These three conditions apply only to these cemeteries within the jurisdiction of the cemetery. Q: can bury someone on private property? A: Although some communities have local regulations on this subject, there is no government regulation at the funeral on private property. The sanitary code of NYS (10 NYCRR 100-158 pieces) but defined the required distance between the cemeteries and water sources (which may vary from one district to) should those who check the funeral to make agreements of the private estate with their local officials. Q: what are its functions and the New York Commission Cemetery? A: the cemetery of the Commission to oversee the operations of the division of cemeteries and administers the law, the State of New York. The Act regulates the establishment, maintenance and conservation of the tombs in the State of New York. The cemetery Board is composed of the Secretary of State of New York, New York fiscal general State and the Commissioner for health in the State of New York. Q: I decided to that I can delete as my surplus? A: Yes, they have the choice as they are his remains, including burial, funeral and cremation. Instructions for use are recommended to explain your wishes. Q: is there any rules on inheritance in tombs unused and plots family? A: funeral rights obtained by inheritance must be registered with the cemetery. 1515 section (b) the Corporation non-profit Act to the extent that unless States, (including a reference to the specific lot number, the section number, the name of the cemetery), much of the cemetery inherited by the descendants of the owner of the plot specifically. Q: what are the amounts in trust, and how it can be reversed? A: money is assigned confidence and income used to maintain the garden cemetery. Trusts, powers, and the establishments of investment trust are subject to the law of the State of New York. The law requires that the cemeteries fiduciarily free money helps to ensure that the President will not be lost. Title can be in the form of bank accounts, savings, stocks or bonds with interest bonds. Q: do you cook on one side for the maintenance of the cemetery, Lord? A: these cemeteries within the jurisdiction of the cemetery, there are two large Trust Fund: to finance the permanent and eternal care. Perpetual funds constitute very individual and varied quantities owner's opinions. Permanent maintenance fund financed a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the current game and $35 for each funeral. The main difference between these two funds is perpetual funding for the treatment of individual graves, textures, spaces, mausoleum or columbarium used; While the Fund's permanent maintenance which are used around the world for the maintenance of the cemetery. The interest in these funds can be used for maintenance work. the contracting authority should be maintained. Q: what are the service charges and how they are regulated in the cemeteries? A: fees are fees of cemeteries run a service after the purchase of the Tomb or the game. The Council must approve any increase in the cost of the service through the integrated cemeteries. Increased requirements should be documented fully, to be examined by the cemetery Board. Q: there are State at the required depth of the tombs? A: there are conditions of class, indicating the depth of a tomb, where at the rules, the wall. For example, it provides the city of New York, where human remains on Earth, without concrete, once above are buried the casket or coffin at least 3 m under the surface of the Earth had.(two feet, when a concrete tank) Q: is a vault of concrete or grave liner a prerequisite for the funeral? A: a cemetery company cannot outer cover with special, except a cemetery, they require the use of a specific compartment or, of your choice, they require a coating of cement heavy under the following conditions and restrictions: the customer who purchased the land, after January 01, 1985; the requirement must appear visibly in writing and must be delivered a statement in writing the customer before the signing of the agreement of purchase many Tomb or quantity; Coating of any source material, including the cemetery can buy many owners. A vault of the cemetery does not sell funeral. Many owners of the objection to the use of actual deposit or coating of Tomb at the time of burial, must be based on religious conviction, that the cemetery, undoubtedly required to settle the obligation; The cemetery during the funeral of reasonable costs for the normal filling of the Tomb may impose to understand, however; Q: there is a period, complete a grave after the funeral? A: there is no legal obligation to given time, to obtain a burial Board require cemetery with reasonable expedition completed. ,,.