Discover now! Click here, and then pass the test quite amazing, easy and free!This simple test will help you to make decisions on the right track to positive change that dramatically improve you can take your life for the better. , Technologies are magic of all kinds of traditional methods, which require a function of life force and therefore all methods for what recently like the treasure map vision of creative visualization, Radionics, etc came out, in other words, the professional knows the fundamental life force (Chi, Orgone) and systematically exploited his role Leyespuede and so deliberately planned success faster and safer. Vital force boosted Magick is a technology that is based on an exact science with precisely formulated principles. In the swing. Magick is as natural as go, see, hear and talk about competition and then almost everyone has this natural ability and because it is in the interest of the people and that were brought up at a very early age. This jurisdiction of magic is extremely easy to perform in weeks instead of months, years, or decades. Advanced Magick is then technology and simple, this technology is based on Science physical or life force, life force energy Chi, Prana, Orgone, od, Mana, or Whateverother, who was given his name for this universal energy. as is the case with any technology, is ready to have to do any person access to it, in fact very easy to implement, the operations of the magic! CEG-1000 is a generator of Orgon ®, built as a shooter, and as such he is ideal for any kind of magical work. For example, the altar of Magic Magic can call configuration as some point to magic operations CEG, increase power 1000 until finally in connection with two generators, the ®! -Sie can call us for a demo! In addition to its capacity of project life hit on people, animals, etc., reinterpreted the 1000 CEG is also ideal, water or food at a distance, and a load of food, with magical properties to optimize drinks or water! The conclusion that the only living together more secrets of all ages, i.e. the transfer of life force (magical power ” “ or mental energy) at any distance. The most important: only that you have noticed that many secrets of ancient cultures technology, are your using! Life the impact of all spiritual or magical work such as a change in your life for the better, easily accessible using our powerful technology! For the time being, it is obvious that this new technology can give the world access the power of these mysteries, because … is a powerful technology in your hands … for sustainable success and positive lasting change! Because the magic is simple and at the same time to the control of a large part of the population in the course of history had a strong interest in controlling: who brazenly were and are still with and of course magic, are marked Maletc. Therefore we have learned from this and the word itself has in many cultures over the centuries been maligned and all the stories, which have been hammered by the forced education, the result of the power of individuals and groups of people, who have a vested interest in keeping this knowledge for the average person, while it is common for their own purposes : Targets that are immoral, most of the time the. or, as in the attempt to think often and regularly. We do this for the benefit of all beings, including Internet, Internet,.! Due to this new innovative technology applications based on the personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi generators ®, Orgone ™ and power devices Radiónica radionica ™ programs. Learn the principles of this science, and you notice, that is a working principle (PSC) on all methods of action at a distance, magic, including the latest, which is called can that all these methods are based on the use of life force (Chi energy, Prana, Orgone, etc.).) and structural connections. Z. B. Struktural connections? Structural compounds of objects (= structures) both are identical (see the test below) or equivalent (represents a magical seal as Radionics rates, Reiki symbols, and other things, the abstractions) in nature. Identical or equivalent structures enable the transfer of the life force from one point to another without a significant loss of energy. Yes, you read that right: with the help of identical or equivalent structural links can be transmitted life force at any distance, without losing energy. I'm sure you can highlight now and yes it can be done this experience now! Without proof of transfer-read some instructions, and quickly get account is easy, carry out such operations and that it become a reality very easily for your needs and you can do it now! Practitioners in the West has been used a lot of words for the energy of life: animal magnetism (Mesmer), solar ether (Korschelt et AI), od (Baron Karl von Reichenbach), Orgone (Reich), the psychic energy (magicians), Eloptic energy (Dr. Galen Hieronymus), charisma, and many others. One of the first pioneers of a scientific approach to the understanding of the life force was Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician from Stuttgart (Germany), who lived two centuries ago. He studied and practiced in Vienna, the city where Wilhelm Reich in Freud studied a little more than a century later. Finally he settled in Paris. Mesmer experimented with life force, which he called animal magnetism. Today, his followers used the approach of the charisma of the speech. It led to the invention of a scientist vitality battery Franz Anton Mesmer agreement and understanding of the life-force! Drums by Franz Anton Mesmer agreement animal magnetism was a wooden barrel was filled with iron filings. his patients in iron bars, which have been dipped in iron deposit kept. After studying in Vienna with Freud and his study hypnosis included, Wilhelm Reich knew certainly works of Mesmer, of course, whose name appeared as one of the pioneers in practically all publications and German-language books on hypnosis. Orgon Extractor CEG 2400 makes an Orgone generator is (Chi generator ®) resembles heavy ®, which can be used like a SPF of Orgone energy CEG-1000, with two albums with transfer for connection with power from other generators. Has an input for one cycle of receivables from one MP3 Player audio (stereo) or the audio output of your software Manifestationet it can also a statement of software each and cycle this sequence of declarations computer software then while on your. This experience is certainly a surprise for you! Before you continue to gain a better understanding of the new Chi generator ® increases the amazing magic power technology and its many meanings this experiment. This course offer evidence that you wanted! Living bridges make any distance! People people have acquired much of his knowledge about the universe in the energy management expertise, which were invisible to the eye. Administering Powers that are not visible is an important feature of the human species. Of course, this feature is the result of the human ability to abstract. The practice of magic (a form of life force, based on the technology. Top 5 popular wheel Orgon ® generator, line connects the Radionics and frequency accuracy in five positions, the ideal for highly effective magic: alternate action, trend, trend to the environment, the target and the target base. large complex notation works well as a protection and at the same time. 2 audio inputs for the credits, so: Welcome to this exciting new technology can mean the difference between the average of the results and the full success for you! This site offers very powerful magical technological applications. It is certainly a good news for all those who (ceremonial Magick, shamanism, Wicca, Santeria, religion-based methods, Voodoo, etc.) as the inherently magical newer methods, are the magic of any kind, including practice traditional methods such as Radionics, motivational techniques, self-esteem, goals and improve Silva thought control. In addition you can invoke extremely powerful new technology fully unfair advantage this with security! unjust because spiritual training and Intitation until the success of his magical operations has become a secondary concern. This new technology is exciting because it will leave a whole new world of magical powers, which opens into a trance, lit and makes. Be provided actually, with what undoubtedly is the most powerful technique of effective magical effect! For you, it could be the first time that a learning technology is not only useful, but they serve. This would be a natural step in the right direction for success, which they tried to achieve in the past. In the following you find an incredibly powerful new technology, which is to maximize magical performance here, that you try on your way to the top.So where can the immediate evidence of for a deeper understanding of its great new magical applications, you can start this exciting new technology! Here you will find an easy way and a very effective way to help improve their prospects for the future, specifically to provide an effective means to improve the efficiency in all areas of your life, especially for those that need to be strengthened. any kind of work or field of activity, it had commercial high performance, politics, sports, education, volunteering, many applications, aimed at a large spiritual matters or something more, highly effective team of magical HSCTI to deliver positive results, every time you use it properly.Now you can certainly your destiny in best hands: yours! A giant leap into the future. Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented the Orgone accumulator, which is a device that has accumulated since the coup of the life of their environment. In 1991, ® generator that actually generated the life force, a device invented the Orgone and of course, this was the first time in the history of mankind. a year later, in 1992, I invented a new material that attracts and collects life force called ® Arteaga, and that is extremely more efficient Reich'schen, alternating layers of organic and metallic materials. These inventions certainly technology as well as in the history of mankind, marked the beginning of a new era in the Magickal and so, because there is no technology of mankind, where not the strength of life of this technology a significant improvement to make. The luxury-12 unit ATG with Orgon ® 12 generators in the ring, ideal for the application of the energy each astrological model that you want. This is the beginning of the line Serra of astrological astrological configuration with ultimate desired result to reach the magical operations. Ideal for complex fate also works in various protection – and all that can at the same time be goals. 2 audio inputs of the registrations. ) with its (usually hidden in religious beliefs) one of the forms of energy which is invisible to the eye, the management and its impact on the environment and of course other people's theories, formulas and rituals probably more ancient human creatures. Was this pervasive follows, what is finally for the mankind to new technologies and modern concepts of space and time (emf-time-life force) in the context of everyday experience,. for example, that know (and speculation) laws which govern electromagnetic energies are the basis for almost all contemporary theories of the universe, sup descriptions of majestic galaxies up to nuclear physics. Visible light is only a small part of the wide range of electromagnetic vibrations. most of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible. Analysis of the concepts of visible light and the extension of these concepts led to more modern technologies know about electromagnetic energy and its applications: mainframe and Raumschiffe.Wir can most of the phenomena of heat, noise, chemical reactions, etc., explained as an expression of electromagnetic energy. There are other energy sources, which have worked with people for a long time, as they left this planet. We can not so easily as we can see visible light or we hear him clearly as heat or electricity, but his presence felt very good people and methods to generate and focus already there for eons have learned. with this knowledge, methods and technologies were developed, to help them cope with help their internal and external environments. This energy is the energy of life! Everything around us is about in the same way that there is electromagnetic energy around us. in other words, life in a sea of energy of life force and electromagnetic waves. In the course of history, the life force has received different names. People of ancient India was called Prana. the Yoga and pranayama practice grew out of the knowledge of Prana. the ancient Chinese called Chi. the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung developed from this knowledge. Polynesian tea mysterious life force Mana called. Derive from practices of Kahuna. It is clear that an essential feature of all people live (and life) is an interaction with the environment. a number of signals (internal or external) pass through different levels of abstraction, that eventually cause, that some form of action are usually a wealth of perceptions rational and not abstractions. In humans, this process is widespread. with evolution has the ability of sensory perception, the as increases the complexity of the process abstraction generalizations. Some form of life force technology is observed in most animals. a good example are the different species of butterflies and moths, which some people, that the smell of a woman to hear even if miles is. This huge distances a chemical smell in a recital could be resolved is simply more than any molecules of the original substance in small samples of air to the Wanne.Ein high school kid could calculate, that virtually no molecule of this fragrance at a distance of a few kilometers there is. But some scientists 'Women', 'Moth feel more'! Might be good for these people to take a course in elementary mathematics. Soon, you will find that this type can be explained depending on ESP in a simplicity in function of the characteristics of life force transfer structures. You can check this in our free trial: download water and taste the difference, download and use the life force on his claim to power, vision, magic, and another method to bring your dreams into manifestation. The next test could be the surprise in his life, even if you know the magic, Radionics or similar methods of removal of effects. I'm sure you have knowledge of magic, people follow half of the world. Typically, a form of magic, who believe that they will not escape no matter how much effort. It is often said that an experienced sorcerer, Shaman or magician in his hometown had something in mind for them. for better or worse. bad stories, is of course much more popular messages, to do all the good that these people try. How powerful? In other words. I would like to know how this powerful magic. They want to understand how is it possible that magic can follow people for decades even though thousands of them are away from kilometers. You want to know why.? You want to solve all problems of power, all your challenges and a great success in all areas. Most importantly, find now how our amazing technology can do it all for you! Now you can really check me deeply in the work of the life force! You will find that the life force makes the Radionics, ESP and magical work rises. So one of the oldest mysteries enter! This result is now the magician rare opportunity to see who has an eye open in the workshop of the most powerful mages and shamans. Read this page and discover the meaning of life force in any action at a distance (called in many traditions, Magick) and how it works. You can also click you on the link below and learn you how this exciting new technology can immediately to achieve results in all parts, where you want a permanent positive change! As one of the first human technologies, life force naturally belonged to the religious faith of the people and therefore also part of the magic of metals and natural as people, if she can just explain could based on religion, the use of fire, making very similar. Therefore the practical application was the vital force of culture closely where religion has been used.Also when getting some applications of the life force as magical operations were successful, so successful has erroneously as proof that religious belief system of the practitioner, and if doesn't work for some reason the gods by not much control. Interestingly, in our enlightened times nor traditions, including the truly faithful, they say, they are the guardians of the life force and its many applications. Although it can fake it, will quickly find that many scientists are academics and pop-Cientificos to the same category of people, if you tell the time to analyze things that. So, since most of them could go back not their religious ideologies of thinking, which first defines their interaction with the environment during its resistance in education, or subjected to a brainwashing. As I mentioned (later will I show you why), the life force is subtle energy or psychic energy in all methods of magic and miracles, spiritual, religious works and treasure cards, self motivation, objectives, shamanistic practices and other mental work used is, and as you now know, there is a scientific explanation for all these practices that work. You have the feeling that life force from the printed diagram (some people feel also off-screen!), counts for an identical control of the Chi generators ® in our laboratories. It's so easy! This experience shows that it is possible to use technology to create and manage of the life force. I suggest some more tests with life force: start by placing the hand on the diagram, and then on any other surface that is at least 16 inches of the chart. You will notice the difference! As is the case with all experiments of this kind, is important to keep in a State of relaxation of the mind. If in the middle of your attention to other important or urgent situations bound and especially if you are not relaxed, a little difficult to subtle energies feel. With this exciting new technology, devices from HSCTI (hyper space communications and technologies international) to generate and the life force (Orgone), who can take advantage of for the overall success of the project. With whom ® generator, Magick is easy, it's exciting, and certainly can casual and relax, while you secure success wait!. It is clear, now that the life force is a kind of energy such as electricity and time. That is, to know, determine the natural laws which govern this energy we can now or its effects. Moreover, we can now explain in simple scientific words, and all other methods of action at a distance (such as Radionics) how and why they work. Of course is the basis for many great and powerful technologies like magic, with the life force: technologies, the roots of which goes back the history of mankind and their potential to the distant past far beyond the limited scope of the traditional uses of VidaGracias force for the invention of the Vitalegeneratore, forcing Orgon ®. Scientists of all ages knew the power of life. Made recently by Mesmer, some very simple laws of nature, to describe the Orgone, Chi, or life force. She realized that there important differences between the life force and electromagnetic energy. In any way, a basic principle as the powers of two opposite polarity. These two forms of energy, people, people feel only a fraction of its meaning devices which both energies pulsate. This is what they have in common these energies. There are very important differences between the two forms of energy. the energies that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum of light tend to find a balance, if a superior potential contact with a lower potential. For example, the heat exchange occurs when taking a hot body in contact with a cold, until both bodies which have the same temperature. Physicists call this process entropy. Life force, the opposite is the case. When a body of potential high-strength of life contact with a low potential, a process called entropy and negative entropy. invest in this process, the more potential is drawing lower power consumption up to saturation and is stronger. Even more pronounced is the difference of the room in which both energies Act. As we know, reduce the electromagnetic energies in intensity with the square of the distance from the source. They are part of the most kinetic perceptions and the three dimensions of our visual space. For this reason we need significant RF amplifiers, we want a transmitter radio waves very far to combat the physical birth of the potential life energy (bioenergy) a rather plump and primitive approach.This principle applies both to continuous physical space and time. People of all ages who have used life energy knew the power of the psychic bindings or identical structures. As soon as a person who works with life energies (such as a shaman, magician, or healer) has a psychic bond with the aim of its activity, can the physical space, which separates you from the lens, regardless of the distance can fill. It is obvious now that the work with the life force requires a new model of space and time. This model of spacetime differs essentially describes the physical spacetime and interact with - however. Is a hyper space in which to produce identical objects dislocation or direct contact. the natural effect of the life energy is easy. He says that this gap is the result of a structural difference. The problem of this operating traditional physical (including most people creating Orgone, i.e. diesmals antique) and Academy is exactly in these differences with vital energy. Life energy created first and foremost and live through the people. over the last two centuries, pranayama, Chi remained outside the science known as Gong and other practices with the life energies hard core. It is because there are cars, measured or generated life force energy available. Science preferred ignore the fact that millions of people successfully, and this energy use. Curves and hyper spaces are mentally drained far beyond the narrow notions of a typical scientific University and large waste creationist. I solved this problem. Not only has developed new instruments measure the energies of life, but also the first in the history of mankind, to generate the energy of life: the famous CHI generators ®. Magic should help all efforts to acquire the good things in life: making wisdom, success in the personal and business relationships, peace and many others know. I'll show you, here is much easier that you never conditioned, have been to believe, that the use of magic to your success. It is easy to see the technology accessible to anyone with the will and an open mind to do. In addition, I'll show you the Magick technology makes the use of life force (Prana, energy Chiorgone) and structural connections (links), certain trends, i. to generate. and tendency to generate motivation and action towards the objectives set. You can generate these trends for themselves as well as others. Here I'll show you how it works and how you can use this technology to be on the path to personal success bring. Evidence for this extraordinary test proves this close for sensitive and powerful people all ages (including the master of Tai Chi, Reiki Master, Yogi, shaman, juggler, magician and priest, the mental work performance) already knew: namely, that life force (Chi, Prana, Mana, etc. has the language and every culture its own name for the same energy) transfers over any distance. In addition, this happens without energy loss. You need only ’ good structural link (some professionals prefer to call it psychic ” connection “) to contact. This fact allows it even just to work its magic! In fact, it is so easy that everyone is now able to work its magic! This was one of the reasons why many of these professionals have chosen to expose their powerful secrets like precious stones, only in the hands of a few people! In any case, you will lose not your profitable source of income. -Do you think it's the magic? -is spiritual? is metaphysics? is religion? If it is rooted in the faith? the superior is know? that's it, slave some love long-term ' secret Lodge, Holy circle or an another cult? or should with this very beautiful modern stories of Harry Potter or Lord of the rings? Remains as in traditional Fables and mythologies, in this modern fairy tale very effectively hypothesis, the only privileged people can Performingthis art, while the other happy, they are according to the rules of the Theirenslavement by the company. You can make, is a testament to this fact. In December 1996, I managed signals with only the force of life across the Atlantic from one computer to another (with no human sensor at all). as expected, no amplification devices needed for this operation. in fact, I solved the problem of signal transfer machine-machine with the power of life as a medium a few years earlier, as a 'local' only 20 miles away signals. As a natural consequence of the forced vital capacity of transfer structures: Would you like to strengthen your body with life energy, should sit in large Orgone box and Cuelgas don't iron Bars.In which indeed is all you need (personally I'd rather be in a box) a small structural link, Chi-card ® or transfer disk that connects an Orgone generator. with this plate itself, regardless of whether you sit in front of the Chi generator ®, if you are only a few kilometres away, or if you halfway around the world! the transfer of structures, that characteristic is also the reason why you can direct the force of spiritual life see the instructions and current practices for Orgone (life energy). ,,.