Market study: can download from time to time will be sponsored and non-sponsored studies as described above. We provide aggregate information of the results of the survey to any third party, including the sponsor of the study, if necessary. If you receive a fee for participation in a study sponsored, we have personally identifiable information about your sponsor for archival purposes and regulating the cover on offer. We deliver any sponsor with the answers to the survey based on identification, unless we receive your consent before participating in the survey. If you participate in a survey, which is managed by a market research company to third parties, to identify this company, if you participate in the survey. We need these companies undertake because it is based on your participation in the survey is the survey sponsor is not personally identifiable information on the subject, nor the market on the basis of such participation. Create data added by the users of our services for product development and improvement measures. We use it also for the market analysis. We use information about our users in the form appended to the final third. WebMD may say, for example, a customer, what is the percentage of registered users of WebMD Health Professional Network located in a specific geographic area or specialize in a specific clinical domain, or what percentage of participants in a survey, market research is a specific answer to a poll question selected. To third parties aggregate information, which are accompanied by many individual records collects and removes all data that could be used to identify an individual. Any third party that receives aggregated data must agree not to try, once again they identify people belongs. Our agreement with third parties may or may not pay for this information. Sponsorship of programs: If you use the services through a Web of WebMD, Medscape mobile website and news bulletin or other methods may result in news programs, consisting of selected materials (sponsored programs) with advertising and industrient participation of sponsor-funded. All ads and sponsored links (including links to programs funded) programs will mark the tags advertising, segment information, WebMD sponsored, professional or any other similar designation indicating that the content has been selected for a third party sponsor. Examples of information resources programs were sponsored by brands or unbranded content, interactive maps, Lipoma Cure Research information on diseases, treatments and products to offer multimedia presentations, including video with key opinion leaders, security and legal information resources. We offer programs sponsored by email or to units of local media, which is identified as described above.If you want to participate in a sponsored program, personally identifiable information (e.g., mailing address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) to provide used can, were invited to add information about yourself, we already have on this album. In addition, we collect information in connection with a transaction you have requested (for example, request sample visiting sales representatives, etc.), responding to program or gift and exit application questions. Even if you provide us with personal information, we collect personally identifiable information on programs funded through use of cookies and Web beacons as described above.The personally identifiable information provided when you participate in a project funded by is used to provide the services you have requested or authorized, answer your questions, provide you the specific services you select and send email on new programs and selected information from our sponsors, because it concerns your specialty or clinical practice. You can also receive invitations in other programs sponsored by the same developer commit. If the designation of the services if you are exposed to a Web site WebMD or Medscape mobile, in a newsletter, or by some other means, or if you participate in a program, such as access to a resource sponsored by information or open an email from WebMD, WebMD Professional can be identified by the name in sponsor advertisements or sponsored by program or auxiliary sponsors name potential ad patrocinadorcomo and sponsorizzatiche programs can be made available through the services. We can accommodate in third place with their specialties and the country where you, according to your profile. Provide us with your personal information such as email or postal address not this third party. We are not responsible for how such third parties data and your privacy. Also, use the non-personally-identifiable information for research purposes and provide this information to third parties in its entirety. For example, notify third parties the number of users of a sponsorship program and the activities carried out during the program. Market research: from time to time may be asked to participate in a survey or research funded through an invitation via e-mail, first place pop-up u more. The survey can be administered by one of our market research, or one-third of the company. Participation in this survey, as well as answers to questions are provided by, it is possible, have provided personally identifiable information, which will be combined with information during the registration or available, which we received from third-party sources as described in this privacy policy. This privacy policy under the title used, and we provide below information, how we use it, and how to participate in services markets investigation. ,,.