Horizontal distance is important. Birds, the ’ t it fly well enough to survive in the wild under his wings to fly, to design your aviary, as long as you can for a while. I recommend a minimum length of 7 ′ (more is better) and rectangular boxes offer the opportunity to steal some kick. Round or hexagonal shapes it must be so beautiful, is very important in order to ensure equality of opportunities. Pigeons are groundfish and feed (support and to flirt and swim and socialize) on the ground but also fly and land in the middle and the top. I recommend a pitched roof or lifted to avoid that this grouping of rain at the tip and enjoy the attic perched bird ” “. Leave at least a part of the network stronger than the Sun, rain, Moonlight and airflow from ceiling. Pigeons love the water and need cool, clean water per day for drinking and bathing. Containers plastic, transparent, use because I dance pink happy feet see the love in the water bath, but can the plates of ceramics from large casserole dishes. The water should be between 2 to 4 deep ″ and changed daily. This is the best ’ they offer water two sources and double your clean and dry, while the other is used to recommend to all the containers that you can use for a set. Pigeons and doves are ground and their food wallets courses must be on the ground. I recommend the cena-TamaƱo dish (with ~ 1 cup for pigeons) for all four pigeons every day. Food can be purchased in stores and they are a mixture of different types of peas, corn, oatmeal, safflower, Milo and other grains. It can be stored in a container in rodents, proof proof to humidity. An estimated additional processing of a planter of lettuce, spinach, wheat of the grass or parsley or dandelion. You do any type of packaging used, something non-toxic. A Bird House can be constructed on a plot of cement, cobblestones, a wooden or on the ground floor. It must be easy to clean, good drainage and protection against rodents and predators who seek or chew their way of being. If the floor is concrete, the Aviary with the baskets of material must be all funds (openings of half an inch or less), to prevent rodents and predators. The shirt should be covered by the Earth or the rock wood like cutting knife, damaging his feet to lose.Aviary becomes my garden terrace and then the floor is concrete. It is good for ’ birds, but it would be easier for me to maintain when it was unloaded in the rock. With cement or wood or brick, the Fund needs a daily scratch POO. If your soil is Aviary with a few inches of rock drain (3/4 or more ″, also known as “ washed ” rock), then should only occasionally or treatment of castings for maintenance. The rock is fine for ’ bird feet, clean (no mud) and acts as a natural filter for waste. (Gravel is sometimes used, but not ’ is recommended, because some birds also try their desire for cereal and foods of many pebbles.). King pigeons are usually quiet and easygoing. Don ' t have a ’ double-door to avoid flight out (closed door be diligent, Aviary to hold). You can cut the grass, leaves, blowing, play with the dog and leave your cat in the yard, all this without terrifying King pigeons. The difference between inside and outside and don ’ matter what happens outside the Aviary. You can also be creative. It is ’ easy to use once again, play a shed or a gym in a beautiful Aviary. And if you ’ homers, d have tendency to save, pigeons or rollers, you can continue this identical to create your Aviary. Dove, roles of Homer are smaller and can change the size of the baskets and boxes, boxes, but are ’ better and more active flyer for what they ’ ll appreciate space. And I don't need a ’ “ ” case (the door at the end of the birds free flight and give a pigeon House) because the t division can pigeons and doves ’ free flight. This is ’ because you would have to create a beautiful aviary, fascinating and save lives. An Aviary for rodent and predator-proof and not even the more urban or suburban neighborhood less cats, birds, rats and raccoons that should be kept. (Some districts have a lot more wildlife to protect themselves). The Aviary must be robust. Raccoons are incredibly strong and hard, and it is a weak point on the night of the design work. On the other hand, while the Aviary is built, not let the predators and left evidence that their birds live in peace. The Aviary must be fully closed with a fauna of openings firewall mesh 5 ″ or less. Mesh size (and strength) are important. If the holes are larger, you earn mice ll and ’ of birds within ’ range of steal all kinds of animals. Research online pictures show bird Aviary mesh or the Home link ’ but I want the t card carnage that causes predators to come through these holes too big and rip part then always quiet ” in “. Higher network openings move an inch each mouse in the world (more) than ever at home. ’ it is easier to build the Aviary rodent and predator proof is back and a patch to go, has not been ’ Don ' t ’ pigeons rise as of parrots (and have the good King ’ with galvanized wire). You need to open spaces to jump or fly to the upper and lower bars. Being lazy also tablets. Located near the walls of Aviary mesh ’ written s that just looking at birds and take a look at their beauty and personality. I recommend using the natural branches (approx. 1-2 ″ diameter) because its size typically varies between the head and the trunk and is good for the bird to be able to vary the foot hold. Birds have need of food and water every day. Once a week, a piece of flat surfaces and fall of crap birds keep happy clean pipe of the Aviary. Use a paint Scraper and a dust filter. (The tail is world class for composting). Keep your Aviary cluttered helps maintain clean and healthy. As large as your space and budget allow to build. No one wanted a small Aviary. Because pigeons can King ’ t flown are free to spend all their time in the Aviary. Space is one of the greatest gifts you can give a bird in captivity. For convenience you ’ enough will do something big, walk (easier to maintain) but if you want to enjoy your bird, build it sufficiently large so that you can sit in a Chair or a bench in the Aviary and a member of the herd. The minimum size is 7 long ′ 4 ′ wide by ′ high for 4-6 King pigeons. A bird 12 6 ′ long ′ wide by ′ high 6 or more benefit about 10 pigeons and you and your birds will enjoy much more. I met a palomo King expected (due to the absence of an adoptive parent) in a kennel in 2007, put to sleep, and then find How To Make A Natural Aviary a House, created to be MickaCoo Dove & rescue. Since then, we have ’ more than 500 courses of beautiful houses, but we ’ re always booked with birds in host families. We need for more foster parents. It is easy to create a beautiful, fascinating Aviary and save the lives of these birds. We would like to help a home for these innocent lives saved. King pigeons are snow white, of species of birds, pairs of large and beautiful life and coo quietly among themselves. They are raised for the meat (dove) and most are (too delicate as veal meat) of infants at the age of four weeks, but death trying to escape or have the right ” “. Native birds are unable to eat or kind enough to fly to escape predators. If you are a House, they die. Don ’ t survive in the wild. It is not without ” “ for the King the pigeons in a cage are not cruel, it's saving lives. (There are other domestic breeds of pigeons and doves also need an Aviary at home). If location, I suggest that you choose your Aviary web site, which offers the best view of it, so that the needs of birds and their neighbours to compensation. Pigeons Lullaby in silence, but they are, and you'll want to take ’ into account the noise they make, if find the Aviary. Pigeons have a vision in the darkness, so it is preferable to a light post. You can enjoy the Sun and the rain and as I did, to get two aviaries. (It is important that their nests are dry). Their palomo King Aviary nest boxes need. These are for livestock comfortable place and nesting boxes. MickaCoo does not support playback of all, he “ ” excess of birds slaughtered each day due to the lack of housing. Nest boxes are provided by bird nests are hollow and love and need for a storage nest in the area. A nest box is simple as a basket or a wooden box. Nest boxes can be purchased ready made or built along the Aviary.When pigeons tires (between 4 and 6 months of age), cut, select a partner and choose a nest secure where they ’ ll build a nest, built free. The hen will lay a few eggs, and the couple is alternately sitting on them. We offer fake eggs that are substitutes for eggs of the truth (to the pigeon birth control). ,,.