It happens that each arrival of Herbst.Die of September saw trainer sale at full speed, such as the famous company sale new coach 5 in less than two weeks is booming in freedom. Black psychotherapist, life, psychotherapist of the Christian life coach trainer life coach African-American in Chicago Chicago, Chicago corridor, community mediation, the alternative procedures for the settlement of disputes, non-profit Manager, training manager, consultant to Chicago, motivational speaker, trainer of motivation black Chicago, black trainer staff training, business advice, business, African-American consultants, small business BeratungWomen camps, life coach, entrepreneur Christian life coach, life coach coach Chicago black, life of apoyo-entrenador-life coach, certified Niquenya life trainer life Christian d. Fulbright, new, bridges network in Chicago. Welcome and thank you for visiting! I'm a business, life coach, mediator, consultant analyst, author, motivational speaker and corporate trainer in Chicago, Illinois. I have small contractor, contractor, specializing in the motivation to use their innate abilities of managers, groups and individuals in career or life, to achieve their goals, while the success of their dreams. Christian life through the certified coach. These include: skills for life, coaching, career, business coaching or executive coaching, dating and relationship coaching, mediation, coaching, entrepreneur, small business development and other consulting services to learn more about me, my. There are a lot of different schools as trainers in the world, each bringing their unique philosophy, staff, processes and model mix. We want to help you in the choice of a school, which provides the training you need and meets your needs, the ideal is the intentions, goals and interests you. Who wants to be a coach looking for a training program that fits with who they are. A school may be ideal for one person, another person may determine that another school is best for them. In the years that Kellie and I were in coaching, we met many great coaches who have been trained in many different schools. We have come to understand that there are many possibilities, the size and each person must follow his path. This meaning we want to offer our recommendations for the coach of the schools, which in our opinion are exceptional in their training complete. It is recommended that make your task in the search for these schools and their programs. Looking for the best option for you, what has most meaning personally and professionally. Compare plans to talk with its graduates, know that your mind and your heart, which is the program that allows you to select want and where you want. For good understanding, Kellie and me (Carmine) are graduates of the IPEC programme. Yes, that means probably we are partial, but for good reasons. Coaching, there are schools that are happy to take your money and not as a trainer of education. On the other hand has a world-renowned, iPEC simply by what program recommend you above all other schools. ,,.