Unfortunately, you need to be sure that you not a robot. To achieve the best results, you make sure that your browser accepts cookies. I love the Sims 3 and I'll try to make a family with a mind of any color, including the expansion pack such as sed, curse in the Sims 3 has the ability to create a baby spirit Mummys. The mind of the child appears as a spirit but his age in the same way as all the children from the SIM card. Ghost SIM created an unbeliever or created the old old way is completely controllable, and I have to go to school if you children and you, can work a normal job as adults. The steps to a ghost SIM to capture are the same, as had every other SIM film biografie. Although it better to questions how SIM, a spirit of the day and behind them when they have a bad day before Woohooing or try a child have. Otherwise affect the relationship between the SIM card and Sims spirit to meet a male ghost SIM on the graveyard: female SIM can visit the cemetery at night to meet, band of friendship and romance a male ghost SIM. Phantom, child ghost SIM will be the same color as his father; Please make sure that you choose a spirit of the father, which is the color as your child (usually blue or red). After taking in friendship and spoil the spirit of SIM, you have to try, you can do this with the question of the spirit on your SIM-card House or on a date in a place where you can enjoy the child, for a baby as if it were a club with an elevator, to achieve. It is easier to test a child audience, if you have installed the expansion pack in the evening towards the end. If your SIM woman begins to hear the feeling of nausea or on traitorous music after a successful test of the baby you know that your SIM has a bun in the oven. Note: You can fertilize a female SIM lives on the Friedhof.Ein of male SIM pursuing haunted house: If your SIM card is currently a male ghost haunts your home SIM SIM or a man recently died in his house the female SIM of late romanticism. Once a SIM card has died, it takes your first spirit abodes that they appear because your home normally every night about 3 days. As soon as you start to appear in your home your SIM can build a relationship that results in the child.Note: the woman ghost Sims, your House may be harassing are not pregnant; When you try to click on was informed that the SIM has too many family members for child you about test also pregnant.A controllable controllable ghost SIMS SIM: a female or male spirit can be created, where the remains of the deceased SIM who has not already made, the science can be revived is intended to relieve. This leads into a controllable ghost Sims is a member of your family by SIM. To make a baby ghost SIM, you need your spirit of SIM and SIM card, falling in love and baby. Sims died as children will have young adults, adult or elderly person male spirit. Woman mind must die as a young adult or adult Sims, to conceive a son. A female spirit who is a member of your family have the only way a baby by the spirit of the mother spirit. Tips and tricks: 1 you get not a ghost child every time, if a parent is a regular SIM card. You have two parents of the spirit, and almost a ghost child each time. 2 while her mother is a SIM card that you can control. Increase in fertility treatment is permanent reward your chances that a child spirit, as also several children in Winnipeg. You can create any mother Ghost and phantom child kill a ghost SIM pregnant Sims can not be killed. 4. the easiest way, the adult is SIM to get a ghost, in the pool go and to set around the pool, until you drown a fence. Another method is to remove the door of a room and the SIM-light a fire with a good market for fireplace or Grill. Have an old SIM dies and then restart a child works only male Sims. 5. I never did a child spirit, using the tricks, but you can; Surf a bit to do, and you are sure to find instructions if you are interested in. Thanks for the Info! I had heard a little ghost in Sims 3 baby I didn't know how it works. Cute hub! Woohoo Sims of adult or child can try in a variety of places. Often was the Woohoo Sims, rid of your House, have a special course, similar to that one can stolzgeschwellter, etc,.