I am disgusted with our electricity bill is high, and we take to reduce our energy consumption. And then that passes through my screen for a generator of freedom. I've seen very stupid videos with alarmism, I have my eyes of a few dozen times. But I am fascinated by the idea that electricity could be generated by composting. So better ask some Permies? So, here's the webpage (.) I did some research on biogas generator. In a country like the India, Viet Nam and generator China biogas began long ago. Digestion plant of first aid, to produce biogas to leave waste was built in 1859 in Bombay, India. The conventional biogas generator has been fed, fertilizer but generator of biogas today with the thickness of the material residue fed with foods rich in carbon sources. People who improvised design, small plant that are about 1000 L of tank now more effective than conventional biogas 4000 l generator. For more information, see amounted to say. However, the best scams have a share of truth. I have the site enough to determine if they push a biogas generator. This is not the same as composting. Such a system produces enough gas to produce useful energy, only if resources are abundant (think dairy) access to thousands of kilos of fertilizer per week. The average family to generate enough waste to this wasteful system and certainly not for the production of electricity. Personally, a skin disease is the marketing of this nonsense, those that I want to very unpleasant for everyone. Point of view, that power is the least expensive option. A relevant consideration is alternative when power is not available. So, my advice is to check how we can reduce the power. If you decide to move, where power is not available, in a place far away things start to become more interesting. ,,.