] A very good hacker worth $80,000 a year for a large company, is a very hard working smart hacker without any Corporatebullshit slowly, can work with a value of about $3 million per year should be. As all calculations, the wrapper, this time much room has reverse. I want to defend myself from the real numbers. But I'm from the calculation. I'm not Claimingthe multiplier is precisely 36, but it is certainly more than probably rarely as high as 100 and 10. If $3 million a year Seemshigh, do not forget that we are talking about the extreme case: the case where not only do you have zero TempoMa made leisure working so hard that endanger their health.Startups are not magic. Change not creating laws Ofwealth. They represent the single point at the end of the curve.There is a law of conservation here at work: If you want to make $1 million, bet should $1 million on the pain. For example, going to make it easy, $1 million in your life post office and save every penny his content work. Imagine the operating voltage of the post for fifty years. In a home you compress all the stress in three or four years. They tend to get if you buy the pain by the size of the economy, but not, evade the fundamental law of conservation some discount in large quantities.If from the outset, it was easy, everyone would make not millions, BillionsIf. $3 million is published annually up some people, Seemlow to others. 3 million? How to become a billionaire like Bill Gates? Download Bill Gates, half-measures. It makes sense, using the famous rich as examples, because the press writes only much richer, and these tend to be Ausreißer.Bill Gates is smart, determined and hard-working man, but who should do that more money is. It is also necessary for each Gelegenheit.Ein great Randomfactor there is the success of every company. So guys, we read newspaper landed who is very intelligent, engaged, and win the lottery.Bill is certainly smart and committed, but Microsoft of also happens to be the recipient of the most Spectacularblunders in the history of the company: ForDOS license agreement. No doubt Bill what he could, at the head of IBM, this error and has to use a great job, but if it was a person with a brain IBM, future of Microsoft would have very different.Microsoft had only a limited impact at IBM at that time.In fact, they were a component manufacturer. If IBM would require an exclusive license, as it can be, but should be signed Microsoftwould the contract. Would be Havemeant followed by lots of money for them, and easily IBMcould, an operating system on another Stelle.IBM had landed all of his forces in the fight against the Schaden Cary Microsoft on the other hand, use PC standard. Therefore all Microsoft had to do was run. He never had a courageous decision on the company to put. Every fact has been very easy to play hardball with licensees and Moreinnovative to copy products.If IBM had made no mistake, Microsoft would have a successful business, but they have grown so fast. Bill Gates would be rich, but it would be under Somewherenear Forbes 400 with other boys his Alters.Es are many ways, Getrich, and this test is just one of them. Thisessay is how to get wealth and that paid money on the creation. There are many other ways, the means, including the possibility of speculation, marriage, inheritance, theft, extortion, fraud, monopoly, registration, lobbying, imitation and prospecting. Most of the larger Fortuneshave and probably many of them involved.Simply, create wealth, as a way of getting rich, not only is it legitimate far more (many other methods are now illegal) but Morestraightforward. Get is money something for the Menschen.Das not to create WealthIf wealth that helps you to understand what is. Wealth is not the same as money. [. ]Some technologies have a clear inventor. Rule of the ASA, if you know that the inventor of something (telephone line Assembly, aircraft, light bulb, the transistor) is, therefore, why TheirCompany money and owned public relations firm, the story to convey. If you do not know Inventedsomething (auto, TV, computer, Jet engine, laser), is just another company made all the money.[. ]And is better to reproduce a convincing explanation for why the technology would be hard. Read it seems that some big companies have rabbis and with their brand image, the market day Director, weight, and you can wear at night.It would be like captured guerrilla, by the Regulararmy forces in the Freien.Eine possible barriers to entry put is patent. But patents provide no protection very much. Competitors often find ways to circumvent a patent.If only they can not hurt you and invites you to condemn them.A large company is suing afraid before. It is one thing for each day. Make sure that you sue Andtakes is much expensive. never heard of Philo Farnsworth? Inventedtelevision. Why you have never heard of it, is the reason that your company was not that of Philip by her. [. ]A beautiful thing that tends to get the start-up only Isuninterruptability. Different jobs have different time quanta. Someone correction Amanuscriptcould probably be all fifteen Minutoscon interrupted, little loss of productivity. But the Forhacking of quantum time is very long: take one hour only for problem-inserts in the head. Thus, the costs that someone from Personnelcall fill in a form that you have forgotten, can be enormous.For this reason, give hackers a bad acts as Theyturn from the screen, to answer your question. Director of Insidetheir of a House of huge maps are unstable.The mere possibility of an interruption does not recommend hard Hackersfrom from projects. That is why they work at night to dehumanize and because it is almost impossible, great software write in a cabin (except evenings).A great advantage of startups is that they, even hurt that. There are no Personneldepartment and then any form or someone calls you on it.[. .)Do you do rich, what would you? I think that would be the best result to start or join a startup. This was a reliable way to grow for hundreds of years. the dates of the beginning 1960 support Word, but what happens in one very similar to the company account with the advertising usually travel in the startups of the middle ages. It is from the technology so much Phrasehigh-tech-start is nearly superfluous. A startup is a Smallcompany that has difficult technical problems.Many people have rich, not to know something more.You need to know physics to a good pitcher. But you could give an advantage to understand the underlying principles. Why startups should be reduced? A startup inevitably prevent that a start-up as the largest Itgrows. And why so often Ondeveloping new technologies work? Because there so many new drugs Startupsselling or software and not Oilor detergent but are selling?The PropositionEconomically that you start up compress his entire life working in a few years as imagined by a. Instead of work at low intensity for forty years, you work that you can optionally for four people. This results in technology especially wellin, where to win a prize for work quickly.A brief summary here of the financial offer. If you are a good hacker 20 rea, a work friend TANU pays $80,000 per year. Therefore as a hacker do on average at least $80,000 for work per year for the company to the point of balance. Probablywork can two hours both as an employee of the company and an approach financial get so probably three times as much time. [. ] Wealth is no doubt like the old story. In fact very old; the ants have wealth. Money is a relatively new Erfindung.Das most important thing is the wealth. Wealth is what we want: food, clothes, houses, cars, gadgets, trips to places of interest and So on. You may have provided wealth money. You could make a magic machine not money auto command would have to cook dinner or Yourlaundry or anything that you wanted. While you were in the middle of the Antarctic, where you buy something, no matter how much money he had.Wealth, which is what you want, is not money. But when the wealth is important, because everybody talks about money earn? Link type ISA: Money is a form of movement of wealth and Practicethey are usually interchangeable. But they are not the same, and can understand how to make money if rich not to talk you through imitation, about making money, it will be complicated.Money is a side effect of the specialized company Spezialisierung.Eine harvest most in need, can do for you. If you would like a potato, a pencil or a place to live, you have to do. As some give the person the potatoes to help you maintain?Something in return will give you. But you can not the cost trading things directly with people Whoneed them. If you make violins, and none of the Localfarmers, as it's eat?Search solution, creation, because they get more complex process of society in a two-step process. Instead of potatoes, Violinsdirectly, say trade violin trade, silver, you can redeem for everything, you need. Theintermediate - medium of Exchange, - stuff is not important, that Srare and portable. Historically, the metals were most common, but last used medium of Exchange, called the dollar, what does not physically exist. Serves as a medium of Exchange, however, because its rarity is provided by the U.S. Government. the advantage of making medium functioning of the Handels.Der drawback is that it tends to obscure what trade Reallymeans. I guess that makes a company Geld.Aber the money is really only the half facet Justa, stenographic is lack of people that most companies doing wealth. Do something for the people. [. ]It is no coincidence that the Classfirst in the Northern Center of which appeared in Italy and the Netherlands where it no strong central Government. These Tworegions were the richest of his time and Twincenters was broadcast from which civilization from the Renaissance.If it no longer is this paper, it is places, such as in the United States, they were more faithful to its discoverers.[. ]When VCs asked us how much our software would take a further duplicate of Startupto, I have to respond to what is not able to do anything Probablywouldn. I believe that this us look naive or liar.[. ]It is a good plan for the life in the Allgemeinen.Haben two options, select all the harder.It is the decision whether again run House of Telly, go Orsit.Probably the reason why this trick works even though it is when you have two options and is more difficult, so that subject also taking into account the possibility is that the other laziness.You know that in your head, what is the right to secure, and this trick requires realize that it.?[. ]The idea that the people who work for startups might be haber20 30 times as productive, or those who for big companies, executives, work of course I large companies, questions how do I would people work for me to do this? Response of the Rechtecks.IsSimple: their Löhne.Intern most companies is managed as Communist States.If you believe in the free market, would companies convert not PAS the you?Hypothesis: A company will be profitable, if Eachemployee will be paid in proportion to the wealth that they generate.[. ,,.