In different cultures various types of Mages vary her ability, energy sources and moral issues, including divisions into different categories such as magician, witch, sorcerer, healer and others. The magic word is not a ritual act and verbally importance equal to or even greater than the power of the magical acts. A different main magical thinking includes the principle of contagion. This principle suggests that if two objects with their coming into contact, they once again concern still broke the contact between them. An example that Tambiah gives refers to the adoption. Some Indians, for example, when the adoption of a child, her adoptive mother pull the child through clothes, symbolically represents the birth process and involve the child in itself. Every professional, is magical, even if they are experts or ordinary people who are not considered to be the magician. Prayer is the only way to achieve positive changes effective. The reform was an important moment in the history of the magical thought because Protestantism provided the momentum for a systematic understanding of the world. In this framework, there is no place for magic and their practices. Beyond the Renaissance reform was magic and science at one time influential in the history of thought about. during the Renaissance, the magic was less stigmatized, even though it happened in secret, and therefore considered to be hidden. Magic Renaissance was based on the cosmology and his powers said it was derived from the alignment of planets and stars. Newton himself began his work in mathematics, because I wanted to see whether judicial Astrology had claim to validity. Malinowski says that the language of magic is holy and use for a purpose other than that of ordinary life. This philosophy is that the magic little more than the application of their internal unity with the universe. Self-actualization, or the lighting, the me is unlimited, you can search in harmony with nature, life and achieve balance in all things. A mystical force or energy, it's normal, but not fixed by science and is not detectable at all. Common terms include referring to this magical energy. To what extent these inventions have so-called pendants, amulets, Periapts and analogues, a base in natural magic to our research. Because if the means are executed through its environment and without any pejorative for attributes of the deity or the principles of religion, I don't see why it should be rejected this relentless with contempt, the levels of the work of God with the folly and weakness of men. Isn't that promoting superstition or nonsense Ferrago might become a lawyer. But if the simplicity of natural things and their consequences is rejected only to remuneration and professional class, it is wise for us to distinguish between the ends of the illiberal superstition and utter disbelief. or magic/religion and science. He believes that feelings of admiration and respect for the observation of nature and its regularity. This observation and reasoning about nature is a kind of science. Science and magic are the objectives, research, needs and human instinct to help. It is a practice that aims to ensure the call from and to engage in a conversation with the spirits of the dead. Sometimes this is done just to communicate with loved ones who have died; Can also be done, information from the spirits, as a form of divination; or with the help of spirits in reaching a goal, as part of a spell that has ordered.You can classify the variety of technical magic involved in the operation. A common form of classification is different. Magical traditions exist today, some communities on the transition of the nomadic and agricultural crops with this change that reverse the development of the intellectual life of the middle-class life in the way. Just as tribal elders consolidates and becomes the King and bureaucrats were also transferred, shamans and priests and a priestly caste. Different personality traits can be credited to a magical power and are often linked to an unusual birth into the world. , which exists throughout the system of nature, where packed, cause or as love and is designed as the mine draws iron. A. Y this agreement and discord, there most spectacular bloom in society; While some plants once, red and dying, next to each other. The lily and the Rose are elsewhere joy; Some time. Fruits ripen or grow in ways that are harmful to them. Similarly, mineral stones. retains the same likes and dislikes. Character animation in all climate zones, all corners of the world, is also pregnant with similar properties. So we find a particular operating system. at the foot of a rabbit immediately reduce cramps cruel torture; However, another operating system or a part of this animal can act as a. You can easily determine what was the premise that there are two different types of magic; What is the hidden nature of property, is called the natural magic; and the other side, disgusting and contrary to nature, the infernal is called magic because it hellish agency or Pact with the devil. Hanegraaff says that magic describe in fact was used to an idea that is highly disputed by various religious groups of interest, or to discredit their other religious beliefs and practices '-o. The powers of specialist and common magicians are standard-based culturally accepted sources and level of magic. A mage can not simply invent or claim new magic; the wizard is as powerful as his companions, apparently. in particular, see deny this to avoid the structure. As a result, the Salafists middlemen such as labels to the Jinn, Angels and Santi to abandon and magic, divination and clairvoyance abandonment. , or followers of natural magic were counted, are the study and Mr. because nothing more than deep and perfect for contains. pictorial writing characters appear derived from the same sources. 20th century in General has seen a surge of public interest in various forms of magical practice and creating a number of traditions and organizations, religious and philosophical clearly up there. The magic of the word derives via Latin magicus Greek adjective Magikos (μαγικός) in relation to the magical arts of the used. Some rare middle-aged healer, if they were not infrequently, supporters of a positive impression of magic. He was one of the most famous conservatives at the time. Clearly defined actions (including talk) are used to do the magic. Bronisław Malinowski describes ritual language as possess a high coefficient of thermal expansion weird things, which means that the language used in ritual is archaic and out of the ordinary, that helps the spirit believe in ritual to promote. Psychological theories treat magic share to serve as personal phenomenon of individual needs, with a view of a social phenomenon. However should not be underestimated the importance of magic. In the past, and in the modern world of magical belief systems offer explanations because otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to understand phenomena at the same time a fundamental metaphysical and spiritual person. Also, as Brian Feltham and Scott e. Hendrix is not a magic of irrationality that must take beliefs or have considered with the modern vision of the world which is incompatible to must. Magic consists of four components; the primitive makes Creador Dios with Heka was accompanied, highlighted by magical rituals, called Seshaw, which takes place in the sacred texts called RW. Also Pekhret, drug prescriptions, gave patients a good lift. This spell has been used in the rituals of the temple as well as informal situations for priests. These rituals, as well as clinics, physical and mental health are an integral part of therapy. Magic was also used for the angry, jealous, ghosts, witches and Devils foreigners cause the protection of the gods who had thought, sterility, poverty, disease and accidents. After that those who believe that power in this way wings and unable to reach the sky.The Arabic word translated in this step of the magic is Sihr. The etymological meaning of Sihr suggests that it is the deviation of a thing its true nature. or is it that is unreal or a simple appearance. The lines of demarcation between science, magic and religion have origins dating back, where are the consolidated thinking. In essence, the development of Western thought has launched the differentiation between the three disciplines. While science could be revised and developed rationally the magical thinking was considered a less systematic and scientific science and religion, so it is less respected than three. History of the century magician or charlatan, prototype was probably bar folk tale of scared (Ægishjálmr)-symbol of magic used by the Vikings stumbled succumbs after one a wise Wizard, A, Today I use for the followers of Ásatrú for protection. He said that the magic of art, write different music, sculpture or some other form. It supports their proposal states that the magic is mentioned in the early texts as art. Books of doom also called Grimoires in the past is another possibility, say, grammar and simply means a spell. He said that magic is easy to change the manipulation of symbols, words or images, in consciousness. and other means for his evil Coptic, the modern Egyptian language, the magic of the word: ⲓ ⲕ ϩ (of Hik) (Coptic version of ex: (Isaiah 54)), sometimes spelled ⲙ ⲧ ϩ ⲓ meaning ⲕ (crazy-Hik) (Coptic version of the New Testament: (08.11 of the law)), so this can transmit the origin of the word in Greek and Egyptian. and people people (divine incarnation of magic), influence on gods and could get protection, healing and transformation. Health and plenty of it were sacred Heka. As secular worldviews and religious was not discernible, there is no word for religion in the ancient Egyptian language. Heka was then any ancient practice, but rather a religious observance. All aspects of life, every word, vegetable, animal and ritual are connected to the power and authority of the gods. ), Yidoni (lights), or attempt to communicate with the dead (Deut. 18, 11); Enter into a trance to foresee events and acts of witchcraft (Deuteronomy 18.10). You will find below. What a magical operation? It can be defined as any event in nature, which is supported by the will. Culture, we must not exclude the Apple of the earth bank or our definition. Let's take a very simple example of a magic Act: the man's nose. He appeared as an attempt, the gap between science and magic. More recent periods of renewed interest in magic occurred at the end of the 19th century, where it. Were not Solomon, but evil men teach magic and things like the angels came to Babylon. the role was, instructions from the deities to the City-State, on behalf of the gods, how to transfer it according to the will of the gods. This change represents the first major usurpation of power of removal of participants in this magic spell. It is in this stage of development is very codified and rituals designed on stage for formal religions, began to emerge, as the Egyptians and Babylonians funeral rituals victims. . Can these traditions of divination and magic Kompass. Wenn is with the magic on traditions, is not a religion, a common misconception for outsiders treat members of the clergy. Thelema and its impact later are influenced by Eliphas Levi, often linked to resurface a magical tradition to the English-speaking world of the 20th century. Springs, like Center are at about the same time in France and Germany. Western traditions confirm the natural elements, stations and practitioners with the Earth. Michael Nevin and Isabelle Sarginson. The functionalist perspective and derivatives of imagination, magic is often considered more akin to science and technology. Flights in slot) and accused of Mage, black magic or witchcraft to steal (disappear) or shrink men's penises to money for cure, amid a wave of panic to blackmail. and at dawn. If a rooster is a response to the rising of the Sun. This series of events may be different, based on the magic, played. The law of similars suggests that dawn followed by canto del gallo, the cock must be caused by the Sun. Archaeologists have for centuries Bc houses 5° and 4° in cuneiform tablets were discovered, contains spells excavated. Lay probably will need some simple magic rituals of daily life, but in important situations, especially when they relate to health or important events in life, an expert magician will often be consulted. . This kind of presentation of a desire fulfilled is a children's game, what happens to their earlier purely sensory technique of satisfaction quite comparable. [.] With the passage of time, changes to the measures, which as a result – in fact even psychological motivation of fire magic trick. [.] It is therefore appropriate, as if it were the magic itself, which is due to its similarity with the goal, who worked the occurrence of this result. Modern theories of magic can see, following a universal sympathy, where an action may produce a result somewhere else or in collaboration with the spirits, to cause the effect. Initiations are perhaps to distinguish the ceremonies, which are more commonly used and magician of ordinary people. The relationship of these supernatural magic rites and its entry into force in order to simulate a series of closed professional class, often through rituals, death and rebirth into a new life. Magic and science, development of procedures to achieve certain objectives. Basic knowledge of magic and science; the magic is knowing oneself and emotion, while science is the knowledge of nature.According to Malinowski, magic and religion are also similar because they often have the same role in society. The difference is that magic is more about personal power of the individual and religion a matter of faith in the power of God. Magic is something that is passed on through the generations of a particular group, while religion in the community is accessible.At the end of his treatise Malinowski poses the question, why is magical? Written by magic with a series of rituals, primitive man was ready, actions and beliefs with a sense of spiritual and practical art which acts as bridge differences in any important or critical situation dangerous Freud pointed out that what led primitive men are with magic is the power of wishes: wishes are accompanied by an impulse of the engine goes, most will change later, the entire surface of the Earth to their desires to fulfill. This motor impulse at the beginning is used to represent a satisfactory situation so they can experience the satisfaction of what might be described as a driver. in India, literally as the Mage Māntrik usually KNOWS mantras, spells and curses, which can be used for or against all forms of magic. Visualization techniques are used for example by wizards, in quite different contexts in the fields of clinical psychology and sports training widely. This is another term that can refer to the magic. Baraka, unlike defined as blessing or divine force is a quality that an activity has a category. According to Muslim conception, the source of Baraka's just wing it; Is the direct blessings of the wing and intervention conferred special, pious Muslims. and I discovered that this magical ritual played over funds to kill people to gain wealth or personal gain and women forced to sexual submission. The law of similars, also known as the Association of ideas, that he belongs to the category of sympathetic magic, is the notion that follows a particular outcome of a particular action, this action to the result should be responsible. Then, go to perform this action again, should the same result again. A classic example of this kind of thinking is that the. Magic of one or both, may be used in any work. Contagious magic involves the use of natural ingredients, that wants to influence, in contact with the person or thing, the practitioner. Sympathetic magic involves the use of images or physical objects, trying to influence the person or thing in any way resemble; The section on practices that is magic or witchcraft less untouchable indicate attempts to domesticate the occult powers of a supernatural power over others. These are so roundly denounced, in contrast. Bronisław Malinowski, says in his essay of magic, science and religion, that any person, no matter how primitive, used in magic and science. To make this distinction, break this category into the sacred and the profane. Tambiah also believes that the perception of these three ideas have evolved over time as a result of Western thought. The lines of demarcation between these ideas depending on the point of view of a variety of anthropologists, but Tambiah has his own opinion about magic, science and religion. According to Tambiah religion is based on a community organized and covers all aspects of life. Religion is one obligated to pity toward makes this outboard feed system feeling and duty. Religion is effective and attractive, because it is typically unique and very personal. In addition, because religion affects all aspects of life, is in the sense that morality and notions of acceptable behavior by God and the supernatural are cheaper taxes. Science, suggests his role much less inclusive religion as a clear distinction between the natural and the supernatural.Unlike according to Tambiah religion has a much more personal control over humanity events. Science is a system of behavior on the part of man acquires mastery of the environment according to Tambiah. Medieval civil municipality, which is the Christian Church, the magic in their entirety refused because it is considered as a means of manipulation with the natural world so supernatural. (Deuteronomy 18: 9-12) Despite the many negative connotations, that is there around the magic of the word many elements that we observe in a divine light or Santa. Manipulation of the elements through the use of the magician's will and symbols or objects, representative for the elements. Western practitioners typically use. They have arisen, since the publication of Gardner tend to is a trend that combines the practice of magic and religion, to follow, although this combination is not exclusively for them. Following the trend of its magical, some counterculture. The magic almost always requires the use of the language. If the words to voice strong or tacit, is often used for access or the Guide to magic. Claims on the magical power of words (1968) s. j. Tambiah is the connection between the language and the magic through the innate capacity of faith words to influence the universe. Bronisław Malinowski, is therefore a form of mental discipline, spiritual or mystical, designed to achieve more concentration for spirit training. Crowley also supports the effects of magic, Paranormal, indicating a connection with the beginning of this list. However, he defined any attempt, this one can use for any purpose, the more mental preparation or Mystics as black magic for help. 20th century in General has seen a surge of public interest in various forms of magical practice and creating a number of traditions and organizations, religious and philosophical clearly up there.In England, it was announced a renewed interest in magic from the last lift. Aleister Crowley wrote that result in the elevation of the spirit through practical magic (we can say that, despite themselves) live presents the results. First calm down the concept of magic that religion separate category are widely recognized in Judaism, the magical practices of pagan worship and benefit from the advantages of the gods laughed. (2117) [,] wearing amulets is reprehensible. Spiritism often implies divination or magical practices. on the other hand, the Church warned the faithful against it. The use of so-called traditional cures does not justify the exploitation of the credulity or calling evil powers. Closed during the natural and supernatural religion and essentially interchangeable, are clearly separated into science, nature and the supernatural. Moreover, science is a discipline developed; a logical argument is created and can be challenged. The basis of scientific knowledge can be expanded, while religion is absolute and practical. Magic, three disciplines less accepted in Western society, is an innovative idea at all.Tambiah States that magic is strictly ritualistic action that sets the implementing powers and objects outside the scope of and the supernatural. These objects and events are told that propagate by nature, so that the supernatural is not required. For some, including Greeks, magic was a proto. Magic has other Bedeutung. historical debate between Viel religion and magic that emerged during the Protestant Reformation. The Catholic Church is through his doctrine of Transubstantiation was attacked because it was considered a sort of sacramental magic. In addition, the ability to deny something outside of God's plan, go. Magic spells. Compare religious and magical culture not Modernisé thoughts with Western scientific thought. He argues that traditional beliefs and Western science applications of theoretical thought. Form, function and purpose this theoretical idioms organized municipalities and explained by eight on the main features of this kind of thinking:. mystical realization or an occurrence of the brain characterized essentially generated by the Union of subject and object (Book 4, part 1: mysticism). Magic, searches help concentration as previously defined, constantly Recalling the attention on the selected object (or will), produce such results. For example, if we want to focus on God, can memorize a system of correspondences (perhaps chosen arbitrarily, that this fine would affect its usefulness for mystical) and all items seen corresponds then to make to this God. The Egyptian also warned Hasan El-Francis, folk singer that scientists were often blind by applying the term Sihr to benign and malignant forms of magic. He argues that in Egypt, Sihr only applies to sorcery. A person who practices benevolent magic Saba or Sahhaar (sorcerer, witch), do not call, but is referred to or older typically as Shaikh (or another for a woman), a title that is usually used, a member of the clergy or a significant community and corresponds to the English title: ' Révérend. '. If necessary, as a result or a person imbued with magical contamination, one magician. should the custom of the people arrested, in my procession or the César is not punishment to escape torture and the protection of their distribution area. in particular, it is not uncommon for any concept of magic works.The use of magic is often said that the fundamentals of the concentration and visualization. A mood to reach many of them, called supposedly magic. Muslims believe that Allah sent an army of Jinn to obey him. The second possibility is the magic that was taught by scammers or Al-Shayatin. Al-Shayatin has two meanings; the first is similar to the Christian Satan. The second meaning, which is used here, refers to one. The magic almost always requires the use of the language. Another possible source of the power of words is their secrecy and exclusivity. The possession of magical knowledge alone may not be sufficient, to grant magical powers; often, a person must also have certain magical objects, the characteristics or experiences in the life of a sorcerer, to be.Magical attack perceived in erudite, sometimes used as an idea, to explain the personal or social misfortunes. It has been noted, that people cannot be punished for consorting with spirits, while the magician could call the spirits want to do, as fraudsters sentenced. Some experiences of birth mail also believed to convey a magical power. For example, survival a disease that is the death of a close person may be taken as evidence of his power as a healer: in Bali, the survival of a medium is a test for their association with a patron deity and therefore their ability to communicate with the other gods and spirits. Bankruptcy, that the exact formula to follow policies be favorable conditions, lack of magical ability, unwillingness or Betrug.Eine is another well-known magical practice. Clearly defined actions (including talk) are used to do the magic. Magic often utilizes symbols that are believed to be inherently. He said that the magic comments are the result of internal dysfunction: men mistook the order of their ideas for the order of nature, and as such, that they control, or allowed their thoughts, their control over things, it seems. .Andere common categories of magic include high and low magic (invoking the divine powers or spirits or with noble aspirations, or personally, depending on the type of magic). A further distinction is between manifest and subtle magic. Subtle magic typically refers to the magic of legend, gradually and sometimes intangible that change the world, while the magic is magic, which appears immediately as a result.University historian. one of the many pieces of religious literature, which contains many of the concepts. Another issue debated among historians regarding the various instruments or tools between these healers and others who seek to practice the art of healing in the magical way.Diversified instruments/ritual in medieval magic include, but are not limited to: different amulets, talismans, potions, such as dances, songs, prayers, etc., in addition to these rituals are wet notions of demonic involvement, influencing negatively. The idea that magic is designed, has taught and worked by demons seemed reasonable, everyone who read the Greek magical Papyri or the. in this context rather up to complex or currents of magic and practices beliefs that different cultural groups and associated transmission lines. Some of these traditions are very specific and culturally circumscribed. Others are more. In faith and the practice of magic there the early human cultures and is always a spiritual role, religious or medical care in many cultures today. Describes a social phenomenon similar to religion and science, but on a separate class of magic. In practice, the magic has a strong resemblance to the religion. Both use similar rituals, types of materials, to realize social functions and relationships, goals and believe to generate. Both work according to similar principles, in particular the consecration and sacredness of objects and places, interaction with supernatural powers, from expert, which provides use of symbolism, sacrifice, ritual cleansing and representation and the importance of tradition and the pursuit of knowledge. Magic and religion share a collective character and this belief. The rules and responsibilities of the individual to be able to develop so slowly and surely by ideals and beliefs of the community. It also supports some believe. Faith on one aspect of the phenomenon requires believing in everything and everyone has a structural blank to accommodate contradictions.The distinction between religion and magic, which pulls the Mauss, is both of sentiment and practice. The opposite of religion portrays magic as part of the pre-modern society and in many ways. The magic is quiet and isolated, rarely publicly leads to protect and to get know the unseen. Religion is prescribed and predictable and is carried openly, usually transmitted information to the community. Although these two phenomena have many ritual forms, Mauss concludes that a magical rite is a rite, which play a role not organized seven. Is private, secret, mysterious and forbidden in the vicinity of the border of the rite. Ars Magica or the magic was an important contribution of component and support for faith and spiritual practice and in many cases healing through physical throughout the middle ages. Come from many modern interpretations, lies a hint of the misconceptions about the magic, one of the largest, turn to evil, or the existence of evil beings who practice it. These interpretations are many ritual acts or knew they were bourgeois rituals in form of discomfort and a strong sense of dismissal throughout the ancient world and because of its exotic corner. In practice, magic differs from religion in the desired outcome. Religion should in the sense of morality to meet and metaphysician, while magic is functional art often tries to reach concrete results. Magic, science and technology is similar in this regard. Belief in each is widespread, universal and far not the origin of the practice. The similarity between these social phenomena is limited, however, since it is based on scientific experiments and development, while the magic think a priori. From the 17th century (Maxwell-Stuart 2001, p. 78-80). in Russia were most studies to eliminate the magical practices of popular Christianised pena (Maxwell-Stuart 2001 83-4); and until in the 18th century, psychological theories treat magic to serve as personal phenomenon of individual needs, with a view of a social phenomenon, a common use. Those who believe that one can influence supernatural powers. The belief that it was believed that the rituals practiced by churchmen of the middle ages, entertaining, is interpreted by historians/researchers that a psychological effect, however, as he also believed by historians cited above is that rituals said efficiencies primarily and fundamentally similar. Ideas about the magic keep a very varied in the presence of medieval land and a feeling of frequent discussions by and among the seven of the former. The seven who have provided many thoughts and opinions on the magic of a variety of classes/students. Seven well known include but are not limited to; In the functionalist perspective, the magic has a role in society. The Symbolist perspective examines the subtle meaning in the rituals and myths, to define a society. the Qur'an is the distinction between apparent magic (miracles of Allah punished) and magic of truth. The first is used as a prophet of Salomon. an ancient geometrical symbol known from many cultures, is often associated with magic. In Europe, the Pythagoreans first used the Pentagram as a symbol of their movement. . But neither of these taught anyone (things) without saying: we are only for trial; So no swearing. Means learned, from them, with which sow discord between husband and wife. But no one, except with the permission of Allah might hurt. And damaged, not what they were recorded. And I knew that the buyer (Magic) Nothing contained in luck more than y. and vile was the price, they sell their souls, if they but knew! (Q 2: 102) although usually presents an attitude that the derogatory towards magic (Muhammad was accused by his critics as a magician). Categories of belief and knowledge systems within the company that are used. Time considered as separate categories in Western cultures, interactions, similarities and differences, many theorists have been of paramount importance to the study of magic. It seems logical, the unconscious. A variant of this belief is that the contact position with the subconscious mind, magic horse. We rejected this explanation. Freud explains that magic related explained, simply linked to locations along the entity theory magic; It explains that it is the misunderstanding that leads to replace the psychological laws of nature is not the true essence. the Almighty liked hide many precious gifts and excellent that wonderful, non-deadly town seems nearly impossible. And natural magic actually is nothing more than the work of nature, have highlighted through art; because of plowing, as corn and herbs, produceth art, nature of the slave by nature, prepared and later helped him. And that these things, while they in nature, hidden slew them impossible and wonderful, but they look when they are known and reveals the simplicity, the difficulty of the seizure goes out, goes the miracle at the end; It is so good for the Viewer, who can imagine no reason or cause. Many philosophers of the first eminence, as. Symbols apply to many cultures, use magic, as a kind of technology. Indigenous peoples can symbols and symbolic actions, changes and improvements to make, use can be advanced as Western cultures. By the first Millennium was Sihr by slowdowns in the system of Islamic society. In this system, all assistants [and] argue that the magic is worked through the obedience of spirits, the magician. They are derivatives of functionalist, Symbolist and intellectuals. These three perspectives are used to describe their Magickal operation in a society. It is usually connected to the functionalist perspective. Just as the actor get will depend upon the benevolence or malevolence of his obedience practice. Malignant Wizard run wing of enslaving the spirits through offerings and unpleasant facts. Benevolent magicians, but she obeyed, and he had calmed Allah so that the wing exerts his will the spirits. and talismans for his faithful as secular tradition called magic, although the latter is actually organized order of liturgical service, the religion and the clergy. This is particularly the case with influences, including the hermetic order of the Golden Dawn and Crowley. Ruickbie (service-209) shows that witches and witches define magic differently and used for a number of different purposes. Therefore, the diversity of opinion, came to the conclusion that the result on practitioners in General perceived as positive.Regardie argued that certain magical practices is based on widely accepted psychological principles to promote internal personnel changes within the same handler. Not all presentations are considered magical. Just a few words or phrases or words in a particular context are considered a magical power. You are still able to use and improve the magical function of the words believe in inherent in words and in this sense need for those who are fans of magic. This leads Tambiah determine that the difference between the language of the sacred and the profane remarkable that exists as a fact not necessarily sacred general words is relative to the need to include in an exclusive language. ) that there is in all things, connects and unites all. Both magical energy is also in all things, even if it can focus primarily on magic items. Magical powers are usually sensitive to the use of symbols, so that a person, an event or an object through the manipulation of an object can be struck, which symbolically represents her or (as seen in the concept of Baraka, much less clearly, how the customs within these two sects in use. If the spell with regard to the principle of contagion Frazer, then was heard. his people were hunted down and eaten as though they were animals. Both sides of the war regarded as subhuman, and some say their flesh can confer magical powers. Mauss concludes that, although the rites and magic believe more in religion, magic is still a separate social phenomenon is religion and science with its own characteristic rules, measures and targets. ,,.