I'm a psychologist, the State of New York and life coach, she sees clients in my Office in Albany, New York. You also available for telephone consultations and over Linesessions with Skype. I tried also, help imprint links to useful information concerned law Karissa and offer additional tools and my own clients to support. Please feel free to contact me with suggestions at Orquestions has the material on this website or my services. To help individuals and couples for the next level of success and fulfillment in their lives. -Mark TherapyAs NagelCouples marriage and relationship therapist, my goal is to help you and your partner like to friendship, passion and connection that initially a design as a couple through the application of a set of simple but effective techniques and communication strategies to solve the problem and help merge individual relationship plan, we will cooperate, to the relationship of your dreams (an Increibleno dream one nightmare), ko - create. successful couples therapy and marriage which greatly improved the communication and then on the emotional bond that you and your partner are compared to each other. This close emotional connection, then positive in all other aspects of his work as a pair, leading to more satisfaction and fulfilment of the relationship for you and your partner. Individual TherapyAs a solution therapists work with someone focused, my goal is to help you recognize which strengthen, to discover their true potential and lead a life that celebrated. While we can't change difficult situations in the past, we can work together to better understand and the challenges in your life. through the application of techniques and approaches you will be to the complementary therapy able to explore and patterns for a long time or negative ideas that can return it to live more fulfilling and meaningful life to change. CoachingAs life is a life coach, my goal is to clarify and achieve their goals and dreams to help, and finally the life you enjoy presented. I have developed three vibrant life for singles and couples, including coaching programs: achieving the objective to help problem solving coaching life transition program and couples coaching Programm.Diese training programs can use white, to people with personal goals in life such as promoting, improving health and life style and navigation and life transitions help pairs, health, team work, to improve communication and intimacy in their relationships.If you are on the search for more support and guidance through the difficult situation, to enrich your relationship with your partner, or you are ready to take a new direction in your life, look forward to working with you, your goals to reach us.Call or send me an email today for a couple, individual therapy or coaching-therapy consultancy. Nail, MA, mark, too. ,,.