And receive a free copy of the gym, not at the level of the body perfectly with everything you know about hormonal balance, training and diet, have an amazing physique to achieve. .Auf of the other hand, eating two or three large meals a day and go to the gym three times a week, which emit more than half of the week. The plan was designed to make you feel as if already his natural style and way of life. This is very important because many plans and training plans fail, feel sick to our body. With the destruction of the body of the cinema program feel much better, but they don't themselves enough Kalorien.Sie to be happy and focused and to burn fat. To know what is in the program (food types of movement, and So on), you must purchase the program. This could be a problem for people with dietary requirements, such as vegans, vegetarians or those a diet without gluten and dairy food. But in the end, that are adapted to your specific needs. Greg or ’ Gallagher recently launched its new series, the destruction of programme of Warrior movie body. Promises to break results and the plateau, the elevators. ’ Here is a hint offered in these promises and contains the program. Greg, I have ’ 6 feet tall and 155 pounds of body weight at present. For a long time, I have ’ d felt lean fat, worked recently on the reduction of fat deposition. I was more than 20% - 14% BF. Permanently lost that little fat and a little more muscle, but was ’ far, where I want to be. In addition was in the port at which the log was, physically and mentally exhausted he was looking for variety and came across your website. Unfortunately, I ’ t pay their programs paid, then I read free content, which is more than enough, I must say. I thank you for that.But my question would be as follows: 1. believe that the above program is designed for those who force the matter not be expanded or changes? 2 How long follow the physical Protocol (% wise BF) Warrior? My concern is when I'll next cut, ’ I ’ I'm going to be extremely slim. 3. I m ’ think, do some extra cardio ABS + days rest so that ABS exercises should replace or simply ignore most days.Thank you for the time take to answer our questions.James. . In this article, I'll talk about a systematic approach to training to build the body of the Warrior! But first of all I would like to ’ is a look at some examples of cinema body! 1 Koy. GregEnjoying your reading guide and hear the podcast. Me I wonder where to start as a beginner? I recommend always starting with systematic ‘ of the main level of the ’ cinema body of air? I understand that the press and the case of clean energy not in this routine. Emphasize their importance, above all and here. Koy is one of my friends, which is clearly in the form of strips. His body fat is ridiculously low and therefore the vascularization is much more pronounced. Koy is about 5 ’ 10 and 150 pounds and has the physique of warriors! 2 Bryden. ,,.