If expected such as reminders industries has spent more money lobbying? -Weapons, tobacco, oil and pharmaceuticals are the most frequently heard answers. Only a few people (if any) mentions the food industry. Comparing costs of lobbyists for tobacco, Herbalife oil and pharmaceutical companies, there is always a large image. Robert Jay Lifton published (born 1926), 1961 (after several years of research in the field, interviews with trapped American soldiers forced, during the war of Korea), ‘ reform and the psychology of totalism. ’ In this text book standard, doctor, Lifton identifies 8 ‘ ’ themes, that in each group, indicating that exposed their members to a mixture of social tension, psychological and physical violence, is designed to produce radical changes in their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Using this edited several multi-level marketing like Amway (MLM) companies, QNet may dissolve an advantage in this country and they are quite legal, if they have been exploited in a gray area. representatives of these companies in New Delhi were in New Delhi to support mode get State Narendra, dilute the very active Act. The irony is that, while the Treasury quietly price works for the dilution of the plate of the Act, the Government and the regulator of the capital market, after giovedì crooks with a new strength to continue and President of m/s Green was arrested after the action of the regulator of the financial market. Pyramid schemes are in the national scene was going to explode with great regularity, and in the majority of cases, there are political agreements. Research a large fraud in Orissa after tens of thousands of people on the savings of his life behind the light. . For many years, Herbalife annual budget lobbying was of $ 500 000 over the period 2012-2013, this number has doubled and is expected to double again in 2013 and 2014. Herbalife has spent more than $1 million for lobbying in the first half of the year 2014. This is already pressure for overall budget of 2 2013혼다). handling personal or mystical ‘ ’ — (psychologically dominant) charismatic leader create another environment specific behaviour is required; This led to members of the group who believe that they have chosen and which have a special purpose. Normally be members of the group, who are not in the group membership has been transformed and their new way of life and beliefs are the result of an election free of charge. Herbalife if companies like Unilever and Procter gamble &, with its main competitors. However, these companies spend only a fraction of their revenue on lobbying, compared with Herbalife. As a percentage of turnover annual, Herbalife has passed (respectively) the two every year lately 3 - 5 times as P & G and Unilever. Through the year 2014, these very revealing figures increased an estimated 7 to 12 times (respectively). (3) ‘ ’ — purity question everything in life is pure or impure, negative or positive, etc., this creates a sense of shame and guilt. The idea is promoted, there is no other way of thought or by kind and wise or outdoors. Everything in life is good or bad, and everything is justified if the group there are also penalties. It was very emotional, especially and said that these children need all the help they do, he said. I told him, ' they are not living there life. '' Increase expenditures for Herbalife for old in few words, lobbying was the company allegedly ' post nutrition compared to the manufacturers of weapons, oil and tobacco farmers and pharmaceutical companies. While during 2012, Herbalife has managed Dutch Shell and Philip Morris (from this list), and then the predictions of the end of the world, the Royal Herbalife only, have also pimped former roles (Hall) as giant Pfizer, shame. % Of annual revenues to spend twice during recent times Herbalife both hold Pfizer, 4 times as long as BAE Systems, eight times more than Philip Morris and an incredible 24 three times as much as Royal Dutch Shell. Herbalife nearly 5 times the Government of the United States of lobbying as Ackman in 2013 and 2014. Hall is charged as a percentage of the total assets of the company, with the exception of the 2013 and 2014 (respectively), if 37 Herbalife and 26-time spent both in the lobby of Pershing Square. Charity/philanthropy ’ ‘; fundraising ’ ‘; (‘ ’ Lobbying on contemporary issues (freedom ’ ‘, ‘ ’, ‘ environmental ethics ’, ‘ human rights ’, ‘ ’ rights ’ women, ‘ ’, Privacy Act ’ ‘, ‘ ’, social justice, peace, etc,)); ‘ Enterprise edition and media ’. ’ Training ‘; ‘ Academy ’. ‘ Celebrity ’; ‘ Patriotism ’; ‘ information and telecommunications technologies ’; ‘ PR ’; Advertising ’ ‘; ‘ Medicine ’; alternative medicine ’ ‘; ‘ Food ’; ‘ ’ Repair; ‘ production of ’; Detail ’ ‘; direct sales/marketing ‘ ’; MLM ’ ‘; Network marketing ’ ‘; ‘ ’ Regulation; ’ staff development ‘; Self improvement ’ ‘; positive thinking ’ ‘; Personal motivation ’ ‘; ‘ ’ leadership training; ‘ Life Coaching ’; ‘ ’ research and development; ‘ Investment ’; Real estate ’ ‘; Sponsorship ’ ‘; Trauma of duel of advice ‘ ’; ‘ search ’ advice. Legal ’ ‘; CULT - ‘ Consulting ’ output; ‘ ’ financial advice; ‘ Consulting ’; ‘ Club ’; etc, percentage of expenditures for the year 2012-2014 has quadrupled, but this annual exhibition of sales, Herbalife, is this not everyone. Do so many large commercial companies have significant incentive budgets, it takes more revenue to the lobbying as Herbalife a rare? it emits. Based on the foot of the sound of Lifton and singer (and after much research), closed this pernicious destination is one develops the criminogenic phenomenon, which can be defined as: Herbalife lobbies are also mainly concentrated on the issue of trade and finance, while manufacturers of authentic food like Unilever and P & G, on health issues. But after having examined the evidence available, reveals a very different picture. Ackman massively advantage and Pershing Square were in fact, when it comes to opinion leaders, convince the coupler that Herbalife has, over the past two years. ,,.