By his own repair shop or garage is the dream of good mechanics everywhere. I have lived this dream.If well educated engineer and are versatile, very restrictive use appear to someone more if you could earn your business and at the same time for real money.The proper equipment, it is important to open a garage. Good knowledge of laboratory equipment is needed, the right decisions and you'll also need to learn, as is the use and maintenance of laboratory equipment company good machine is correctly various teams. Eine to ensure that you, as well as owners and spare parts service policy for all heavy equipment to buy or rent.The company must also be able, of course use all the training necessary for each machine. Most will do it for free on the social Site.competences is essential in this business and a sympathetic, tender personality as prerequisites for the mechanic in the right way to start a love for their work.If you are interested in your work, take care of, that customers need to make mechanical repairs and maintenance, with your store all your right you tools and equipment, a variety of work to be carried out.If you like what I do and want to do it yourself, do it!. Hello, love, put in a car repair shop, here in the Philippines. The only problem is that I'm not aware of it. and only 22. Please could you give me a site where I can download or read a company on this type of business plan. Thanks). ). I believe that with the right skills, business practices and correct combination start a successful business in automotive marketing. People are in need of more motor services, you should only set! I do not accept email Marty, I don't have time for many applications respond to I get via email, to respond as quickly as possible directly in my article.What to do in the technical expertise of MS, if you were and acquire practical experience in a company would fix a handle on the use of tools and equipment.The mobile telephony market is good where I am, but I don't know enough exchanges with Nigeria for the car, to make an honest assessment of the market there.MBA or at least an understanding of the meaning of business.Mobile or not, you need good manners to succeed in the automotive market is important in this case Reparatur.Vertrauen. This article is so useful. Thank you very much!!! I think seriously about my shop open. This is what I have done for many years. But I do not know where or how start. This centre is wonderful and very helpful. I live in Nigeria a engineering experience, in my class. I had done things in the Studio, but in electronics. I am currently a banker, but my passion is very into the opening of a workshop for wheels and tires (brake systems). Really need some advice. No evidence of satisfaction in what I do at present (banks). I did not need any financing to begin. Thank you very much. I do not know, you take who you are, or why you'd have time to go so in depth and detail to lead a workshop. But I'm glad that you did. I am 17 years goes to a school of technology high school. Once I get take a little longer that I have a degree in business. Take notes of everything published in this centre. Hi, this is very informative. I'm planning a hot rod-laboratorio di restauro rather a regular conventional start. How the different would be the installation? The workshop is very, very important. The spots, which may contain oil hot and well dirty must be more than in most companies. That is, when you change the oil, but more about how they produce losses which happens to hold later.Before their mobile crane, you need to know that the level of the word, thick and strong and specially treated or painted, and then immerse it in oil and, especially, the tunnels of concrete weaknesses hoist. Make sure that the anti-slip paint surfaces, soft tread Geräte. Verwenden slip delivered. You can get to laminate or can be injected. Don't forget to ensure that the building is so deep, you enough not to be a copy of all cars on the winch inside the Gebaudes. Empfang, office, bathroom and dining room, but must be clean and comfortable, for workers and customers. A source of water is a good idea in the reception and a lunch.Natural light. A good source of natural light is a great advantage to his mechanics, in particular, the checkmark on leakage of cylinder blocks of fluids and other indicators of difficult to see fundamental shortcomings.A small fracture or damage to a pipe leave attacks undetected if as a result the engine or transmission. Technical components such as bearings, wheels, etc. where the metal finish is the first indicator of failure of the motor shaft. All these important Visual signs require a good daylighting Guter Licht. is one of the most important factors in machine shops. I spent a nice bright day in all my lab buildings. On the contrary, it will be a competent and experienced mechanic on natural light. I believe that my word and you will thank me later, is important for good technology, and I want the best for my customers!Each bright white walls and at least two levels. I prefer the quality glitter I like is brilliant and easy to clean more than other surfaces. Suggest a company to open a-false non? Here the United States is in recession and see my store makes a wide variety of businesses and people keep their old car and do not buy. My background is in it and I have a business, you need to know about the the customer service and experience. Each course I know something on the resolution of the issues, but never mere cars. Hi King. Requires taking a good knowledge of cars in general, which requires some knowledge of mechanics (enough to understand the names of the Parties) client management reports, there are technical repairs and inspection of the car in the garage of his role of Vaters. Jede, you choose in the industry, it is necessary to study all the time, to keep the names of the parties and the repair of modern cars have the ability to see, that serves the interests of the client order tracking. I have no idea how it is encouraging the Wonderful.You.Io are the engineer full time with an insatiable love for cars of intrigue Institute. they most love to dirty their hands with them.I'm seriously considering taking lessons and then share my shop-but in Africa (African am) where oriented commonly develop related services.They recommended under these conditions. ? Enough space and services. The uprisings of the workshop at least 2 plan (special case), winch will have to rent 4-6 are sweet spot for general mechanical and service repairs, if you have become comfortable with the statement. She asked me to look for the manufacturer of the machine skim the brake of the Philippines. I wonder if you could recommend a sale of a product of good quality. We are new to this auto-repair activities, and I don't have a lot of links. I thank very you much for any help. James is difficult to do well. The biggest selling point, in addition to entrepreneurial skills, is an engineer from the high range engine, which can do everything. I am in the industry and we know that many people who could do it, but they can make a profit.I do not say that you can not without experience, I say that it is very focused on your customer to do and you need to develop to succeed even if you are smart enough, even the knowledge bases.Treasures, that consideration, if the quote so good vehicle and can needs lots of experience and skills. Now, I am working as Service Manager at a car dealership. I have a Bay 3 shop in my home, I have with 2 or 4 lifts Bendpack and that work you on cars on the side. It is very informative and I am considering the terrain and an opening full time here in my shop. I have more work I can do from mouth to ear. You are right in the fact that serving our clients, that makes you successfully following commands will lead you through the difficult times. Vielen thanks. James, if you have a job full time and a little sauce on the side remains the same. I am 32 years old, but nevertheless, it is difficult for us to maintain the flow of information. The business is slow. The 2 or 3 years, then again when you can fight.The first 2 or 3 years must work like a horse. Everything you think, what can be wrong. Think twice before start you. Good luck. Hi, I am interested, he obtained his diploma of engineer outside the United States to start a repair business auto shop and has managed to find a job in the United States, so I went to school and get a degree as equipment mechanic heavy diesel that I have been working for several years for a company with a fleet of hundreds of trucksto serve what does not work on auto and Reparaturaber maintenance but I know that each of them as I have my take me, I am in my early 40's and I have no experience in dealing with companies, should take some lessons for this? Tom, suspended where I wanted to open a repair shop and equipment that you want to use.The usual requirement is a way for the disposal of waste oils, which makes your registered company and a qualified mechanic fixes a light industrial zoning for the people of the country. Hi Joe, thanks for reading. I have another article about the opening with a limited budget and may be you are looking to buy, what is needed the opportunity more than one company which is then closed on the basis of their performance.If you have good skills, people may develop the Earth again. I think here has been difficult in Pakistan, is not anywhere.When I started, many people breaking the rule of the net margin was profitable from the first day, when I had very little in terms of 3-4% as more Geschäfte. for example my first well built workshop was uncomfortable in good profits in the year, from scratch. I have always been guided service and many of the mechanics were here average in my opinion.My experience in development was a big advantage, because it is not only new parts, but the change and correct design flaws. I was also young and energetic hard work. Comments big Moose, if the execution of 3 bays, at the present time, a professional to be. Service with experienced managers are usually in workshops, in particular, if they have sufficient capacity to obtain a strong popularity. Good luck with your new company and contact me anytime if you need a third on the way. Great wave. Recently hired the color of the car industry and helped a friend to open a shop in Austin (-). I also thought that the hub is very informative, I have a question, what kind of asset classes, I think, it would be useful or necessary to perform the task. Pancho Hi, I would like you and your brother as well in your new Ein Geschäft. some things in mind. Preserve capital for quiet times and manage the company financially, so that the equity investments and enable growth.Of course, with advertising, to ensure that you have made a unique angle, who noticed your company.If you can, choose a fluorescent holiday destination. If you hide it is necessary to promote innovative, but more can be done successfully, if you get references to fortresses.I hope this help, but feel free to ask questions you may have. Excellent article. I'll read the rest of you. I am a master ASE-certified technician and I will start my business in the near future, but I have a big budget to work with the first. I think the purchase of tools and special equipment like this things to do, because I pay now, which I've already invested in a good tool because now the days with all computers, which gives what you can do without a few other tips for me. I am a young person of 23, but have a lot of ambition and run this store. Hello. I am a lover of cars and years of work on vehicles in Africa, the Zimbabwe. I want to open a workshop in 2012. I have u information is invaluable, to bless. If the figures are correct. Let me tell you, if ever they do not offer this exceptional service and quality are present in a car repair workshop, and successfully in all categories, my experience it is rare in the domestic market and abroad. In addition to this is the source of the income and self-control, i.e. to work.Here regulation is probably among the 400 k $ 1.6 million per year in place, if you are not already using capital.The success is to offer more and do bottom base up to have a good solid customers, who are faithful. Few years of low profits or even losses. Can I be a donor who helps me to start a workshop for street children, in order to acquire practical skills to help them win a of a Ugandan. Thank you, Hello, Hello. My aim to please!Customer service is the key, as always in business is auto, workshop customers travelling many miles to a quality service. Hi SWOH, thanks for the comment. When you publish the pillars of my car, then add them as you go.The bike Centre is in the same place. Very soon.I know it's a bit dry, but so would the people teaching guide business centres, I'll write one. I lost my driver here work in Michigan, in the United States.(The first level of unemployment)I decided the University of automotive technology, an agricultural engineer for more than 20 years back.I learned so much in my education and a hub for the amount of material requiring open, but after reading a little Intimadated feel here the banks become reluctant to someone on unemployment, borrow money, money saved boot, but not enough for all the teams of the suggestions? Thank you for your time. Thank you very much for this centre, I start a single tire workshop, and I think that now I have an idea of the necessary machinery. HII, Sir!Of India and I Namstyei a company like u m m in the Middel class family ich had what can I do with my India. mechanics to achieve my goal, I can give advice on the. Dečaka. The first likely team can a car repair workshop, State works with all brands of modern cars. ? Thanks Denizee. Passion. You have something to do with passion!A good auto repair is based on love, what do you do, how the most successful companies. Marianne needs to do your own business plan, how the costs and revenues to the other varies from one place. It's a big world. You can be the best way, a business plan, an online business plan be preformed to (some are free) and start to fill in the corresponding fields. Thanks to my friend very useful guide your time by writing assistance in the creation of & a mechanical society. Experience necessary Angel, is the willingness to learn not only every day, which is important.If you have a good car, Designer, working with an expert mechanic a few years it will bring knowledge of Idiosycracies in different models and improve the speed and efficiency in the use of tools.The business model is interesting. You can choose what you like and to specialize.I hope that this free help feeling, ask questions and I will do my best to help Frankie Hi has, I do not know the warehouse for workshops MB, but lift Stenhoj truck manufacturers have a lot of lifting devices for the largest manufacturers of high quality, if you want to call. In laboratory equipment, suppliers often have a wide range of contacts in the field, and you also have a knowledge on the needs of the team. Some tools will be needed, and MB if you drop your truck, you should talk in any case, have covered well Stenhoj heavy work. Would be great wave. I was wondering how long it takes to mount? I go to in implementing current Pakistan is not well seen 3 years and projections stop after 2.5 years. (even though I had good loyal customers coming from different cities). Most of the mechanics used to deceive customers and many more, I did with much less equipment. Difficult market. Hello. I intend to start a business dealer of car, help me to do a business plan and how much it will cost. Thank you very much. Hello Sir, thanks for that. Now, I have a question. Initially, a professional school of auto mechanics and one year programs. If in fact the three year program must work a/as the electricians of the which is the departure Trav. average salary Ian and parking. (I live in the Canada). Excellent post, I am also Earnestshub Melbourne, currently going up a business plan to set up a new laboratory in the suburbs of the West.The plan is the creation of a new store in collaboration with my brother, who knew the engine mechanics about 7 years (he knows his job and he has scored in the last two garage your modified) also worked at car dealerships and private garage. I am an engineer in computer science with a Masters degree in business, so I hope that these skills will work together to ensure our success.We are very young (I think) I'm 31 and my brother is 26, so we are very enthusiastic and trained.We have already a lot of teams, which I hope will help to reduce our costs of adjustment.I will continue to work in my field and were more of a contribution from the funds with the guidance of Super Garage. Neben, also have some tips? The store is very nice. The concrete is so true, the price may not understand this, but when leaving. Councils have mechanical fear hop autonomous do not need a big bank account. Good credit standing, owner of one is married and has three children and a woman. Afraid to see the jump to cars and businesses. I do a lot of work now in front of my house and brings a lot of people from my dealer now for work, but surely I'll follow. Very nervous. Hello and thank you for your advice, I'm wondering if you know of a business that, so far by the construction of all necessary equipment, can offer a complete workshop equipment, life in London, but try to invest in a machine shop in Lagos, Nigeria. Please help me with the company coordinated. Thank you very much. I thank very much, your help, articles 23 and dream that I buy my clothes or start my own newspaper. Your article makes me think that there are many things that is not ready. CME tours a big brake for many years and the first series of 600 has been very reliable and accurate. The CCP is not very large, but the build quality and the strength of the present. Thanks John. It is difficult, if there is agreement supporting his family with a working time of 12 hours, you have to love, just another job is not like many other businesses. If you go to the race and a small beginning. ,,.