Completed database of Isère were transported unpacked boxes and the statue was installed in the summer and early fall. A ceremony held on October 28, 1886, and despite rainy weather, 1 million people are gone, a parade of 20,000 for uniformed März Fifth Avenue and Broadway, from Central Park to the battery. During the ceremony, the island of Bedloe Bartholdi went on the head of the statue and cut a rope, which has removed the big French flag on the statue to reveal his face. It was greeted with booing from hundreds of ships in the Harbour and a firearm from the battleship USS Tennessee. President Grover Cleveland was a short speech, and the gift of the people of France was officially adopted. The torch of freedom first on November 1, 1886 and was celebrated with Fireworks.In 1981, when the statue, the effects of nearly a century for the wind, rain and pollution, salt air, a team a team of architects and engineers French survived — in collaboration with the National Park Service —, to assess the State of the statue, to determine what kind of repairs may be required. After learning that major repairs require, was the statue of liberty and Ellis Iceland Foundation is formed in the following year, restoring money for the statue of liberty, and Ellis Iceland for their upcoming anniversary. A complete restoration of the statue of liberty was built between 1984 and 1986, and the statue has been locked with 300 tons (272 t) aluminum scaffolding. 250 feet (76 meters) high, independent scaffolding around the world was higher, and is designed for wind load up to 100 mph (161 kph) designed. -Zoll (2.4 mm) aluminum copper thickness negative forms in firewood. Before you create the forms in wood, plaster casts of the statue of measurements in several positive points of interest by increasing the amount were built. Finish of cobalt were nailed and then hung in a frame of iron beams. The embossing method allows for more artistic possibilities and allows a lighter so that they be transported to the United States. A total of 62,000 pounds (28,100 kg) of copper was used to build the statue of liberty, the 300 different kinds of hammer was founded. Officially called the education of the freedom of the world, which represents a woman carries the statue of liberty a similar scarf as goddess — Libertas — takes a torch to embody the century lights. Another statue of liberty includes a Tablet, inscription with the date of American independence, July 4, 1776 (in Roman numerals), which is the symbol of a nation, which excluded by law. The advice of his bow represent the seven seas and continents and 25 Windows to its Crown found that gems of the Earth. An important feature that can be seen by visitors is broken support and the string at the foot of the statue, which symbolizes freedom in the United States, of oppression and tyranny. Bartholdi design for the statue of liberty has been remarkably similar to how their previous attempt to build a colossal statue of a woman of torches at the northern entrance of the Suez Canal, Egyptian Ismaël leader ' the Pasha never due to financial problems in the order indicated.The statue of liberty was CIE on Rue de Chazelles in Paris in the workshop of gadget & s here and was built in the yard of the farm, overlooking the roofs of the buildings in the region. Hand and the torch on display temporarily in the Philadelphia Centennial in 1876, then at Madison Square Park in New York in February 1877 in June 1882, to help fund the construction of the stand. In the meantime, head and Crown have exhibited in 1878 at the universal exposition in Paris. The statue of was was fully mounted in Paris from 1883 and 350 elements dismantled and packed in 214 crates, then it could be shipped across the Atlantic. The statue stood on the French Isère frigate which went to Rouen, France, presented on May 21, 1885 and reached the Bay of New York June 17, 1885 Bartholdi chose the relief of metalworking, involved Hammer technology. Statue of liberty copper skin hammered the technique of the hand beads and is supported by a designed the Eiffel Gusteve iron frame. and the Church's Bell Tower of the Trinity in lower Manhattan. When the statue of liberty as a lighthouse from 1886 to 1902, was short the torch to the top at 24 miles (39 km) away in the sea. During this time was the torch lit by lights powered by a generator on the ground, nine wooden bow making it the first lighthouse in the United States, electricity use. The statue of liberty was a gift to the people of France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence and founded the Alliance between the two countries during the American war of independence. The idea of erecting a statue at the entrance to the port of New York, to celebrate the friendship of French of America returning was inspired by the French of scientist Edouard Rene Lefebvre de Laboulaye, and by the sculptor French Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi (, the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette in Union Square) created. During his visit to the United States in 1871 Iceland of Bartholdi Bedloe in New York Harbor, preferred to chosen as the site for the statue of the goddess of freedom. Originally, the statue to the United States should consist of your 100th will be presented July 4, 1876, but this goal was thwarted by the political climate in France, and a late start in fundraising, to pay for the statue. The statue of liberty has been described as international historic civil engineering ASCE and the society of engineers and scientists in France in 1985. A trademark of the plate, the label was founded by two companies on October 24, 1986 and is situated at the foot of the base. The statue was also as a national monument in 1924, appears on the national register of historic places in 1966, named in 1976 as a symbol of New York and the cultural heritage of many unique technical challenges by the United Nations in 1984 as a symbolic structure involved in a broad measure of the design and construction of the statue of liberty. The wrought iron gates, to support the copper skin was a Division wall construction, a method of construction and in 1885 first skyscraper and still in use today will be copied. Thanks to a good design to hover on the skin of copper frames FaŒr thermal expansion and contraction, which occur without excessive stress. Solid granite and concrete has been one of the heaviest pieces of masonry, which ever built the base. Its construction is promoted the use of concrete as a building material of many structures in the United States. To design the massive installation support, Bartholdi used the help of architect French Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, but Viollet-le-Duc 1879 died shortly after completing the plans for the support of the torch and head. Then committed to the design of the internal frame Gusteve - Alexandre Eiffel, which the French engineer was famous for the moment. Eiffel is known for its several European railway bridges design important and Eiffel Tower later in Paris for the universal exhibition of 1889 built. Also a pioneer in research on the effect of wind is books, manuals of Eiffel in the calculations of wind load for the statue to this day, despite the technological progress. 250,000 pounds (113400 kg) of bars of iron within the statue is compatible with all of the skin of bronze and was designed for the loads due to wind, differential expansion and contraction of the effects of iron and copper and Elektrolyse.Finanzierung, are the planning and construction of the podium in the responsibility of the United States. Construction of the Foundation and Pierre s. podium, a civil engineer American and graduate of the Military Academy of West point was under the direction of general Charles. Excavation for the foundations began completed may 11, 1883, wood of the centre's Fort, a Fort in 1811 on the Bedloe Iceland. A total of 27,000 tonnes (24,500 tonnes) of poured concrete, bases of 65 feet (20 m) to build, closed on May 17, 1884. Pending installation of the statue of liberty in France the statue in Paris on behalf of the United States, in a ceremony on July 4, 1884 was Richard Morris hunt in the month following and sent to France Levi p. Morton has officially adopted, architect of the era (the distinction between the architect and the engineer has been less pronounced than it is today) was the designer of the base. The first Americans, the school of fine arts of Paris, hunting also participate designed the facade and great hall of the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City and the Biltmore Estate near Asheville, North Carolina. Base of the statue before the 13 layers of bricks Iceland, Leete Connecticut, symbolizes the original colonies. Ten round stones were placed at the bottom of each side of the podium and originally on the shields of each territory of the State and the European Union at the time, as the cornerstone of the pedestal, August 5, 1884 created Columbia.La. Two sets of four steel beams were 89 feet (27 m) inside the base and then screwed onto the frame of the statue, the statue of an integral part of the base. Construction of the base was temporarily suspended for a period of five months in 1885, lack of funds, but launched a campaign in the life of Joseph Pulitzer, Publisher of the newspaper the world, increase the money needed to complete it. To get the standard priority for young millionaires donations approached Pulitzer citizens, including immigrants and young schoolchildren and managed to collect enough donations to the State of complete 21 weeks. The final touch for the podium was presented on April 22, 1886. Torch of freedom had suffered losses, since the change of installation interior lighting in 1916. Gutzon Borglum, sculptor of Mount Rushmore, had cut most of the copper in the flame and 250 installed stained-glass windows yellow. The torch was a desperate and moved up to the statue's July 4, 1984. A team of ten French Metalworkers built a new torch at liberty Iceland with the same techniques and tools such as Bartholdi. Old photos and measurements of the original that served as reference for the new torch on an original design, would remain stable, despite the fact that the flame was copper in sheets of 24-carat gold - plated gold (1893 Bartholdi had suggested this statue when he disappointed by his enlightenment was gilding). The new torch was removed on November 25, 1985 in the village, and the original torch was put on display for visitors in the lobby of the Museum into the pedestal.ASCE has funded the development of a complete system (CAD), computer-aided three-dimensional design creates drawings of the statue of liberty was given to the National Park Service and support of the exhibits in the Museum is located in the base. Most of the original drawings of the statue was destroyed by a fire in Paris at the turn of the century. By Dr. John Treasure, an engineer of structure within the Cabinet of burns and the ASCE ROE efforts have been directed towards aspects of civil engineering of the recovery of paper and electronic designs that could predict the dynamics of the structure using the finite element analysis to create. Dr. Darling also reserved the axes, to serve as a consultant for the National Park Service during the recovery process. Dynamic and fatigue analysis were in the context of the statue to determine the structural load and determine their residual maturity is performed. The biggest problem was found in the right shoulder of freedom. Inside the statue, a 97 feet (30 m) high mast, consisting of four horizontal and diagonal beams with reinforcement cross supports secondary frame as armor and an extension of 40 feet (12 m), which is compatible with the raised arm and the torch. CAD drawings showed that head and shoulders out of alignment during the original construction. the arm has been moved to average 18 inches (46 cm) where Eiffel had designed to unite the mast and the head has two feet (61 cm).A team of engineers and architects of America and the French came up with two solutions for stability in the shoulder of the statue to correct: fully rebuild the Tower (stress reduction) and a second opportunity to strengthen the existing ties with the addition of new diagonal bracing a selection the connection according to the original plans by Eiffel and weight and steel plates (strengthen the reparationsqui was made for the connection of 1932) to transfer. With computer modeling, finite element analysis, showed that both solutions as the second option would have been the ultimate goal of the project has been selected for preservation, not a substitute, a historical restoration. Mounts were in head to improve stability and alignment problems. Galvanic corrosion between the bars of the armor of muddy iron leads to some bars, losing half of its thickness of origin during the load of rust in the other facts which saddles are locked copper adhere to the skin, causing its sliding capacity and flexibility for wind, temperature, and the statue's copper skin. Although Eiffel had used asbestos in the sound of the insulation to protect against the effects of electrolysis, transports the material. 1 350 iron bars have been replaced by stainless steel and insulated with Teflon tape, Galvanic corrosion to prevent any arms. Only four bars always extract on each side of the statue, so every day a total of eight characters removed promised copies in a laboratory of metallurgical industry and regain the aftermath of the statue. In addition, steel plates were replaced with secondary structure rebar.Over the years, of coal tar and seven layers of paint have been in care workers applied copper skin hope to avoid losses; But this process actually absorbed water in some places and even hidden corroded areas. Liquid nitrogen at 350 ° Fahrenheit (-212) has been freezing and layers of color, eliminate, while special techniques have been developed, the layers of coal tar to remove sprayed without damaging the skin of copper from the statue of baking soda powder jet. In the meantime outside the statue's copper skin of corroded areas were replaced and losses were ca¨ and isolation. A new elevator, glass double-hulled passenger in the podium and 97 feet (30 m) high was installed, was one of the hydraulic lifts higher worldwide. New platforms in the spiral staircase leads recorded in the Crown and was installed a ventilation system provides fresh air tempered hublot 168 markets inside the head of climbing. September 9, 1987, he served sections of New Jersey and the Metropolitan as host joint for the dedication of the restoration of the statue of liberty as a 1987 axes. ,,.