You want to see black women with long hair, go to my channel and in my favorites to check, you will see four black women with long hair, West African hair has biracial not more than 18 inches in length, leads, of course, is one that has grown hair is not mixed aTWA and your hair are not however abgeschlossendie other girls with natural hair afro-americanoCapelli waist deep.? Growth of healthy hair, damaged hair breaks before the coast and not ' t keeps the length, also believes that you for dry hair, brittle. I grew up my protective style and keep well hydrated hair. Ear of relaxation and end with the heat, or a hair dryer. Now, the hair straightener using the heat sometimes but never. I wanted that my experiences on how much my hair healthy hair, which grew ever restored have believed possible. In this video you ' m check a product's hair care that explain how quit me growing my hair permanently by a hair straightener. After having loosened the medium hair for 15 years and a very short haircut, I decided to leave my hair and push-out. I used hair in a ponytail with moisturizing lotion for almost eight years. This implementation wrinkle and moisturizing lotions Protetive helped stop the break while my hair my hair grows more damaged. My hair is my size. Me ' m not biracial and my hair is not naturally curly, if I ' t apply all products in your hair, this lotion is. Milk pudding hair curly my hair in its natural state, and so on, see my video on how to make African American hair Bantu African American knots long hair styling and how to look. In this video see products of curl of coconut which was beautifully curly hair my eyes as you see here. See my hair in its natural state with oils and butters to see my videos on oils and butter, which I use for hair. Unscrew the lower part of my hair oils and butter, which I use and extends the pattern of natural hair, making hair soft and easy to manage with less disorder and high humidity and brightness. Peace, good travel hair. Use of protein deep treatments. Protein treatments help to rebuild and strengthen damaged hair. The skin is mainly composed of protein, so it is important to regularly use to rebuild protein treatments and straighten the hair. Deep hair treatment weekly with a disorder of protein as Aussie 3 minute miracle or Rebuilder. Deep UBH is a protein conditioner, designed by Cathy Howe, that generate hair growth over the last 14 years to strengthen the hair, the use of this product. Use protein treatment more than once a week. Excessive use of protein make the hair dry and brittle. Implement and maintain a healthy diet for a healthy body create healthy hair. Never underestimate the importance to moisten the inside to drink plenty of water fresh and clean. Nourish hair, more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Eat foods that are rich in vitamins A, D, C, B12, biotin and other vitamins of the B complex and calcium. According to the Harvard School of public health, the daily intake of a Multivitmin is a good way, all food and nutrition you need to stay healthy. Use a multivitamin with these vitamins for hair to grow. You not only have a light complexion and a strong, healthy body. There is also luxuriously shiny long hair. Clean more frequently on the scalp. If due to cultural traditions or false information, it tends to be believed that black women who better, wash your hair once every two weeks or less. Women to acquire your permanent professional stylist usually in two weeks for a laundry, packing black and keep up with the pace. However, this does not mean go two weeks without washing the hair should be. The scalp must be cleaned at least twice a week to stay healthy. At least wash your hair once a week. Cut regular habits. Despite ambiguous, as it may seem, hair is growing rapidly, if you keep it trimmed. Get rid of split ends hair braided, to grow healthy while avoiding damage to the tip of the hair shaft can move. Your stylist knows recommend hair and a priming cycle. Black women their hair at home, should reduce grown an inch every 30 days the hair at least How To Grow African American Hair From Scratch once in the month of hair. They do not depend on a pair of scissors and a mirror, ask a trusted friend or family member help that cut irregular, unnecessary to prevent leaking and messy hair length. Reduce the use of chemicals. Chemicals can seriously damage African American hair. Dyes, Relaxers, texturizers, avoid overuse. Space between the straightener once every six weeks, again for 12 weeks. Yes previously straightened hair, avoid dyes rough. When you apply your hair straightener at home, follow the instructions carefully and not improvised. Chemical products for more than the time recommended in the hope, the straight hair does not comply. To limit manipulation of their braids. African American hair grow best when left alone. Opt for styles that require a consistent style. Braids can help, as too long and dark hair is used correctly and not delayed. Make sure you spread the hair at the edges. Avoid severe drawing or pulling hair. A small air conditioner use tangle wet hair to prevent breakage and hair. Apply too much heat to the hair. African American hair can seriously damage the excessive heat. Strive, using air dryers irons, curling irons and flat hair in your hair care routine to avoid very hot black. Select set of rollers, back of the envelope, twisting or higher, no excessive heat. ,,.