The last EmailThursday on April 3, 2014, only a message received from CathyI from the place, taking into account, the they no longer on offer in the research. It pains me deeply, because they have an excellent and unique study site. Really weird. Propeller APC 2/5 is a next generation wireless device for client applications and designed the base station on a small scale. It has a mechanism rotating pending patent to make the parameter offset mechanical antenna to optimize performance in various operating environments.This product has a high degree of efficiency of MIMO radio makes; up to 28 dBm in the 5-GHz model and up to 23 dBm at 2.4 GHz model propeller 5 of a dual polarization antenna 15 dBi and 11 2 dBi antenna for dual polarization, she makes innovations ideal for medium-short range communications for the Propeller.Diese are our dual firmware image, allows the software security updates. The device is restarted, with the previous firmware update has failed. Propeller APC 2/5 uses a powerful, rich, operating system that is compatible (Repeater mode with your router/gateway and Repeater mode allows the product at the same time function as access point and station). OS DELIBERANT also supports the exclusive iPoll wireless communication technology allows it, to increase the flow of packets per second and to stabilize the network latency. It has an easy to use Adobe Flex-based GUI with immediate reset without rebooting the computer, including the installation of tools (on the website late restarts Spectrum Analyzer, ping, traceroute) and is compatible with our province and the cloud, on the basis of management system of network of wireless (WNMS) - one of the most powerful tools on the market. Keep in touch with our Smartphone app. Participate in our surveys for food, car dealers or airport paid. Everywhere! While you have a connection, you can take part. We have detected that the browser does not fully use the compatible with iPoll. You can view this site with your current browser, but may not display correctly, and you will use may not make use of all functions completely. iPoll is an online community and mobile, where the only point of view is your profit. Questions used for products and services, and to visit, every day, all you have to do is places, to access to our catalog with great prizes! ,,.