made. Also available as a four-day from the American Academy of religion Conference, is involvement in the occult dangerous for people who are more interested in. Many of them are paranoid psychotic (r. l. Moore, Los Angeles Times quoted from the December 30, 1977) has become. -John anchor and John Weldon, the facts of the occult, p. 27. These demons terrorize, kill bad and often their followers, including the spiritualists, the media and the host. The spirits of demons are so evil and hate speech when spiritualist media, who have dedicated their lives to their control, they are older and less useful, very often suffer from the Devils, and finally add a death agony. This has happened several times before. God can help not poor patients; Long ago, he cursed, insulted and dismissed. And wanted to not back to its creator, which is only capable of. There is no protection against the demons before the son of God, the good Angel. In the Bible, the demon rises to impose many physical and mental diseases on their victims. Many of them channel today parallel case [(El Nombre Para Las Sesiones de Spiritismus Moderne Espírita).] The collection of symptoms suggest the possibility of close to a monopoly on the functioning of the body and the human spirit: disease (job 2:7), irrational and destructive actions of the skin (Matthew 08,28; (Lucas 08.27), deafness and inability to speak (Marcos 09.25) bouts of Lucas 11.14), cramping - like (09,17 Marcos-18, Matthew 17.15; 09.39 Lucas), blindness (Matthew 12.22), pain to torment (Rev. 9: 1-11), dementia (Lucas-08, 26-35), severe physical deformities (13.11 Lucas-17) and other symptoms. Demons attempt to assassinate a person (Matthew 17:15, 18). If in mediumship remained you deepen I in the shade. Have all media that I know or had a tragic end. The Fox sisters, who all started, what, that it finished as lazy alcoholics. William Slade, famous for his tricks, crazy to write Panel, dead in a sanitarium in Michigan. Margery, Center, puts her on her deathbed drunkard without hope. The famous Arthur Ford was fought in the battle of the bottle until the end and lost. . Everywhere I looked was the same: the media at the end of the common life. -M. Lamar Keene, psychic mafia, pp 147-148. There are many cases where directly caused the destruction of human life the hidden activities. It is not true, there are some cases; The fact is that there thousands of fill in the history of religion, occultism, spiritualism and parapsychology, mental illness, suicide, crippling physical, blindness and death. Who could ever think not once, to play Russian roulette with a gun, or that it would never intentionally take a dangerous drug, a good reason for their decisions. Disaster risks are too high. Chances are the damage through occult practices but apparently as high or higher. The amazing thing is that there are the tests, so that everyone can see and yet is ignored. -John anchor and John Weldon, Advisor make spiritually, p. 38. I discovered nine hidden 10 concerned as an injuries of result of. This is supported by thousands of examples. -Kurt Koch, occult bondage and Liberation, p. 130. Many media are mentally unbalanced, insofar as it touches the real madness. And only the most gullible mutation clientele who seek her guidance can remain oblivious to the fact. Featured many media, the signs of paranoia. - I.E. Rawcliffe, illusions and deceptions of the supernatural and the occult, p. 172. Most people know that the famous medium Arthur Ford was dependent on morphine and alcohol caused the sad end of his life. Bishop James Pike died a tragic death for his involvement in spiritualism. Average Jane Roberts died at the age of 55 years. Others have become drugs. Medium Edgar Cayce, a large man (6 ft 2) died in misery with only 60 kg. Cayce by Joseph Millard lives biography that the degree shows of suffering hidden involvement of disorder mysterious Cayce mental attacks, triggers changes in personality and emotional torment, bad luck and personal setbacks also psychic readings-induced guilt constant, there in rubble and ashes. Organizers seem to many to succumb to various shortcomings in more later in life to stun sexual immorality, conscience, alcoholism and drug addiction, crime, and for the worse. -John anchor and John Weldon, Advisor make spiritually, p. 39. Many magicians and people busy strangled heads or were murdered. I know, because some of these cases were I have closed. -Sri Chinmoy, astrology and beyond, s. 62. [is consultant for the United of Nations a spiritualist]. Dr. Kurt Koch, mentioned, after 45 years of suppressed based advice with regard to the esoteric experience many cases of suicides, Incidenti, colpi and madness are operators among occultists. to comply with and who had to can look at the impact of Spiritism 45 years, warn people with violence at the disposal (Kurt KochOculta slavery and Liberation) p. 31; See also Kurt Koch, occult ABC, p. 238). -John anchor and John Weldon, Advisor make spiritually, p. 40. The following statement is very important. Try if someone in spiritualism-spirit media itself--has tried, even slightly release the spirits control - you are with various diseases as punishment, not leaving it. Then, if they try to leave, diseases are eliminated. -But at the same time, or not seek gradually to deteriorate their body and their mind from the effects of his connection with the demons. For many years, the Act of channelling [spiritualist medium] a destructive effect on the human body seems to have. It is as if there is a lack of a better word, «psychic vampirism» at the workplace, which slowly corrode the body of a person. Seen once in the life time of viewers, media, and spiritualists, to do his will (2 Timothy 02.24-26) the power of the spirits on the occasion of their captivity. If you try to remove the channeling and medium [, who will try to escape the control of the mind], for example, will often be the symptoms of the disease or other serious problems, forcing a return to the practice of the result. -John anchor and John Weldon, Advisor make spiritually, p. 40. Given those facts that want this chapter found why, you have nothing to do with books, magazines, movies, photos, music, or even toys will lead you in the direction of an interest in witchcraft. ,,.