That not only was born, and it's something I've learned to embrace over time. There are many cases, but if I were it would have been fair. Especially in areas that are not always detectable by humans, but when seen, a good, fair, should look at her soft and pleasant end. Haha Ich was always the armpits as inactive on me.┬áIt's a shame, because I love you on the beach and, therefore, a bikini to wear or in normal times, it is mandatory to wear tank tops.My sister told me that one of his colleagues use this skin cream, which apparently gave significant results under your armpits to bleach. Mosbeau is called, and apparently is backed by Angel Locsin. As I wanted to try the cream always a skin lightening, but were only reluctantly, decided to go after Watson's ’ and check out this Mosbeau. I did not say that I am a fan of Angel Locsin, but well, a. haha. Teeth whitening cream comes in a clear bottle with gold CAP and is available in 50 g pack. It is not very cheap in PhP 980, but gave him a chance and I bought a bottle before more than one Week. Ich have for 8 days and see a slight change in the color of my skin. I don't think that even if I post a photo of my inner thighs and armpits. I'd rather die! :) My sister also used for 8 days and it seems, g 50, probably will be enough for 2 or 3 months. I think it's pretty good for the price. The vendor's instructions on forearms and inner thigh or the morning or the night before falling asleep was applied after a bath. You must ensure that you have not shaved or waxed skin must not be opened or inflammation in areas of application. Finally, you need to use any kind of deodorant you use. ’ m me tend to believe that this product is not effective. I want ’ to consume, but not new to buy only that what I have now. I think this also the reason why they never had a follow-up to this report. It leaves an unpleasant smell after Schwitzen. Ich ’ try, ’ human nature sunflower seed oil's natural beauty. It has a lot of positive feedback, when it comes to UA to money laundering and was dubbed the miracle of the oil ” “. Is also very convenient per bottle compared to PHP 980,00 without visible results in any case less than 150.00 PHP. Of Mosbeau Placenta under his arm and the inner thigh bleaching cream (thank God it was long!) is one of the products under the Mosbeau whitening line. I found that also like how glutathione whitening added to sell, but claims to be better. Other products include all face facial SOAP, facial and cream. Mosbeau is a skin care in Japan, which invaded the Philippines recently. Their products are currently available in all Watson's ’ shops. My verdict: Mosbeau cream feels very well and can not act as a deodorizer, already, so no problem with fail there with a deodorant to use, while also. ’ 's cream is good consistency and it is good to apply on the skin. Already, the results are still important, but I'll continue the product insert and update the post, once the bottle is almost ready.Until the next review, CLAIRE's nickname. Dear NGA Noh? Maybe you can also try Tawas or human nature sunflower oil. Use the two, Lalo na Yun Tawas armpits and ’ truly effective s. sunflower oil in my waist and thighs, before you something to minimize the friction of clothes of the skin, which causes the blackout, too. :) In addition, sunflower oil to the contents of bleach is known. ,,.