I recently got information help Pulle DMY I and does not seem however my financial company to leave Bill and show another 30 of Paymtn well, if I do not the possession of the vehicle. How long can leave and aging in my mobile invoice account [all consume the answer: If you have paid more than 60 percent of the loan amount, the creditor must sell, rent or otherwise has about default, unless a declaration after the value for the consumer and allows lenders who have signed to keep the subject to payment of the full amount of the loan.]? The sale must be made within 90 days after the withdrawal. It must be communicated by time and place of sale.If you paid less than 60 per cent, lenders can decide if the item in the form of payments for the loan should be held or released. Must be communicated in writing by the lender, what's going to happen. Creditors decide to keep the article, it should complain in writing 21 days and can be sold at a point. The proceeds from the sale will be the remaining balance on the loan, as well as the costs of sale and redemption. Even money is not returned to the buyer. If the proceeds of the sale stretches without credit and cost, the incautador can continue the purchaser the total including recovery, auction costs and attorneys fees.Posted by: son of SANDRA (-) of his work a capitalisation in June this year and I have to help pay the rent. Do you think you my car is a lease refinancing 72 months. ? payment more convenient. [All moderators consumption responds: Thanks for your query, our Office is unfortunately no information on your problem.] But please contact us to discuss your business and your situation with them and see, maybe the options at your disposal. ? You should also contact the Justice Department by phone at (202) 514-4100, because a reference to an approved credit counseling service. The Justice Department has formulated recommendations for credit counselors in each of the 50 States.]Posted by: Yvette (-) I have a used car in Texas recently, because it's where I worked during this period. Cost of living was low and easy to keep up with payments. 599.00 pay this car per month. My Chevrolet TrailBlazer was taken directly in the game before my apt. However, it was a school in the heart of the preparation and desperate to go by car. I went to the dealer and got a jeep. More space and convenient at the same time. The dealer had noticed the paperwork to the Bank and sent them. Two months later came an email that I lost at least 2 months of payments. I called the Bank and request status. Apparently the dear money record, does not occur. There, they were sitting. If the person apologized and said he will fix it. Go from here to New York and the cost of living is ridiculously high, and I can so I tried my self into something. Now he said that my look of good credit, no, not because I missed two payments on this car. I remember and act as intentionally non-payment the car if the dealer paying is not with me. How can I avoid this? [All consume the moderator's response: call the consumer Resource Center at (800) 551-4636 between Monday to Friday 10.00-03.00] [Additional information and notify options].Posted by: Shelly (-) have a car loan from a Bank, which is not say that I can make payments through Wells Fargo. I have my payment on 1 July and 14 July, a ball of a repo Agency, say they were going to come for my departure to get. So I called my loan company and told them that she said the payment made in th 1 need, get a copy of my fax Reicpt and want to investigate, where the payment. But you could put only one waiting for 24 hours in the repository and take 5 working days and if it came to repo in this period then would face additional costs. I don't look at legal rates because it is that ivsent is proof of payment. I was hiking, then payment must be before this can repo your car? I am new to Washington and Oregon, I know that it takes at least three months late. [All consume the moderator's response: I can give you a legal analysis on this blog, but I think the purchase contract to review payment information.] If you need to solve a specific problem, please call consumption. Thank You.]Posted by: Kris (-) are a joke? Why don't you ever get any kind of privacy written removed from my lender? I am still very confused by the recent event, that if someone touched you at my door related, yesterday and today, tomorrow, when I returned to pick up the suspicious white van outside the House. I am harassing calls that TGE received last month, citing a single application to an investigator, but rather on the vehicle of Mr the vehicle is still in my possession. In fact, someone should help me finance and was also with the car is missing. I really need a lawyer, because that person who has faith in me took advantage and has ruined my credit score.First blog-comment-Manager (lw): while we don't speak as personal lawyers or a lawyer, if you have any questions regarding your credit score, please contact our consumer protection division at 800-551-4636 between 10 and 15 Friday. Posted Monday: Larry (-) seek ways to save more money. Are you sure you can make the payment? The national economy can cost through the Elimination of other services it is not necessary to cut. May utility such as food coverage, public services or prescription drugs that help to qualify. Check out our. We were recently unemployed. my car was stolen and is about to repo. We got the call today that soon get out of the car. No postponement of debt just 1,600 in the car and the company or work with us. I'm so lost. The company is green tree. He bought the loan when he moved from PA any other address? in what we can makefront blog-comment-Manager (lw): please contact our Division for the protection of the consumer at 800-551-4636 between 10 and 15 MB Fri. Posted by: James (GB) a few years ago retailers offer credit to any person, regardless of their credit situation. Many have bought car that was more than they could afford really. The loss of job or even a reduction of income makes a big difference in the way of life today. People should examine each month the payment of Finance before the responsibility of a powerful machine. If you make your payments, the car is returned. It's so easy.Posted by: Jeannie Harris (-) I bought a car for a period of 72 months. A delay, I lost the job at the beginning of some latent payments. My interest rate is 14.5%. Called one retiree said he still has 17 k in the balance of payments 34 left. I asked, as I said, is balance. I went to a dealer, they moved so that my payment had the same amount of payment but showed that I took 47 $622,00 payments, which would have 34 links. I called the finance co said that I have no interest rate is flexible when interest payments late, climbing me interest payments. What is the advantage of their need of debt now further 9000.00 on this vehicle, work with me and give me something of his flexible InterestPosted said my contract saying Kelli Jones (-) more recently $ 1,000 down on a 01 Sentra are my payments, biweekly Mu first payment is due 18 and wanted to pay me 400 value added tax of 20. ? My roommate moved with the announcement that I can put in a tense situation, being able to pay money at the same time. I called the dealer in the 16th century and informs them of what was happening and asked for a week to get your money. She took the car on 19 and said, would be when I turn it on all that is due in a week and made me sign a handwritten letter, which. Said the man, without a car, I have no way of working, so it will be difficult to get the money, especially if you still can, I choose my account. Now, fired today, because he had no way to work, now I can't pay them at all. What should I do? Allow you to keep the machine during the week and remove it if i have the money Friday. ? I get the impression that they only fly, had the car two weeks. Can do it?First blog-comment-Manager (LC): for more information, please contact our consumer protection at 800-551-4636 between 10 and 15. Published by: Sam (-) I have a car and a 6 months later learned that the company that bought had sold the contract. However contacted, the company or the new company does not make me. A payment originally company and call the person who supported the contract, do not have. And pay only 1200 links of 100th treaties; the company told me to know where the contract so cause not that payments have been made I think I owe them anything. But I think they will try to earn more money. So the question is, what is my rights to get the extra car without title if possible. [All consume the answer: Diane, I'm confused.] You say that you are all original contract payments and now someone asks for extra money? Or that only a few payments? I suggest that you file a complaint with our Office, if it considers that it will take place under the conditions of payment.] Posted by: Diane (-) only changed permanent temperature in my work and my car because the hole week payment put behind my check dropped. Can someone help me with the help of research on car payments?Posted by: Dewayne (-) I'm in the same situation, I tried to call the creditor KNOWS, repay the loan of 34 days late. I would be unable under any circumstances to do so, and they told me they could then come to my car. I asked him if he wanted a car of 10 years with more than 130,000 kilometres and they told me that they sell every day in the auction. You have a good payment conduct with this company for 6 years and I can (I have more than what it's worth) to sell your car or refinance (too old). So beautiful by my Bank, to try to work with me. PS when we bought the car were $ 2,000 per month to make more the monthly cost at that time was so small. Now, we try desperately to keep afloat. It is not surprising that the failure of banks, does not work with their clients, they would rather the repo or exclude from their lands.Posted by: Amber ready reference services (en) for cars after a bad credit, car loans car credit are specialists does not apply to the situation, to get a loan with major creditors.Posted by: Guaranteedautoloans (. repo company to consult u Facecbook?) I have my self a purchase here numbers here not a loan company. and I have the money, but they are not addressed, please refer to me. if contact to start payments may deny this and take my machine [response devouring moderator blog: thank you for your question, to help with this problem, please contact our customer Resource Center at (800) 551-4636 between Monday-Friday 10.00-03.00.]Posted by: anonymous (-) I was fired from my job in may 2012. Signed by my lender that I see an L can I claim unemployment &. Give me that an extension agreed a month. Before the end of the month, I received indicating that I was turned off by the additional documentation &. Called the lender, went instead of business several times and questions about my car loan and a balance to total credit to the Convention and all payments. Until now, despite never request this information I can.In a telephone conversation with them in July, they decided to give me 2 months of grace. I moved to Colorado in August 2012. I had to lenders, and electronic newsletters sent to my new address contact & spoken.Tried several times to contact them and call my info on this loan to refinance or create the appropriate quantity of the Declaration. I transfer back to others, who told me different things. October 20, 2012, my car was towed out of my garage in Colorado and retracted. When I called the Fund, said he had to pay a personal loan to retrieve o. I made a request for the loan, the verweigertund is (due to the car payment!) until today, November 14, 2012, I proper credit Act, without documents or messages, the with the withdrawal or rejection of my application for a loan. Does anyone know if I have to use in this case? Thanks [all consume the moderator's response: if sitting in Washington, and then the chest, can your car is financed a complaint with our Office at: https://fortress.wa.gov/atg/formhandler/ago/ComplaintForm.aspx and we can demonstrate to your questions and a mediation resolution.] [If the cooperative is not that Washington is based, then you have a complaint with the Attorney General of Colorado 303-866-5219]Posted by: Berry P (-) contact your lender as soon as possible. It is not honest about the situation and is able to make the payment. If you have a good customer and payments on time in the past, your lender be willing, paying reporters and keep the car. If you get an agreement to modify the original contract, these new terms and conditions in writing can become. Don't expect that a debt collector has moved your loan. Then, the creditor has abandoned him and it is too late to negotiate.  Reader wrote recently the Council: I can't make my car payment. Keep if I have the interest to be paid and a little in the direction of the Director, the car that you can until it's standing? The State Attorney General Rob McKenna on the bottom of the reply.Unfortunately, unless your payments, the lender can recover your vehicle-and your bad credit history can make it difficult to get another loan to come. In addition, you must balance on the vehicle that is no longer needed. Here are some ways that can help prevent a repo: two months at the end of my payment to 3 months (I have a grace period of 10 days after my due date) come, I paid the arrears of last two months car back done. Is this permissible? I know that I arrived late was unemployed and homeless can afford payments and still have a roof over my son again, I write. Thanks be to God. [All consume the moderator's response: generally, a grace period means the time until the late payment fee, agencies reported added tax.] A car can be latent 1 day after payment. It is recommended that the finances of your business contacts with your current financial data and require to be returned the car and continue the contract. The holding company agrees, you will have to repay more than likely these costs, legal fees, or storage. If your company is not agreement that is notified within 21 days of the event by car is in full required payment or marketed. Note: If the car is sold, can cost you for the rest of the contract, or the storage quota, loads of redemption. You can at any time first automobile sold personal objects in the car to be restored. If the financial companies will respond, you can pay through our Office.] Written by: Deborah (-) I bought a red sand aaf 2003 paid 10000 per month, once I got the car. Catilic converter, stop, until they took the car to the shop and told me that they put me in a new 6 months later my car was suddenly end conversion catlic shop Ssayes and caused my car steering wheel up.the shop told me that my car was just blue book for 1,000, about 3,000 would cost to repair the machine. If the rear of the car, they can give me cause for the full amount, blue book car or Datei.VOR Manager Bankrup blog comment (lw): please contact our Division for the protection of the consumer at 800-551-4636 between 10 and 15 to help with your Situation. Geschrieben by: Debbie () is regarding the observation of AG's Facebook page: AG Act bills still alive-apply now I'm happy to hear that improvements in consumer protection law firm of AG. Refers in particular to the dealers of used cars. Still, we had a dealer used car Manager and repeatedly declared that Washington State of the United States have no right to Riscind that we have to keep, even if it was safe within seller became 24 hours of used cars from a site at your own risk. Created the consumer laws in Washington State for protection which is given in the past, we have to go by the law. If possible, it may be that the Attorney General of the Office may seem, to the creation of Nappa prescription credit card? Today, you can read how a mandate of 4 years or a period of six years. Would help consumers if there could be a bit clearer.Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Washington State consumers JJTA800Posted by: JJTA800 (-) are approximately 16 days late for my car. I said to my creditor, can I make my payment on day 16, that will be my first cheque. But he said they can't do anything. In other words, I have never missed a payment, late, but never lost. And paid the late payment fee in the payment of the stay. Seems ridiculous and stupid is ia AO, I would go with the repo. I told them to do what they have to do. I can't believe that you can endure up to day 16. :/ Chinese tales! What should I do? All payments and paid in a year. So excited that the Gauls are the lender.First blog-comment-Manager (lw): please contact our Division for the protection of the consumer at 800-551-4636 between 10 and 15, Mon-Fri, for assistance.Posted by: MoE (,, etc.