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Whatever the cause, damaged cylinders were common walls. 140 short construido from 1976 to 1977 had the improved, new roads, cylinder head, water pump and thermostat gasket engine coolant and a guarantee of 5 years/60 000 miles (97,000). and changed the paint engine (used for all Chevrolet engines) Blue Orange.In August 1975, a test of strength of Motors Chevrolet in Vegas construido led lasted three, one 60,000 miles in 60-day run announced. . Cosworth. A Vega for the price of two when he announced, the price and the commercial purpose well planned was the market failed. These are companies, which can be viewed or mentioned in various materials official but unknown, to see in the game. For example, are some of the back of the PlayStation 3 version of BioShocks manual. Others are for. I really want to model Dee & Ricky, but this auction is less expensive than all other goddesses & Ricky auctions on eBay, others at 399-$ 700. Know if its fake! Bless you!.? I have 3 days to decide whether they want to or that you don't want to buy! Could you please tell me if it is real? be my boyfriend for our 1 year rule. I want to buy a fake watch! Here is the URL: Morrissey1988, is a fake. There are a number of them are circulating on the Internet. actual gather. It will be much more pleased with the quality. You must be sure to purchase an authentic g-shock Jtotheackson Macy. If the containers only often fail. Ebiharashun, it looks like a real photo, but not the best. myvi06, the scope of text colors and location of image text than other Casio GA-120 is not correct, I've seen. It could be a fake, but I saw it as shown below. Thanks to riley. They could not find anything really Brown and have been with the exception of the United Kingdom. also to vary the belt in order to take your old joli I? I wonder if I could Chiepest the maestro of real monsters available at g shock g shock a fake BAPE one but already bought and come from a low-income family, not to see, until I bought it help Ppleeaasse! They are very cheap, I an and it looks good, but I do not know if its real please help me thank you! Chris 12th × 1, is 100% false. You get no real shock for $14 including shipping from China. I heard that that is not the seller. Riley, thanks for the reply, of course it is true from the podium, I've bought on the site official g-shock. Quick question, this was my case for g-7900 has canned comes from? Kind gave me a box of slide and clear bel Thtas is not the case just because it has an incorrect number and watch is freely updated customs pasquale, Amazon smear their right of return, even by third-party vendors. Richard, this is probably a fake bape. Would not try to buy one on eBay. There are 10,000 real notes for each. $161 is a lot for a fake, and it is very cheap for a real. G - shock and this is really new to buy my first. In the 16th century and only saves my first control of one of them. The link to a shock absorber rear for sale for $36 and it seems too good to be true. Please could you tell me if this is true, so I'm not scamed from my money? Probably should have done more research. I do not know if it is legal or not, but ive seen photos I think that's maybe true, but I do not know. What is Bob riley, great site with tons of information. In the new game, Gshock, my only brother that I attract but IMA snag a pair. I haven't seen many fake, it glx5600? This is what I wanted to get most of the time. Should give me, fingers crossed on some Theseebay think that the new user Horoutama, HES or poor performance. Hi RileyI hate a chore, but it can be confirmed by me, please? If a g-shock Visé (titanium) in Thailand, it is possible that the watch is real?I have a lot of watches, seen, but it is safe to say, have already written on the back. I think the Royal G-shock are just a reference to "Japan" on the back. I'm confused - please help. Junior, white bape looks really bad. The black is probably true, but a Commons image. There are several different real bape G-technology in different colors, but to sell 99% of them are false. A real should be at least $400 cost. Nothing less that is false. They are very rare. Hi desire RileyI, found your site until I bought this watch!It is disappointing to account which is probably wrong - please put my misery and confirm that for me one way or another. Download is simply false imitation of G-technology. May be technically legal, because something has changed their name, but they are still pieces of junk watches. Devantehh, Wal-Mart is a safe place to buy genuine G-technology. Usually, they have the best rates for bricks of Malta and not too large, but save your selection. Amazon has generally less money, when it is scheduled for may. Domaka, that could be a real bape, but it is hard to say. The seller has good feedback, but it seems as if it was just a coincidence, for the sale and not a dealer. Just buy a policy of Bapes not from anyone except the BAPE store, but who knows, you'll have the chance. 1 about 100 million in eBay Bapes are real (or at least more or less). Texaskeptic, thanks for the further confirmation. It is a good idea to inform these scammers on eBay. Is a real problem. Hello again Riley, what is the difference, with the exception of the aspect between the Pathfinder and GDF100-1 a. solar / don't know anything about the real life of 9 months Rechargeble total battery without easily but how old the price is so different recharge.why? and the last … what is real? Hi Riley, a small Question had received my g shock and customize my mudman dw on other buttons are pressed. It needs to be done or is damaged. ? Hans, the g7700 pictured appears to be true, but it is a very low image quality. The seller does not is superb so a real clock, but the package or service cannot obtain, if something goes wrong. Often there are other traps buy extra to get a proper look. Harm that could sell used or refurbished as offering nothing in the way and the new available customer service. So you know good traders instead of shopping opportunities to buy enough soft. Kcizzy, text by Casio and other small details missing. No real shock, may require the design.SD, I do not know, according to this description. There is very little actual Bapes. If you paid more than $300 for no bape is probably not true. cristian305, I think it looks a real DW-8900. The rear part of the housing is different from mine, but many other people have also reported that change. It seems that Casio has started, more than the models DW-6900 in China. I have an important question in Malaysia the Sam find distributors (some of them are my friends), who sold the g-shock g, Oakley, glasses and a pair of shoes. Their g-shock are 50 Myr ($18). They say that the original watches are replication Thease 50 MYR (originally produced at the Japan), but the same people some 600 MYR original collated limited for sale. What is the difference? Images that resemble real and Thease rates all watches. Thousands of people (Thease are shopping on Facebook-shop shows the photo of profile in their watches and if you want to buy the pm should write u). Contact one or these operations and said that it can send me watches in Europe if I do not want to pay more for shipping (only sent in Malaysia and Singapore). I want therefore 5 g buy shocks, but I do not know Firstible, what is a replica watch and are truly original. Then, I add some photos are on Facebook. But the accounts are not blocked, so Shure have Facebook can then inspect. G - shock to write (it is one of the many shops, but the guy told me that he was in Poland to navigation) thanks for the reply. A lot, thanks to a few common to them fake-ness? And if you don't have a reliable web sites, Amazon, search, but could not find this kind of shock G and I. Blankster, can see very differently the backlight in photos and videos. If you try to compare some G-technology in real life. You should probably vary a little each model is consistent. rodsrocks, however, there are in fact two different real models, which look like, with the exception of the button. Comes with a figurine. Haha thought so, just a little confused because vendor which determine whether it is a replica, but it is advertised as a true, said also 2000 serial number, xxxx/2000, one might say, are real or just an illusion? Bless you. ish133, G7900, seems to be true, but $20 is very very cheap for real, actually received. Tianshu7712 seller has good feedback, but not much more than him. And I'm in China. A DW-8900 k8as0v, which seems to be real. And the price is right. I do not know the seller's Ivshc, but it looks decent. He is a man of truth, I hope that I know that the photos are real, but would buy them.If not, what can I do? Merry Christmas and a happy new year Riley if I discover that I am interested in any any case a g-shock g him first thing. Itzmike23, really it's a Commons image. Sellers are not very well seen. Do not seem many watches for sale and have a negative feedback. McKein, set to false. It appears that the eBay Onemoretimecuckoo seller a Commons image show Pathfinder, but the rest of the photos posted by Royal Guard a true be damn wrong. LOL thanks for the help of Riley. It is always trying to say is true, or it does not matter if it is false, because some people who do not speak its dare la …, but now I have proof that it is not true and I never realized that I told my friends has a … uy erramia friend has one. Ah and Riley, my brother made that if a person is a bit pricey for the purchase of g-Shocke, it's wrong. He said true more than $400, there are real, that are so cheap, less than $100? And true G-technology have a G behind a successful test because my Friens of shock not?. Hi Riley, I understand your opinion in a clash of g still I plan to purchase Definalety GLX-5600-A2, but the two other, very difficult to decide which one is to take a look. Only the first link works for me WhiteGshock. It is a real shock G a Commons image. Avatar of the user of this seller Dreamshopee is not good, but it seems they sell less real. See heres the image on a dark green background more life to the lighting. true false will lose for the poor quality, but is it? Hi RileyI bought a dw6900nb it a few weeks ago, but I am concerned, there is no real reason says made in Thailand in BackThanks. Riley, thanks, I feel more confident, but perhaps I could tell me to do things on the technological-g-mini. There is much discussion on G-technology false but not mini. I would add that another thing is that a rubber band you feel differently than the smooth and shiny, other bands g-shock, design of the band and the piece of metal that holds the band a small loss unlike my other shock G (slide and DW-6900) is a problem? I would appreciate your help. I have Hey riley for Christmas can confirm if its real in the question on the group, has a double stripes. Sprigs_on_fire, it seems a real shock g. G9200 this seller of watches that AUC Bay is Singapore, so shipping may take awhile, but your comment is very good. brett514, looks like a real G5500 G-LiDE. I know what the seller and have very little feedback however. This is a real? I was attracted to, when I saw that I could find causes a g-shock g-shock GA-100 with white letters on the side. tell me please if you can. I've had my g-shock for some time now and its been upset, it would be wrong for the button lights up, the clock is not G? and it should not if the word g-shock etched in red at the top? Thank you very much. The video above is not the best quality, but I can say that they are all false, is considered to be thousands of G-technology reale (actual images). These watches are similar to some popular models, but the details wrong always those on. Post some pictures of their G-technology and safe that I can not tell you if they are real. It might be true to their subject. But now, there are many fake stores.A true g-shock model complete, somewhere must be printed on the box or packaging (example: DW-6900LR-9-DR). And registered the number of model short on the back of the housing (example: DW-6900LR). You can search in Google or the file of the watch and compare your g-shock, pictures of actual confirmation. Kash_Jey_Wr3cker, four in this image look real G-001 bhasson913 s., it is hard to say, photos for sure. Bapes and more all on the line is bogus, but it is a big risk. I would just buy the BAPE store. kiara001, is - this sure to buy Macy. MoonMan, a better fake are not immediately die when immersed in water, but very. The water may have obtained, but still inside the box. May be back to dive up to 600 m in depth with any real shock there is no problem. Your friend must pass a test and see what happens.MudMan, which looks really great g. of the new g-shock are stamped in Thailand. There is nothing to worry about. is true or false. If counterfeiting is good? last falsely to someone with watch. Extraordinarily familiar thanks. Keeganchris, which must be a fake. Is a bad idea to try to buy online a g-shock bape of foreigners. Jean, both are true. Shit only images. Dunkdunk, it looks real. Casio has changed the design of the delocalisation of the production of Thailand, China. ove28, make sure that it looks exactly like the reality. Jay-jay555, mid May Zshock processed but I have heard the criticisms of others mixed. He spent lots of money to promote their products with celebrities. The main complaint was that the quality of their products is not your price. Don't know anyone who recommend us for this sort of thing, but perhaps Tyko Moon could connect to something. You can tell if the g-shock-or bought a jeweler is false, because my jeweler to a cousin out and if its fake laugh lol IMMA. ? I found a picture of WAT is considered to be high security … with the symbol red on the floor, lcd screen G tells me to withstand the shock at the top, but not Casio media anywhere. all my circuits are of the same color. See San_jay, vera GLX5660, I do not know who is watching eBay seller Bay we but. Seem to b in Singapore, which is not bad, but the shipping may take some time. Thus, according to eBay 7) watch it all the time on the clock. It should be a day of the week. Something like yours, or TH, or the day of the week should be among the 2 first circles and not directly under the third circuit. Yes the third circuit, its fake. Some fake really good, those showing the day of the week between the first two circles but, obviously, it is true read the steps. Well, it's the clock in small circles. help Methanks. Damion, fields is a large retailer and it is unlikely that the illegal sale of counterfeit G-technology products. It must be good. Superggg, GD seems true, but I don't know that the eBay seller. You are in Hong Kong, which means that the loading may take time. I have, but not so obviously bad company. OK my friends takes S punched and we are told that everyone else is wrong because … has not heard a Shock.Do S know if S-shocks is really exists and if it is true? This watch is real? I have a white, but when you change the battery in a piece of plastic. Hi riley, come back new ingenio ive seen better photos of my G-Schock. Mein G-technology exactly as in the link below but listen illuminator G-shock is usually false. is this true? Brisbane, it seems that this seller sells reality technology-G. Is not on the agenda in the Philippines, which only makes sense if it is in the Philippines. -Amazon is the safest way to buy G-technology. The best way to know if a shock is true or not is the Casio model number shows here (enter your model # in the search box). I did that my g - 6900 9drI has a Hong Kong seller with 99.9 Bob wants to know if the watch is true or false, because some imprint of a label on the box, looking for the g-shock and small paper, which comes in too clock here are some pictures of. Ereotav, g-shock may be true but Hey photos are really bad, and it seems used. Never buy a g. White used. Can discolor and there is no way to get rid of it. KiddKidd, published any Casio G shock should say with the exception of some limited special some BERY part isn't big, but printing normally. First of all, congratulations for your site. Was only a g-shock, I bought 15 years or less. And the Green is always a G-LiDE. Is is not in fact for many years, but also sliding, is a good watch.Well, I bought a new g-shock for daily use and I opted for a model that is more popular among the military. Because here, was not available, and Amazon does not falls outside the United States sell these items also purchased on eBay. I have the voice of the seller and also only sell watches. It is based in the United States. The image is the standard, and I hope very well. Maybe someone knows the seller, or could you tell me how to make a fake one for this model. Thank you and congratulations Matt. So in may think that Worrysomei have acquired a fake g-shock eBay very tidy, according to the seller, authenticity and its new but comes without the blades packaging type, I suppose, that if my first signs and photos that do not write Merrit, because I see HES using the same images, it is the same clock veroHo crack Solddid? Hey, riley in the search for a white g-shock and the other who is not fake … so I searched on the Casio website and found one that I liked. iNinja, trailer really show in the image. Be bought on Craigslist, but carefully. Make sure that it is what you can actually get. Jmastaex, sorry, but it's wrong. Sports on the LCD screen, note the text. Right, I would say that Casio. EBay, you can notify to and receive a refund is not legitimate. You must also sign the seller.This false party figures such as $5 for the replicas of this evil and merit of the people informed on the strength of the United Nations. This ratio of shops and poking fun of the world uses. It has basically useless. Harobikefan, it could only have got a good deal. If you publish photos of good quality that I can tell. Mattsoccaplaya, could be true. Everything seems fine, but I know that the harassment must say this special model of 100%. The seller seems but real. I thought about buying this G-LiDE eBay, Riley looks very cheap for what is usually the value of the clock. ? The question is if you think that this seller and treatments g-shock watches in Hong Kong, as was the train typically eBay seems legitimate (true or false) is …. Hi ich bin of Malaysia riley and really need your help … test, look at this, is a genuine model protrek or false? Because I'm on the road, buy from … store please. Lupykostadinov, as seen, a true. I do not know but that the Hong Kong eBay seller. Wantg shock, it is an image of a real stock g 6900 Shopemco is an editor known reasonably good reduction. Hey find riley after two links, one of them slides-GLX-5600 and a Gshock Mudman said its real 100%, but you can check out photos and watch to see if it is good, thank you. (except for certain assets to common people comments)Be not deceived that g-shock fake watches to buy one of these bad guys. The original is much better.Here are some good resources to check if learn more about counterfeiting all the Casio G-shock that interests us. Hi guys, I'm new on buy G-technology and buying online is the only option in Australia with the absence of models and high prices, I see currently GA110C-7A model in white.I searched forums and so nervous even fight are authentic. Gdfather, have never bought a g-shock PacSun, but are most important dealer of the chain, it should be a safe place to purchase. iNinja, Yes, they are real. Is a pair of lovers-Colección, released in 2008. Here are the photos of Casio. This must be something difficult to find. I doubt that someone would try to fake, but never known. You should only buy from a reputable dealer, if you want to be sure. Nikki, never heard of the TNT fashion. I think that there is that g-technology come with Casio rhinestones for them. But there are a lot of people make G-technology and then sell something. I think that some Casio baby-g watch with Rhinestones on it but released. Post a photo or a link to your watch and I can try to help you. Real shock came with the packaging, print full model number. And there is usually at least a number of partial model metal at the back of the watch is engraved. Bruuv CN u send me a link to the page for a dw69000 for $45 and you can check if this is true …. TI ringrazio per 1 million. salmes21, looks like a real watch Casio Pro Trek. But I don't know anything about this Chinese site or vendor. I think it would be better for a reputable dealer known to the Japan orders. Obeykirby, I know that this is not just the retirees themselves (they seem to have nothing here) Macy and Meow is good. All main legal instruments should be good G-technology purchases. Only you need to be careful with suspicious transactions. Making an illegal product for only a few dollars of ribs to sell something. Thank you Riley. Today, I've been true with a box perhaps …?The editor explains: in the description, there was no box, I have one. Casio is not very good job of cataloguing all models online, so I searched all files as a reference page. Take a look to see if it seems good. It seems likely to request a refund, even if it is true. G shock are the first of all types of abuse, but if usually more fun prices paid to abuse.The best way to buy a g-shock IMO is to buy a good resellers known as Amazon, discount of good offers. Thank you Riley, with the auction would you go and try to win more convenient. They say it's very authentic and has the right to return. This is one fantastic site, on the other. I hope that Casio has paid him to do so. Makes me want to buy more subliminal. Somehow, it seems legitimate, but my concern is that the price is too low for a genuine success of wayy.Thanks, peace, Jo. Hi Rileycould, you can tell me is that if this fake g-shock g or as responds quickly, looking around to buy and eBay at the end of the auction! Thank you!.! Hi RileyCan tell me if this is true, it seems very real, which is a module # 1659. Go to the images. cballer562, than the completely fake g-shock red. Roda Abdul Karim if that images above, then it is probably wrong. Post a picture if you want to be sure. Here you will find some real photos Mudman:. I feel relieved, because eBay is very vague ….I never asked rather than expensive b4 … happy to have a … one thing that I am concerned because this was the case and I saw the comment, wrote to wen u sed companys buy cheap, packaging and hoped that everything in the box, but good … for any eBay seller truth cheap shock g kno w/doses tieneny 100% reliable. Very well, I have to sell someone the clock itself, which specializes in them, found, and you have a 2 X money back that ensures real! Thanks for the tips = publication Gera. After a few months of use, has decided to introduce the deposition time here in Manila, the Philippines. I was disappointed to find that the seller told me that it was my fake g-shock. He compared the cuff a Mudman is permanently and totally different model. Already sent an email to Amazon on my concern. Make the best opportunities to buy online I need to get it through Amazon, that is, to convince, that what I bought is mandatory. I hope I could meet soon. Thank you!Daniel Garcia. Hi there ya riley need, your help pls views on these two Ghocks on eBay now and pls tell me if it is true or false.The answers are much Apprreciated. pls see the link below: Christian, pay a g-shock bape and paid less than $200, there is a 99% probability that it is false. I can't say that for some pictures, without be seen, but they are very rare and most are false. Thank you, as the two Riley. I found this site when I bought it and I suddenly panic! I have all my other g shock that I bought on Amazon and that he had faith that I am the one true.Thank you for the excellent service you provide and the fantastic information. Is a great help and above all helps people to appreciate the real g-technology, to ensure that the image of g-shock is not damaged and remains with pockets of counterfeit currency.I thank you once again. Riley … … a finally yellow g shock GW6900-a. You are amazing, I love it! Thanks for the help, probably buy a fake g-shock, if it wasn't for you. Haha thanks. In any case Yes come back here and ask a need to shock g later. The calm. Hi riley … my friend watched this g-shock buying … and wanted to make sure that it is not bad for the final para buy, if you could tell me what you think.It would be nice! I want this page to get more watches, but g-technology must have a knowledge of a second opinion, as you know, I want your opinion on the site =). Hi can you please say it's true or not? I bought on eBay for $82. Is the AW. My first g shock well idk, their desire for them or you should see. and when I bought it, I opened the container who heard the Gshock plastic whereby whatsoever around me, never put the plastic. Let me know as soon as possible to give in return as soon as possible. Thank you very much!. Hi Riley, goes to investigate the information useful, very hard, but still do not know whether or not it is false. It is said that it is true, but orange? Do you want an orange, so I bought the hope that your comments would be appreciated Real. Jeder, is to feel like a long wait for the factor. Hello! How do you think this g-shock is genuine? Or should not be afraid to buy a fake watch in this store? Riley: only for the realization of this. ! Photo by the new Panel, as well as the front … I learned a lot from this forum. Thank you very much. But as you say, I know how soothing and if you see this legitimate. Seller, the price is very strong reputation, who can go, but thought that a Schuss. also new, true or false? Hi Riley, I am a newbie of G-shock, but I wanted an eternity. Comment it is not vendor Frogman analog Craigslist tried to sell what I thought, but now I can't, it's a fake, probably very useful, as an Aboriginal person. My question is, there are g-shock analog models, that are authentic, or where it would be albe to find this?Thanks for your time and sharing your knowledge on fake G-ShocksSteve. I think IM buying one, but I'm not an expert on Gshock, whether this fake or real, thank you. ? Dtony49, Casio has a few years to do some G-technology processors. They are very rare and very expensive. For this reason, there are many fakes, so be careful. Here is the real thing:. Harobikefan, g-shock true come in a variety of containers. LCD digits must be brilliant and it is difficult to falsify. Should be in Thailand. If you say that Casio on it, is probably the one and only true. Hi all!Some were looking for long wheelbase NET buy a genuine clash of g., he found that little experience with hats buying authentic new era and this Shopsi. Could greetings to Riley, you, if these two are true or false? I have everything for a g-shock Rastafari, and this seems very …, but I do not know. Is a real? the box I have run and the backplane. Had requested an eBay DW6900CB-4. The back plate and I can throw up a little. I've never seen a back plate as well before. Is grey, it was with red letters that I want, which was $ 45, seen on the back and said the model G-7900, then I went on Google to purchase and see the face even in the photos and Yes, my friend, but not the color. Remember, all grey (as links) was increased in the model, that she couldn't remember when she got tired, that I just wanted to know if they have a G-7900-grey, red if her letters or RealThanks, as the link back to Riley. zube83, of course, must be purchased at Walmart. You have G-real technology, and the prices are good. It has not only many limited editions or something. I'm sorry it doesn't work for some reason, but it seems that the g-shock DW6900FS-8 … I explains the differences between him and me. If you want to see, is the Web site. Hi RileySorry a plague to be my first g-shock g eBay bought and was a bit worried about how the package seems doubtful. I have programs Ive RiLEY learned false recognition of this looks fake me … no no box Casio or the number, the model …, ist is true or false … need. Your input BRO … in an attempt to show, buy a true Gshock me as a pointer to where you have 1 for cheap ….?. What means that a g-shock watch is a transparent sticker returns with a red line on the side of the label. EmmanuelG45, G-technology in these pages Ioffer seem suspicious. You will not find super rare limited for less than $100 new. It seems that maybe the seller took pictures from another provider. If you want to be safe, keep known dealers. Shortandhairy, I think that both are true. The export version is probably the Japanese version to another. I do not know why. Don't forget to buy from a reputable dealer. hockeyfan328, which, as a genuine shock G, but I know that I do not see this watch_dealer2008 of Hong Kong seller. His opinion is not too large. And the watermark on the photos appear as you have taken another vendor. Hi, I have only my g-shock dw6900fs-8 g, but in the container says dw6900fs-8cu, who wrote the official site and found nothing, then this means that the false? Thnx riley. Congratulations to help Riley to these persons to determine their shock g are true or false. The new g-shock me … bought my first g-shock last month. It is an analogue of man in dark purple edition. and very happy with it. Planning, I think that this g-technology, the other a coz particularly Gulfmans. Oh and Hello to all g-shockers addicted! vampy-. Desire68, it looks real (just a stock photography, however). And the price seems good enough. I dunno, for the seller, but it seems good. I'm new here and ask, if I have a g-shock g is real or fake.can someone tell me, please? Thanks in advance. Each genuine CASIO g-shock should come with a box that was printed on the back the complete model number (bar code). Look for the official logo of Casio g-shock. And a partial model number will be recorded with always on the back of the case. Is wrong, if not the clock, or if it does not, see the image in the file.Don't forget to check the details of the text on various painted surfaces. Imitations often have poor quality control. Often use of false LCD at low prices, which differs from a real model. A good backlight must be true. Once tried a few genuine CASIO watches and packaging, it is easier to spot the fake. Go to retailers such as Macy, Sears, target or to see a real person. Most are very easy to spot fakes. Watches like this damn baby-g. true or false? I want to make sure before you buy it, is new and in box, causes the display of the photo. Jwoolbright, please buy a bape if you know what you're doing. 99.9% of Bapes on eBay are fake, and it is very difficult to say that sometimes I am really. If you give me a link to the eBay auction, I'll try to understand if it is legitimate. At least $500 must be real. They are extremely rare, new in box. DW-6900 Bapes are tutti 1289-module. Read the guide to complete user for it here:. Gdbell, keep away bernardino973 eBay seller. He sold many fake G-technology. Notice how he replaced the word Casio Sport for almost all of these watches. This is an easy way to detect a fake.DW - 290 seems true, but I know that no conditions or vendor. I do not think that it is highly desirable, but it would be nice. Hi RileyI think that's true, but I would like your opinion before go - I have included a look at the pictures and I hope that you know enough to see the difference between the true and the false.The seller seems genuine (a very good reviews). Many different shock g for sale, and some are very rare. Please give me your opinion. Yes is certainly not the clock I have lol. Thanks for the info. Places where there is good g-technology Cali (Valle Central), I can buy, such as Ltd. Where can I get a real bape Gshock Riley? and if sport Gshock Casio said. is true or false. MitchL, it is certainly a fake bape. Not really one for $40. Stay away from this seller. Scotty401, it looks real. You have a good. Has everything you need. Packaging may vary. my friend, a Frogman titanium fake has its totally fake Orange, we know it but real have said through the water and nothing has fallen a few times, but it was good because? pistolp12052, Msgdistributors is one of the top eBay sellers in the United States. I bought it without problem and also many other g-shock collectors. Should worry not pretend. CliveBixby, indeed. Hex box is now normal. And it's also normal that Macy, box and manual, unfortunately lost. thebigones11, seems good. Casio offers a wide range of containers and usually vary in the two last letters of the model number. Ajaaaax, Mudman looks Reall but I do not know if the seller Watchesdeals in Hong Kong. Thanks, everything looks like a g-shock, but so well adapted? They want just something to another and because those that recommend some expensive when I put $100 because most are. Thanks again. Chelseafc, these are the real photos of real g-shock GW-6900, but vendor stolen Watchgiant web watch Tanaka. Can have legitimate and all simply too lazy, but this is not a good sign. I would try to find one on Amazon. Release the seller who is known bbtiesto, G-real technology for sale and it looks real. Search for issues of State. He is known for playing for problems with secondhand watches. You should check for me, Hey Riley?I know it looks real. I go for the price. My friend has a sports watch blue G, and I told him that it was wrong, that showed him and threw it in the trash and bought a real. XD Khabira are all fake. This site seems to specialize in the sale of counterfeit products, and I have not, not true. It's a shame that they have as many sources of this replica watches g-shock. Please buy only from a reliable source. He will be very disappointed by the false. There are many jewelry stores selling of fake G-technology. Use the tips above to help determine if it's wrong. Or you can send a picture of it and we can help you. Hey, I think this purchase, but does not do its real or not, if you could tell me? We apologize for the images really lousey. I found this eBay Riley Hi - I do not know if this is true? Seems quite real, but I want to buy a fake …. So if you think that g-LiDE, which is better for me to his brilliant and you can easily clean the OS-DW6900F8008 Casio tough culture-watch, I want one for the school and takes only a g-shock, which can be cleaned for a long time. c55b and Salvador Yizzan, used as a download on the website of Photobucket, photos. Or a link to a site with photos of the work. pht3k, I did not see. Normally, no false have a real complete model number, i.e., as saying that they are false. Ayeekel, is a fake. It seems that the seller or say Nyc_junkyard is a real shock g. g-7900, are all false. cheyennecox, it seems that the right. You must be sure to purchase through Amazon, but realizes that it is the actual seller Jomashop. It seems that you're OK. Infernophil, that seems really 9200. It is difficult to distinguish if. terrible Alexx table, it looks real. False must not sell watches of Princeton. CoL - r1sk-, all three are well. I do not like to use white G-technology themselves, because they are so easily soiled. The Mudman seems incredible, but it is difficult to read on the screen. And Yes, the Mudman has the car. Go with what you want. You need to make purchases online from Amazon. Dylan, Sears is also good. See above. No major U.S. distribution channel for sale counterfeit products. It is forbidden to sell. Isn't this shit for the mall stores and online sellers, it is usually. Mikey, which is bad for cheating. You can see more about reality than this. These offers for China which are too good to be true always prove fraud, I fear. Hi Riley. I wanted to offer this, but a bad feeling - while he did not. This is Francesco true or false?I do not know that it is not red screw silver. Hi, I bought a g shock was Australia to places I thought, but it seems that Yes in Hong Kong. Then I bought this watch on eBay, but I am has if little suspect its true or false. Also any idea what model it is from #? In the Amazon, I sold, showed a picture of a multiband and sent me that resistance to shocks is driven to this solar watch? But the correct time. m0skee, there is an image of a real store. Another offset seller sees posted type. only spaceoff is the truth. I bought a Gshock Mies and it did not come with a manual and beautiful PackagingDW-001-7. Think about Mies watches? Hi all, I have a DW-5600MS watch all black Gshock recently, but the model was different. 3229, model was named here is the link to the image. I registered, then only you will find some reasons, people as you can see, the two g-shock bape is real or not. 1-all the labels on the LCD must be completely white, if it is black, fake 2 - above the G - key, must be mono, di, except the war of 21 white g-shock resist says 3-3 circuits colors must be the same color, false otherwise. If the Red is the color of the big circle, is false. 4. the adjustment triangle angle very box - metal plate design is smooth and marked xxx/1000. Auch, I repeat, it's only for the g-shock BAPE. Riley, thanks. He was worried. Thank very much so I am G-technology boy as in my school and I wasn't sure of the back. Thank you for your reply, I learn something every time that you look at. Hi Riley, I hope your help. This seems to be true, and the seller is legitimate. What your thoughts …. ? Hi g-shock watches, I know there are a lot of false and stores that sell are almost everywhere, even in the local environment. I've never been a proper and as an ideal that occurs. I know this opinion on this Web site. Hi Riley, I bought a Gshock dw-5600ms-1. It was probably the module 1545 but I dw-5600-ms-Dr 3229 module 1. They say that it is the new version of 1545. It was mentioned earlier in this post, but will not close Sellpaulfrank in China eBay seller. I bought a watch from your web site, until you really know what you are looking for and the Pathfinder forgery I received was the least expensive item that you can imagine. None of the features worked, buttons have been adopted (start/stop and reboot), and the screen so easily, it is hard to read. On the other hand, came with a free fake yellow bape which did not even order. So instead of spending $40 1 two, two $ 2 watches. This avoid like the plague, making what happened off eBay to reach him, but he will no doubt once more as one seller of another being. Another thing I also order a Gshock X Playcloths towels games of the site does not seem to meet, sold for 300 delivered and PC website says shipping em 190w / or beyond the Mickens. a little weird for me. Assuming that the statutory definition because they can do it from your own website but ill?. Hi Riley, for several years (from 2004 and to be exact), I had this clock (see photo below). The history of the clock (too long to tell here) makes me think that there is a possibility that the watch is false. It does not matter to anyone (false or not helpful), but was curious to know if they are real or fake, this is your opinion. Thanks for the advice. I want to buy this watch (CASIO g-shock Redman) online, could you tell me if true. This is grace! Shock Loldatkiddere1 G White, very dirty, but appears bright are slightly better. It is precisely the type of equipment. What we call being forged are poor, N09 is sure to buy directly from Casio. Must be the safest to buy place. Amazon has the price generally much better, but with minimal risk. g-shock-for life, a true Gulfman G-9100BL is a Commons image. The seller seems very real. Please note that the shipping from Hong Kong may take some time. It must also exactly what containers with this clock is provided (if important) to check. Some of these foreign seller discount is not the original box or manual. It is impossible to know if a seller has the real deal or not, if you use images. You have to look at your reputation. Very good traders are the real watch to take pictures of the sale but big retailers not interfere. Some photos of the watch itself, and that it can use its authenticity can be confirmed to you. There is the inscription 6900 Whitegshock G7 WiFi? What is the train of the difference goes on this model and the CS-7 dw-6900? It has additional features. is this watch change time automatically in different time zones? Billiscrazy, it is not really important are the last two letters. It is just a special code that has something to do with the regional distribution of Casio. Maybe this is not a common species, but it is a big problem. Fake producer does not generally interfere with these small details. Most of the fakes also had a model number complete on some of them (perhaps only the first two parts). Hi, I did my research and I wanted to ensure RileyI, is accustomed to this, you can help Meit was and hurt, but I am so on top of all this to the patch in my documents. Hello and happy new year!I bought a 9 GW - 6900A on eBay. Today, I got the unboxed, it was exciting, it feels good in my hands and I do not have the impression that the fake. Even if they say that I should always be the first g-shock, I have in my hands. I hope that they can charge me this image successfully.The only thing that seems strange, it is that the Japan watch Casio says picture and show others that elbows Casio in print. I do not know what it means. It would be a pleasure, if you take a look and tell me if its true or false or if I leave clear in my city, more a jewelry would go Checkedok, I'm too stupid to load images directly on this comment please take a look here:. EmanJones, this seller has 10 white Bapes on sale for $40. What do you think? You are certainly wrong. A fair price on the market a bape never be less than $300, unless that really tired or something. This seller sells new 3 packs for $130. Hey riley, I bought only a g-shock off eBay. the seller has very good feedback and are best sales of note, but I would also like to receive only your opinion. There are a few exceptions, but most any Casio g-shock somewhere in this topic. I think that the fake not, because it is more difficult to prosecute. Hi Riley, I have a Casio watch, which slid GLX6900-7 d, except that the color is very similar to the actual type of rose. They also have an ID module = 3189. ? consider obsolete, so real/true or false? You can check and tell me please! Thank you very much!. Please let me know if these are real … everyone has eBay for close to 70 purple and turquoise > a Singapore … really worried with the Prosecutor and the grey of the third circle is brown … my suffering again with this help. Yes, quite true G-shock Casio should say. The bottom of the box, that can be queried to verify the authenticity of the engine must have a model number and the number registered no riley SRY, I have a question about wasting it said clearly that all G-shock is the word Casio in the face and back and must print the form and the model number on the back of the case?, but what is just printed to the versofausse shows, this model and number could also make printing Casio module on your good clock wrong? then a few fake g-rear side on the right module technology and model number? Hi riley, I bought a Gshock fashions tnt and haven't seen any Casio or a number and had Rimestones top. Rings in ordering my true Gshock and has a true Gshock Rimestones? etalvarez95, it should use a service like Photobucket to post photos. Is free. csilva, most-technology on eBay G is false. It is probably not bad if you have a list of specific model numbers real. I like the design, but I do not know if this is true! also, I would like to ask you the following question: this CASIO g-shock watch is original?They are false.And he said: original element of manufacturer annehmen. also, I really doubt!Thank you Riley! manny76530 don't really buy G-technology eBay due to problems. Always try to find them on Amazon with this tool. Oh yes, the fact that the digital light is true of my watch? Coz I saw some models and are in black. ? I'm SRY for paranoid, I know if I was. N09, white G-shock are a pain to keep clean in general. I really don't use for this reason. Just a point of flame of resin is not really a way to completely clean. Riley, I am interested in purchasing my first g-shock. You can see the two links for me.I have a website called purple 80, do you know something? GG, counterfeits are without a doubt. Nobody would sell five different models with real bape for $169. I do not think that it's more than a handful of people in the world, are the 5 different Bapes. All true bape 1 can easily $300 + be. Wanted to buy g-shock tough solar white, but I do not know if the seller has posted photos of the watch. Here is a link. Hi, I have this watch g-shock eBay … can tell me please if this is true or not? the seller told me that it is true, but then goes into account is that there are many fake out there, I'm not sure. The link is:. Real Bapes as $400, but there are regular clashes true beginner G sells about $35. The more expensive g-shock has a price to pay about $6,000. There are a variety. There is therefore no excuse for buying a fake. A real shock G is better, and you can have a legitimate without too much money received.It is now a good buy:. tbo786 g-shock has an amazing custom added to the Panel. I hope that a real G shock under it for this price, but I don't know anything about this seller there. Crazy idiot, had never heard of this site, but it seems a real shock GX-56 King G. It would be nice if the clock goes that it is. The price of $140 is not very large and the price of normal retail $ 150 instead of $170. Hi riley, thanks again for the advice of my watch now, but I think I want another. Is this true? Hi Riley, look, if you want on e - Bay if you please. I bought it yesterday evening, up to this site, but it was only Friday, as Creative Commons, up there so I'm not the ship should know before, so if I can beat me if needed, stat!Thanks Mike. This g-shock is a third party supplier on Amazon. This is a picture of a g-shock, but it seems that said that the application has available at the moment. You must be sure if you buy it directly from Amazon. Hi I was wondering if someone could tell me if the blue g called ecuabebe1964 on eBay that someone sells legal shock g shock dw-7900, someone please let me know! Thank you very much. Hi Riley, I want to know if I have any legitimate g-shock is, before him, a. picture is blurry in some way, even if I used my cell phone camera. his great that you take the time to respond to these comments, riley. in any case, annoying are reluctant, but could you tell me if this is true? That is to say that it is, but I want to be sure of …. Maathias, Yes, it is certainly a false 6900. alexpwns, really do not know where are the best places to buy the Canada. Generally, distributors to the Japan accept PayPal, but are not generally good markets. I am happy with these g-shock g-LiDE tomorrow g $ 40 opportunity to buy, but it is not the case manual should … again or not? OK, riley is appreciated.If I have com other g-shock g there when I find something else I love. I saw on Amazon, but I saw it in one of the Casio website. I want to order my birthday, but I hope that someone help me to find out if its real. I know that you said that the Amazon big and everything, but you never know sometimes. I have one ear is not a g-shock. Blog Post, however, if you cannot find any details. Must be very strong feeling is set to false. I have a white g-shock, I know, it's true. But I have one and I saw a frog real man, frog did not be. Juice my misery brought. and tell me that it is Fakeand. Hi riley, va ag100-1A1DR (stealth/white) to buy a Casio g-shock g Internet together, although he knows ups wants to be sure, if a man is correct, it can help you search in this particular model and get an idea of how much you?Thank you. jasontran1, it is very difficult to say for poor quality photos. I want to abandon DW - 6900 s, which is not from a reputable company. There is simply too many fakes. Memory is not DW-56RTB-7, provide any infringement, could be a better choice. Scotty401, it is a common image, a true G7900A-4. I do not know who the seller of items from major brands, but seems to be a typical eBay seller moderately high volume. It is likely that you get a real knowledge. Only the service should not so much as if something goes wrong. $84 shipped think that bottom price lowest for this Schauen Uhr. on this page of the manual on how including:. Yes, I thought. I contacted the seller, but it looks like nothing. I thank very you much for your help. Really put me at rest. Wucinick, which seems to be false, but it is difficult to distinguish from the image. Check the model number. I think that a real man you exactly the design of 808sun, which looks like a farce. The real G-2000 does not have an LCD screen. Hi Riley, I bought a g-shock black grey white in the middle and is a DW6900, instead of saying means that Thailand Japan tell me and not the way in the back if it is false says Japan Thanks much. I took this picture from Amazon and I wanted to be sure that their property, comprar el, here is the cause of link, I can't get the photos in this comment. Hi Riley, interested to buy this g-shock eBay, the seller is Lastming, he or she seems to have a large selection of g-technology, and prices are not 100% authenticity of watches. Here is the link for a clock. Is g-1AVS 101 Blue with green light. ? I saw it in a store n curious to know if it is a g-shock original or just a farce. Harriet, which seems legitimate shock. I'm not familiar with the fight Club stores, but seems to be the typical boutique accommodations, which could carry only real. GMan, buy the best time for a good bape watch is good when a new model is launched. Normally, it takes some time until what a new copy of the creators false. I recommend trying to find a good knowledge through dealers in the Japan. PS > makes me feel for the application, so little time, I need to buy only with the hope that one of them is real. I thank you once again. Haha. What is there that they are listed. In any case, I see that in your opinion, what is the best Gshock on? I want one, but I do not know what to buy. The couple's love, is what I want, but can not find it anywhere. and I don't want to go to buy abroad. Looked at the Pathfinder, already have most of the time on foot. I am a very active person, so I need a watch that can agree with me. Lol I already have, but I used to use g7700, both at the Club to go, finish in gold and looks beautiful at night, when light falls on it. LOL thank you. Hi Riley, was hiking if you can tell me if I have a fake g-shock. Everything looks real than what has been done and all behind, rather than resist shots, as well as the logo of the small g-shock, that has the same logo strikes, like all other g-technology, but is resistant to shocks. He also says that DW-5600cs. Exactly, I think Yes. Hi Riley, I recently purchased a DW-6900 and I was aware of what was said on the back, made in China, is bad? and the loop is also made of plastic. Riley, what is going I just to buy a dw6900fs-8, Shopemco did not. but I wonder if they are a safe place for g-technology, I bought them on Amazon, but they also sell on eBay. I know that u said Amazon is safe, but they are a third party, the for sale on Amazon. I would like a reply with your thoughts on this subject.Thank you very much. Hi riley … a question … so I went to the official website of Casio and I have been checking their g-technology, AndI noted that technological-g white does not have a white background (I do not know what this means, but I mean inside lol). All white g-shock are black. If I buy a g-shock with a white background is wrong? Pacosoco, that looks really finish Frogman. I do not know this seller. It seems that has zero feedback as a seller. You must be careful, especially if the price seems too good to be true. Gtmaniak, these two look real and the prices seem good. I do not know the seller and the Hkexporter but the Whattimeizit. Seems to have a good feedback. I tend to stay away from eBay and sellers of Hong Kong, especially if you allow me. Kwokalock, it looks real, but I'm not familiar with this fake collab. exalto Nissan, looks like. None None 7900-still orange. ggio20, it is difficult to say these blurry photos. The figures are a little, but it would be just the photo. achabacha322, it looks real. Many watches Casio legal is manufactured in China. EmanJones, is a fake. The price of 50 dollars is the biggest red flag. There is no real bape should sell for less than $300. Most are now at the fair market value of approximately $500. We must be very careful with Bapes, because probably wrong 1000 offers 1 true. They sold for first and usually immediately a dearly. The best option is to buy when a new model is first put on sale at the bape. The price increases usually only from there. Check the model number, prior to purchasing a g-shock. There are a lot of counterfeits that display exactly the same when compared by-side. And most of the fake is not a model number. The Bapes are probably the hardest to say. jkim0021and MuTako, I've never heard of these suppliers. Are the G-technology in the photos, but I would be careful to buy each of those. I had much more respectable seller. Doubtful, it is very difficult to see the stores trying to sell the poor state of the G-technology. Could very well be repaired or used, but only a real clock.There are two different versions of GW-810 d. now, I'm worried about … desire really knew this site b4 this purchase … please tell me if this is true or not is …. On the Casio website, I realized that, where it is said multi-band world time g think? (Casio site). It also worries me that Casio loop China, said. Casio said my other g-shock Japan. Bitte makes feel me well with this purchase …. Hello RileyMy my name is Andrew and I'm from the Switzerland. I am interested in a DW6900NB-7. I called a seller on eBay Watchgiant. It has a good reputation on eBay, and it best sales. But I'm not Shure if this offer is the only true … unfortunately the images of their victims are files. But, you know something about her? Who can I trust him?Thank you for SwitzerlandAndres. Hey Riley, I want to just thank you for answering the questions. I was looking all over the Internet, and this seems to be the most useful. I was surprised to see that you take the time to individual questions.Recently, I bought a g-shock off eBay. When I opened today, the first thought that comes to my head was a fake. I've never had could be bad, but the light is very low, so it is impossible to read digital time. I want to just make sure that you paid a real and not a fake. Here is the link, thanks again. IM thinking to buy this Gshock? Seems to be a good deal for me. But I don't know if its true or not? Help me, thank you riley? mine k has evrything in a real shock g, but I have this tht the g-shock g logo on the back a little smaller than the g-technology. Customize your button is not too small as g-technology normall. is true or false? Hi riley, are satisfied of this g-shock g on Amazon purchase …. I want, so it's not fake could you please help me? Or any where - can see Casio, but I gave my brother Christmas 4-4 and I love the is a light blue-green true-g-shock. ? Hello, once again, I am in a limited good g-shock, buy good sites (legitimate pages) have not found in the United Kingdom, but secure United States site will be fine, could someone point me in the right direction. Do not book the skull of a photo, the local team here. Upload it to Photobucket or something, then we can see, and I say to you, if it's true. Say hello if you Rileycan g-shock g are real? the price doesn't look good, but the seller has good feedback. Thank you made a false yellow bape red bape compare this my Paul Micken useful. As you can see, a fake g-shock is easy to recognize when you have a right next to it. Watch and learn. I do not know who is the seller, but prices seem to show, are genuine (fake are usually much cheaper), and the photos look very well. The seller must investigate more and see if they have a good record of actual sales. Photos may be true, but this does not necessarily mean that is sold in the photos. There are numerous fake Bapes, be especially careful. Brullikk, are real. I do not know the seller, Koofactor and Itechshophk. Seems to have a good feedback. The second is his Kong in Hong Kong. It is not too large for the photos. Hi Riley! It is not for everyone, a false measurement can only shaped GShock of evidence? This is done by pressing the 3 buttons, taken slightly all the characters on the LCD screen. To try to overcome a red bape a person in my city, so I want this false Gshock on-site. If its real, then a cousin of sweetness makes its $40. . The largest seller of quality are always a little more calculated eBay. Msgdistributors is the only eBay seller, I can really recommend, but their prices are not the cheapest. Riley, have successful leader has also in some untrue. The post on April 08, Petershypee is a fake g-shock. I thought to me because I'm a real owner of GW and 6900A just bought what I thought this proved to be the same version of the Black Watch was as wrong as the Sun. Is the first character, wine in another area and the manual is more than my real. This is what I suspected. Look at the clock, we'll see, said that you could not resist shock. Told time on the site and in my real multi band 6. Even when faced with the false revolution and, while the real need only Rev & fwd/received. Go to the back of the clock model number and the clock. Picture of Petershypee has the G - 6900A, but the real GW 6900 A product number. False, Amazon, purchased, means only G-6900. I bought my fake watch at half of the price of the hotel. Attention of Amazon to cheap to buy and keep an eye on these falsifications. Can Damion, except to say based on what you say. There are many G-technology at the Japan facts, but tends to be more expensive. What is the complete model number (must be in the field or on the packaging). ? How much you pay? And where did you buy? Photos? rayman1999, it looks real. It seems that the box is a GLX-5600 and DW-6900. Is a common problem with retail stores, the mixture of the boxes. I am the last blog. Roy36, it seems a real DW-6900-1V. It is difficult to say 100% with the image quality, but everything seems to go well. Hi riley, was already know the person concerned a g-shock-ass ID like to Mies, comments or Macy is safe? Can you give me the page for g-shock glx5600 — black – g to change the page, how long the light stays on. Hi riley.ive, as only in this madness returned Gshock. I did it without my search goes as long as there is now, so can you help me check it? Hi Riley, so first of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts! I would say, it's a real shock G? should I if a bit worried because the metal plate says made in … t in the contrary case of Thailand which is manufactured at the Japan? I bought here in Germany, perhaps BB if tht is the reason …. Quinn, put a photo to be sure. I can't say 100% G shock, Casio say about them and also some notes, but it is usually something quick and easy to recognize. Research photos for number model and G-technology knows that someone is more complicated. See above, and the rest of the site for more information on Bapes Real have them sold at a price of $250 and almost immediate sales. Make a hundred, little of the two, and they increase in value over time. Rich generally up to $ 500-600 Hi Riley, can not say if the g-shock is purchased from Wal-Mart $69,69 to the Canada really on their advice, I have a web page with the same precise clock, as the model # and all that, can you tell me please if the legitimate? And if not can you please tell me how you know its fake? Here is the link to my watch. Rhcdijks, it looks real. This seller, but did not really no comment. Shock G of shipping only this black Hexagon box. These balls are also normal. Hi Riley, just wanted to see if you have one in this link look and let me know if this watch is really. My Gshock had exactly the same type of packaging, but think it is strange, this is the box instead of black, beige/gold, which even more I see look to see delays. The SKU of the container number is not t GW7900b-GW7900B-1 has on its website. I thank very you much for your help. I am sure that you learn more about each model, which it is not certain that you are looking for. You're happy with a real shock. The clocks in all these photos are 100% false. Do not buy. You're not more than a month, and will kill the exposure to water. Real G-shock are to always in the vicinity and all kinds of shake of abuse. And it looks like a loser is a fake. The real stand out and much more enjoyable. Update: photos of the new fight against counterfeiting in us malls and much more. RHETT, who looks like a real DW-6900. It seems that old style plastic yesteryear hexagonal packing. I think that missing cover, maybe a piece. I bought a fake g-shock. The light changes color. The watch itself is clear, so the colors are very bright. 7 different colors and configuration has all 7 colors and hit at the same time. He said the illuminator and sport. I wanted to just everyone to know, because I have myself on this site about the type of watch you. My question is on each g-shock watch band is the engraved Word Casio or confident loop? Say hello to Riley, can you give me if this Gshock is real or not? And doing business with this front type you have ever done? Thank you, here is the link. LCD seems all wrong and bad (no actual tides table). The G on the button is of another color. The right is more beautiful as a whole. KO, seems to be a fake. Tsidener, it looks like a real a real image. Sk8er, apparently. Gnoent, false seems likely. Gonin, seems true. miskinis15, Yes, they are all fake on this site. Chris 12th × 1, G7900 do not see, and it is very cheap. Tiniesqi in Hong Kong seller seems to be selling counterfeits. I'm afraid that is not genuine.The watch is high quality, but the code on the back of the watch (5416) arrives looking for a manual (manual supplied is not in Japanese).Everything looks great (although less "blue" in the form of color images online, more water). in particular, the container (simple black, some brand g-shock but not Casio) in Frage. Von tips on what to see these watches give a false? no idea of what should look like fields? M. Riley, could you tell me that it is a true Mudman photos are a bit blurry. Thank you for your time. Something else I found on the back of the instruction manual, the falsification of a threader pat a of the United States, as the correct number. It is missing something fake, if you want to get into serious trouble. tbo786, G-Nywatchstore technological actualsales got nasty things about your customer service. Litootil, see it all. Some of the prices seem a little weak, but I guess that the Savior before, do not know really good sites in Asia, except perhaps a seller on eBay. Rana, it is normal for some shock G are stamped made in China. And Yes, the button you want to customize sunk into something more. Therefore, it is not easy to know accidentally. Yours is probably the one and only true. The price seems very low, as they say in the trade for about 120, but with offices in New York and has very good answers. LOL thanks for the help of Riley. That means is real, or it does not matter if it is false, because some people who do not speak its dare the … but now have the proof that is false. Thien, buy things back never eggs. They are great. I never bought but before G-technology other. I think that it would be very good for this. mmme167, I think, have the shop Casio Casio America, so it should be safe to buy from there. I've never tried. I thank very you much for your reply. I wish I had paid a few more dollars and buys a more reliable place. also looking for this model of watch, that I don't see on gold and silver bezel that I bought. If the photos are blurry and the kicker is always used the same photos for several days of auctions in the form of unpacked dosnt did not know until after the fact. also, the reasoning is to Senseill to post some pictures of the actual care, insofar as possible, my loss will receive Guessthanks for your input. I think that a fake g-shock Casio Illigeal technically if it says, therefore most counterfeits do not go far. Some no matter although you could, but is more Casio, also said that there is an easy way to tell.Manual and packaging vary by owners, it depends on where it was purchased. The deep understand several languages. Those looking for very different to the Japan and are only in Japanese. Tyreewh, these pictures are bad, but it seems very real. G shock G must therefore benefit from a wide swath of nylon.You can compare a few photos here:. Samhalm, is a disgusting. It seems that bryceb91 vendor selling forgeries. EBay reports bad cheat. CasioMan, you could be real. It is difficult to say that a photo. What is on the back of the housing. BSAK, seems real. I know that this is not seller. alvario, fake! It seems that lately a number of fakes on craigslist. laxcrazy517, are the images of reality. Prices seem strangely low-power, but it is just a good deal. Westknown, it is hard to say based on these pictures, but I think that these two are real. It was not counterfeiting you, and this looks like a real pond. Hi do what country one another another book manual for the same model g-shock watch? or is the same as a printed brochure with the same language of the world? My manual to explain (booklet) to Singapore in other countries is much slimmer than those who have seen, if you have your watch with the same model unboxing? Hi, I'll do basic training and was looking for a good g-shock, but it finds you and I'm tired of eBay. Could you tell me if the watches have confidence in the link above? Hi riley need help, I bought a new DW-mudman-1 and I'm afraid, is wrong because it does not come with the normal metal mold, which has more people and to come up with a box of g-shock g form formulation in digital clock shines silver visa instead of the normal black which most of people. and it is thailand.plz reply me thnx. need help. Casio Casio Japan or China in the loop may be legitimate. Depends on where it was made. Casio is now many groups in China. Even some of the best models. This is not really bad at all. To find the thing most important which is something in the back loop metal engraved. False most have nothing or will increase the text. The quality of detail is also much higher in reality. Once you've tried a real shock G, it is easier to tell an imitation. Photo of poor quality is typically bad sign. Very good online sellers takes really extended property. SUP riley. just want to know, my g-shock g is true? G shock fake rock g. [Photobucket deleted images] Thank you. < Img src = / > guys, I have a situation a bit tricky here and I would like an answer all if a true or false … I have pictures of it at this time, but if necessary, it is possible to display some later … as always, I have redeemed DW5600E forms a g-shock in 1996 or 1997 and yesterday was the country of operation and replaced bracelets, but the new opening only the clock and is also slightly different from the originalI still, the origin and the form. Return to the shop a few days to see if you made a mistake or something, but rather suggested perhaps started my watch is fake, so when I got home, I got info on this topic however, position text seems to compare with the photos of the Casio site this screen are correct, and the source on the screen corresponds to images and seems to have all the details listed. The clock, with the cover of origin, exactly as I saw it which is the same as that shown in the above figure without differences, at least, might as well put. Finally, in the back, engraved on all, means: 1545 Casio DW - 5600 St stainless steel are in Thailand and BAR 20 resistant to water, with the g-shock-G in the Middle, shock resist structure logo below and cushions typed characters.For the opening of my original bezel looks like these writings here and images on the Casio website, while the number it has nothing to make the texts of protection and shock and write these texts is much more subtle in the original bevel. Sorry for the length of Lee got this watch since nearly 20 years and this is the first time that someone brings the possibility of fraud. itzmike23, a fake GLX5600s is probably not there. Green which seems true, but it's an ugly picture. Annalisa, seems real. A seller appears Premierworld, watches for sell at the least specialized, but does not seem to have excellent customer service. yungcity05, I'm sure that Wal-Mart will not sell a fake g-shock. But the choice of models, generally not very large. You can get good prices. Compare with Amazon but to make sure that (without the VAT on your order can pay for the difference). ? I expect to tell me if you have heard of trade Jjwatches/techno 5 on eBay. I bought a dw9052 and the site in question, if the real. The numbers on the dial are printed on the glass or the actual face under glass. One thing that I look for this model? Is blue.Thank you for your time. Trademark of Bobby, is false. There is no man true frog with analog hands. And you are not going to a real frog man $ 19 to buy. You'll start at about $200. amar5984, it looks real, but it is difficult to distinguish bad conditions. Seems to have lost its disguise and water filtered with a bad gasket. Hi Riley, you want a new eBay buy g-shock g and need to know your opinion on this seller. ay0o what a good friend. Can you tell me, is the Differsence between the g-shock black and white. Because I am really Confusedd. I want to buy a g-shock, but I fear that fake you fell that you buy a u. smin41, everything seems real. I think that this has ended with the economic version of the package. The field is not great, but at least you have the level of vigilance. Amazon uses packing using much, but seem to have moved. It is simply a smaller version and light that it is cheaper to send anywhere in the world. Riley, my father wants to buy me the franchise for $1 195.00 for my 13 birthday and I want to know if the series custom g-shock custom black ZShock bezel diamond Centurion of her legitimate. I told him that uses all sorts of stars such as Chris Brown, Bow Wow, John Legend and others brings, but we really want to be safe. It has all the properties and data from a real shock g, so you can see on the site and check the model. Mohamed, Msgdistributors is good. I don't really buy boiled eBay. Most providers are the real questionable.kai, which seems to 110. Harobikefan, it seems real, but it is difficult to make out all the details in this video. Downloaded side with a good knowledge of the DW-6900 and should be able to say with certainty. The LCD into false are never as good as the real thing. to be honest, I find this g-shock watches g, is not very large, here in Sweden, as is in the States, I have 2 already GA-100-1A2DR and GX-56-1AER beaten in beautiful boxes and warranty cards. the GX was in some of the images also in a metal box, but as ive came the GA-100 on a free paper. Buy in stores in France and USAthank YouJImbo. Gshokku, I know that nothing of wrong g download everywhere to synchronize the atomic time signal. Most rigged, has just done a bad job of imitating the appearance and forgot to implement the actual capabilities of shock good g., Riley wants your help because you have a lot of experience. I am a student in high school and most recently, was interested in a g-shock G-LiDE. My problem is that I know something about it, because I had never heard. I was on Amazon and I came across a colony of watch g-shock G-LiDE watch that turquoise is sold at a very fair price for my high school budget. You can then try please, here is the link; Thank you very much. It is a little better, but that? My birthday is just around the corner and I want this for my wife and i. I have a g shock watch and mine is published in 5 Hans. March 2010 are as they have written. It is really very good. I bought mine at Costco for $30 in Hawaii. It was a lot, then it could abstain. and you never said if it was true from the false in your. Lol for me as soon as possible. I hope that the baby g or g-shock-g made on this Web site. That is very good. >; (o) Antynette, both are false. Looks like they should be and you want to be very Bapes phones that more would be $ 300. Stay away from this seller. This ignorant or a cheater. So I have a Gshock on eBay and talk to some people and try to print the cover images cannot discover to know if its true or not. The supplement was $58.50 … BAPE g-shock white is … I would like to know what you think. SunnyJ, who look like real. Is not the best but the pictures. Alexx, heard tell that the site sells some true, but they have no service is not so great. Krishera, as the child - saw really G. thanks for the reply. cool, you do know, a good attack, might contact would be good for 60-100 usd and perhaps the box should be marked as a gift and not declared in the package. or could know all the stores online to EU? Shipping within the European Union is not imposed but Casio Europe ship is like twice the price in normal shops. Problem in Sweden sells only dw6900 light blue and orange. And I would like to find a place where I can get them cheap and real. for example, Orange is 200 dw6900 to the United States in Sweden. eBay maybe 50 is only a massive Differencemaybe would be better this time? jazie_pha95, I think that no matter what g-shock is that the Casio engraved on the buckle. Or at least something. I have not tested so well.And thanks for the info on color of faux g., riley changes actually try a white g-shock to buy, but I had lot of white is false and only disappeared and she saw the color a little dirty and a little brownish so im tryin someone wondering who knows what speaks about so my question … do Royal white g-technology are dirty or stay still for a long time knows? Racheekins, is a true common G image. Is for sale by a third party third party vendor named MrWatch, who I've never heard of. Watch your credit score, it will be fine. I took a look at some of their Aybeezwife. Look like the real thing with original boxes, replaced by G-technology custom bling. It seems that the seller in Hong Kong. I'd be more concerned with the quality of the diploma work in these rates. Yes, not very well, if and when they examine it personally. It is much wrong output for a wide range of prices. ,,.