Therapy cognitive-behavioral (CBT), learn new ways to think about problems in their lives and the best strategies to deal with these problems. Studies have shown that CBT alleviates insomnia better in the long run, especially sleeping primary insomnia pills.People with insomnia often with sleep and the consequences of sleep disorders treated game as unproductive thoughts, are awake. These thoughts may contain erroneous attributions (when I feel nervous during the day, it is because I slept poorly the night before), unrealistic expectations (I have eight hours overnight) and exaggerated fears (unless you go to bed, you get at work tomorrow). Cognitive behavior therapist will work with you to replace the more accurate and constructive thoughts (my work does not depend on how much sleep tonight) better sleep).The failure is the biggest obstacle to successful treatment CBT to stay. Some people (usually one meeting per week for four to six weeks) of all meetings; others to practice the techniques once it has eaten for a while. You can practice based programs on the Internet that people themselves make and at their own pace, they help to solve this problem. Several small studies suggest CBT programs online, teaching of sleep hygiene, relaxation techniques and other strategies can help people with sleep insomnia. (You can find resources online for two selected programs.). If you go to sleep quiet, especially if they look like daytime sleepiness, to examine your provider of primary medical care, possible causes. You need a change of medication or treatment for an underlying disorder. (For a list of drugs that can interfere with sleep, visit. Go to sleep when I tried I head to relax muscles. They should calm the mind and relax the muscles, meditation, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation or biofeedback. You can learn more about these techniques in your course or in their own books, CDs or DVDs. biofeedback monitors physiological conditions such as temperature and muscle tension, requires special equipment with the help of a specialist. In the course of biofeedback, learn to control stress sensors, since several relaxation techniques and thinking is affected.Progressive muscle relaxation involves alternately tighten and relax the muscles in your body, starting with the feet and his work. Deep breathing (also known as diaphragmatic breathing) is the way to play, while you sleep (slow and the diaphragm), in contrast to notifications and most TVs, breathe breathe when you're awake. Meditation session includes a generally quiet and with the help of an image or phrase repeated rhythmic breathing, concentration and quiet. A form of meditation called visualization helps to mentally dissociate stress caused by the idea of a place where you can feel at peace — say return from the sea or in a quiet garden — and think about what you see, hear, feel, smell, taste.Practice relaxation techniques during the day for 15 - 20 minutes not only offers many health benefits, is also a procedure that you can call when you wake up in the middle of the night. (Instructions for making these relaxation techniques) Or if you have stressful life events, refer to the help of a mental health professional.But sleep maintenance insomnia is usually a sleep — disorders i.e., first there is no medical or psychiatric reason obvious. The doctor (or sleep if a specialist whose) asks questions about your lifestyle, habits, and when, how and where to sleep. He or she can also tell you about your thoughts on sleep and the lack of sleep, because people that they sleep poorly often have ideas about sleep, contribute to insomnia. A 2010 study, published in the journal of Psychosomatic Research concluded that compared to good sleepers, weapons tend to believe, for example, were eight-hour threshold, need to sleep function. It was not the other day do not work if they have sufficient sleep; and having to deal with the consequences of disorders could not sleep. Cognitive techniques (see cognitive-behavioural therapy) can help to change these beliefs.The best aid to find a record of the dream is a dream disorders. During a week or two, keep track of your sleep habits especially — how much to spend in bed and how much you're awake. Enter the total efficiency of sleep, says Dr. Carlson. If you spend less than 80% of their time sleeping in his bed, they are probably spending too much time in bed.If you try to set a more restful sleep, going to bed later. In fact, every night you have to sleep against the newspaper to appreciate. If six hours and then wake up 06, do not go to bed until midnight — even if you feel drowsy until then. And he doesn't sleep during the day. If the majority of their time is scheduled for five to seven days he could sleep, bedroom 15 minutes earlier, repeat this process until you reach the optimal sleep efficiency: 85% or more of their time in bed spent asleep. This technique, called sleep restriction before will make you feel the lack of sleep, but it can be very effective if you also have other efforts to improve sleep, sleep and relaxation and cognitive strategies then behavioral health. If it is determined that you are too early to sleep at night, keep the bright lights, where you can relax or work. This may delay the release of the hormone melatonin increases when it is dark, promote sleep and drops, if it is clear, the promotion of the awakening. -Sleep maintenance insomnia is a common complaint among women as a result Lebensmitte. Sie and the clock: the 03 tell you, but thoughts on the problems of yesterday, the challenges of the next day, sleep, and all those who are-BD, went through his head. Take and turn and not enough sleep. Maybe asleep for an hour or two, but when the clock will be one for the day, you are far from being rested.Insomnia — inability to sleep to get, you wake up now must — the most common complaint is the dream in the United States. Often takes the form of insomnia sleep maintenance — IE fix, through the Durchschlafen and it is too early to wake up and fight, to go back to sleep. Maintenance of sleep, for example, is the difficulty to sleep at the beginning of the night, sleep insomnia insomnia more frequently in women than men.Several reasons may transition through middle-aged women more prone to errors that sleep. Quarantine is often a time of psychological stress: children can begin, a partner may be lost through death or divorce and roles may be at home and work are changing. — Problems of health disorders such as sleep, depression, or pain of sleep apnea — a part of the image so that it can be. (It is strongly associated with chronic depression, waking up in the morning and not being able to sleep). And worse even though its role at the time of awakening and sleep by Arousals is still controversial, waves of heat may be a woman of evil, to stay or to go back to sleep.Another problem is that, as previously, i.e., the normal cycle of sleep shorter and less deep sleep. According to Dr. Karen Carlson, classes to improve the sleep quality of the woman found at the foot of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, sometimes happens, trying to bed women begin trying to sleep and then wake up 3 or 4 — and really they aren't designed, more than six or seven hours of sleep, but I'm in the first attempt to read and get up early.Regardless of the initial cause, through durchschlafen's tend to be the cause of concern for the difficulties of the lack of sleep and a vicious circle developed where this concern Yes itself is the primary source of insomnia.Fortunately, there are many things you can do to get rid of sleep maintenance insomnia. Behavioural and cognitive techniques are effective, and you should check first of drugs tend to prove. It is particularly important to develop eating habits, sleep for promoting hygiene called healthy sleep, a collection of methods. (See Tips for the Sleep hygiene). ,,.