My wife and I, that we half a year ago separated, but our problems our sex life didn't start a few years ago, there. They were together for 12 years and have three wonderful children. I love my wife with all my heart, but it seems to be depressed and blames for me that this. Unsure, because I think it is too much for me, it's you is the wife and mother of the most beautiful and always helped me. She does not speak of their feelings and therefore feels, that's in the past, and nobody cares neglected. I'm worried and I always, but I'm not confrontation, so if I feel, stuck to my head and I hope it will go away. I asked to go to consultation, but he don't want to go. Go as a pair, but I am that I take my problems seriously only in its place, as it is the only way that I can show. I know not what to do with me. I'm in the cold. I want it and my children together, but don't know how to it better. She says she wants back in the place where we were, but it is possible to bring together again in the future. This is what I want and I will do what gives them the opportunity, even if it means, remain separate and get away with it again without the pressure of coexistence. I don't think she want a divorce, but she said I had to make sure that children do not suffer my insecurity or the environment we have created. I do agree that children first, and then help this time separately. But know I not what you want, because it can't. My opinion is totally unfair, although this may mean that she really doesn't know himself. You look at yourself, be to the children, if not for you? Without some positive actions is, I see no solution to this hopeless Situation.Ich realize that several important issues. Is that sex has left a year ago. Why? How? Who has stopped? I suspect that this is rather a symptom as a cause, but is crucial for the problem. Another major problem is that she don't want to talk about their feelings. One-third of a confrontation should be avoided and want not about feelings speak either. This is a recipe for disaster. The fourth is that you say, you're not good enough for her. A useless line is next, and it is likely that sauer. Under their uncertainties and their depression, before stirbt-and everything is based on a lack of communication. If you are depressed, by the way, I hope that you have talked to your doctor. Be depression should never taken in light of what happened with joy at your wedding? An approach to marital therapy is the relationship the couple at the beginning to remember what it was that brought together in the first place. She gave you shared pleasure? What makes you laugh? When things go wrong, that we focus completely given up on the bad and the fountain. But you can find it. Their children and much more, I have the pleasure to find.A serious danger in the current situation is that you lose your children. Another is that you lose your home. We must do everything to avoid this. It is an illusion to imagine that children are happy when we leave the House. All tolerate children do to maintain their tight-knit family, and your situation is very difficult and confusing to find. Children need clarity and certainty. You'll never miss their place. You'll be suctioning again through the door. I think you have to go as fast as you can go home.His wife moved all the rules at this time. If you want to save this situation, it is time to follow his example and take over the control. An appointment with the marriage counselor, book a babysitter if necessary and insist that it is at least once with you. Another advantage of going in the direction that focuses to move the mind and the civil debate, also if things become more difficult. Now there are to avoid not fix what whatever it may be, but it is better to work through them. Do not leave the situation to clarify and to grow, or you can find, even passed the point of no return. He is not honest or just for you, and everyone suffers.I think it would be very helpful to read, to highlight the difficulties in relationships. I recommend two leaders interact, by you Susan Quilliam, stick together-the crisis in the deep commitment and discuss: to start talking-ten point plan for couples in conflict. To buy copies for his wife.So, talk to each other women. While you are sitting their suffering is probably with his friends, talking and shooting on a street, where you can only guess. It is time to stop, to advise your marriage and to reopen the discussions of responsible adults. Finally, we mention the dates without cohabitation. Don't miss short: questions about your woman go at night, make sure you do something, relaxed and fun. Joy could not begin to make. How can I overcome this? How can I give you your space, without contact with my children? And what happens if she believes that I have on it, if it is not, and then decide which moves. I want to go on without him. Clearly, any recommendations, the BrianThis are Briandear Bienvenido. based on a scenario how a relationship can fall apart and a family, not by dramatic lines, flagrant infidelity and surprising cruelty, but eaten by mice. You and your wife are mice, which completely missed, on the margins of the marriage and their holes, each confrontation avoid their children of happier if his father cruel and inexplicably absent itself rather than there is, with all their human imperfections. My inside, wonder how many marriages is like yours, separately until they fall hopelessly. I suspect that there are mice miles. compare, not try to a lot of pain and agony of the situation. In my opinion, I see that this breed and hide is an attempt to prevent much pain anxiety. But the sad part is that attempts to escape causing pain and loss of all. Without risk, to tell the truth, there can be no granting of a possible meeting. But the truth in a marriage is potentially very dangerous, so we have developed the structure of relationship advice and guidelines. A neutral mediator, professionally prepared take place between the two partners can be closed and leads them to say what they really feel and think. The presence of this third person means that both sides should listen to each other and not to descend as communicators always infinitely repeated spiral prosecution and defense. Congratulations to you while trying on your own locked. If your wife, denied at the moment you be glad to interact with you. ,,.