KalikoKat. The next time I'm going to do I try ’ on the stove top. However, I Derreti me the butter until it is melted, to slow fire and then remove that heat and add the baking soda and cornstarch and stir until the mixture. Let me know, how can we! Wow, thank you! It was a most zealous knife per day and I think that ’ very well dry, before you version of deodorant and so developed MRSA. I don't ’ the doctrine to the development of staphylococci 3 times longer when he left fresh cucumber Dove anti-perspirant/deodorant to another brand. The fear of developing a new or MRSA is annoying for me, but I could not simply ’ agree to be the deodorant by Tom ’. Feel like you makes me ill and go without ….Well, you ’ bravest, that I am grateful to share this post! As soon as I my Burri, can correct me ’ it will try. I think that ’ the cocoa and shea butter, mango and avocado replaced butter since ’ is what usually works with and love the results. Thank you very much! Thank you very much!How welding to eliminate … try baking soda. It was for me, while infected XD. in pint glasses casting and overnight leave. Now the morning after the shower Strip, an amount of nutty with the back of my sticker and rub in. It has a good structure, so it doesn't matter ’ use and my hand to rub, I went ahead and just in my hand, to rub it in your hand as a lotion that is not basically it? I found this Web page and if you ’ s 2 years, I decided to publish it if not ’ t to get a satisfactory response. Axillary sweating is a normal function of the body and the only way, is to stop it, clogging the pores with potentially dangerous chemicals in antiperspirants is that here is why you should Deo unique past. Found now, finally, that a deodorant, my husband make it wanted. I have also, but after using for a while my husband said, the an adhesive under your armpit. He said he would but never again to leave him some time. Anyway, did I use it until I realized that my clothes to transform all gray in the armpit. I have this in my bathrobe, I thought that I “ I never seen before and I thought that I cleaned it very well, but it was this Deo. Any ideas why this happens? Don't know how much ’ was the decoctions of deodorants. I hope that you can help.ThanksYoli. I love this recipe! great mother, works no longer smelly, can mow the lawn, working in the garden and walking. I have a problem with the smell of sweat and had tested all kinds of deodorants. Thank you for all other recipes, most of them have tried, and I love it. Thank you very much!!. ’ I ViewState with this recipe about 7 months and ’ nice. (Also ’ mercilessly hot here lately and still tested is.) Smells of less now than when the antiperspirants can ’ – t explain, but I won t ’ is. I have shaved a quantity of oil grapefruit, that even to try and be a rash for all ‘ well, so that everyone knows. Thank you very much for this step! It took some out of their pot to scrape. Basically there were scraped and scraped and packaged in the same measuring spoons had had enough. If you make it in the summer when you ’ much easier to eliminate. This last group was much easier just to stop the batch I made last November. KalikoKatAs first of course often stir while heating butter and other solids and add you then the oils, vitamin E and essential oils, you should be good. I'm doing my solid cream in this way. Don t use ’ ingredients, dry, but in my experience in creating bad - and goodies to chemical ingredients combine with butter before adding the final base oils are smooth and creamy. There are no grainy hope this helps. A ’ itself, so that more low heat in a water bath or try a smaller pot in a large pot half full of water. This is how it ’ as I ’ also economical to buy water bath in my spare time XD [-] m. something natural to spread. I have scraped a glass with Shea butter in the closet of my house from deodorant to some, heated, and a little short started in my hands and face. It seemed [,]. [.] Want, that you have to make your own deodorant? Here is a cool recipe that will help you exactly cela. (No rating yet) [-] download. To make it last more I might want to add a capsule of probiotics. L ' opening and dump [-] enzymes are three links to recipes and inside with Shea butter and cocoa butter (which I've never tried ’ btw.)) And Tammy ’ revenue. You have more information about which [,]. [.] following experience? I love this recipe-Deo House … I ’ m think it's probably better to try in winter. Keep this in mind: [,]. Hi Kendra, I want to make this recipe only n t finished ’. I would like to ’ to use my deodorant! It looks very good. I found this blog chicken mad it ya sometime and it hung at the top of my blog (as well as many other things ’ wanted to do!) so that I remember, is not ’ ingredients (and where to find all) seems daunting, but it seems you may need to ’ is not so bad. I think I'll try, maybe ’ make a good gift Christmas for lovers!Thank you for the reminder will receive, my ass and do - generator. I love this recipe - I use it for a year and I've had good results. It is the first natural deodorant that I left feeling / smelly sweat after hours apply. Leave it to cocoa butter and use coconut oil. Mix the blend in a light and fluffy texture, which I love in a little juice of silt-Este innovations! At the risk that redundant (as Don ’ don't have time to check all comments!), would be a different kind of strength? We want t have nothing ’ “ ” corn in our House, but I have the Maranta Arundinacea starch and tapioca starch. Do you think that you that instead of corn starch could be used by those? Thank you very much! I love the recipes!The day before. I have a very similar recipe for almost two years and I love it. I use just a small plastic bowl and a spoon and a microwave for 30 seconds to solve the oil of coconut winter morning. The next wave of safe essential oils Add. Today I tried creative feeling with candle. I love this House from deodorant. I have a problem with the perfume oil, so I used sandalwood as smell the wonderful smell and oakmoss.I the recipe a little changed, some cocoa butter and green tea or two spoons of Shea butter add. I have ’ t measuring something out there, but so far sweet and creamy and easy to apply.Thank you for your website/blog. It was really to make a beeswax lotion HelpfulNow. I had the chance ’ rest – in the summer, I ’ I would say that it takes 4-5 months until it loses its texture, but I live somewhere hot and humid. In cold climates ’ more said, this time 7-8. I know that the shea butter and cocoa butter is a period of one year. […] Update: this deodorant works well, but I'm not ’ don't like the texture. It is a chunky ’, which translated Deo crumbs on the floor, covered in the apply. I have ’ ll continue to use the next time, but ’ I will try another recipe, probably the melting and casting one, in which, as this or that. […]. It is amazing massage, her lips fit well in the manufacture of soaps, bar, and solid perfume all because I shot a couple of months back salt, also if not buy the stick just one block from 2inches Saltworks houses very well, although my usual daughter use, but I'm sure that will go, how the own perfume can make lol, thank you. Aubrie, my husband and I have used for about 3 years (salt). So much love! Don't have ’ package, so I can tell you ’ you want. However, I can say that we understand the whole foods store ” “. It is a solid piece (a kind of salt the size of a ball smaller than baseball and Golf) is “ in our area from above $7.00 ″ there is not much that people know 2 of every day and last about 6 months. To know to release him. If you fall, you will break like a piece of glass! Lol :), both have no or and sweating less salt, and then I did it with the secret key. 2 weeks … is rare in the first makes … a Chance.Sie love …. Save this horrible piece of plastic and shop with your Bottomw? It would be good, although it is soft enough, pick up the handset. This saves the cost of packaging (for you, lol! – not for gifts).Moreover, the ‘ ’ rock salt crystal is incredible and you can also Himalayan salt bars. This is what I use and it works great no smell after a few days. Kills bacteria instead of only the smells of reporting? Be careful, if you shave …. Yah. I have not this particular recipe, but I used the sodium bicarbonate, corn starch and coconut oil. I have ’ t under my armpit get a rash, but I found that had filtered from my side under his arm, I have a terrible rash that was only if I used the cream, that prescribed by your doctor. He came to the conclusion, after a year, who wanted to make and no deodorant ring, as the doctor told me that I had. At the beginning, I thought it was important, but also no one proven oil and had the same results. My point is that I think cornstarch OT was baking to do. So you can use not only this recipe. Hi, have just your website and love. This week it takes in crock-pot-Saponeria, that miracle lotions, the House and other utensils made me, because my husband and I want to in an independent life. ’ sees me with deodorant Crystal salt for years, which is good for most of the year in the Pacific Northwest, but when we travel in the tropics, or if it those rare moments in the 80s in the summer, my kids and questions well wants man to use deodorant! ’ I m, to do the waiting for you and as a combination of oil and lavender with its perfumes and antibacterial properties of tea tree. Thank you very much for this post! But also a deodorant recipe homemade. I was immediately fascinated by deodorant because as the previous months, five or more, before I was not ’ what was a deodorant, what can a wise decision in the middle of the summer certainly do not use. But given the fact that Scott and I met and have this point in a relationship, where you would talk comfortably about things, such as anti-perspirant, tried by ’ no longer use it. I was always a user of deodorant, because I hated the feeling of sweat, but I had to admit that correlation between use and cancer are alarming. Of course, it took seven years to really draw your attention, but eventually began to test commercial air fresheners that aluminium in antiperspirants were missing. I've tried all kinds of bees of Burt's in Maine by Tom ’ and a few other brands, which are less known and each of them I Don has me feeling what sweatier, nothing. It was the rarest thing! Last summer decided to wear anything in the title of my arms and tell me, realized that I began to feel less sweatier (it is a good topic to write – sigh!) However, is that it was summer and a fence built and we had a lot of 100 + degree days, I'll be the first, indicating to the probably ’ too close to me at the end of the Tages.Jetzt I'm for ’ you're the smell of people, but there are ’ human scent and then ’ art. fragrant scent, that was what I needed to remove. When Amy Karol wrote. Container that has a duration of one year. Then you can consider making a batch for a loved one while you are there. You will find ’ with some left over. […] My August of cider, a bottle of homemade hand cream, towel, put a little, deodorant House and a bottle of a can wash your hair with baking soda. All economies and the things that you can do in your […]. Natural Pierre ” “ or “ ” salt, which is under discussion consists of bauxite and ’ for a natural form of aluminium oxide. In the face of concerns or problems with antiperspirants trade around the use of aluminium, maybe you are centered seem ’ d prefer the use of aluminum in natural skin, rethink ” form “ or not. In fact, I would like to have more aluminium is ’. natural ” “ ’ t means not always “ well. ”. I made this recipe with great success. But after about 3 months of use one arm under a rash developed terrible itching. Any idea of the ingredient, which as a result? I tried a different recipe with the root of the arrow and it was worse. We had the tea tree and others not - ’ t tea tree then have n't seems ’ is tea tree. Any ideas? The combination of strength of corn and baking soda seems a bit sticky when it is placed in a box with deodorant. Since I add beeswax, my product has more “ slide-on ” capacity and less than one sticky composition. Avoid if you have allergic reactions to bee stings, bees, etc., greetings! could, that baking soda is a natural Antibactrial and makes a great Deordrant and cheap only ’ fingers are wet finger on soda and apply axillaris and go to work and no sweat glands becomes clogged. ? My husband love it.all natural, cheap and it works. Also no Rückstände.Versuchen you there, you will be amazed. I had great success with this deodorant is home! I changed the recipe slightly, mainly because some of the ingredients that I have missed. Here is what I found that it works well: 1.5 tablespoon baking powder 1.5 El Butter1 El mango Shea butter (I think that ’ the cocoa butter is smooth a little easier, sit in fact) Lotto much BudVegetable vitamin E and the tree I lasted almost three months. I had good deodorant, but this recipe works very success with the Toms or salt rock! In fact, I have one of my old empty deodorant containers and fill it with this recipe – simply dissolve ingredients in a Pyrex Cup measure and pour you mixture into a vessel drain and cleaned.I love your blog and my friends and I had playing fun, with the various recipes. Thank you thank you thank you! D use arrowroot ’ front ’ (d) all others, can use especially from corn starch under good conditions a breeding ground for yeast. It is fantastic! Do you think that it could replace the vitamin E with Droups a little olive oil? ’ Do not know if they want to ruin the consistency. Can I make deodorant without shea butter and only double cocoa butter? I read that people with allergies heavy nut (I) not ’ to use shea butter. What do you think? Thank you very much! Melanie. I made this recipe today with a friend, and when it has cooled down, it was difficult. It is hard to handle. It is because it is so cold ’ have made now or something wrong? Do you have suggestions as to preparations to make? Both are accustomed to with radio butter and I thought it would be a little more to this consistency. Thank you very much!. I ’ wait to try this! What are you using for toothpaste? You want to buy create brands, or your own. Monte Rosa and order now only more than two things and was willing to make a complete line of body-care products home page. It was easy to make, while the butter scratch nothing a little bit of work, but, to dissuade me. I must say that I encourage you this deodorant love and I, try! ’ Ve been using it every day since November last year and I m ’ my second batch. I don't have any ’ sweatier and ’ m I'm free all day. It is profitable enough ’, just under $3, has lasted for five months. ’ Here is homemade, such as deodorant: I ’ I'm going to list the ingredients and how to it with images, but you have to really click on. Hi, I have this deodorant and put it in an old container of deodorant, finally my husband wants a deodorant that I did. The only problem is that you are doing your hair LOL! If it is not a pretty sight. I know not to use, it would be in a bottle. Don't know what ’ is for your shave the arm pits. Any suggestions?Thank you, Scott. Very often, but not too much and t ’ shaved in a week ’ tries to use it. He began to disappear, and I no longer use it 3 days ago. I'm so sad! Bars use massage as a rule no recipe, but it was not very friendly recipes and depends on the oily like their fleshy as normally or too exuberant, a cup of Linequienes half of the wax 4tbsps flakes3 Guild cocoa butter (Shea butter or or Mango) carrier 1/4 c soybean oil or a combination of some (I like a combo coconut oil using a solid seed) and seeds of grapes oil 1 or 2 teaspoons) Beeswaxessential use usually about oils 20-30 Dropscan. Add a few drops of vitamin E or Aloe Veraremember online Guild a measure that not only the race so I don't know how your own snowflakes beeswax, soy wax Itplace, cocoa butter and oil carrier carbon med-Grand VaseObtenez med pot ground test OK, now put a centimeter more or less water in the local canning glass on medium-high heat until it is melted, (test to its texture impregnation plastic under the mixing knife) license together should take a minute, if your congestion more wax soy or bees wax added, if its solid adds more, then plunge AceiteUna satisfied with the consistency JarLaisser rest all of their sitting, until you satisfied mix with the scent of essential oils or use eineSobald which mix in the bottle has a light veil of licensees in their essential oils and vitamin E and Aloethat if, then to enjoy casting into moulds, the leaves together. Melt me to make the butter in a cup of warm water, but I can understand that the use of the microwave goes much faster.Love your blog: or). I love this recipe, but I have very good problems with the works of WC oils / flawless (pause in a terrible rash!). Even if you have a teaspoon of beeswax the recipe add, the companies just enough for a deodorant stick. I love it! (he asks for my husband, he has a similar problem I had with conventional deodorants oils in this * Sadface *). ’ I had much success with a salt spray air freshener … only a crystal of salt soak and rub under her arm after every shower …. Massages, bar and solid perfume? How are you? I'm sorry, I'm very new at this and am curious to know if you share n of the spirit ’. Don't understand Deodortant salt ’ like? It would be fantastic, try to do as Christmas gifts, see my new loving and economical Geschenk.Wenn. I got her recipe lotion to them before a few months ago, but with a twist left somewhere like ’ t of the ingredients, that total did not join. I have a character for the first time and they are almost ready for the second round. I'm not ’ handed over. And I ’ Alegra captures a deodorant recipe. I only by m ’ my brand of plastic-box product runs and I wondered what the hell like Don ’ still a plastic air freshener (not to mention questionable products included) want to buy. Now I know. Thank you very much. I have a small question: have you tried it without microwave? Can you do? We want t ’ have a microwave, so I wonder if it ’ is possible on the stove? Thank you in advance! I have the recipe for solid perfume, but not perfume1part beeswax1part seems solid carrier oil essential oils (sweet almond, Grapeseed, as Kickin ') (really, depending on your taste) 15 Dropsif completion a twist on your lip balm container on a teaspoon of beeswax and carrier carrier oil Oilplace and beeswax in a small can of Canterbury? Pan supported beeswax for a few inches of water instead of canning jar with wax and take oil over medium heat until melted by the heat, they contain essential oils pouring (I suggest before, they ready at hand in particular when use of mixtures) are faster, if you care before pouring consolidated, although you may add more essential oils must set. It is fun and easy, your imagination to make your friend can also used medallions or boxes of trinkets (not cardboard) used a jewel box break and 2tbsps of beeswax and 2tbsps oil, carrier, and approximately 30-35 drops of essential Oilsome, vanilla and Dragon Blendsorange Bloodmay Chang (lemon perfume), Beramot and ylang ylang essential oil Ylangcinnamon, VanillalemonGrapefruit, nutmeg and Benzion (Benzion is thick a good medium-hot cake can the water in the tub or use to test the fragrance) a toothpick in the essential oils for use in a small container with the lid for a few minutes which feel leaves is closed if you want to use equal parts of each UnoSi, need you more heat), or add something more to an another toothpick. Can I use moisturizer cream as a substitute for cocoa butter and shea butter cocoa butter Shea butter? Or?Thank you very much. The only problem I have with this method have, is that they do not to seem ’ completely to eliminate the problem sweating armpits. Is it possible to do the welding with a professional wrestler?On the other hand, it looks great, almost like candy. Greetings and salutations! I love the recipe! Thank you for viewing it.However, I would like to make another suggestion though it may be useless. Stop shaving your armpits. Soft hair in a natural way and way functions (structurally differs from the head hair) is growing to keep the sweat from the skin in this area. I stopped shaving for several years and has begun, the Deo (without aluminum salts) in place, antiperspirants. I never feel uncomfortable or even mean sweating ” totally “ fur grew. I have also no skin rash skin unexplained itching, razor or many other topics that never had understood were caused by the method of hair removal. Finally I heard also shave on your legs. It is for me one day, I transfer the money to buy a tool that I took my time, often caused me pain and discomfort and constant maintenance (requires every day) and for what purpose? After a few years, I asked my husband thought and said he is grateful with ’ hear my legs on the skin. Previously more like brush and very uncomfortable.I just ’ like the idea of my money for something that just was! What I like! You have ’ so simple and works very well! I work in a warehouse all day, and it would be necessary to apply other deodorants, but is very good. ^ _ ^ It blends very well with the lotion. ’ I saw, looking after has a new deodorant, but it's hard to find one that works, what I like and not ’ very expensive. I like the idea of being, to choose the perfume, because it always seems commercial air freshener something to have, especially as Don ' t ’. [.] Home-EC projects. I came across a simple home of deodorant in a garden gardening blog (a Sonoma garden).  Do I wonder why Deo to start? Apparently much popular [,]. Yes, is a little bombed, but only a little. Don ’ think the baking soda and cornstarch to the senses to be solved if somewhat blurry. Although it should work. Strangely not cleverly using and baking coconut soda under my sink. If you know ’ is not too much, take baking soda. It keeps you dry, because the coconut oil and this recipe, follow only the radio Bay. Sweating is a natural, but I hate this feeling sweaty. So have an extra blush brush or give it makeup brush lightly into a small container of baking soda and then paint it on your computer. Just cheers! And be careful, if you too much turnover at home in the sweating, will likely get a yeast infection in your Inbox and ’ painful and itchy. ! So make sure that the use of tea tree oil light in your mix or with a pinch of baking soda. Hi love your blog but can not easy to digest the parts of microwave ovens. I'm doing my beauty products of the maximum temperature in the bathtub with hot water. Don't U think that the high temperature destroys the beauty of the life of all components? Thank you very much! By the way, took a hammer to the back of my fingernail and applied. Well softened and distribute it well. My sister and I are an explosion trying to have all of your recipes! Thank you very much for sharing. Nandi, amazing, why not use wax, if you are allergic to bee stings? The curious m ’ because my nephew is allergic to and don't ’ don't want that he does what Dan. This means something like cream of cold with beeswax, as well as?Thank you, Paimbia. Natural deodorants have used in the past, but he went back to the traditional, while natural deodorant was not available. During my research I never found something that could keep steady. Last week. I have your recipe with a few changes. Really set for the trial, and it is fantastic! I sweat a lot and I was trying to find a traditional deodorant that would take. Believe me, I know that, as soon as the first signs of welding, the natural protection of air fresheners have to accept the Hill. It ran continuously at very hot temperatures and with strict movement. You'll never get back. Here are my changes: a Shea butter used fragrant (cocoa handle), rather than the type of smell and are not all oils already had the aroma of butter shes. Also, I cut my pieces, since it was my first game. A week and I am a satisfied customer! It is very good –, but just me mix cornstarch with baking powder and lavender oil and use it as a deodorant powder use successfully for months – the only problem is that when I try a black t-shirt set immediately after application, LOL. Hi, thanks for the reply. Deo is soft but sticky it would smooth a disaster setting. Don ’ t know what ingredients it is sticky. He is the only person, like my husband. I have about 6 or 7 kinds of natural Luftreiniger.Jedoch, any suggestions?Thank you AgainYoli. I think that we do not ’ the tea tree oil is optional; The bacterium is in fact, what makes the armpits, they suck no water overflows from the skin as sweat. If something with antibacterial properties, such as tea tree oil, then probably it does not stink. My thumbnail of the image seems also out, and then at the end, use an amount about the size of a pea and scratch that. Even touch my underarms and it heats up immediately and is easy to spread. There is also ’ in the summer the warmer climate, is it a bit and it softens even easier to clean. Hello! I wanted to tell you, just a note to that effect on my life you and your blog. Now I have my blog, and they are constantly things and write about them. I'm not your savy, but I like a lot more, because his life. Thank you for your wonderful recipes and ideas with us. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for sharing oral hygiene advice! Ve tried several ’ natural ” “ types of packaged and found the recipe at home works much better and I like being able to choose the fragrance (lavender and sweet orange well – Oh yes!).To avoid problems with deterioration, you share the recipe between 2 tins of Altoids, the other is in the refrigerator and use spoon small Trader Joe's stevia, to dig the daily dose.You can ’ t wait to try the recipe for the lotion! I love your blog! I like the idea of a self-sufficient/self-sustainable as possible. Power consumption of organic and natural ingredients in our food and do more of what we need are one of my dreams! Recently, my sister and I made a batch of laundry SOAP is home, and I love it! Next on my list Deo House is done, that you posted. I have a few questions about the deodorant: where can I Mason quart jars 1/4, and how to: use essential oils to buy? I have ’ I would like your recipe as closely as possible to follow. Thank you for all your knowledge and your experience. I'm looking forward to many of their recipes by hand! (Especially bees cream for the hands!). Hi … I'm new here and I am looking forward with homemade recipes. My husband and I despise antiperspirants and problems and make other “ ” products in the healthcare market. We are in the transition to more autonomy and use more healthy or House is called Produkten.Das, as the Navy, there are some things that I, can tell you about skin rashes and body odor. Some people can tolerate any kind of cleaning agents, soaps, etc. and never seem to be a problem. Others, myself included, are sensitive to one or two things … while others seem to be allergic to everything. If you know that you have the skin sensitivity, test a small amount of a new product in his forearm and wait 24 to 48 hours. before using on your armpits. Our shoulders are much more sensitive to potential problems. This zone is protected … ’ not the Sun looks and more sensitive than the areas, which the elements outside. But if the Radiamo, we “ micro - ” or cuts small abrasions (not visible to the naked eye), which the skin susceptible to bacteria, the leaves can cause an infection. It ’ make a girl? Rare armpits, but try to use anything in my armpits until they have healed the above small wounds. It is rare in the winter Deo need to use but throughout the summer, it is dark and wet, forearm an other Geschichte.Unsere often ” “ environment for the bacteria to grow. In theory, when we t sweat ’, then ’, we won t stinks. Keep us clean and dry to prevent smelly armpits. Only should have more often some people who do not use any kind of product to clean.I hope this useful information. and I can not ’ wait to try out your recipes by deodorant and lotion!Texas Terry. So I used this recipe and she loved him, but they have developed an itchy rash on both arms. Does anyone have an idea how to avoid this? Hi, I have ’ this recipe to want to, if I can. If you add your mixture of beeswax helps the solid deodorant at room temperature. An old deodorant container can then hold to the mix! After Nice. ’ You have a great site here! < 3 just a note: vitamin E oil is available in 4 oz bottle in the shop 99 cents. Don't ’ believe that this man is capable of is to swallow pills, but it would be very good for the news, right? I use it for all sorts of things. Cuticle makes a great friction. I don't know what is a pill, but in the mass ’ of God? Thank you very much! PS: Thank you for this recipe! I use natural products for a while now, and I love her, but are quite significant prices! Fortunately, I do my work in the future. Thank you very much!. I added tablespoon cornstarch, 1 tablespoon BS and 3 tablespoons of a few different games, I tried 1 tablespoon coconut oil and tea tree oil and bergamot. It worked fine (without perfume!), then on day 3 of my armpits were a bit hard, so I decided to test me on two different batches, so I as arrowroot 1 tablespoon powder teaspoon BS with sound and the smell of lemon grass tried. He worked for 1/2 days, it was very sandy, not my mix, but the smell of return in half an hour of the day. A different mixture mean was 1 tbsp 2 tbsp arrowroot, bs and 3 tablespoons coconut milk with herbs, lemon and bergamot tree, and yet none of them work for me still smell the ’ m ’ I do not know whether I'm going through Detox anti-perspirant or what? ’ show me this method tries the condition of the two weeks, too bad, now and forever ’ odor back at noon for the ’ clear should deactivate my Colleuges, by it. I have ’ view tries a new claim set and not ’ same difference, if the smell is not so strong, as it was before, but it's still there is and ’ will you ruin the day for me, I don't know if you another recipe or give up should try it was natural? I do not know whether ’ do I use just tea tree and not to other oils, because my underarms dark with new blends with other oils and m ’ facing another problem m ’ also. I hope that someone can much as I what I could contribute so with this deodorant next!. Shave you? From time to time get bumps from the shave, well, for regular deodorant with a lot less commonly used – Ouch! Also usually wait a couple of hours later often applied, when I have time. It would be a shame, I could not ’, that is great things. ’ are a team of men and women to organic farming of the garden in Sonoma, California. Organic gardening adventure make with family and homemade body care to eat. Learn more about gardening, caring for the body in depth tutorials, free downloads, and more.I'm more responsible flowers, is mainly responsible for the vegetables. Together, we make a very nice garden. Oooo salt to do? Please give details ’ … for me, with baking powder, coconut oil deodorizer Romero, arrowroot for about six months, but he has recently a very painful, very red rash on armpits, developed. I hate the conventional deodorants and really Don t ’ I want to go back, but I want to find something comparable to the effectiveness that I do with my home. Thank you very much! ~ Aubrie. I use air Salin and pleasure. ’ sees me state experiment with SOAP and lips lately. I thought that ’ d propose that instead of working to get the container (which is almost impossible in winter) cocoa butter. Now, buy the land of cocoa butter. It is very similar to the Earth of powdered sugar. It is easy to use ’ and melts quickly. You can ’ t wait to try out your recipes. Its wonderful! Just for you to know, in addition to baking powder with aluminum. If not expressly said free aluminum ” “ on the label, there are aluminum in sodium bicarbonate. You can buy it at health food stores, baking soda without aluminium. Why do your baking powder with aluminum deodorant is virtually identical with the material to absorb aluminium in chemical deodorants (with all the risks of breast cancer). Good recipe. Carusi ’ wait to try it out. You can in a paper-towel tube casting and then rip the paper and a housewife “ ’ ” applicator prefers to see State of Tom Thumb or ’ brush is a mixture of baking soda, 1/4, 3/4 corn starch mixed with a few drops of tea tree oil TSP. This allows to stop the smell and feel no longer sweaty. Tea tree is good, but can also replace eucalyptus or Sage (attention to the use of Sage if breast-feeding). The two are also antibacterial properties. In addition to depending on the scent, use the lavender or Calendula. The two are also antibacterial properties. In other words, don t ’ need to use always the tea plant. ’ Watch House in deodorants for some time, and she nailed all the possible combinations, with excellent results, a database format once used. A couple of years too late, no doubt, but corn starch promotes the growth of the yeast. I can not use cornstarch in the kitchen, so its replacement by rice and potato flour in the kitchen for thickening flour. I have also tapioca starch. ’ I n t tried this recipe with some, as above described, but to see what comes out. Thank you very much for posting this recipe! (Long ago tested the lotion for hands and is a favorite family.) I was wondering how much tea tree lavender oil using & in your recipe deodorant? He has much this weekend I'm loving & unless I think I have too much … essential oils smell strongly enough. It is the first time that I've lived with ’ SSE. However … oils … thank you very much for this posting. It is really good to know a recipe is recommended because it feels ’ less than a risk of investing in the ingredients. Very cool! He also heard only with normal deodorant. I went to the rock salt, as well as 110 + degrees ’ sweat and stink free very little. I have ’ ll keep for later use this recipe, however. Nice to know that this tea tree is optional. I'm allergic to ’! ~ Tara. Vitamin tablets and are expensive to buy, I think I paid $11 for my pot, if you want to spend on this principle, I think you can. Essential oils, you choose a combination of tea tree oil has antibacterial properties (and if it no ’ don't want ’ bacteria, is ’ under arms!) and lavender, because some take essential oil purchased. I love the idea, my own deodorant! This recipe seems very strange. But sweating much, even if I do nothing ’ the normally sweat inducing and I hate the feeling of wet and I have circles of the Axilla in my clothes. Baking soda, some people have suggested but has anyone any other suggestions for wells dry without aluminium? Thank you very much!. How much of each ingredient to use? I want! Please give tea tree and lavender oil. I have ’ t hope to do. ? [.] You kiss ’ mocked directly a little uncertain about her, so I wonder if I'm serious ’. You can see how women like Enigma machines as German u-boats [-]. ? I ve used a Crystal ’ years. When I this recipe to find me. I have ’ for a week and this morning woke up with a rash or a large number of ingrown hairs. Me ’ m so depressed. I think the ’ is only my clog vice versa, what do you think? Thank you very much!. The amount depends on your hand, LOL, I have found that vitamin e is approximately 6 capsules equal to 1 teaspoon. It was not ’ only a little finger was just like with each capsule. If the idea also, that many are widely used in the fingers that would me the 8 capsules of this page use. He then left the capsules and I bought a bottle of Crystal IU liquid vitamin E 1 400 from metropolitan market in my area. I hope this has helped. [.] I like things do and before buy me more (as in my lotion and deodorant, with our jams even and preserves [-],,.)