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A monument to honor and commemorate the victims of the April 20, 1999 Columbine High school shooting permanent dedicated September 21, 2007, Clement Park, next to the garden of the school, where monuments made in the days after the shooting took place. Memorial Fund raised $1.5 million in donations during eight years of planning. After leaving the library, Harris and Klebold entered the field of play, science, where threw a bomb in the small fire in the empty closet. It caused a fire that was asked by a teacher in an adjoining room hidden. The duo was the South corridor, where it empties into a filmed space science. 11:44, Harris and Klebold caught on security cameras at the school, in the cafeteria. During and after investigations have social groups high Schools has been widely debated. A trained perception, that Harris and Klebold was isolated from his comrades, leading to feelings of helplessness, insecurity and shooter of his friends who wanted to pull a Columbine, though none of them serious, said allegedly taken. School had been frustrated Columbine several filming locations and referred to the desire to overcome to Harris and Klebold. The celebrated some videos documenting, explosives, ammunition, and weapons they had received illegal. Revealed resources hidden their weapons in their homes and how they have deceived parents about their activities. The couple shot the video of the practice of the white in the surrounding hills, as well as areas of high Secondary School, who wanted to attack them. All students, teachers and school staff were taken up, interrogated and offered medical assistance in the areas of small business, before primary were transferred by bus after meeting his family in Leawood. 15-0 Dave Sanders (who had been killed early in the day) later died of his wounds, before SWAT could be official to obtain medical care. To try to keep alive during the whole tribe students who had been hiding in the room. Two students administered first aid to him and tried to stop the loss of blood with shirts of the students in the room. Body was being discovered in contact with the police outside the Schule.Beamten from 15:30, as the stairs at the corner of the room in the main hall of the library of the South were found with a phone in the room, the teachers and students. Harris and Klebold were in the main hall. Mr. Sanders and the other disciple went to the end of the corridor to test, the school, as well as to ensure what could. As he ran, they met Harris and Klebold, who went to a corner of the room to the North. Sanders and the students turned and ran in the opposite direction. After fatally shooting Berne Harris all in the following table, where Bree Pasquale sat down together at the table, rather than see him become. Harris asked Dave if he wanted to die, and she responded with a plea for his life. Later, witnesses reported that Harris disoriented, possibly of the wound open-like nose. Harris Pasquale insulted argue that everyone will die. In any case, we are to miss school. Harris taunted Pasquale, Klebold noticed that Ireland is help trying to lobby, who suffered a knee injury. How trying to help Hall, Ireland does his head on the table; Klebold fired again, hitting two times in the head and once in the foot. To make a connection, war discovered numerous threats of violence against students and teachers of Columbine High school. Other material included blurbs Harris written wish to kill annoying those who in his general hatred of the society and their it. Harris had noted on its website that he had made the bombs. In addition, he cited a series of weapons and submitted a list of people (not imposed plans as it is to attack targets). The relationship between violence, bullying and school has been increasing attention from the Columbine High School attack in 1999. They protect the two gifted children is classified and should be. The next day, there was speculation about the motivation of the killer and find out if the killings could have been avoided. Unlike previous shootings in high schools, both suicide shooting that the massacre was particularly difficult to evaluate.In his research how Harris and Klebold had bought their weapons told police that he had bought one from a friend, mark Manes. Manes and Philip Duran, who had presented the duo Manes. It started at noon, parked outside the school and ambulance to hospitals in SWAT teams. Meanwhile, they were the families of the students and teachers asked, waiting for you at nearby Leawood elementary school to collect information.Came a call for additional ammunition for police officers in a firefight at the 12:20, that the killer had left a few minutes before the shooting. Authorities reported that tube 13:0 - pumps and two teams school 13:9, entered SWAT discovering hidden students and teachers from class to class. On 21 April, squads combed School high pump. 10 h 00, who testified with explosion-proof safety entering the building for civil servants. 11: 30, spokesman for the Sheriff, said that the research is not yet completed. Thirteen of the bodies were still in the school, as the researchers photographed the building. 14:30, a press conference was Jefferson County tax district David Thomas and Sheriff John Stone, who said that he suspected that others had helped plan the murder. Identification of the dead had still not taken place, but the families of murdered children had informed State. During the late afternoon and evening, the body is gradually removed from the school and the office of Jefferson County coroner identified and dissected. 17:0, knew the names of many of the dead. Microsoft has an official statement, which was released 15 confirmed dead and 27 injured in reference to the massacre.On 30 April, officials of the office of the Sheriff of the County of Jefferson and of Jefferson County has to decide, if it should disclose meets wrote that Michael Guerra, the Sheriff detective affidavit office for a search warrant for Harris 'residencia' order a year before the shooting based on their previous research Harris Web site and activities. You have decided this information in a 30-day press conference, silence was mentioned in some other way. The first project and request for documents of the war logs are lost in the next two years. Their loss is painful a jury later in April 2001, has reported the presence of this file. The Ministry of defence in which the school was transferred to Columbine and AOL computer shortly before the attack, but seems lost. One researcher argues that it is almost certain that the mod level recorded a mock-up of Columbine High school. for four years. A year later an analysis by officials at the secret service of 37 shots with the intention of secondary schools, found that bullying, approached some of the described terms, torture that protect themselves starred in more than two-thirds of the attacks that played. It has killed a total of 12 students and a teacher. He smote 21 others, with the other three injured trying to flee the school. The couple is. Most of the cases against the police and Jefferson County School District, were rejected by the Federal Court of immunity by the Government. Team members stand on the roof of a rescue vehicle. After he was criticized, sure that Ireland becomes more than seven feet of Earth, while nothing, certainly, which surely could reduce on the ground or to slow its fall. 18-year-old Lisa Kreutz, a bullet in the shoulder, arm, hand and thigh, remained in the library. He recalled in a later interview heard a comment, in the library at the time of the suicide of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. Kreutz is located in the library, the time track, by the sound of the bells of the school until the arrival of the police. She had tried to move, but was led light. Yes the cafeteria bombs failed to explode, Harris and Klebold called and went to school. The two armies, entrance West climbed to the top of the stairs to the outside, place them on a level with sporting facilities in the West of the building and the library inside the West entrance, directly above the cafeteria. From this point of view it was the western entrance to the Café is located at the foot of the stairs, in the immediate vicinity of the main parking lot. After the Columbine shooting schools in the United States built new security measures such as school uniforms, backpacks, metal detectors and security personnel. Some schools implemented school door numbering to improve public safety response. Several schools across the country have used to require students to wear the ID generated by the computer. Meanwhile, Patti Nielson, Professor at the school had noticed the hustle and bustle and went to the entrance of the West with a student 16 years of age, Brian Anderson. It was intended to leave, say the two students to remove. Harris also planned meetings with his psychologist until few months before he and Klebold committed the massacre of Columbine High school. Harris is dedicated, part of the site's publication of content on the sound and the progress of Klebold in his collection of guns and bombs (which later used to attack the students in your school). Then the site was eliminated public, AOL, from the server. Patti Nielson joined Brian Anderson and the staff of the three library in the outer Chamber where Klebold previously had been shooting. They capture and remained there until they were released responsible for approximately 03.30 the next 32 minutes, Harris and Klebold, roamed the building, firing weapons and accreditation of bombs, but no other damage. Suicide, 12.08, after the first two minutes. A few minutes later, students departing Columbine for lunch break Brown theme observed South Pierce Street School. In addition, Harris and Klebold, armed with their vehicles and wait until the bomb explodes. In response to concerns about the causes of the massacre of Columbine High school and other schools have bullying policy some existing schools, as well as refurbished, promulgate, a., as well as the influence of violent movies and video games in American society. The firefight resulted in more emphasis on safety at school and one. They included jokes and small writes with thoughts about the school, parents, and friends. At the end of the year, the site contained instructions to cause mischief, as well as instructions on how they were caused by explosives, and blog, which describes the punishment that you and Klebold. Since the beginning of 1997, the first wrath of Harris started entries on the blog against the company increasingly signs of one. To confirm the prevalence of bullying in schools, said including Columbine, that the two were not intimidated. Cullen said that Harris frequently harassed the executioner. and it crashes into a building in New York City, as well as details about the planned attack. The couple was expected after soaring explosives in the cafeteria at the time of the most busy day, killing hundreds of students fleeing the school pushing you survive. Then, both cars of police, ambulances, trucks as firefighters and journalists came to the school was going to explode bombs by the guys at auto, kill these and other forces. In the case where the explosives do not burst in your vehicle. Harris and Klebold, arrived separately at the Columbine High school. Student parked in the adjacent parking lot, entrance West to study southern junior and Klebold Harris parked his vehicle in the parking lot to the entrance. The cafeteria of the school, its objective of pump, with its long outside wall of window and doors on the ground floor, was in its own ranks. 11.22 to the guardian Radio School's Deputy Neil Gardner, senior moved asked parking aid. The only paved road leads around the school in the East and South Pierce Street, where at 11.23, who listened to the radio of his police, that was a woman hit by a car, took over. He turned on his lights and siren. Leaving his patrol on the main 11.24 car parking, he heard another call to the radius of the school, Neil, is a game of shooting at the school. After his detention, in January 1998 for the flight, the two young men had limited access to your computer. Block believes that their personal anger, what was planned originally, has appeared in video games, in the real world. In addition, computer restriction is access to open large amounts of downtime, which otherwise have been their activities online. Block said, Harris and Klebold used increasingly more leisure to your anger, to express with his antisocial tendencies even elevated. This has created other restrictions. Ultimately, after the arrest of 1998 and banned from two teenagers access to personal computers for a month, deadly and began documenting plans to attack the school on. Block writes, it seems the plan against the school in the writings of Klebold and Klebold are possible with another partner in crime by Harris. It was the name of the person concerned. At school, some students had believed that they had evidence of a forgery by two elderly people. But in the cafeteria, Dave Sanders quickly realized is that it was not a joke, but an attack against SchoolHarris and Klebold deliberate and five High School Transcript Template Free students sitting on a hill grassy as well as the steps and opposite the West entrance of the school began in the West in the direction. the availability of weapons in the United States and young people disadvantaged by the force of guns. Much discussion, focused on the type of school. It supports. He had published the FBI then protect an important report about school, well not the causes of the individual case has detected it. On the morning of Tuesday, April 20, 1999, Harris and Klebold were placed a small incendiary bomb in a field about three miles south of Columbine High school and two miles south of the fire station. If no one stood up, good, said Harris, start I shot in any case! He fired his rifle twice at the desk without knowing that a student named Evan Todd was hidden. Todd was by shrapnel hit the wood, but he was not seriously injured.Shots were on the opposite side of the library, two files from the computer. Todd hidden behind the administrative counter. Kyle Velasquez, 16, was sitting in the row of the North of computers; the police said that he had not hidden under the table, when Harris and Klebold in the library, but he was huddled under the computer table. Klebold shot and killed Velasquez, wounded in the head and back. Their bags asked Harris and Klebold bag of ammunition in South - or less - full line of computers and load their weapons. They went to the window overlooking the outside staircase. Note the evacuation of students outside the school police, Harris said: Let's kill a couple of police officers. Klebold and he began to shoot through the window in the direction of the police. Personal safety than Columbine used bombs in the cafeteria, as a school of goalkeeper when he was replaced, failed tape security, spent. The bags carry the first bombs in the protector of the band were visible, but were not as expected. Don't see no witness recalled, secure bag to 400 or it is already added in the cafeteria. the Sheriff has 16:0 a first estimate of 25 dead students and teachers. The estimate that there were ten in the true number, but the total number injured students. He said that the bodies of Harris and Klebold police searched. 16:30, the school was declared safe. Additional officers were called at 17:30, found more explosives in the parking lot and on the roof. 06: 15 pm, officials had found a bomb in Klebold's car in the parking lot. The Sheriff has decided to hold the entire school as a crime scene; Thirteen of the dead, those of included protection were still at school. 22:45, the car bomb detonated as the actor tried to disable. The car was damaged, but there were no wounded.The total number of deaths was twelve students and teachers; Twenty-four students were injured by the fire. Three others were injured, indirectly, as they tried to flee the school. Harris and Klebold committed suicide about forty-five minutes after the start of the massacre. Study found that schools were false hopes in the physical security, when it must pay more attention to behaviors of previous attacks on students. Metal detector and the zero tolerance policy may be useful, the service secret researchers have discovered. Researchers with topics on the use of SWAT teams in most of the attacks ended before that came the police, student profiles, the warning signs in the absence of a definitive profile, expulsion of students for minor offences when the eviction is the spark, some of them with a gun in the software back schiebtkaufen school that is not dependent on the school of tiroConducido studies to assess although murderers rare time driven as often don't bother Direttee of metal detectors and police in schools, if the protect to hide their weapons. . In addition to shootings, complex and highly planned attack involved an incendiary bomb to divert fire, cylinder of propane in the cafeteria bombs, 99 rebuilt, bombs and explosives in the car. The authors, two students. Investigations were started in the concealment of Jefferson County officials. The investigation revealed that the County a few days after the massacre met officials, to discuss the release of the affidavit on the public. It was decided that the contents of the affidavit, the cause was lost, helping the issuance of a search warrant for the Harris family by a judge of the existence of the affidavit in an upcoming press conference that open them better even if the points of the discussion and real conversations were never revealed to all, with the exception of the members of the jury. After the press conference, original documents of the war disappeared. In September 1999, a researcher of Jefferson County was not secret documents during a search of the computer system of the County. A second attempt the best 2000 finish the document in the County of Jefferson's files found. Documents were reconstructed and published in September 2001, but the originals are still missing. The latest jury investigation was launched in September 2004, January 30, 1998, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold steel tools and other devices from a van parked near the city. Shoot the runners, aimlessly after leaving the bar, the main duo to the North and South of the school. Harris and Klebold crossed the South Hall at the main office before returning to the Northern Corridor. On several occasions the couple saw classroom visual contact through the door window with hidden students inside, but Harris and Klebold was one of the rooms. Now their weapons near the room, Dave Sanders was also charged. After leaving the main office, Harris and Klebold entered the bathroom, where insults hidden students inside, comments like: we know that they are there and killing around the world can be found here. No one has tried to enter the bathroom. 11:55, to the cafeteria, where it entered the kitchen briefly in school. The scale and the southern corridor on 11:58 first stories after the shootings charged that teachers and directors of Columbine had condoned a climate of intimidation by so-called athlete or athletes, as well an atmosphere of intimidation and resentment to the parents for a long time. Critics have said that it could help authors of extreme violence of the trigger. The shooting provoked calls for measures more arms control. In the year 2000 national and federal law requires gun guards introduced and ban the import of high-performance ammunition magazines. Although laws have been approved does a crime to buy guns for criminals and minors, there was considerable controversy on legislative history gun show controls. There are concerns about restrictions on the gun lobby. Students in the cafeteria was evacuated successfully; where some of them on a ladder has increased, which leads to the first floor of the school. Insert makes it explode in 11:14, bomb was as a distraction that win to save firefighters and school personnel. (Partially exploded and caused a small fire that was quickly removed from the Fire Department) .at 11:10. Very influential, said big is introduced as one of the worst crimes in a series of shootings spree, since then. Pump on the table where Hall, Steepleton and Ireland. In the thigh, is quickly made up and thrown Steepleton Hall.Harris went to the libraries between the Western and central part of the library tables. It jumped over a shaken and shot towards unknown in this area. Klebold went through the main area, passed the first set of libraries, the central area of the office and a second set of libraries in the East. Harris went to the library, he shot him, they affected the central area with Klebold. The shooting in the window next to the door and went on to win at the table of the side and injured mark Neil 17 years at the helm and shoulders. He was dismissed by the table links, Lisa Kreutz and Valeen Schnurr's 18 years with the same ball damage Klebold went to the table and shot with the TEC-9, one of 18 years killing Lauren Townsend Harris went to another table where two girls had hidden. The mira crouched and dismissed as pathetic. According to transcripts, her call from one was 9-1-1 operator at 11:25:5, the answer is the time between the call and protect, who was in the library of four minutes and ten seconds. Prior to joining, he launched to protect the two bombs exploded in the cafeteria. They then threw another bomb at library Hall; It exploded and damaged several cabinets. 11:29, Harris and Klebold entered the library, where a total of 52 students, two teachers and two librarians had hidden. and began the shooting of two students of 17 years, who were sitting on the lawn near the West entrance of the school. ,,.