Plant patent # 11,342. name of the variety: IV of Pentecost. Red Rocket ® is a charming sapling for every season, with the new red leaves in spring, cherry large groups for summer and autumn more leaves of bright orange flowers! Disease-resistant and easy to cultivate, Crapemyrtle, is always looking for.If the leaves Italian Rocket Seeds in spring, this new tree a striking Crimson in turn green for the summer. The flowers are at the beginning of summer, full of grease escape round buds in groups of 8-inch red giant attention. Are you in recent weeks, to return in the fall for another great show. And when the first cold arrives, the foliage becomes an orange richer!Red Rocket ® has achieved 20-30 feet tall and only 8-10 m wide. Is a form of multi-elegant vase, or stem may be formed by a master. Grows well in well drained soil-even the urban poor-only for proper drainage and frequent watering during dry periods. (Drought does not kill the tree, but reduces the seasonal flower). Flowers on new wood, but can not go back, unless it becomes too large for your garden. Easy and very low maintenance.Red Rocket Dan sunny ®. This is an excellent cover, grows very quickly. Good leaf mold fungus resistant, Tan is much more valuable than old varieties, and the color is beautiful! Zone 6-9. AZ cannot be sent,