I like this article. This is the best description of a strong and independent woman. I am one of them and believe me I did: of course men called “ with ” intention. I am very sensitive, because don ’ calculated t. At the end of the day I ’ m is still a woman, love and warmth. I m ’ proudly say that I am being hot, successful, strong and independent “ intimidate men ”. If you think I'm arrogant air. Don ' t create ’, because it is a sign of security for you. Market Don t and ’ seems to be out of reach. I'm modest, logical and reasonable. Yes I m ’ don ' t ’ from the initiative. I love to be the passenger and enjoy what she wants “ music, restaurant, station of ”. Man must be so yes Strip together and strong and independent. You should know what he wants and is not afraid to tell me. Can I or someone in the place, so it would be easy for him, even if he thinks that I don't accept starting. I m ’, open mind and understanding. Commitments and everyone has a solution! And not ’ questions for me, if you saw yourself, agreement or hair is good because as the article says “ … you glad to know that, if is with you, of your choice. ” is everything! So don ' t ’, what they feel, that still ’ more!. I love this die is continuous property Beitrag noted that authors of male from female characters tend to create something very important not to lose the character ’ on the side of women. Don t think ’, “ men and ” energy of the Earth and this makes them very convincing and I think that very few attractions. Lara Croft is a standout. Personality ’ basically a Mann. ICH ’ m has attracted very strong and independent women. I have ’ t to have a relationship with someone who could hold his own in ’ t intelligent conversation, pursue their passions and surprised me with ideas and intelligent thoughts. Can I get fierce bar. Men are totally bitches do even better in the direction of the daughter of Alpha and money to survive, men not ’ as the girls from Alpha in the media. Girls prefer beta depends on them and respond to their needs. This article except the advice women like. But perhaps someone wise to remember that everything is fake finally tired.Well, whatever it is. I feel more comfortable, now knows a strong and independent woman.Especially my support that represents women of a strong independent woman and the emphasis placed and respect its Freiraum. I really want to write something Osho, this is the case for all “ ” pair. It is a set of energies between male and female. And sometimes “ in ” any man can become more feminine (i.e., more passively and emotionally) and sometimes a woman can have more men (which is more active, outgoing and initiative so.). And this change occurs all the time for both. Then, it is fair to accept of great importance for both, as a set of natural energy and awareness. This gives space for all, according to another and avoid many misunderstandings. ’ I m strong, independent women (and Dom) drew but in vain in permanent relationship exclusive limousine, which was looking for. Although many women seem to be able to accept the panties of the male model on the Internet as a Fashionista of fellow bloggers, young dominant women seem to be less prone to an exclusive relationship with someone like me, who do not, I am looking for ’. I don't have ’ t let my first true love (40 years). Concerned, is very independent and apparently not ’ t weighed then under an aging needed Sissy I feel emotional. I am so happy to read that and just when I had that. I am a very strong and independent woman and you must fight in relationships. I have this old mentality of world where's you man to do the job of the relationship (at the beginning). It took a long time to realize that I can get, so cold or indifferent because I have many things have happened. I learned that I have a control in the relationship and more open. Guys, I have always taken as a “ too hot and cold ” and ’ did not know how to handle me. May friend autour guys and they bring to a discussion of the Conference room at my male sector, but at the end of the day, I am a woman who wants to be treated like a woman. Why would you want to meet a strong and independent woman. It's fun, ’ ’ exuberant and has its own. Do you know how worry about yourself, the people around them and their lives. You can solve your level, inspire you to grow and be able to contribute as you can. He knows and understands its value and self-esteem to support. You want to know that, if he is with you, of your choice. Because she wants to be with you, not because he believes that it is with you (poverty and dependence is what causes most of the drama) necessary. but really is a strong and independent woman to stimulate their interest and fire?Mounted on its strong and independent women who used to do a lot of things in your own LevelNow. You know how you good care of you and the people around them.? In fact you can be comfortable ” “ with the ease with which she feels that you can manage your life. Therefore, when to approach and interact with these women very likely initially to a new ” “ at your disposal. You can specify some difficult situations and conversations, prepared to make. And you can ’ t, i.e. blaming him for doing it, just to see if you are a man who can manage their independence. She wants to know that it encourages, promotes, rather than exceeded or trying to get away from it. Many men shy away from strong and independent women for several reasons. The first is that don t want to ’ everything we offer has (seems to be all together) and the second is that don ’ know what to do with it. They manage the meeting with him at the same level, what a challenge!It is difficult to create and maintain the attraction with a woman strong and independent, otherwise be strong and independent man. That you do not understand the meaning of life. Their way of life. See the world as he sees it and this conflict is created in the future. To really understand a woman strong and independent, also you should understand what is strong and independent. Since then, the two have a (solid).Exactly how two people with car estimates do not match a report can contain together, the same thing will happen when experimentally you will not understand how to be strong and independent. They are as simple observers of life, an unknown, but as someone who really understands you, internally and externally. And this is what you need.If you know that you're like them on the same level as this woman, their trials or to overcome the challenges. Because no one knows when or even pretend to do, as you know even when compassion and empathy are necessary. It allows to take the reins at certain times and you'll know if you need to rely on your space or a shoulder. You will be able to communicate with you in a way that has developed a better understanding of themselves and this report (which, whatever that is), you do.Support and promote instead her IndependenceUnderstand, which are strong and independent women with your comfortable room sneak. They have their lives, careers, your friends, your interests, your convenience. You can delete not far from them. And why? It is the best way to eliminate its independence, in the short term and long term in support of their goals. Not in this cheerleader “ yay can celebrate, if all goes well, something ”. But suggest ideas, be a resonance box, that could contribute to its efforts to be strong for her, when she met in a difficult (and believe me, sometimes is) and the things important to you, are also inverted. do not forget that you have an independent drama WomanStrong and it is free and no BS fixed?If you do this question, if there will be emotional outbursts, when it is more often to be rational and controlled in their feelings, then you have something coming. It is always a woman. And How To Be A Humble Alpha Male let us not forget that the process of different conclusions than the men and women. She feels everything to her around. They have absorbed the energy of others. Despite being strong and independent, you have to fall even further in a safe place. Sometimes I need to eliminate these negative emotions and many delicious, which can help you fill with positive results with it. Remember that it is always a woman. It is not only an attractive, too emotional Mann. Ay what you need!? Can a woman ’ t, the male and the unique experience of land power.? You need your part. Their rock can and it can be vague, falling everywhere around you. And this is where they feel most comfortable. You can not this source that feels constantly pulled over and over again.Note for women: Don ' t ’ use this strong and independent personality as a cover for your insecurities in a relationship or false beliefs about the men. Gets media men because they don't know how they could help, have any form of sexual intercourse with very strong women Ihnen.Des, strong and independent, vulnerable, can accept and be transparent, if necessary. They have the possibility of a matter of man, if they are in need and you get. Also can a man, the position of leader, not a game of constant power and the use of techniques of manipulation for the control if the men who now feel a strong and independent woman can go out? I would love to know your opinion!Hot alpha female. Great post, awesome point and indeed, in the two sides of a coin. Be true to itself and moves as only the person at the right time. Thank you for your hot alpha female's opinion. ,,.