The sad thing is that I am with a broken heart. I think that I have a nice man who I really love lost - and is still - and wanted to. Does this happen? Anything I can get there? Marianna Marianna wanted, I would be hysterical and difficult, who can blame them? The only is that if you want your husband makes it? So I think it's time to try something else. You're in shock, by the sound, and it is certainly in Admin, so I think that the reality from this darkness are confronted and the situation can change. I can wish to listen and desire in his voice. I want to go back to the past and to regain your former luck, but I think that it is likely. The man, not the man who describes, is the much loved and sadly now not well treat a terrible man,. Does me sorry, Marianna, return, to be angry, but it sounds terrible. The behavior of the midlife crisis is a street of South Tyrol - girls, drink a few new teenage second son, motorcycles, leak - who once could lead, over the surface of the door, but I'm afraid that it's much more likely that a new relationship and a permanent separation of the media is put to an end. The is not what makes you fear the coast of love me to reinforce that with her. It is violent, you say. It is certainly cruel and brutal. You left those, have some leftover would, but does not seem to deal with them. Perhaps it is to make sure this way, that you the message: this separation is final. But refuse to do so, no matter what they throw, and I think it's time, it has a handle and shot hard, to shape their own future. It is better, instead of passive cautions and many here do and might be. At the moment gets all the shots and only you to be disturbed and prove more aggravated. I do understand how it hurts and it is annoying, but try this. It says that you are entitled to certain times of the day and never when to cry. In this way, you have a daily appointment with fear and misery, but keep. The rest of the time Act, as if without it life and make a good life. Believe me, this is possible and that you feel better. I am delighted by the financial situation, and I recommend that you the reality of divorce and what their financial situation are facing. Office of citizens advice. ,,.